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By Suzanne

Mekenna Melvin

Interview with Mekenna Melvin of "Chuck" on NBC

1.What can you tell viewers about Alex that might not be obvious yet?

I think there is something to be said about a girl with a little mystery. But she has a lot more going on than just her studies and work at the Pie Shack. Oh, and her favorite pie is pumpkin!

2. What is the best thing about playing Alex?

Alex is fun! She is a strong, confident, independent young woman. Growing up without a father, she kind of had to be. But it's fun to see her really embracing him now that she knows he is not dead.

3. How is the cast, and how has it been getting to know them?

The cast and crew are wonderful!! From day one, they were very welcoming. It really feels like a family.

4. Any similarities between you and Alex?

Of all the characters I have played, I would say she is the most like me. But the one major difference is her relationship with her dad. I grew up very close to my father.... but she grew up without that paternal
presence. When I initially approached the character, I thought a lot about, "What would it mean to not have my father, how would my life have been different?"

5. What is the most fun thing you've done on the show so far?

Kick John Casey's butt, for sure!!!

6. Anything else you can tell me about story coming up?

Just that we will continue to see how Casey and Alex's relationship unfolds.

7. Tell us about your guest-starring role on Detroit 1-8-7...

It was so much fun!! The character is very, very different from Alex. I loved working with Johanna Braddy, who guest-starred with me. Not to mention James McDaniel and Shaun Majumder (with whom we had most of our scenes.) Paul McCrane was our director, which was such a treat in itself. I love his work as an actor, plus there is something really wonderful about working with a director who is also an actor.

8. Have you been approached yet by any Chuck fans in real life?

No, I haven't. I live in LA, where there are huge stars walking around. No one notices me.

9. Did you go to Comicon? Do you plan to go next year?

I did not go to Comicon, but I have always wanted to go, even before Chuck. So maybe.

10. Did you watch the show before you were cast?

I had seen a few episodes from the first season. But when I got cast, I Netflixed them all and became obsessed!!

11. Are you a fan of spy/action/adventure/scifi shows?

My mom is a huge Scifi fan. I grew up watching all the Star Treks. She even had a Star trek-themed birthday party when I was a kid. We were all dressed up as Ferengi and Klingons. My mom was Deanna Troi and my dad Worf, of course. She was also a huge Firefly fan... needless to say, she was very excited when she found out I was playing Adam Baldwin's on screen daughter.

12.You have quite a background coming from the theater. Do you intend to keep your hand in live theater as well as doing filmed work?

Theater will always be a huge love of mine, and I do hope to one day get back to the stage. To perform on Broadway and the West End have always been big dreams of mine.

13. I see that you're a singer. What type of music do you like?

I sang a lot growing up. No, it's mostly just a shower activity, but I am a huge music fan. My taste is eclectic,  although I tend to really like music form the 60's and 70's. But there is a great music scene in LA right now
called the Beachwood Rockers. I have a lot of my friends' albums on repeat like Jesse Cole, John Pringle, Andy Clockwise, Lowlight, Johnny Moezzi & the Majestic Reach, Truth and Salvage Co., Mitchell's Folly, Ragsy, George Standford... to name a few.

14. Any other hobbies besides martial arts?

I just started taking Italian language classes which are really exciting and fun!!

15. What would you like to say to your fans?

THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! Chuck fans have embarrassed me (with their kindness), and I feel so proud to be a small part of this wonderful show.

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Page updated 12/7/13

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