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By Suzanne

Interview with Laura Mennell of "Haven" on Syfy 10/28/14

I wasn't able to make this call, but I'm really enjoying her appearances on my favorite show!

Moderator: Brenda Lowry
October 28, 2:00 p.m. ET

Brenda Lowry: Ö Hi everyone, this is Brenda Lowry with Syfy, thank you for joining our call today for Haven. Weíre very excited to have Laura Mennell with us today. She is ó weíll have a recurring guest role on Haven starting with this Fridayís episode on Halloween. We also have our executive producers and show runners, Matthew McGuinness and Gabrielle Stanton. And just to remind you that Haven airs on Sci Fi, Fridays at 7:00 p.m. and without further ado weíll get started with questions. Iím going to send the call back over to our moderator, Shannon.

Operator: At this time, I would like to let our participants know that if they have a question during todayís call they may press star and the number one on their telephone keypad.

I will turn it back to the presenters at this time.

Your first question comes from the line of Jamie Ruby. Your line is now open.

Jamie Ruby: Hi guys, thanks so much for talking to us today.

Brenda Lowry: Hi.

Jamie Ruby: I really enjoyed the next two episodes so Iím excited for everybody else to get to see them. I just wanted to start with Laura Ö

Laura Mennell: Yes.

Jamie Ruby: Can you talk a bit about your character. Iím assuming without, I mean obviously you know other people havenít all seen the show but Ö

Laura Mennell: Youíve seen more than me so far. Lucky you.

Jamie Ruby: It was good. But do you think that the characters will be able to trust her? I mean do you think maybe that they will eventually be able to confide in her with whatís going on?

Laura Mennell: Well I think thatís part of the fun of this new introduction of Charlotte being this CDC ó epidemiologist working for the CDC because I mean, yes, generally speaking she does pose a bit of a threat which is kind of interesting coming into town, coming into Haven, not only as an outsider but as this women working for the CDC where Havenís secrets could be exposed to possibly the worst person possible. But yes, I mean throughout this season youíll get to see whether she is a threat, whether sheís not a threat, whether she possibly could help. I think thatís part of the fun of it all.

Matt McGuinness: Can I Ė can I answer to that, a little bit to that?

Laura Mennell: Yes.

Matt McGuinness: ĎCause if the question specifically is about can people trust her, I think itís an excellent question and I think the answer is some will and some wonít and thatíll create really good conflict I think. Some people will recognize Charlotte for the potential threat that she either is or could be, and other people will begin to see her as someone who may actually be a big benefit to the town. And those people will have obviously completely different viewpoints and find themselves in conflict about what to do about this CDC agent.

Jamie Ruby: Awesome. And then can you just talk a bit about working with Adam.

Laura Mennell: Oh Adam is just a sweetheart. Heís really lovely. He has a heart of gold. I think itís so funny you know coming into a new job when you know youíre going to be working with new people. You always get curious and you do a little bit of research and I knew that he was like this pro-wrestler guy and you know, you see the pictures of him all muscled up and all tough but heís honestly just such a sweetheart and so lovely to work with as an actor and as a person.

And you know youíd come to set every day and heíd talk about his lovely girlfriend and his super, super sweet lovely little baby called (Lyric) and yes, we had a lot of fun, weíd joke around and weíd work really well together so hopefully that comes across. I think it will throughout the season. Heís been great. Heís so lovely and wonderful.

Matt McGuinness: And his dogs? Did he talk about his dogs?

Laura Mennell: Oh my god I saw the tiniest of dogs but I canít remember its name right now, but his tiniest little old one who was super cute and lovely. Itís just so nice to see this big hulky guy with a heart.

Matt McGuinness: Iím not, if Iím not mistaken, Adam has among other things, a teacup poodle.

Gabrielle Stanton: Yes, thatís it.

Laura Mennell: Yes, yes, thatís the one. Which I love, I love that.

Jamie Ruby: OK. Thank you so much all of you.

Laura Mennell: No problem.

Operator: Your next question comes from the line of Heather McLatchie. Your line is now open.

Heather McLatchie: Hi everybody, thank you so much for talking to us today. My first questionís for Gabrielle and Matt. So, going into this season, we understand from talking to the cast earlier that there was a lot of pairings that happened because of the way the shooting was, so weíve seen a lot of two part episodes. Will that continue through the rest of the season?

Gabrielle Stanton: Yes. Pretty much. I mean not every episode but because weíve you know been on for a while now, we kind of had the opportunity this season to do a lot more kind of serialized stuff. Dig more into mythology, do a lot more character stuff and that really kind of led itself to two two part stories so we can really dig into the troubles and what, how our characters are reacting to them and how we were kind of dealing with it in terms of the overall mythology of the series.

So, itís been really kind of fun this year to be able to do more of that and more kind of you know serialized mythological stuff as opposed to all standalone episodes.

Matthew McGuinness: Yes, we were very much a case of the weak show earlier in our run you know and I think correctly you know the longer you go the more you want to learn about where these people came from, how theyíre interacting with each other and the sort of one off case of the week is there, but itís sort of there to serve as the characters more I think. And for that reason, two part-ers seemed to work really, really well this year. And we always, you know as we become more serialized almost every episode ends on some type of bombshell or cliffhanger or something so to us it just feels like almost an ongoing story at this point.

Heather McLatchie: OK. Great, thank you. And for Laura I wanted to ask how as it been coming into an existing cast and storyline? How has that been for you coming from your own series where you were an integral part of an ensemble. Whatís it been like for you to come in?

Laura Mennell: You know itís always different coming to a new show and youíre like the new kid in town. Like itís like the first day at school and you never know how youíre really going to fit. But I found with this show specifically it was a really easy fit. I mean the cast is lovely and wonderful and super sweet and also I mean the crew is just spectacular. I think thereís something to be said about east coast Canadians and their warmth and hospitality. So Iíve really, really honestly enjoyed being a part of Haven and being in Nova Scotia and part of the wonderful, crazy, wacky world and getting to play with so many wonderful things that the writers have sort of thrown my way. I mean Charlotte will definitely go through some interesting changes to say the least.

So, itís been a fun couple of seasons weíve been working.

Heather McLatchie: Great. Thank you.

Operator: At this time I would remind participants if they have a question they may press star and then the number one on their telephone keypad.

Our next question is from the line of Tim Holquinn. Your line is now open.

Tim Holquinn: Hi itís great to get to speak with you all today.

Brenda Lowry: Hi

Laura Mennell: Hey.

Tim Holquinn: For Laura first, I was wondering was your character featured extensively enough in the episode that Lucas Bryant directed that you might have any impressions to share on what it was like being directed by him?

Gabrielle Stanton: Yes, yes, I definitely ó once, you know my first episode will be this 508. You get a little sneak peak and once Iím in there, Iím definitely very much in there. Iím very much a part of the story constantly but I was lucky enough to get to be directed by Lucas who again is a great, wonderful man and super talented. Heís a great actor and so I was curious to see what heíd be like as a director and heís a lot of fun. Heís really, really supportive to his actors and his crew and he was really great.

I think what I loved the most about being directed by him was he really encouraged getting to play around with different things and would really give you the time as an actor to be creative and try new things and just to see where it would go. To see what would work, to just try it which was really great. And, I gained a lot of respect for him because thatís a tough job to do and I think he did a great job and I think his episode will honestly be a lot of fun and super weird.

Matt McGuinness: Weíre going to chime in here and say that Lucas by all accounts was a fantastic director. And itís always fun for us to watch and see what directors sort of you know, where their strengths and/or perhaps weaknesses are and actors are always really interesting to me because I think they work from a place of actors. So they work with the actors and they like to work on performance and things like that and that frankly is what I tend to like as well.

So, by all accounts he was a terrific director. And then it was also fun to see the crew really rallying around him. You know I think it was indicative of how fond people are of him up there and these are people that have been working with him for five years in the rain and snow and sleet and whatever else. And you know, there was an opportunity to really ride to the rescue for Lucas and help him as he directed and I think people really did. I was happy to see that, I thought that was a real indication of closeness of people up there.

Tim Holquinn: Well weíre all definitely excited to see that episode for sure. For Gabriel and Matt, Iím wondering if you can answer this or not, but has the scheduling move to 7:00 p.m. been seen as a perhaps a negative portent or just a temporary move. What are your feelings about that timeslot move.

Matt McGuinness: Well you know itís interesting. Television is sort of a real moving morphing landscape these days. Our like a lot of television shows are DVR numbers are virtually the same as our live numbers. And more and more and more and more people, I mean, when I say the same, I mean almost 100 percent of our audience is almost split between live audience and DVR audiences at this time. And I think you know weíre kind of a harvinger of people realizing that people watch television when they want to. I certainly do, a lot of people do. And you know to be honest when I first heard it I wasnít thrilled. But I think pairing us with wrestling was probably a good thing because Adam has a lot of fans there and Iíve been pleasantly surprised actually at how well it works.

Gabrielle Stanton: I think, I mean I think as Matt said, itís funny because itís almost not as important now when youíre on because no-one or very few people, and I think itís going to become more so this way are watching real time. I mean I have shows that I love that I watch every week but if you ask me oh what nightís it on. I actually donít know I just know itís on my DVR when I get home. So, I think, although like Matt said we were a little you know weirded out by the time at first, weíve come to realize with the ratings and stuff that itís not making a huge difference in terms of numbers and our audience is absolutely finding us.

Matt McGuinness: Yes.

Tim Holquinn: Well thank you Gabrielle and Matt, itís great to hear that thatís not seen as a negative sign at all. Thatís good to know.

Matt McGuinness: Good.

Operator: Your next question comes from the line of Leah Baker. Your line is now open.

Leah Baker: Hi, so Iím wondering, I donít know if you can really talk about this or not but Iím wondering how Haven would get on the radar of a CDC doctor to begin with? How do you end up, the (Inaudible) tries ó they protect themselves you know pretty well whether youíre in town or not so.

Laura Mennell: Good question. Yes no it is part of the episode. Yes, gosh, itís so weird to go back to like the earliest, earliest thing but yes, originally it sort of comes to Charlotteís radar through Dave right. Dave has this room that has ó how would I explain that?

Matthew McGuinness: Dave has a Ė Dave basically is on a road trip and in 506 and has a car accident where he gets taken to a hospital. The hospital in North Carolina and as part of the, his regular exam, they discover this odd wound on Dave and what we know, but they donít know, is that that wound is actually a trouble related wound. And the pathology of that wound Iím sure, made Charlotteís eyes pop out of her head when she saw under the microscope.

Laura Mennell: Exactly

Gabrielle Stanton: In 507 I mean Vince and Dave were very concerned about these test results being out there and Vince tried to get the sample back from the laboratory and he thought he had succeeded but then we discover no. He did not.

Matthew McGuinness: Oh yes, thatís right, yes we did a whole thing about that.

Laura Mennell: Oh thatís right.

Matthew McGuinness: So thatís how it came across, they did everything they could to keep this sample from getting out into the world but it got out.

Gabrielle Stanton: And we thought that that was sort of interesting and ironic because Vince and Dave worked so hard to keep Havenís secret from the outside world and Ö

Laura Mennell: They tried to so hard to keep it secret from some of the residents in Haven.

Gabrielle Stanton: The residents too. Itís kind of interesting that Dave would be the one that kind of ended up leaking you know, this vision.

Laura Mennell: And on a side note, I love them. I just love them, theyíre so quirky and so great but anyways sorry.

Leah Baker: I was just wondering if there was anybody that you ó your character, would like your character to like have more scenes with I donít know. I know Adam is keeping you you know, occupied in an attempt to keep you occupied from other things but is there anybody else on the cast that youíd really like to work with?

Laura Mennell: Yes. You know I was lucky enough and youíll see throughout you know five and six, seasons five and six that I really worked with everybody quite extensively. I mean Charlotte becomes a really important character and has a really strong connection to everybody for very specific reasons.

I guess if anyone, I could have worked with a little bit more, it would maybe be Ericís character Duke. I mean I did get to work with him and heís obviously great to work with, a lot of fun. But maybe I would have liked to work with him just a touch more. But other than that Iím ó yes I was definitely in there and Iíve been lucky enough to work with each and every one of them who are all wonderful and special in their own way. So itís been great.

Leah Baker: Thatís great. Well thank you for talking to us. Iím so glad to see you back on Sci Fi.

Laura Mennell: Oh yay, thank you. Nice to talk to you as well. Thanks.

Operator: Your next question comes from the line of Jamie Steinberg. Your line is now open.

Jamie Steinberg: Hi Laura, itís such a pleasure to get to talk with you again.

Laura Mennell: Yay itís lovely to talk to you too, nice to hear your voice.

Jamie Steinberg: You too. I was wondering how was your character originally described to you.

Laura Mennell: How was she originally described? Letís see. She was originally supposed to be ó well I donít know if sheís really changed that ó well she changes throughout the season but, she was originally described to me as this very intelligent, inquisitive, worldly women and I donít think thatís really changed. I mean she starts off in the beginning as being this very passionate and dedicated women to her job and I love that sheís just so focused on her job in the beginning as the CDC doctor, epidemiologist. And sheís just ó I donít know I think I had a lot of fun with her specifically because sheís not just that women. Sheís also very engaging and sweet and warm particularly with Dwight and youíll get to see multiple sides with her.

But I mean the fun part is, and this was part of ó this was a bit of a surprise to me I guess, is that she has a little bit of a mystery to her which I didnít necessarily know about coming into it all and itíll take a little while to sort of discover what her true motives are you know as they unravel which is the fun part. I mean thatís what I really love. Thereís definitely some really great reveals with her and that was something I didnít necessarily expect coming into the show.

Matthew McGuinness: Laura, thatís really fun for Gab and I here because I forget

Laura Mennell: Good Ö

Matthew McGuinness: No but itís really fun for us to hear because I forget that you know, now thereís been a fair amount of water over the bridge or under the dam or whatever the saying is and we all know so much but I forget when we first talked to you about this character, we did not reveal everything Ö

Laura Mennell: No, you did not Ö

Matthew McGuinness: Ö Because we did not want you to Ö

Laura Mennell: At all Ö

Matthew McGuinness: Ö We didnít want you to know. Thatís really funny I had fun about that.

Gabrielle Stanton: I actually remember the call when we talked to Laura (inaudible).

Laura Mennell: Yes. We had a specific call. Actually, there were two. There was one where you were not going to tell me anything and you had like a secret little oh, weíre going to go on mute for you for just a little bit weíre just going to go away and then you wouldnít reveal whatever it was. And then it was like the week later when you revealed something to me which we wonít talk about and it kind of blew my mind. Thatís all Iíll say.

Gabrielle Stanton: Which makes us super happy because if even the actors donít see it coming then we are doing our job.

Laura Mennell: Yes, I think the audience will be in for a bit of a shocker and a lot of fun so.

Jamie Steinberg: What can you (inaudible) were some of your most memorable moments youíve had from filming Haven?

Laura Mennell: Most memorable moments. I think just working with absolutely everyone. And everyone is super sweet and there would be a lot of fun to be had on the weekends with everyone and also working with Adam which was really great. Just like fun quirky little moments. Like, just little things, like I remember being in this one scene with Emily and Richard and itís supposed of us and it was this cute little scene and Richard had something to say, I canít remember what it was but, it was like this specific word and it was a difficult word for him to say and it was a difficult word for him to remember and he came in like at the end of the scene and at first it was just me and Emily and I know it was ó I probably even shouldnít be saying this but it was just so cute. And I mean this in he was so endearing in that moment. But, I didnít know what it was and Emily and I were doing the scene and it was super serious and then she was just starting to giggle just a little bit. And it was like what is she doing? And this is my coverage, why is she giggling on my coverage? And then I started to giggle because I realized what it was and it was cute little Richard in like the corner, like he didnít even know he was doing it, but he was repeating this one little word like just under his breath, and I donít think he knew he was saying it and it was just so freaking cute. Just stuff like that and then we just all kind of laughed about it.

I donít know if he knew that we knew what he was doing but it was just so cute Ďcause he is just such a wonderful man.

Matthew McGuinness: Do you remember the word Ė do you remember the word?

Laura Mennell: I canít even remember the word and if Emily was here, she would probably remember the word because she couldnít stop saying it to me later on after that. It was just, it was really cute. But it was something you know, tricky little word, that was tricky to get off the tongue and he had no idea what he was doing, he had no idea it was coming out of his mouth and it was just, it was kind of priceless.

Matthew McGuinness: If it was a difficult word to say, Gabrielle wrote it.

Laura Mennell: Yes, probably. I had a few though as the epidemiologist in town. Oh my god do you know how many like Google searches I had to do to figure out what the heck I was talking about with all my science talk and little Google tutorials to do how do you take blood? And how do you do this?

Gabrielle Stanton: Oh in the medical - the medical thing is always, always, bad. Itís almost as bad as the sci fi spaceship jargon.

Laura Mennell: It was educational. Iíll say that much. I learned all sorts of weird facts which was great.

Jamie Steinberg: Well thank you guys so much for all of your time and Laura, it was such a pleasure to speak with you again. Iím so glad youíre on Sci Fi again.

Laura Mennell: Oh great. Nice talking to you as well.

Operator: Your next question comes from the line of Jamie Ruby. Your line is now open.

Jamie Ruby: Hi again, so you guys sort of talk about this thing that Laura you found out after the fact. I think some of it maybe has been leaked and some others Iím not sure. But is there anything you can kind of officially tease the fans about what weíre going to find out about Charlotte.

Gabrielle Stanton: Well wait a minute I want to know what leaked on spoilers?

Laura Mennell: Like what has leaked?

Matthew McGuinness: Careful, I donít want to know.

Laura Mennell: I donít think any of that has leaked.

Jamie Ruby: I donít know, somebody told me something about the back of an image of a script page or something you could see that was on twitter. I have no idea, I didnít see it so.

Matthew McGuinness: There was what ó say, we can say that Charlotte has come to Haven ó what can we say? We can say (Charlotteís) come to Haven as a CDC agent.

Gabrielle Stanton: But we find out that she has Ö

Matthew McGuinness: Ö The CDC has a centre there and we think that sheís there initially, she sort of stumbled upon the place, and sheís in a difficult position because like people often do when they get to Haven, they begin to question themselves. They start to wonder well hell, am I crazy? Am I going to be able to actually go back and present this information to anyone? What can I do with this information? And that sort of what she wrestles with.

But then as we move forward we see her starting to gather information that sheís not telling us sheís gathering and we see her having data about the troubles, that sheís not telling us that she has, and we donít know how she gets it. And we start to speculate as to who exactly she might be working for.

I donít know what else.

Gabrielle Stanton: Thatís good, thatís good.

Laura Mennell: Thatís a pretty good explanation.

Jamie Ruby: Thatís very good now I want to know more. All right. And then another question, this is for the producers though. Now that (Audrey) well one part of (Audrey) I guess you could say is not immune to the troubles anymore and (Nathan) cannot feel her anymore. Is that going to affect their relationship together?

Gabrielle Stanton: I think it Ė I think itís going to stay as, itís not really going to affect their relationship. I mean the thing about the (Audrey) and (Nathan) relationship is, we see it as kind of a true love, I mean you know, sheís actually pressed him on this before and people have said to him like well do you just love (Audrey) because sheís the only one you can feel? And heís said no. And I think weíre going to see over the course of this season, that thatís true, that their love completely transcends his ability to feel or not feel.

Jamie Ruby: OK. Great. Thank you so much.

Operator: And your final question comes from the line of Tim Holquinn. Your line is now open. Tim Holquinn, your line is now open. If your lineís on mute, will you please unmute your line?

Tim Holquinn: Yes, Iím sorry it was on mute. I thought I muted it. My couple of questions are for Laura. Knowing that your characterís a doctor, I imagine sheís, I donít know how much sheís on the front lines. But did your character require a stunt double and if so, what can you tell us about the kinds of action your character gets involved in?

Laura Mennell: Have I ever gotten a stunt double. Yes, there was a day where I definitely had a stunt double which is bitter sweet for me because I love to watch what they do and I get really excited about it. But I get really excited about it and I want to do it but I know that you know, producers might not want me to get bruises and maybe get in trouble and maybe accidently do bad things to myself. So I get it. But I love stunt days, I think theyíre super fun and super exciting and yes, I mean Charlotte will definitely get in there a little at some length but yes. I donít know, what was the exact question? Did I answer that question? I answered part of it.

Tim Holquinn: Yes. Yes hopefully she doesnít get to hurt. I would like it if she could stick around.

Laura Mennell: OK. Sheíll be around, sheíll definitely be around.

Tim Holquinn: You mentioned doing, needing to do some Google searches for particular items in the scripts. I was wondering if you did any preliminary research worth mentioning before tackling this role.

Laura Mennell: You know with this role specifically I would constantly be doing research yes as I said. Specifically for all the scientific medical jargon and there was quite a bit of it which I enjoy, I find it a lot of fun. I mean I have a lot of weird facts from all sorts of jobs that just kind of are random and in my head and I know Iíll definitely save some of the ones I gained from this job. So yes, I would constantly be you know doing Google tutorials to learn about how to do weird things like you know, just as simple as taking a blood sample or giving a B12 shot, or just weird little things like that which thereís all these little details in it all. And you know doctors and nurses are watching, you kind of want to get it is as best as you can.

I think the main thing for this role specifically wasnít necessarily to do other types of research to help inform me of the character but more, I think, I had lots and lots of talks specifically with (Gab) and Matt about sort of her back story and how it all ties into all these little intricate pieces of the storyline which heíll understand as you watch the episodes, it gets very, very complicated. But very, very interesting. So for me, it was more about sort of getting my story straight Ďcause she has a lot going on as character, Charlotte, she definitely does.

Tim Holquinn: Great. Cool. I look forward to seeing it. Did you, just as a quick little extra question. Did you ever share a laugh with Emily that you on the 4400 once played a character named (Audrey Parker)?

Laura Mennell: You know what, oddly enough we didnít and I donít know why I didnít bring it up with her. Because I know fans have on twitter, but it just sort of, I guess I just forgot about it once I got to set. But when I first got the role, I thought Ė I thought that was funny because it did remind me of my (Audrey Parker) role on 4400 which was a lot of fun. Totally different than her role, completely different. But yes, it is a Ė it is a fun little fact I use.

Tim Holquinn: OK. Thanks so much for speaking with us today.

Laura Mennell: Yes, no problem, thank you.

Operator: We do actually have a final question from the line of Heather McLatchie. Heather, your line is now open.

Heather McLatchie: Hi, I have a question and Gabrielle and Matt you may not be able to answer to this but Iím going to ask. Since youíre writing now, or youíre shooting now toward the end of what will be five and a half or as a sixth season, are you writing it with the idea that this will be a series finale or are you keeping it open ended with the possibility that we may end up with a true sixth or seventh season.

Gabrielle Stanton: We are writing to the idea that itís going to be a huge awesome finale and that if we do not get another season, the fans will feel satisfied and feel like it was a great ending to a series. But if we are fortunate enough to be able to continue then it will be just another one of our incredible cliffhanger seasons and it will be able to ramp right back up for the next season.

Heather McLatchie: Cool. Thank you very much.

Operator: There are no further questions, I return the call back to the presenters.

Brenda Lowry: Thanks everybody for joining us today. Thank you Laura, Matt and (Gabby) and as a reminder everyone, Haven airs 7:00 p.m. on Sci Fi on Friday. We also have advanced screeners of 508, episodes 508 and 509 featuring Laura available so if you are interested, please get in touch with me.

Thank you. Have a good day.

Matt McGuinness: Thanks

Gabrielle Stanton: Thank you

Matt McGuinness: Thank you bye.

Laura Mennell: Thank you bye.

Operator: This concludes todays conference calling the phone participants may now disconnect.

About Laura Mennellís ĎDr. Erin Reidí

Laura Mennell (Alphas, The Watchmen) joins the cast in a recurring role playing Dr. Erin Reid, a brilliant and beautiful epidemiologist from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) who fears the town of Haven is on the verge of a deadly viral outbreak. 

Dr. Erin Reid is a worldly scientist whose focus is investigating the diseases that plague mankind. She's a force to be reckoned with, as Audrey Parker (Emily Rose), Nathan Wuornos (Lucas Bryant) and Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour) quickly discover. Meanwhile, Dwight Hendrickson (Adam Copeland) works overtime to keep the troubles hidden from Erin.  But, when she unknowingly uncovers a genetic marker found only in Troubled people, the residents of Haven realize her discovery could lead to a scientific cure for the Troubles that plague the town.

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