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By Suzanne

star Billy Miller  

Interview with Billy Miller of "Fatal Honeymoon" 8/17/12

It was very nice to speak to Billy. He is very intelligent and had very thoughtful answers to my questions. It helps that he's one of my favorite actors! You can watch him every day on "The Young and The Restless".

This is a recording; it's not a very good one because he had a cold and was not speaking very loudly. 

Part One  Part Two

This transcript has not yet been proofread, so there are errors.

Billy Miller: [inaudible]

Suzanne: [inaudible] I am sorry. I missed you there.

Billy: [inaudible] all in the like [inaudible] call in zero.

Suzanne: I will do my best. Okay. So, let me get start it here. What do you do when I do the movie fatal?

Billy: Okay. Oh. You know, So, [inaudible] what we can tell [inaudible] I learned about the case [inaudible] with some employee [inaudible]

Suzanne: And what was it like working with Harvey Keitel?

Billy: I think I should have [inaudible] he [inaudible]. Absolutely, [inaudible] about the [challenging?] I am going to do it. I feel [inaudible] to surrender right. [inaudible] I was right about [inaudible] struggle.

Suzanne: Probably, the big acting works a little better on the soaps maybe then on a Lifetime movie?

Billy: [inaudible] Well. Perhaps, I am just [inaudible]

Suzanne: Okay, and you played a lot of bad guys on your career? Although, honestly, [crosstalk] I actually like what you play Billy because you are so romantic character kind of a good guy. More or less of a good guy, kind of a rope. Kind of a screw-up. Do you prefer playing good guys, bad guys, or mixture, or what?

Billy: Uh. Maybe, playing a good guy [inaudible] I really have a [inaudible] to get it completely though [inaudible] Everyone have a [inaudible] it means lot into your own. In your life [inaudible] that though this [inaudible] until, you know, [inaudible] personality, I like that. [inaudible] I feel that there should be a [inaudible], you know.

Suzanne: Right. So, do you put much of your own personality into your characters whenever possible or?

Billy: You know, I think the best [inaudible] people will believe me. Kind of [device?] where I was going from [inaudible] believe that character. So, [inaudible] in this point.

Suzanne: Okay, and you were just talking about the character of gay that how a movie sort of implies, they use the killer but they kind of leave it up to the viewer decide. Was it tough for you to figure out how to play him?

Billy: The one that looked gay. Truthfully, It is just a matter [inaudible] to look gay [inaudible] might have an idea because there is [inaudible] to figure it out. But we never play a character [inaudible] nearly actual [inaudible] still think I figure this character. You know what I done [inaudible] So, we put three different lines on the [inaudible] and [inaudible]

Suzanne: So to realize [?] would be what? Gabe is an okay guy, Gabe is a jerk. Gabe is a killer?

Billy: It will be a-- he [inaudible] literally, kill his wife [inaudible] about it was a big kid that speak out [inaudible] and kind of like, it was that when he cannot live in Australia and [inaudible] selfish swirl [inaudible] that is misunderstood and he was kind of like in trouble.

Suzanne: Right, I can see that. Are you okay? Do you need to take in some water?

Billy: You what?

Suzanne: Are you okay? Do you need to get some water?

Billy: No. I am fine. I really have to [inaudible] came up literally [inaudible] Copy.

Suzanne: I know.

Billy: Okay. [inaudible]

Suzanne: Okay. Now [inaudible] I will make sure I can hear you on the tape. So I lost my train of thought. Okay, so you are from Texas and Gabe is from Alabama. Did you do anything to try to work on the accent and just go with what you had?

Billy: Oh. So, a family member is [inaudible] in Georgia where we will, you know, family everywhere [inaudible]. We only [inaudible, crosstalk] between [inaudible] family in Texas but that [inaudible] got a [inaudible]

Suzanne: I am actually calling you from Columbus, Georgia. I live here, So. [inaudible] They have the accent. I am from San Diego.

Billy: Hopefully, [inaudible] if it is okay, can I, but [inaudible] you know, about not really [crosstalk]

Suzanne: That is true. Yeah. We lived in El Paso for two years and in Lubbock for four years. And so we visit a lot of Texas, so yeah, you are right. The big cities, even Atlanta, they have as much of an accent.

Billy: No but [inaudible]. I feel like I handle all of those [inaudible]

Suzanne: Oh, yeah, sometimes people around here cannot even understand what the heck they just nod and smile. Like, "Okay, sure". So, did you do anything in general special to prepare before you take on a new role?

Billy: [inaudible] a new role?

Suzanne: Yeah.

BIlly: or this role?

Suzanne: This role, any role, any new role.

Billy: Oh. Everywhere is just [inaudible] we have [inaudible] be working on like that [inaudible] on a career. [inaudible] doing research on how we will find, you know, worth papers [inaudible] be like after [inaudible] what is it might be.

Suzanne: Okay and you said that the movie was--

Billy: The big guy and [inaudible] you know [inaudible]

Suzanne: No. It looked good. It looked like you were beefy Alabama guy. I lived in Tuscaloosa for ten years too so--

Billy: [inaudible] it feels like [inaudible]

Suzanne: Yeah. I know. I got it. I wonder did get-- this is actually not on my list but just occurred me. Did you get any feedback? Well the movie has not aired yet. Did you expect any feedback from people in Alabama or UAB? You wear the shirt, the movie and it is been a lot of stuff.

Billy: [inaudible] I come an easy step, right? [inaudible]

Suzanne: That is good. Now you said the movie was filmed in Australia. So the whole thing, scuba diving scenes, everything?

Billy: Absolutely

Suzanne: Well, that was beautiful. I was really pretty I am sure [inaudible] enjoying the scuba diving and--

Billy: Oh, it was so much fun, really fun.

Suzanne: Okay, and so, do you think they will ever be able to find more [inaudible] It is just your opinion, you can whatever, to be able to find more evidence against him so they can reopen the case at some point or--

Suzanne: Yes, you said the movie was filmed in Australia. So, the whole thing, the scuba diving scenes, and everything?

Billy: That is right.

Suzanne: That is beautiful. It is really pretty, I am sure you-- I mean to say yes, just called that you enjoy scuba diving.

Billy: So much fun, you expect.

Suzanne: Okay. Do you think they will ever be able to find more evidence? Just your opinion, you can, whatever, do you think they will be able to find more evidence against Gabe[?] so they can reopen the case at some point?

Billy: No, [inaudible].

Suzanne: Yes. I was not sure if it was just that they did not have enough evidence to proceed to trial or they actually went to a whole trial? I was not sure. Depends, I do not know.

Billy: I do not know what exactly [inaudible] they are looking to do.

Suzanne: Okay. Well, maybe the movie world can take him [inaudible].

Billy: [inaudible] closure.

Suzanne: Are her parents still alive? I was not sure.

Billy: Yes.

Suzanne: Okay. So, was the father involved in the movie or making the movie?

Billy: Am I in? No. That is the question [inaudible] asked the producers [inaudible].

Suzanne: Right. Let us see. You played Billy on The Young and the Restless, which I have watched for a long time. Do you have to work hard to play Billy now, or is it just sort of second nature to you?

Billy: You have to work hard, it is what is best [inaudible]. And there is a lot of work to be done. [Inaudible] for five years so it is a little bit [inaudible] at this point.

Suzanne: Okay. What one word would you use to describe Billy, if you had to pick one word?

Billy: [Inaudible].

Suzanne: Just off the top of your head.

Billy: One word is indestructible [inaudible].

Suzanne: That is true. Okay. The show has gone through a lot of upheavals in recent years, that behind the scenes, especially the last couple of months. What is it been like having to work in that atmosphere, if you do not mind me asking?

Billy: [Inaudible] problem with the show, behind the scenes [inaudible].

Suzanne: Okay. Is there anyone on the set that you hang out with particularly, or do you just go in, do your job and go?

Billy: No. We do not always hang out but we have all been good friends [inaudible] in the set. Everybody is close to me. I am close to them [inaudible].

Female 1: [Inaudible] back to see [inaudible]?

Suzanne: Okay. Sure.

Female 1: Question to that.

Suzanne: Sure. That was all, on my end, and [inaudible] questions anyway. Actually, I was going to ask a little bit about your career, if you do not mind? You have got some great TV roles in a relatively short time. At least, if I go by IMDb, I think they have your first role is in 2006, CSI. How did that come about that you got so many roles in such a short time, in the last six years?

Billy: Recently, [inaudible] film school. [Inaudible] and I worked at a [inaudible] house [inaudible]. I took a lot of acting classes. [Inaudible] all the time that I [inaudible]. [Inaudible].

Suzanne: That is right. I have seen you in most of the roles. So, you did a great job with Justified and Ringer, although I did not like when they killed you off, but, you know.

Billy: Well, I get [inaudible].

Suzanne: It turns you into a bad guy and then they had to kill you.

Billy: [Inaudible] there are fans, you know.

Suzanne: Yes. I was upset when they canceled it. I was like, "No!"
What were you doing before 2006? Were you in college, pretty much?

Billy: No. [Inaudible] I have been [inaudible] at seventeen. I worked in a restaurant [inaudible]. I have [inaudible] right now [inaudible].

Suzanne: Second job. Yes. So, you are planning to stay with The Young and the Restless while your agent searches for other jobs for you to do on the side? Is it, basically, how you are going to continue?

Billy: [Inaudible] question is this?

Suzanne: I could not find, I found one of these. I think he is resigned and I said he is about to run out. I do not know.

Billy: [Inaudible].

Suzanne: Okay. So, you are still [inaudible].

Billy: [Inaudible].

Suzanne: Okay. Moving along. That is pretty much it. The rest of the questions are kind of silly questions. Thank you. I appreciate talking to you. Honestly, I think you are going to be a really [inaudible] star sometime.

Billy: [Inaudible]. Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

Suzanne: That unique combination of talent and looks and [inaudible] obviously. [Inaudible] restaurants [inaudible].
I see big things for you. I hope it works out for you.

Billy: Thank you very much. [Inaudible].

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