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By Suzanne

Kathy Najimy of "King of the Hill" on FOX 9/25/08

It's hard to believe that "King of the Hill" is starting its 13th season on FOX.  Kathy Najimy agrees.  She plays Peggy Hill, the wife of Hank Hill, on the cartoon sitcom.  She revealed in an interview today that every season, she and the actress who voices her son, Bobby (Pamela Adlon) are down on their knees, praying that the show is renewed.  Even though she would not have been surprised if it was canceled after the first season, which is the nature of their business, they are very grateful.  Now she - as well as loyal fans to the series - has come to depend on its continued success.  She shared that they even survived one season where the show was canceled by FOX, only to be brought back again (just like "Family Guy").

In this new season, niece Luann will be finally giving birth, and Peggy is looking forward to having something new to boss around. Viewers know that Peggy is very bossy but kind-hearted.  She has her projects, and there is no doubt that Luann's baby will be one of them, especially since it's doubtful that brainless Luann will be very good at the mothering job.

Other episodes this season revolve around Hank going green. This is one of the many causes that Najimy supports in real life, so she is thrilled about it.  Najimy was very jazzed about her work on the show. She says that unlike some shows, where you may not agree with what your character is saying, she enjoys the fact that she agrees with the issues that they address on the show and is able to express how she feels through the characters' words.  She also mentioned in a jovial way how much she enjoys her job, since she doesn't have to get her hair and makeup done, as she would in a live show.

Being a strong supporter of environmentalism, Najimy was hoping to talk them into hiring her good friend Ed Begley, Jr. to be on an episode. I think that's a great idea.  Begley is passionate about things like recycling and solar energy. He had a very entertaining reality show in 2007, where viewers could see how he and his wife live very "green". He even goes as far as to take public transportation instead of fly, when he can. That's not something you'll see very often in Hollywood.  He could make an excellent guest star on King of the Hill.  Plus, he's an excellent actor that I am always glad to see on any show.

For those who may not remember, Najimy has enjoyed a long and successful career in both TV and movies. She is probably most famous for the "Sister Act" movies with Whoopi Goldberg.  She also co-starred in the 1997 series "Veronica's Closet" with Kirstie Alley. Although not a hit, it was a really funny and enjoyable show. Their "sister act" was one of the best things about it.  Najimy told me that Kirstie was a really fun woman to work with, just a real hoot in real life and on the set, much like her character on the show.

Being a long-time fan of King of the Hill, I so enjoyed chatting with Najimy about the show's longevity and some of its characters.  Creator Mike Judge, who voices Hank, had previously done "Beavis and Butt-head", which is why my husband and I started watching, and I'm sure it's the reason many people tuned in.  His character is very much like the character of Tom Anderson on that show, with more Texan thrown in.  I had forgotten, but Najimy reminded me, that Hank was based on Tom, but it makes perfect sense as they are even drawn similarly as well as having the same voice.

Another upcoming tidbit was that viewers will see more of rock star Tom Petty's character Lucky, as well as some great new guest stars such as Kate Walsh (Private Practice/Grey's Anatomy).  Najimy appreciates the great humor of King of the Hill. We discussed how the show's humor, although based on the people of Texas, does not really make fun of them so much as reflects how they are. Having lived in Texas, I definitely agree with that assessment.  Najimy also told me that this year's stories seem to be more "edgy" than previous years, so I hope that means that it is very funny, maybe even funnier than the first 12 years.

Najimy will also appear on a few episodes of the new show "Privilege" on The CW. I hope it is as good of a character as Peggy, or as her role of Mildred on "Numb3rs" from a few years ago.  Najimy is very talented and deserves the best writing. Having spoken with her on the phone, I can see that her personality lives up to her talent. I enjoyed speaking with her. much the same way I would enjoy speaking to an old friend.  While it's true that actors can pretend to be anyone and are undoubtedly good liars, she was different.  Having done many of these FOX phone calls, she is the one that seemed the most genuine and the only one with tons of enthusiasm for her show.  As Hank might say, she's a keeper.

Make sure to tune in to the season premiere of "King of the Hill" Sunday, September 28th on FOX!

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