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By Justin


Interview with Martinez of "The Walking Dead" on AMC 12/8/16

Today I was lucky enough to get to chat with the star of "The Walking Dead," Martinez, who plays David on the #1 hit show on AMC. I spoke with him a little about the season 7 mid-season finale,  which airs Sunday, December 11, 2016, as well as what fans should be expecting in this season, and a few questions about his role in the show.

Q: Is there anything you can tell me about the show that the fans would or wouldn't be suspecting? Without giving out any spoilers...

A: Fans of the comic book are going to be very excited about what's going to be unfolding the rest of this season and next. Fans of the comic book are going to quickly realize which storyline is coming up. In my personal opinion, and it's also that a lot of other people, this is arguably one of the best storylines in the entire comic book. This season is going to be very violent and very scary because there is going to be a lot of roles introduced. Take it from Rick and the gang. All the sections are going to come together or not. Are they going to be able to work together or not? I believe Jeffrey Dean Morgan just announced that he signed for another season. So just amazing stuff coming up, especially with what the fans see this Sunday night on the mid-season finale.

Q: What was one of the scenes you really enjoyed filming, or that you were in personally, that you are very proud of?

A: I have two scenes. One coming up this weekend that I am really excited about because I get to interact with Andrew Lincoln, and he is such an extraordinary actor. In terms of field leadership, he really is a patriot, and a leader on a day-to-day basis. From the time they yell "action," during the take, up until they yell "cut." He really is a type of person to lead by example. It's really is amazing, and I am very proud to have gotten to work with him. There is another amazing scene coming up later on, that I'm so stoked about. However, I can't mention because it would be a big spoiler.

Q: What is it that you enjoy playing about your part on the show? What is it that you bring to this season that is going to really resonate with the fans of the show and the comic book?

A: I really feel like, compared to my character in the comic book... I really want to thank the writers. They really did a good job at elevating the role of David. That ideally is in the comic book, and making him a more interesting part of the story line, and at the same time, fans of the comic book are going to appreciate the canon. The ideas of the canon of the comic book are kept, but made differently and slightly reinvented by the writers of the show. What I love about the role of David is for me, I really feel like it's an opportunity to give the fans one of the best nasty versions of what a Savior is.  A lot of people might feel that David's character is so unique, and different from all the other Saviors and begin able to take the audience on that ride of the viciousness and nastiness, especially in this world were everything is grimy and gritty, and tough as nails. That what this character is, and I have a really wonderful takeaway where I get to show another side of this character.  I think it is really special, and I feel like the viewers are going to really connect to it in a way that they didn't expect to, and that's really what I'm looking forward to the most.

Q: What other character do you see yourself as from the show? Who would you be?

A: For me, man, it could go a couple of ways! I mean, of course, everybody wants to be a badass Darryl or Rick Grimes.  As you can tell by my character, I have a mean and nasty side. So I can see myself becoming a Negan, like in a very warped reality or something. That's why I think Jeffrey Dean Morgan is so great.  He allows us, as a audience, to explore the darker side of our personality, and he makes it kinda okay to root for the bad guy. So I would really, really hope I would have the fortitude and courage to be able to really help these people in an objectively moral way! Because morals change and can become really different.

Q: What is the oddest or most weird encounter you have had with a fan?

A: Coming from set to the trailers on the first day, we had just finished wrapping... it was pretty late at night, and as we pulled into where the trailers were, there was a huge crowd of people.  I was like "Oh, my God! What's going on?  Is everyone alright?" They were like, "Oh, no, everything is fine.  Those are just the fans. They have been camped out here since 5am." Yeah,  but I think one of the funniest reaction I have ever had was on Twitter I get a lot of "I hate you, die! And by the way, you're a great actor." I had this one lady say "I wish I had Carl's gun. I would have shot you in the face myself." I reposted her tweet and I was like, "That is awesome, thank you."

Q: I know you work with a lot of talent on the set, but who do you see yourself hanging out with, when you're not filming?

A: Well, to be honest, being bi-coastal, working in Los Angeles and Atlanta,  the crew are awesome and so nice. I don't know if it's the southern hospitality, or what, but everyone is just wonderful. I mean I remember having conversations with Andrew Lincoln and Josh McDermitt about acting. They are just such intelligent, smart actors.  Definitely my fellow Saviors.  In fact, I do hang out with them. I have to give a shout-out to my boy Li'l Diggie.  In fact, there is a meme out with Dave Chappelle, where he plays that crackhead character (from his show).  I hang with him, William Sanderson... Mikie the D.P., and in fact, I'm going to be hanging with the crew members next week. So, yeah, just a lot of cool people on set all around. But it's just like old high school friends. There is just not a lot of interaction between shows with me. I tend to be more of a private person on hiatus. I'm at home with my wife watching some Netflix or something. I've never been a real big party guy. I mean, I could lie and make up all kinds of fun and exciting things, but it would all be a lie.

Q: Are you anything in real life like the roles you've played on TV?

A: Well, I'm just glad to be working. But most of the parts I get, I play a drug dealer, or a black market body parts dealer. But at current points in our life, we all have a bad guy type of personality, by which we need to do certain things to get ahead, or even... or not even, but on the same level playing field. So, in my every-day life, I'm a raging asshole(Laughs) No. I mean, in fact, the people I know are like "Oh, my God! This is you? Cause you're like the nicest guy we know"....When they see the kind of parts I'm getting called in for. I think, deep down there is a level of darkness in everyone. So it just depends on whether you're going to go towards the light or the dark, and I tend to dance in the light, then I do the dark.

Q: Do you watch your own shows/movies, or do you own any of the shows/movies you have ever been in on DVD?

A: I hate watching myself, but it is a little bit different with "The Walking Dead," though. Just because I'm such a fan of the show. I'm such a Dead Head fan. I mean, I have to watch it. I need to know what's going on with Rick and Carol.  So that's a little bit different.  But I have put together my own demo reels and stuff. I have to stand back and look at it from a business standpoint. Like, "What do I need to do to show a casting director,  look--I can also do these other roles as well." So that is the only way. I can watch myself because otherwise, if I know I'm going to be on TV, I leave the room or just avoid the channel I'm going to be on. Yeah, I'm kinda weird like that.

Q: Is there anyone you would like to meet that you're starstruck by or that you would like to work with?

A: Um, it's a little old school, but Al Pacino. I would love to work with him, and if I ever meet him in person, I would probably dribble like a baby.. .But you know who else? I would love to meet that's not even a actor: President Obama. Regardless of what his political views are, I just love his speech- writing abilities. I just love his intelligence. I would love to meet him at some point if I was lucky enough for that to happen, and Meryl Streep. I watch her as often as I can. I mean, she is so amazing.  And also JJ Abrams because my favorite franchises are "Star Trek" and "Star Wars." JJ, I would love to meet you if you're reading this right now!

Q: If you could switch with any other character on the show and play another role, who would it be?

A: I would love to switch with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Except, he does it so well... I think people would be disappointed. He is just so good at it. I mean, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is amazing. He could charm the pants off a mannequin.  It's ridiculous. But I mean, that role is so fun, and the writers give him so much fun dialogue. It's crazy. I would love to switch, but I think the fans would not be too happy, and a little bit disappointed if that were to happen. At least if I had his performance to compare it to.

Q: Is there anything you would like to say to the fans of the show or that they should look forward to about the upcoming season?

A: Fans of the comic book, strap on your seatbelt, tie your boots, and hold on to something because the rest of this season and next season is going to be a wild, wild, ride.  For anyone who is a fan of David in the comic books, you are going to really really love what the writers and producers have done with the characters, when it is all said and done. I'm really honored to have been apart of this entire experience.  To the fans, I want to say, you fans are amazing!  Additionally, I wanna knock you out. I have been receiving so much love from the fans on Twitter. I have been receiving so much love and fan art from all over the world--Haiti, France, the UK Ireland, and Australia! I mean it has been just so kind, and so heart-warming, humbling, and at times, overwhelming. To see how much people love what we're doing on the really kinda validates everything I ever thought about in terms of being an actor, in terms of the very intimate relationship between an actor and an audience, what we kind of have together.

Also, if you ever have any questions, you can hit me up on Twitter @actorMartinez I love interacting with my fans! I have a lot more than I did a few weeks ago, so it may take a little bit longer for me to get back with you. But I'm working on it and will continue to do so cause without you guys, what I do would not be anything. I love you guys from the bottom of my heart, and I wanna thank some of the best fans in the entire world well.


Martinez (formerly known as currently stars on the #1 hit show on television AMC's "The Walking Dead" playing the role of 'David,' aka 'Davey' one of the Saviors led by 'Negan' (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). As the grieving survivors struggle to come to terms with life under Negan's rule, Negan, Davey and the rest of the Saviors arrive at Alexandria days ahead of schedule for their first offering taking the majority of their furniture, medicine, and all of their weapons which causes tension between the two groups. Davey creates even more tension as he gets in a gun-draw with Carl which almost leads him to get killed. Rick (Andrew Lincoln) informs the survivors that he is no longer in charge and they must learn to live by Negan's terms. New episodes of "The Walking Dead" airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

Born in Miami and raised in Jacksonville, Martinez is of Dominican and Puerto Rican descent. Martinez grew up playing sports and when his aspiration to play professional football was thwarted, he chose to study pre-law at Stetson University. On a $20 bet during his first semester, Martinez auditioned for the school play Bye Bye Birdie and was cast in the hit comedy. This led him to pursue his passion for acting and he applied and got accepted to the top ranked Boston University B.F.A. conservatory program. After moving to Los Angeles, Martinez has been working consistently and has had breakout roles in "Grey's Anatomy," "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," "CSI: New York" "Prison Break" and "Days of Our Lives," to name a few.  

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