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By Suzanne

Danny Masterson in "Men at Work" on TBS 

Interview with Danny Masterson of "Men at Work" on TBS 3/27/13

Here is the audio of my interview with the actor who plays Milo on "Men at Work" and who was so great as Hyde on "That 70's Show"! It was a very fun interview. He is SO funny as you'll hear in the interview.

If the audio is not streaming well, please right-click on this link and save it to your computer. It should work better that way!

NOTE: This was long before we heard about the rape charges and subsequent conviction of the actor. We're very disappointed that someone so funny would also be so evil. Then again, there's Bill Cosby...


Gisele transcribed the interview!

1. So were you surprised when they renewed the show for a second season, or did you expect it?

I was not surprised. I was extremely happy. It's so hard to get a show -- a pilot -- in the first place and from there, just getting it on air, and then from there, getting people to watch it, so I was just thrilled when they picked up the second season. You know, we actually sort of shot them back to back. We had about six weeks off waiting for more scripts and then went back to work, so it was kind of an extended season 1. Yeah, we were thrilled!

2. Do they let you do any adlibbing or changing the script?

We do not do any adlibbing. The writers do their job and the actors, all they have to do is say their lines properly and get laughs. The only sort of, I guess, somewhat adlibbing is after you've cut a scene, if you have an idea of a joke that might be funnier, you can do pick-ups on those jokes. 'Oh, what if you said this?' 'Or try this, that might be funny.' And, so, that might be the only thing that's not originally from the script.

3.  The show is very funny and I love the cast. 

They're very good looking.

4. What can we expect in the 2nd season?

A lot of ?, which I think is key to be on camera. And make sure it stays pretty cold on stage, so there's that sort of issue. And we have insane guest stars this year, which I'm sure you have a list of the people who are coming by this season. And my beard gets a little bit bigger, so that's kind of key.

5.  Did you already have a beard, or did they ask you to grow it for the part?

No, they did not ask me to grow it. I had a beard. And it's so annoying to shave it. It's just so much easier to have a nice soft beard, don't you?

6. Will you be keeping the beard?

Yeah, mine got real big. I mean, I shot a film called 'Killing Winston Jones' with Richard Dreyfuss and Danny Glover this last winter down in Savannah, and so I had my beard real small for that, because Jon Heder had a moustache, and I was going to have a moustache, so we negotiated, I would keep the beard, he would have the moustache. And then the last time it grew out bigger than my hair and now it's sort of in-between.

7. Does your wife like it?

Yes. Yeah. So that helps.

8. Is Season 2 going to be the same kind of show?

Yeah, it's the same show as the first season. I think as the shows evolve, everyone gets tighter, funnier. The fault ?? lines get a little more ridiculous in a good way -- take more chances. You know, seasons 3 and 4, if that ?? reacting, it's just so of really just humming. You know, that's 75 and 100 episodes in. We've shot 20 episodes. We've sort of still very much in our infancy. The writers are figuring out people's timing and 'Oh, it's really funny when Milo gets drunk; let's get him drunk more often. You know, you sort of figure out things. 'It's really funny when girls reject Michael's character.' You know, you sort of find things that become the opposite of normal, and generally find those things to be funnier.

9. Do you guys have a fun time doing the show?

Yeah, it's great. I mean, you know, you sort of get to work and immediately just start making fun of each other and laughing and coming up with better jokes. 'What would happen if, you know, he shuts his hand in the drawer, and then we all make fun of his swollen finger?' I don't know. You sort of come up with anything sort of strange and real. And there's no hard work on a sitcom. It's all enjoyable.

People like to have the sex, so we figured, let's write about the sex. And it's cable, so we can all be naked, which is great, you know. I have to start working out to be shirtless.

10.  How does doing this show compare to when you were on "That 70's Show"?

You know, I would say that it's still so new. You know, we used to shoot '70s' in 20 hours a week. This show is at least double that. On '70s' we all knew every single little thing about each other. On this, we're four adults who have our personal lives, then come to work and have our work lives. You know, it's a lot of fun. I think that with '70s' we had so many fantasy sequences, dance routines, and musical numbers, and what not. And with this, it's more of a work-place comedy, so it's definitely different, but the schedule's kind of the same. I've gotten to work with my director from 'That 70s Show' David Trainer in a bunch of these episodes; that's been amazing. Yeah, so it's definitely different but also very similar.

11.  Do you ever hang out with the other actors outside of work?

We do. Yeah, but, you know, Cassidy's married with a young child, so he's in bed early, and he'll want to come and do a sporting event, and I'll go see a lot of movies with Adam Busch and James Lesure ... or whatever, so everyone has their lives. On 70s Show, I was the old one at 22, Mila was 15 years old, so we sort of all did everything together. Whereas now, we're all in our mid 30s and we all have our routines down a little bit more. So yeah, we definitely -- I've seen 3 movies with Adam Busch in the last 2 weeks. We hang all the time -- it's just sort of depends. You know, Cassidy's always good for grabbing a lunch, but he goes to bed at like 8 p.m. with his young child, so, you know.

12.  Filming only 10 episodes must leave you a lot of extra time for other projects...?

Yeah, I just shot the movie I mentioned called 'Killing Winston Jones' -- it was amazing. I got to play Richard Dreyfuss' son. It's kind of a 'Grumpy Old Men' style dark comedy with Richard Dreyfuss and Danny Glover at each other's throats, and my character being ?? while they're doing so and trying to keep them apart as well. So that was ?? with Jon Heder playing my brother, which was pretty awesome. And 'Men at Work' shot two seasons and 20 shows. We finished in November, and then I went to Savannah for two months, and then, you know, I just got back to Los Angeles.

13. Did you learn anything from Richard Dreyfuss and Danny Glover?

They are two epic icons. Yeah, sure. You know, you sort of pick up things, the way people process material and different rehearsal habits, and what not. And then you go and do your thing. It's amazing to see how Richard can break down a scene. With Danny, he's sort of like 'All right, let's do this.' And Jon likes to talk things out for a long time and that can lead to new material and new ideas. And, yeah, so it was interesting.

Please do tune in to "Men at Work" on TBS because it's hilarious. You can also watch past episodes on their website.

My review of the show

More information:

"Men at Work" Season 1 DVD cover


Danny Masterson (That '70s Show, Yes Man) stars in the TBS hit comedy Men at Work.
The series centers on four buddies who work together at a magazine and form a modern day band of brothers as they navigate work politics, life and love in New York City. Masterson plays Milo, a bearded writer for the magazine who is still getting back into the dating game after dealing with being dumped early in season one.
The show premieres its second season on April 4.


Danny Masterson is best known for his starring role as Hyde, the "wise" conspiracy theorist on the long-running international sitcom That '70s Show. In addition to being an established actor, he is currently one of the most requested DJs in the United States, having played Lollapalooza and the Palemus Festival in Norway. He performs 50 to 100 sets a year globally.

On the big screen, Masteron recently starred opposite Richard Dreyfus and Danny Glover in the dark comedy Killing Winston Jones, due out in 2014. He can currently be seen opposite Robert Carlysle in California Solo, which made its debut at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. He also recently wrapped the Polish Brothers' new film, Hot Bot, which was shot this past winter in Salt Lake City.

Beginning his career as a child model for the Ford Agency at the age of 4, Masterson gradually moved his way into commercials, appearing in more than 150 by age 16; soap operas (One Life to Live,1985) and Broadway (Dragons,1986). It was then that Masterson made the decision to move to Los Angeles, where he soon secured his first motion picture lead role in Universal Picture's popular sequel Beethoven's 2nd, opposite Charles Grodin and Bonnie Hunt. Masterson's other film credits include Yes Man, with Jim Carrey and Bradley Cooper; Bye Bye Love; Comic Book Villains, with Donal Logue; John Woo's Face/Off, with John Travolta and Nicolas Cage; Robert Rodriguez's The Faculty; and Wes Craven's Dracula 2000, opposite Gerard Butler and Johnny Lee Miller.

Masterson has worked on more than 30 feature films, including the independent features Too Pure (Tribeca Film Festival), directed by The Others producer Sunmin Park; Greg Araki's Smiley Face (Sundance, Toronto, Cannes); Wake, opposite wife Bijou Phillips (Cinequest); and the short film The Rooster, written by Danny Strong, for which he was awarded Best Actor at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Other recent independent credits include Alter Egos (Fantasia Fest), directed by Jordan Galland; Made for Each Other (Newport) and The Chicago 8 (Peachtree, Santa Cruz), in which he played Jerry Rubin.

Mastersonıs television credits include series regular roles on Joe's Life on ABC, Extreme on ABC and Cybill for CBS, along with recurring roles on Roseanne and Party of Five.

Masteron owns the Los Angeles men's boutique Confederacy, co-owns the venues Harvard and Stone in Los Angeles and The Downstairs on Main Street in Park City, Utah. He currently splits his time between Los Angeles, New York and Park City. In addition, he is the co-founder of Gulf Coast Detoxification Project and winner of the New York Police Department's Heroism Award for his work with 9/11 rescue workers.

The Boys are Back for a Brand New Season of TBS's Hit Comedy Men at Work

Season 2 Premieres Thursday, April 4, at 10 p.m. (ET/PT)

Men at Work ­ the hit TBS comedy about four buddies who help each other navigate the treacherous waters of work, friendship and women ­ is set to return for its hilarious second season this spring. Produced by Sony Pictures Television, Men at Work stars Danny Masterson (That '70s Show, Yes Man), Michael Cassidy (The O.C), Adam Busch (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Meredith Hagner (Royal Pains) and James Lesure (Las Vegas). The series was created by Breckin Meyer (Road Trip, TNTıs Franklin & Bash).

Men at Work is set to launch its second season on Thursday, April 4, at 10 p.m. (ET/PT), exclusively on TBS. the series centers on four buddies who work together at a magazine and form a modern day band of brothers as they navigate work politics, life and love in New York City. Masterson plays Milo, a bearded writer for the magazine who is still getting back into the dating game after dealing with being dumped early in season one, Lesure is Gibbs, a photographer and successful ladies man. Cassidy plays Tyler, a features writer who brings a dose of style and sophistication to the group. And Busch is Neal, a somewhat nerdy ad salesman and the only one in the group with a steady girlfriend (Hagner).

This season, Men at Work will welcome such guest stars as Peri Gilpin (Frasier), Seth Green (Austin Powers, Robot Chicken), J.K. Simmons (TNT's The Closer, Law & Order), Jason Lee (My Name is Earl), Marsha Thomason (Lost, White Collar) and Ben McKenzie (TNT's Southland, The O.C.). TBS's Men at Work premiered last May and ranked as one of basic cable's Top 10 new series of the summer with key adult demos. The show's first season averaged 2.5 million viewers in Live + 7, with 1.6 million adults 18-49.

Men at Work comes to TBS from Sony Pictures Television and Fanfare. The multi-camera comedy is executive-produced by Breckin Meyer, along with Fanfare's Jamie Tarses (Happy Endings, TNT's Franklin & Bash, TBSıs My Boys) and Julia Franz (Scrubs).


Twitter:  #MenatWorkTBS


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