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By Suzanne

Meredith Monroe

Interview with Meredith Monroe of "The Husband She Met Online" on Lifetime 10/24/13

Meredith was very sweet in this interview. She sure has a great personality to go along with her acting talent and beauty. She does a fabulous in her Lifetime movie this weekend. Check out my review but watch for yourself, too!

Here is the our interview. I hope you enjoy it!

If the audio is not streaming well, please right-click on this link and save it to your computer. It should work better that way! It's only about 22 minutes long.


Here is the transcribed version by Gisele!

1. How did this role come about?

I had worked with the production group before on another movie, and I think from that, they said, "We've got a great script that we think would be perfect for you, so if you're interested, take a read and see. I just thought that this was such a fun opportunity that I jumped at it.

2. I was surprised they called it "The Husband She Met Online" because they got married so late in the movie. Do you know if this title was something they planned for it all along or a last minute name?

No, they knew, because it's part of the series. They've got "The Boy She Met Online," "The Wife He Met Online," "The Girl He Met Online," so it's part of that whole series that they do. I know that they have other ones. There are the 17 series, "Missing at 17," different titles that involve that, so they have the series that are really popular for them and do very well in the ratings, with the fans, and the people really connect with them. So, that's how that came about.

3. What attracted you most to the role?

When I read it, I just really liked the idea of the story because of what's going on as far as social media and the way people are meeting people, and how you can portray yourself as one thing but maybe you're not, and just as a reflection of what's going on in society. Not that everybody is crazy in society. I certainly don't mean that, but just the fact that you never really know who you're dealing with. With a lot of the social media, you can kind of put out the image that you want, so I found it really intriguing and interesting; and I also have friends who are saying, "Oh, I never know how to meet people anymore. I'm thinking about trying one of those online sites. I don't know if they really work." I just found the whole thing really interesting as a reflection of what's going on today.

4. What do you think viewers will enjoy most about the movie?

Well, I feel like, for the Lifetime audience, they're just gonna love it, because it's that same exciting intrigue, keeping you on the edge of your seat, never knowing what's really gonna happen, but you know something is gonna go horribly wrong. I think that's what Lifetime viewers come to love and expect about the movies, is that you know you're in for some sort of crazy, and you know it's gonna be a really good ride. I think that's what it is. I feel like, you know, you've got the wonderful tender moments that Lifetime is so good at, and you've also got the edge-of-your-seat "Oh, my gosh. No. Is this really gonna happen?" type moments, as well. So, I think it's the perfect balance of getting invested in these characters, liking their chemistry, liking their relationship, rooting for them. I think that's the other thing about the Lifetime audience, they're always rooting for them. They know something horribly wrong is gonna happen, but they keep kind of hoping in a way that it won't, but then it does, and they think like they knew that was gonna happen, and they loved watching it anyways. So, I feel like the emotional connection that the characters have with one another and then the craziness that ensues.

5.  Was it fun working with Jason?

Oh, we had such a blast. He is such an amazing guy. He's got so much energy. The thing that I loved about working with him is that he really was on top of it, wanting to really do the character justice, and do the story justice. He really just dives in and goes, "Ok, then, why is this character thinking this way? Why is this character behaving this way? What is instigating some of this stuff?" instead of just kind of playing it at face value. He really was diving into it, and it just made it so much more fun to work with him, be on set, and work on the movie. I felt like we created, together as a team, even more than what was written that we had put into it ourselves, so it was a lot of fun.

6.  How long did it take to shoot?

We were there about three weeks, maybe just a little over three weeks -- really quick.

7.  Anything else you'd like to tell us about the movie?

The girl, Christa, who played my roommate, she was amazing to work with. She was so much fun. I felt like immediately we connected like we had been friends for years and years, so we would always be cracking up on set and having fun together. I feel like that helped carry over into the relationship as far as what you see on screen again, the chemistry between us. And there were times when the director would be like, "Okay, you two, we're getting ready to roll. Enough, calm down!" Because we'd be just giggling, doing little dance-offs, or funny faces, whatever, so we were having a blast. I thought we needed something for an outtake reel. I don't know if they'll ever do anything with it, so I was kind of doing funny little shtick with my dead boyfriend's dead body when I found him dead, doing like a little CSI caper thing with it, so it was kind of funny. When I read the script, I remember getting to the part about the dog where he said, "We can just tie him up to the bumper or throw him out of the car and maybe somebody will find him and save him," and I remember getting such a pit in my stomach reading that and thinking, "This guy is so evil; he's not even human; he has no human compassion, capabilities, emotions, anything. He's just like dead inside." And then, when I found out toward the end, I was like, "Thank God. Oh, thank God for the dog." And I knew everybody was gonna be upset about that, too, because I think that's such a natural reaction that you think, "Oh, my God. Can somebody actually do this to an animal? What are they capable of?" Isn't it funny how everybody gets upset about animals sometimes more than people. You know, he killed his ex-girlfriend in the opening scene, but everybody's more worried about the dog.

8. I enjoyed your work on Dawson's Creek and Criminal Minds. What was it like going back to Criminal Minds again this year?

Oh, so much fun. The episode aired last night, and I was so happy with it. It looked beautiful, because it was set back in the '30s, 40's times, so visually it looked beautiful, emotionally it was beautiful, and it was so much fun to just go back to that family and reconnect with them after having been gone for a couple of years. We got so much amazing feedback from the fans about how excited they were to have me back and see Haley and Hotch back together again and reconnecting, so it was such a wonderful surprise to get that phone call that they were bringing me back this year. I had a blast. I didn't want it to end. I said, "Ok, Virgil (he was the one who wrote the episode), so what are you thinkin' here? Should I come back and help Hotch with cases in a dream state, kind of sprinkled throughout the year? Any big cases I can come back and help him from beyond?

9. Do you prefer playing good guys or a really bad girl? What's your favorite to do?

You know, crazy is always fun. It's such fun to play the crazy one, and it's really fun to play bitchy ones, too, but honestly, I really like to be able to change it up. I think too much of anything you might kind of get a little bored of it -- always being the bad girl or always being the good girl, but I think being able to dip your toe in this water and then dip your toe in that water, you get to have so much more fun.

10. Do you stay in touch with any of the DC cast?

You know, randomly, periodically. Everybody's got such crazy, different, busy lives, so every now and then, we'll reach out to one another or run into each other randomly.

11. What other projects do you have coming up?

I have an independent film -- a short film that's been making different festival appearances, and I think we're still waiting to hear on other festivals. That one's called "The Lift." It's a short film set in the '20s. I can't say what it is, because it might give away. I'm a woman who's a suffragette, and I'm driving across the country, and I pick up a male stranger, and an interesting relationship ensues. So, again, things aren't what they seem, and then I find out at the end of the short that this guy, who I thought I was kind of teaching a lesson to, could, in fact, end up teaching me a big lesson in the end, so it was an interesting film.

12. You've done a lot of different types of TV shows, commercials etc. what else would you like to do?

You know, it's funny. I was talking with a friend the other day, and we were thinking that maybe we should come up with some ideas and do some writing together, so we'll see what happens with that. I've got some ideas that keep popping into my head for children's books, so I'm playing around with that idea, so definitely something creative. I love acting. I love what I do. I'm not interested in leaving acting, but, at the same time, I'm also looking at other things that would be great creative outlets.

13.  I've always loved your name. Is Meredith a family name?

No, it's not. My parents were going to name me Megan, Melissa, or Meredith. One of them liked Megan, one of them liked Melissa, but neither of them liked the other, and they both agreed on Meredith.

14. Do people always ask you if you're named after Marilyn Monroe?

A lot of times, they'll say, "Oh, are you related?" And you know, she was Norma Jean Baker. Marilyn Monroe was her stage name, so I always laugh, and I say, "No, no." No, they didn't name me after her. I think it's just our last name happens to be Monroe, and they liked Meredith, and they chose it. Um, but a lot of people will, without realizing it, call me Marilyn. And they go, "Oh, my gosh. I'm so sorry. Meredith, Meredith, I mean Meredith."

15. What are some of your favorite TV shows to watch?

Well, I love "The Americans." I really like "Homeland." I was so sad to see "Dexter" go. Ah, that was a good one. Um, and "Breaking Bad." Loved "Breaking Bad." "Modern Family" is fun. "Grimm." I love "Grimm." Yeah. That's coming out, I think, this month will be starting out the new season, and I love that. My friend, Bree Turner, is actually one of the actresses on that show. Oh, "Nashville" is fun. So, I kind of have an eclectic taste between fantasy-type stuff and hardcore gritty drama, and then you need your laughs, too.

16. Anything else you'd like to tell your fans?

Thank you so much for always watching and reaching out to me on Twitter, and I hope that you enjoy the movie.

You can find Meredith online at

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Page updated 1/7/14

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