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By Krista

Angie Miller

Interview with Angie Miller of "American Idol" on FOX 5/10/13

Final Transcript
FBC PUBLICITY: American Idol Interview Call
May 10, 2013/9:30 a.m. PDT


Moderator: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for standing by and welcome to the American Idol Interview Call with Angie Miller. As a reminder, this conference is being recorded. Iíll now turn the conference over to Katherine Taylor for opening remarks; please go ahead.

K. Taylor: Hi, everyone; thank you so much for joining us today for the American Idol Conference Call with Angie. As a reminder, sheís here to talk about her experience on the show and her plans moving forward. As always, if we feel anyone is harping on a particular subject we do reserve the right to jump in and move the call along. With that being said, letís go ahead and get started with the first question.

Moderator: Our first question today comes from the line of Mark Stone with Vista Radio.

M. Stone: Good morning, Angie; how are you?

A. Miller: Good morning; Iím good. How are you?

M. Stone: Iím good. Has the shock worn off? I know Iím still shocked.

A. Miller: Yeah. Itís worn off a little yeah.

M. Stone: Do you feel that winning Idol would bring you that much more chance of a successful career or could what happened last night be even better for you?

A. Miller: I mean yeah in some ways it could be definitely. I feel like in a way that Iíve already won; like top three is amazing and the exposure Iíve had on the show and the journey and everything has been incredible. I really wouldnít change a thing, and Iím proud of how far Iíve gotten.

M. Stone: Sure. If you could pick one judge to come on board next year who has never been on the show who would it be?

A. Miller: Oh gosh, thatís such a hard question there are so many people. I think I said in another interview before that I think it would be so cool if someone who has been on American Idol before came on the show as a judge.

M. Stone: Oh like a contestant?

A. Miller: Yeah.

M. Stone: Yeah thatíd be a good ideal. Okay. Thanks a lot.

A. Miller: Thank you.

Moderator: Our next question is from the line of Michael Weinfeld with the Associated Press Broadcast.

M. Weinfeld: Hi, Angie.

A. Miller: Hi; how are you?

M. Weinfeld: I am doing just peachy. What do you think Idol is going to be missing by not having Randy Jackson there next year?

A. Miller: Well, I mean heís been a huge part of the show. I mean heís been a huge part of the show, and I feel so blessed to have been on a year with him to have been a part of his journey, and Iím grateful he was a part of mine. He was great for the show, and heís been a supporter of mine since the beginning. It will definitely be weird without him though; heís the only one who has been here forever.

M. Weinfeld: And now youíve got the tour to look forward to; Who do you think is going to be the most fun on the tour?

A. Miller: Oh gosh thatís a hard question, everyone. Itís like we all get along or really are just family, so the tour is going to be a blast. We are going to have so much fun, and I canít wait to meet all the fans and sing full length songs and not be judged. Itís going to be a blast.

M. Weinfeld: Just one quick follow up, do you think you might try to arrange to sing the anthem at Fenway some day?

A. Miller: Yes. I would love that. I would love to sing the National Anthem at Fenway. Yeah that would be amazing.

M. Weinfeld: Weíll go to Sarah Rodman with the Boston Globe.

S. Rodman: Speaking of Fenway Park, hey, Angie, congratulations on how far you go. I know you know that there was a lot of support. You were just here last week and saw that there is a lot of support here in Boston. I have a question about it was so interesting to me watching the show how they were like the piano, the piano, the piano, and Iím wondering did that get frustrating for you that obviously thatís a skill that you have in your skill set but that it seemed so important to them?

A. Miller: Yeah. I mean honestly at first it was upsetting because I feel like they thought I was only good when I was playing the piano, and I was like, ďI promise you I can be just as good off the piano.Ē I had to work and prove that to them, and I feel like in the end I did. Iím so glad I did that because I mean I love being off piano just as much as I love being on it.

S. Rodman: And you were so comfortable and they saidóand I like that you basically said that you were buoyed by your trip home; that part of that was why when you came out with the Pink performance. What about itóbecause you seemed you did, as the judges said, seemed so much more confident at that point. What about it built your confidence at that moment?

A. Miller: Well, I just remember being in Beverly, Massachusetts doing that concert with the thousands of people there and being on that stage and feeling so free and just like so in the moment. I remember thinking why donít I feel like this on the American Idol stage, and so I really feel like I just brought that feeling from that concert with me on American Idol, and I feel like it showed and it paid off.

S. Rodman: Excellent. Thank you.

A. Miller: Thank you.

Moderator: Our next question is from Tenley Woodman with the Boston Herald.

T. Woodman: Hi, Angie; how are you?

A. Miller: Iím good; how are you?

T. Woodman: Doing okay. So tell me a little bit about next week, if you can, you know getting to come back and sing on the finale? Weíve heard that maybe you and Adam Lambert could duet. Could you speak to that?

A. Miller: Well, thatís the great thing is that Iím not going anywhere; Iím still here. Iím going to start rehearsing and practicing for the finale this week, and Iím so excited. I donít know 100% what will be going on yet like what weíll be singing and stuff, but Iím so excited just to sing again. Iíll be singing on the finale and I just really canít wait.

T. Woodman: And also tell me I saw on your Twitter account that your whole family has gotten a dream big tattoo. Maybe tell me a little bit about what their support meant to you last night, a little bit about the tattoo.

A. Miller: Well, dream big is like a motto of mine; it has been for a long time now, and probably like a year ago I got the tattoo of dream big. Throughout this whole competition dream big has been such a huge part of it, and my whole family, all of them, surprised me and they all got it tattooed as well to help support me. Iíve even seen other placesóI have other friends who have gotten it. Just the incredible amount of support that friends and family have given me through tattoos itís like itís the most random thing but it means so much because itís so permanent and itís so real. Yeah I love my family and their support is amazing.

T. Woodman: Great. Thank you so much, Angie.

A. Miller: Thank you.

Moderator: Next weíll go to the line of Beth Kwiatkowski with Reality TV World.

B. Kwiatkowski: Hi, Angie; congratulations on making it so far.

A. Miller: Hi, thank you.

B. Kwiatkowski: So the home town packages they aired during Wednesday nightís show really seemed to focus on how much adversity Kree has seemed to overcome and not to be disrespectful in any way but it kind of presented her background as a bit of a sob story. Do you think that unfortunately played any role in the vote, and if so, does it frustrate you in any way that given that it is a singing competition that maybe your elimination wasnít entirely based on just talent?

A. Miller: You know I donít really know about the whole voting. I know that one week people can be on top and they can be on the bottom. I donít know if that so much swayed the voting or anything, and honestly I donít really know about that, but I do know that it did not disappoint me at all. I love both of those girls, and they both deserve to be there, and I would never ever be like, ďOh itís a sob story,Ē no; thatís her life, and sheís real and sheís one of the most genuine girls that I know. Like honestly I love her so much so yeah I didnít even really think about that honestly.

B. Kwiatkowski: Okay. Great. You clearly seemed shocked by your elimination. Iím sure you donít want to come across as arrogant in any way, but it seems like you had been expecting to end up in the final two. I guess my question is was that actually the case, and could you talk a little bit about where all those tears were coming from?

A. Miller: Well, every Thursday night is always shocking. Itís always an emotional crazy night, but I mean I did feel confident in my performances and everything. Like honestly I was hoping and dreaming to be a part of that finale, and I really wanted it so of course it was shocking. I wanted it so badly so it was definitely shocking, but even though itís the end of American Idol this is just the start. This is the beginning, and now I can start planning my future so itís exciting at the same time.

B. Kwiatkowski: Great. Thanks a lot, Angie.

A. Miller: Thank you.

Moderator: Our next question is from Jennifer Maurer with

J. Maurer: Hi, Angie; how are you?

A. Miller: Iím good; how are you?

J. Maurer: Iím good. Thanks for taking the time with us today.

A. Miller: Itís my pleasure.

J. Maurer: Iíd like to kind of piggyback on that last question, and kind of ask youówell, first of all kudos for even trying to get through that final song last night. I mean we were allóI think I can speak for everybodyójust dying you know just watching you trying to get through that so valiantly. What was going through your mind as you watched kind of the recap video of your time on Idol and as you tried to sing that final song? What were the thoughts that were kind of going through your mind?

A. Miller: I still just canít believe that I was one of those people; like in the huge arena of thousands of people that I was one of those people that was like, ďWelcome back to American Idol and started the show off. Itís incredible that way back then, what seems like years ago, that I dreamed of being a part of the top three and being able to sing at the finale. Itís incredible to see this whole journey and how itís all happened, and Iím still here. Like Iím part of the top three and Iím going to be singing on Thursdayís finale like itís incredible. Itís an amazing journey.

J. Maurer: And what would you say that youówas there one thing in particular that you could walk away from this thing and say youíve really learned from?

A. Miller: Gosh Iíve learned so much. Iíve grown so much through this competition. Musically Iíve definitelyóI know who I am musically and as an artist so much more. I mean I just know what I like and donít like and what I should and shouldnít do or what I should sing about and things like that, and just as a person as well. Iíve learned so much about myself and how to deal with things and to remain true to yourself throughout everything that flows around you. Itís an incredible growing process this show.

J. Maurer: Itís huge. Well, thank you very much.

A. Miller: Thank you.

Moderator: Our next question is from Paul Leighton with Salem News.

P. Leighton: Hi, Angie; how you doing?

A. Miller: Good; how are you?

P. Leighton: Iím calling from back in Beverly! Congratulations on everything.

A. Miller: Thank you so much.

P. Leighton: Have you heardóyou know people back here were obviously very upset last night, have you heard people back here in your home town?

A. Miller: I have and I have an incredible amount of friends and family just texting me and calling me. I love Beverly. Iíve done all of this for my home town so yeah Iím happy to have made it this far.

P. Leighton: Right. Okay. Great. So what is next for you; are you going to be on with Jay Leno?

A. Miller: Yes I will be. Yeah Iím excited.

P. Leighton: Great. Is that tonight?

A. Miller: That is tonight yeah.

P. Leighton: Awesome. Okay. Great. Excellent.

A. Miller: So everybody back at home has to watch.

P. Leighton: Great. Great. Okay. Great. And then, what do you see in your immediate future? I know you have the tour, right, and then what happens after that? Do you have any idea?

A. Miller: Well, yeah there is the tour, and then I just hope to get signed and put out an album, put out music thatís what I want to do first definitely to start. I want to focus on my music and maybe even go on another tour as soon as possible, and eventually I want to do acting, like everything. I just want to do so much.

P. Leighton: Right. Right. Okay. Great. All right. Well, I appreciate it. Congratulations that was a great time over the weekend here. People are still talking about it obviously.

A. Miller: Amazing.

Moderator: Weíll go now to the line of Andrea Dresdale of ABC News Radio.

A. Dresdale: Hey, Angie. Youíre so talented that youíve shown that you can do many different genres of music, but you say you know yourself much better as an artist now. Can you give us a hint of what kind of music youíd like to make? There was some indication that you might want to go in to the Christian music world. Is that your plan or would you prefer to like go in a more pop direction?

A. Miller: Itís neither of those really. Iím not going to go in to the Christian genre. Iím not going to go in to the pop. I want to have music that has meaning and is real. Itís real like stuff. I donít want to sing about just likeóI donít know. I donít want to have like dance party music but at the same time I donít want to put people to sleep so I definitely want to incorporate piano and the soulful piano sound with a lot of edge. I love the rock. If itís a fast song itís more rock as opposed to pop, but I donít know. I know the message that I want to send out and I know the sounds that I want to do and I canít wait to show it to people.

A. Dresdale: And did you want to do more original songs this season? Did you try to do that? Did you think about doing that?

A. Miller: Oh definitely thought about it, definitely wanted to. I mean I have more that I want to share, and Iím excited to in a future album, but I mean the show isnít over. Youíve still got to watch the finale.

A. Dresdale: Okay. Weíll be watching.

A. Miller: Thank you.

Moderator: Next weíll go to the line of Mike Hughes with TV America.

M. Hughes: Hey, Angie, I wanted to go back to where you said that you love the two girls so much and theyíre such good people, Candice and Kree, be a little more specific about that. Tell us a little bit about each of them, kind of what it is you like about them. Whatís interesting about them as a people?

A. Miller: My gosh honestly I love talking about them. I mean me and Kree have been roommates since top 20, right. Weíve been roommates forever. Weíre so close. Sheís likeóI mean I canít imagine going through this competition without her. Weíve been supporting each other so much and itís weird waking up in the morning without here there anymore. Sheís like not my roommate anymore so thatís like strange, but I love her. Candice weíre gotten so close. I mean with the top five girls we just all go so close, and Candice isótheyíre both so incredibly talented and deserve to be where they are.

M. Hughes: And if you could just be a little more specific about their personality; like for instance, people have said that Kree is like the mother who kind of takes care of everybody or watches them. Just be a little more specific about what makes those two interesting people or nice people.

A. Miller: Kree really is likeósheís like a mom; she really is. I mean I wake up in the morning sometimes and sheís like, ďDo you want breakfast? What do you want?Ē Iím just like, ďKreeóĒ. Sheís so nice and she never thinks about herself, so selfless. Candice is just the funniest person to be around. I wish America really like could just sit in a room and talk with her for like five minutes because theyíd understand how hysterical she is. I feel so blessed to have made it this far with these two girls in the top three.

M. Hughes: Super. Thanks a lot.

A. Miller: Thank you.

Moderator: Weíll go to the line of Marnie Brodersen with WetPaint.

M. Brodersen: Hi, Angie.

A. Miller: Hi.

M. Brodersen: I wanted to ask you a little bit about Mariah Carey. What was it like to do the background vocals with the three of you and Mariah?

A. Miller: I canít believe it. I canít believe that I was in a position where Mariah Carey was coaching me. Like her being able to give me tips in the studio and stuff like I mean I really canít believe that happened. I never thought that would happen in a million years.

M. Brodersen: Oh yes. Yes, darling. And then, I saw that you did a lot of Jessie J. Who would you say is your biggest musical influence and maybe who would you love to do a dream duet with?

A. Miller: Definitely a huge musical impression of mine 100% Jessie J. I mean like I was saying earlier I love the soulful sound with like the edge to it, and lots of her songs have that, and Iíve done lots of her songs on that show. Theyíre such soulful beautiful songs. They have this certain amount of edge and grit to it that I love, and so sheís definitely a huge musical influence. I would absolutely love to do a duet with her one day that would just be amazing.

M. Brodersen: It could happen. Well, good luck. Thank you so much.

A. Miller: Thank you.

Moderator: Our next question comes from the line of Jamie Ruby of

J. Ruby: Hi, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. Whatís like one of the best pieces of advice you got from the judges?

A. Miller: I think what really sticks out to me when I think of everything that theyíve said is that they didnít just appreciate like my voice or just me, whatever, but they appreciated just the artistry and the songwriting and knowing that I know who I am as a person. I love how they really appreciated that and they stressed that was important to never lose your songwriting and who you are and what you stand for. I think thatís what stuck out with me the most. It wasnít really a critique but it was just them saying, ďThank you for being that way, keep being that way,Ē and that meant the world to me.

J. Ruby: Great. Do you know if youíre going to get to sing one of your own songs at the American Idol tour?

A. Miller: I donít know but I really, really hope so because that would be amazing.

J. Ruby: Yeah. I think your originals are really great and Iím sad to see you go. I thought you were going to make the top two Iíll just say that.

A. Miller: Thank you.

J. Ruby: Thanks a lot.

Moderator: Next we go to the line of John Lachonis from TVOvermind.

J. Lachonis: Hey, Angie; how you doing?

A. Miller: Hi, Iím good; how are you?

J. Lachonis: Great. Great. Iím wondering if you could describe for us what those first few moments were like back stage after the results.

A. Miller: I think it was just a feeling of wow okay. This really happened okay. Iím off the show. This is what it feels like. You know itís just kind of Ö well, that just happened, time to just move on and start thinking about the future. I didnít want to dwell on how sad I was or whatever, but I think that first initial thought was, ďOkay. I just got voted off. Whatís next? Whatís the future going to hold?Ē That was like the first thought.

J. Lachonis: Did you three amongst yourselves have any predictions or where you just kind of going with the flow as far as who the final two were going to be?

A. Miller: Oh no we were notówe donít want to get our heads all wrapped up in who is going to get voted off, blah, blah, blah. We just relaxed Wednesday night. We were just like whatever happens, happens. We all love each other no matter what.

J. Lachonis: Great. Well, thanks and good luck in the future.

A. Miller: Thank you.

Moderator: Our next question is from Bill Pinella with UT San Diego.

B. Pinella: Hi, Angie. Letís talk a little bit about the show first. I presume before you went on you actually watched the show on television like all of us have.

A. Miller: Yes many years since I was like eight.

B. Pinella: Okay. Combine that now with the perspective you have of having been on it and with all the talk about the changes that are coming. Remember this thing that they used to do, Idol Gives Back, do you think they should bring that back?

A. Miller: Oh that would be amazing. I remember that. I would have loved to do that definitely.

B. Pinella: And one final thing this summer tour did you ever see the summer tour yourself?

A. Miller: Last year, last year is the first year I did, and thatís like the first time I ever saw Colton Dixon do ĎNever Goneí and thatís like whatóIím so glad I was able to do that on the show. Thatís was an amazing thing going to watch the live tour.

B. Pinella: Well, good luck and Iím looking forward to seeing you on the tour.

A. Miller: Thank you so much.

Moderator: Next is Natalie Miller with the Beverly Citizen.

N. Miller: Hey, Angie.

A. Miller: Hi. Hello, Beverly.

N. Miller: Itís nice to talk to you. Thanks for taking the time. Basically, we were obviously in shock last night, all of us here. Iím wondering just what your favorite moment was on Idol.

A. Miller: Favorite moment ever on Idol is still way back in Hollywood Week when I was able to do my original song ĎYou Set Me Free.í I feel likeóI mean there was the audition and a few rounds before that, but I feel like that was the moment that it really started for me, and I was able to show right away America who I was as an artist, as a songwriter. Thatís when everything changed for me and I was just like, ďWow. Maybe I really do have a chance of making it far in American Idol.Ē Thatís where it all started.

N. Miller: Iím also just wondering if you have a message for all of your fans here in Beverly.

A. Miller: Oh my gosh I canít believe that I was there a few days ago, thatís so crazy, but I mean I just want everybody at home to know that just thank you. I mean thank you so much for supporting me and bringing me this far. I still canít believe Iím a part of the top three, like itís incredible, and just thank you so much, and I canít wait to visit home again.

N. Miller: Do you know when you are going to be coming home or just not until the tour?

A. Miller: I have no idea but I am excited to go to the tour in Boston. I canít wait for that show.

Moderator: Weíll go to the line of Sarah Rodman with the Boston Globe.

S. Rodman: Hi, back again. You mentioned Jessie J and Colton, and I was curious I know Colton tweeted at you last night. I was curious if you had corresponded with Jessie at all.

A. Miller: When I did her song ĎWho You Areí on the show she did tweet me and she said like, ďIím so incredibly proud,Ē or something like that so that was awesome. But she hasnít in like the past 24 hours, but I would love to get in touch with here that would be amazing.

S. Rodman: And I know that you probably canít tell us this, if itís the case, Iím guessing it isnít and you wouldnít be able to control yourself, but thereís no chance that you guys are playing together on the finale next week is there?

A. Miller: I mean I would die if I was able to sing with her. Like that would just be the most incredible thing ever and I hope it happens.

Moderator: We will go now to the line of Beth Kwiatkowski with Reality TV World.

B. Kwiatkowski: A lot of viewers interpreted the judgesí Wednesday night comments to be that Candice was basically a shoe in for the finale and Kree and yourself would be kind of be competing for that other spot. Did you also feel that way after the show?

A. Miller: Yeah. I mean Candice killed it. She did amazing. I mean I knew that she was going to be in the finale like obviously, and so yeah I think it was between me and Kree, which was terrible because we bothóI mean sheís like my best friend in the competition so it was just like it just stunk that we had to beat each other. I really am so proud of them for making it.

B. Kwiatkowski: Okay. And Jimmy had suggested that you should have played the piano for your rendition of ĎSorry Seems to be the Hardest Wordí Wednesday night, and that you could have had a ďmomentĒ with that if you had. It sounds like you kind of think that might have affected both coming in for you. Do you think choosing not to play the piano kind of did you in, I guess, like maybe you needed that moment to get in to the finale that Jimmy had described or do you see that perspective at all?

A. Miller: No I donít think so. I donít think I needed to play piano for it. I mean he still said that I was the favorite of that round so I mean itís kind of confusing. He said I was the favorite of that round, but then he says, ďOh she should have played piano.Ē I donít know itís kind ofóI donít think it would have made that much of a difference. Plus if I played it I just didnít know that song well enough to play it. I probably would have screwed it up on piano so I didnít want to play it and be too concerned about piano.

B. Kwiatkowski: Okay. Thank you, Angie.

Moderator: Weíll go now to the line of Mike Hughes with TV America.

M. Hughes: Angie, Randy uses the phrase a lot of putting a little church in to the song, you know getting a little churchy feeling in to it, and he uses it a lot for Candice, but youíve actually sung more church than anybody I think. I mean your folks are both pastors. You sung a lot. Is there a Ö that influenced you that you put church in to your music, and is it different from the way that Candice puts church in to her music?

A. Miller: I definitely feel like it because I donít have the gospel bit power house voice, which is a lot of like, you know, thatís just I think what lots of times Randy is talking about when he says, ďChurch.Ē I just donít have that. I think for me itís moreóitís less the sound. Itís less the church sound and itís more the meaning. I definitely have doneóI mean Iíve done Colton Dixon ĎNever Gone.í Iíve done ĎLove Came Downí by Kari Jobe and those are worship songs, but theyíre not like in your face like Jesus songs. Theyíre subtle and thatís what I want to do. I donít want to shove Jesus down peopleís throats; I just through actions and through meaning and words being able to show that subtlety.

M. Hughes: Okay. Cool and just one other related thing because you grew upóyour folks preach in Salem itself and you live near Salem. How much of the history of that placeóI mean thereís just such a huge history of religion and American history and everything else there did that affect your growing up or are you Ö sometimes by the things that happened up there?

A. Miller: No not at all. It doesnít affect me at all, and if anything Iím so proud of where Iíve come from, and I love my parents. Theyíre the best and theyíre so supportive, and they just recently started that church, remix church this past September. Iím so proud to be a pastorís kid and I love them, and I canít wait to go visit because I havenít been there in a long time.

K. Taylor: All right. At this point weíre going to wrap up the conference call for today. Thank you, everyone, for joining us. As a reminder the American Idol finale airs next Wednesday and Thursday on FOX and photos can be found on At this point, Iím going to turn the call back over to Angie for final remarks.

A. Miller: Thank you all so much, and I really am so blessed to be a part of the top three. It really blows my mind, and I canít wait to sing at the finale on that stage, and I canít wait for the tour and just to see what happens with my future. I know that this is just a start. Itís a launching pad, and just thank you to everyone who supported me and voted for me. It means the world.

Moderator: With that, Iíd like to thank you for your participation today. We thank you for your participation and for using AT&T. You may now disconnect.

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