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By Suzanne

Anna Silk, Kris Holden-Ried and Ksenia Solo

Interview with Anna Silk, Kris Holden-Ried and Ksenia Solo of "Lost Girl" on SyFy 3/7/13

I don't  watch this show regularly, mostly just because of lack of time, but I have see a few episodes and liked it. The actors were a lot of fun on this call and really enjoyed themselves, so we all had a great time listening to them and asking them questions.

Moderator: Gary Morganstein
March 7, 2013
1:19 pm CT

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for standing by. Welcome to the Syfy Lost Girl conference call.

As a reminder this conference is being recorded Thursday March 7, 2013. And I would now like to turn the conference over to Gary Morganstein, please go ahead.

Gary Morganstein: Thank you everyone for joining us for the Lost Girl conference call. Season finale is April 22 and to discuss season three and to cryptically look ahead at season four, Iím not allowed to say much, Anna Silk, Kris Holden-Ried and Ksenia Solo, who will be joining us shortly. Thank you, Anna and Kris.

Anna Silk: Thank you Gary and hello everybody.

Operator: Our first question comes from the line of Erin Willard with Sci Fi Mafia, please go ahead.

Erin Willard: Hi, thanks so much for the two of you I guess for now for being on the call today and congratulations to you and all of us on the new season ticket, weíre very excited about that.

Anna Silk: Thank you, weíre excited too.

Erin Willard: Can you tell us anything or let me say what can you tell us about the upcoming season finale?

Anna Silk: Oh gosh. Well, sure. You know thereís still quite a bit of this season to air, I guess weíre about half way through, maybe a little over half way through and you know the tension definitely builds and we definitely have a very heart pumping season finale, thatís all I can really think of to say.

You know everythingís sort of - some things come together and some things really get ripped apart. So I know thatís really cryptic but I think that the viewers will be pretty excited to see where the season leads and how we end.

And then theyíll be very, very excited to see a fourth season.

Kris Holden-Ried: Yeah itís - without - sorry, always difficult to figure out exactly what to say with these things, but itís a really nice build up. I remember while we were shooting at the last like four episodes we were all really excited and everything had ramped up to a good climax, good end.

Anna Silk: Yeah.

Erin Willard: Great, well we canít wait.

Anna Silk: Thank you Erin.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Jamie Ruby with SciFi, please go ahead.

Jamie Ruby: Hi again guys, congratulations on the renewal.

Anna Silk: Thanks Jamie.

Jamie Ruby: So I know you canít tell me exactly but maybe you can kind of give some kind of tease about it but obviously they keep teasing and teasing us about the Norn and everything.

Are we going to see maybe some moving forward of Dyson and Boís relationship at all in the rest of the season?

Kris Holden-Ried: Yeah, I mean weíre progressing, weíre moving along; you know weíre trying to figure it out. I think Bo has finally realized at this point by episode seven that Dyson has his love back.

And - is that true? Iím pretty sure, right?

Anna Silk: I donít know about that.

Jamie Ruby: I think sheís guessing that maybe.

Anna Silk: Yes, guessing, exactly.

Kris Holden-Ried: I canít remember exactly what happens. You know the love triangle is in season three and you know I think the writers have always been very conscious of that this is like one of our important story lines and you know and how do you manage these three characters, to one keep the fans interested and two, the characters interesting.

So thereís always progression, whether or not the fans will like it or not, right?

Anna Silk: Yeah I think there is always progression but thereís always major obstacles, you know along the way so it - thereís definitely progression but itís not quite as linear as you would think.

Kris Holden-Ried: Itís so funny, I love talking about this sort of stuff after the whole season ends because then we can go yeah, see? Itís cryptic; I just irritate myself with them.

Jamie Ruby: All right, since - as the popularity and everything has increased in the show since the beginning has there been anything thatís really changed in the filming process or is it pretty much the same as it was since the very beginning?

Anna Silk: In terms of our filming process? Jamie, sorry.

Jamie Ruby: Yeah, is there anything thatís changed since itís gotten you know more popular and everything?

Anna Silk: No, you mean in terms of how we approach it?

Jamie Ruby: Yes, and well yeah, and just the way they film, maybe they have a bigger budget, I donít know, just anything in general.

Anna Silk: You know I mean I think weíve all found a good group in terms of the sum in process. You know thereís definitely things move along maybe not necessarily quicker but they feel a little bit smoother.

And we all have a certain familiarity with the show and the style and the look and everything.

And we sort of trust how it comes out so for me anyway thatís one thing that I feel definitely a little bit more confident in terms of what weíre doing.

Kris Holden-Ried: Yeah and as far as production goes, I mean I know that in season two we had a lot of fixed episodes and in season three we didnít which was really nice because seven is a good - you know seven is pretty much where you need to make a good show.

Anna Silk: Yeah, those six days were killers.

Kris Holden-Ried: They were just brutal. Just donít have time to tell a good story. But yeah, you know itís over three years the crew and the cast really came together and itís not so much about the notoriety of the show, itís just a matter of time on task and the right people really getting a good grove on.

And yeah, so those are the big changes production wise.

Jamie Ruby: Okay thank you.

Anna Silk: And people are excited to work on the show too, I mean like a lot of crew members will show up and be like people want to be on this show. You know people see my Lost Girl t-shirt or my Lost Girl this or that.

And theyíre just like wow, like so many people are watching, and weíre like yep, they are. So it kind of fuels everyone to keep making a good show.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line if Jamie Steinberg with Starry Constellation magazine.

Jamie Steinberg: I was just wondering what was it like for you Kris to get to work with Miriam McDonald again?

Kris Holden-Ried: You know itís funny you ask that because Miriam and I have I mean weíve gone back over ten, twelve years and last time I worked with her she was a 14 year old.

And Iíve watched her completely you know change into a woman and then weíre also both Latvian so we used to joke around, how you know weíre the Latvians in the Canadian shows.

Because then Ksenia came whoís also part Latvian so now thereís a trifecta of Latvians on the show; it was really fun. But no, Miriamís lovely, I know it was great to reconnect and unfortunately her dead body was all that I got to act with and kind of thing.

Sheís a lovely Canadian actress. It was great to have her on the show.

Jamie Steinberg: Dyson is putting Boís happiness above his own this season, is it because he has come to respect Dr. Lord as well?

Kris Holden-Ried: Yeah, absolutely. I never really liked the idea of pitting Lauren and Dyson against each other because in the end they both love Bo and I think thatís something that binds them together as well.

And you know I know Zoie and I we just really wanted to make Dyson and Laurenís relationship interesting and I think the writers have allowed us to do that so itís not just like sheís mine, sheís mine.

You know we work together and there is a lot. I respect her and I think sheís learning to respect Dyson a little more.

Jamie Steinberg: And then just real quickly whatís been your favorite episode from this season?

Anna Silk: Oh thatís so hard to answer honestly because Iíve been Ė there have been a lot of really good ones. I mean I enjoyed the one that recently aired where Bo gets to go home because we get to see a little bit of where she came from.

And itís a little bit more - the roots of her vulnerability I guess, so I enjoyed that. The next one that airs is really fun and I got to work primarily with Rachel Skarsten which was really a great thing.

And I donít know, our finale is great, I donít know, itís really hard for me to pick one episode. They - you know I just have these standout moments that are various scenes from different episodes so I think we had a really strong season.

That really tells a story and so yeah, I really canít pinpoint one, Iím sorry.

Operator: And our next question comes from the line of Carla Day with TV Fanatic, please go ahead.

Carla Day: Hi, I was wondering, so far in season three, Bo, Kenzi, and Dyson have kind of all gone off on their own dealing with their individual issues.

Can you talk a little bit about your thoughts about the gang kind of being split up this season and then if the quote unquote smoothie gang might get back together before the end of the season?

Anna Silk: Well yeah, I mean it was definitely - we definitely kind of go our separate ways, you know with good reason. Thereís a lot of stuff for us all to explore, so - but I really canít say anything about whether or not the gang gets back together.

It would be just giving away too much I think.

Kris Holden-Ried: Yeah, I mean I totally agree with her, I love that camaraderie, that group you know that we had season one and I think for all of our characters to sort of grow we had to break apart and like have issues and things that drew us away.

And yeah, like Anna said itís back to the group and the group dynamic is pretty pivotal to the last few episodes and how we end season three and start season four so youíre just going to have to watch and see.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Kathie Huddleston from, please go ahead.

Kathie Huddleston: What kind of a journey would say your characters have been on this season and how is that journey affected by the episodes that are to come?

Kris Holden-Ried: Thatís a good one.

Ksenia Solo: Thatís a good question.

Kris Holden-Ried: Time to put on our Lost Girl thinking caps.

Anna Silk: I know, I mean - go ahead Kris.

Kris Holden-Ried: No, I was just going to say anyone else want to start?

Anna Silk: Okay, well I think that you know the - like weíve been talking about a little bit the journey has been pretty - you know we started together and it got pretty separate as the season went on.

We all kind of had to go our separate ways and like Kris said we need to kind of grow separate from the group so we have more to bring back to the group.

So I think that thatís kind of the trajectory of where weíre headed is that you know we do have things to bring back to the group, whether theyíre good or bad I canít say, but we definitely all learn and grow and bring forth something new.

Kris Holden-Ried: I couldnít have said it better myself.

Kathie Huddleston: And what can you tell us about season four?

Kris Holden-Ried: Honestly? Not much, we donít know except that thereís going to be one.

Kathie Huddleston: But you know how this season ends so you probably have at least a little clue of direction.

Gary Morganstein: They canít talk about season four.

Anna Silk: Yeah thereís really nothing we can say, I mean we donít really have an idea, to be perfectly honest. Things are still being developed right now.

And weíre leaving it in the hands of our very capable show runner and writers to continue on you know where we left off and pick it up with a new season.

So weíll know soon but we donít know anything right now.

Operator: And our next question comes from the line if Meredith Jacobs with, please go ahead.

Meredith Jacobs: Hi, first of all, congratulations on season four and thanks for being here.

Anna Silk: Thank you.

Meredith Jacobs: Okay so Kenzi has had a tough time lately and Bo has tough times ahead, so what will we see from their friendship for the rest of the season?

Anna Silk: Ksenia, do you want to take this one?

Ksenia Solo: Yeah, I mean itís been a roller coaster of a journey for both Bo and Kenzi and theyíve kind of you know had time this season to be apart a little bit and go through their own kind of life and death situations and you know no matter what pulls them apart in the moment, in the long run itís impossible to tear them apart because of the bond they have and the love they have for each other.

So you know every relationship goes through its ups and downs and I think theyíve been you know kind of on the upswing for a while so I think it was time this season to give them a little - you know some hardships to go through.

So I think once they get over these bumps in the road you know theyíll be able to kind of move on to the next chapter in their relationship.

Anna Silk: Yeah and friendships you know really have to evolve, they have to be challenge, so I think itís good for Bo and Kenzi to kind of shake things up a little bit in terms of their friendship and see where it goes from where we leave off.

Meredith Jacobs: Great, thanks.

Anna Silk: Thank you.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Robin Burks with Fan Girl Confessions, please go ahead.

Robin Burks: My first question actually is for Anna. In this last episode you talked about it a little bit where Bo has gone home. The final scene with her adoptive mother was so well-acted, but very heartbreaking.

Where did you find the inspiration going into that scene and how did you prepare for it?

Anna Silk: Well thank you, Iím glad you liked it, it seems like itís gotten a really great response. And I mean the woman who played my mother was pretty incredible.

And I donít know, I mean I think you know any actor preparing for a scene like that honestly for me the best thing I can do is really not prepare, not think about it very much.

You know definitely know my dialogue but I donít anticipate anything that can or canít happen. I just - and then if you have a really great acting partner it just enriches it that much more, itís actually kind of key.

So she was pretty incredible and I enjoyed it, I enjoyed that scene with her a lot.

Robin Burks: Thanks. And my follow up question is for all three of you, what would you like to see in season four as far as the characters go or as far as the chosen plot goes?

Ksenia Solo: I always say like my favorite episodes are the ones that are really outside the box, so like when we all switched bodies, you know thatís something that we all fondly remember because it was just so cool and different and unlike anything any of us have ever done before.

So I hope that for season four we get to do more of that, you know things that really challenge us as actors and challenge our characters and you know the great thing with our show is we can really go anywhere, thereís no formula, thereís no box we have to stay in, so I really hope we get to explore as much as possible.

Kris Holden-Ried: And Iím really fond of running around in tights and a codpiece so Iím looking for period piece brought back, that sort of thing.

Ksenia Solo: How did I know you would say that?

Anna Silk: And I just think that as much as I would love to see that definitely in season four, Iíll have to mention that to Emily but I think that the show just - you know I feel like weíre evolving exactly as we should which means that weíre constantly challenging and changing and moving forward.

So you know I hope for more of that, I hope that we surprise ourselves and we as actors are surprised by whatís going to happen.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Jen Sylvia with, please go ahead.

Jen Sylvia: Well I have actually one really huge question and a whole bunch of others if I get the chance, but the first one I have is we were discussing - well my best friend and I were discussing Lost Girl last night.

And she happens to be bisexual and we were laughing because we discuss Lost Girls as something we would let our children watch when theyíre an appropriate age before we would actually let them watch something heavily violent or involving lots of blood, or violence against people.

So we were curious how does it feel to know that youíre showing positive sexual role models to young people and that a younger generation will be watching and learning acceptance from Lost Girl?

Ksenia Solo: Thatís so cool.

Anna Silk: Yeah, thatísí amazing if thatís the case which I definitely think we get that kind of feedback. I mean I donít know, I think itís important and itís groundbreaking frankly and it definitely feels good to know that you know we are part of something.

And that was something we were really conscious of actually from the very beginning was presenting that. But we didnít want to over present it either, you know we just wanted to make it really truthful.

And so the fact that itís resonating with people means a lot to us. I know Zoie and I have talked about it a lot, so have Kris and I and yeah, itís really great.

Kris Holden-Ried: Yeah, you know a lot of people have made this sort of comment about the chemistry that we have on the set and just among the people who are working on it.

And I think thatís part of this thing that sort of radiates through is that weíre all individuals and - who love each other and itís not dependant on sexuality or where weíre at.

And I think we brought that to our characters and how they function together. So I mean thatís very touching to me that people are picking up on that and that itís adding value out there in this crazy world of TV.

Anna Silk: Yeah and I think just build on what Kris said, you know we are all very individual as actors even on set, we all kind of work a little bit differently but from the very start weíve all been very respectful of each otherís differences.

So maybe that shines through as well.

Jen Sylvia: Well I can definitely say it does, and I do have one question that relates to that that I know a lot of my male friends would like to know if there would be any more male on male action like what we saw briefly in ďFaes Wide Shut.Ē

Kris Holden-Ried: Not with this guy. I was pretty sure I would have remembered that, but I honestly canít really say.

Ksenia Solo: Season four.

Kris Holden-Ried: Exactly.

Jen Sylvia: Well Anna specifically for you though, you were speaking of all the respect thatís on set, that is so clearly obvious and even when I see you speak at com panels and when you do interviews, but something Iím really curious about then is what do you pull from internally to be the fully sensual comfortable in her skin Bo when you go in front of the camera.

Anna Silk: Well it clearly makes me giggle because I - you know itís been an evolution for me just like itís been an evolution for Bo to be perfectly honest.

You know I donít put on you know Bo outfits and walk around like Iím the sexiest thing around, right guys? They see me every day, I donít do that.

Itís really just within the writing and within the moment that those exist, you know and itís nice, itís nice to feel that kind of confidence building and that kind of sexuality that has built in me as a person but also as the actor that plays Bo.

So yeah, I mean thatís the best answer I can give.

Jen Sylvia: Well thank you so much to all of you.

Kris Holden-Ried: Thank you.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Melissa Girimonte from, please go ahead.

Melissa Girimonte: Hello all, how are you guys doing?

Kris Holden-Ried: Hi Melissa, good, how are you?

Melissa Girimonte: Good, I have to say one of my favorite episodes this year was, ďConFaegion.Ē

I wanted to know, Kris and Anna, how much fun was it for you guys to reconnect with your inner teenagers for that episode?

Kris Holden-Ried: We were having a blast. I mean outside of all the work, yeah. Go ahead Anna.

Anna Silk: Yeah, I mean I really felt like you know a couple days in I was like itís so great to play a character with no responsibility, you know?

I just felt like I could be totally free, I felt like it was easier to kind of improve, it just felt like there was no parameters on me at all. So I just - it was like a really - I donít know, it was a less cerebral episode for me and it was kind of freeing.

And it was a really good lesson and it was just - it was fun, and itís always fun to watch Kris dance and take off his shirt.

Kris Holden-Ried: Yeah, yeah. It was hilarious because the three of us, Rachel, Anna and myself were upstairs, we were playing spin the bottle, weíre just goofing around and the next day Ksenia would show up and sheís working her ass off doing stunt scenes and like really digging in deep for this episode.

And weíre just playing the whole time.

Anna Silk: I know, those are usually my episodes, I was like woo hoo.

Ksenia Solo: They got a little too into character, I was like guys, come on, get this together.

Kris Holden-Ried: Yeah, that was definitely fun.

Melissa Girimonte: And just a quick little follow up for Ksenia, I know when weíve chatted before you mentioned that you were hoping to have some more you know action and you know butt kicking scenes and youíve definitely gotten that in spades this year.

How much did you enjoy those episodes where you really got to get in there and kick some butt, especially in that same episode?

Ksenia Solo: Well you know besides feeling like I couldnít move or walk for an extended period of time, it was amazing. I love that stuff, I love being physical, you know Iíve always said from the beginning, you know Iíve been asking our writers to give me as much as possible.

And it made me really feel for Anna who has to on a daily basis like do this crazy choreography with like no time and she always does such an incredible job at it.

And this time you know I got to get my butt kicked in that department because it was a lot for that one episode for Confaegion, it was just a lot. And we didnít have much time and you know I obviously wanted it to look as great as it could look.

And you know so props to Anna for that one and I had a ball and I hope they continue to let me kick some butt because frankly itís a lot of fun.

Melissa Girimonte: Thanks so much and congrats on season four.

Anna Silk: Thank you so much Melissa.

Operator: And our next question is a follow up question from the line of Erin Willard with SciFi Mafia, please go ahead.

Erin Willard: Again Ksenia I canít believe you have to audition for anything but I hope it went well.

Ksenia Solo: Thank you and apologies again.

Erin Willard: No problem. Anna I wanted also to join in the congratulations on your performance on that final scene with your adopted mom, it was just absolutely exceptional, we were in tears watching it.

Iím wondering if it was your most challenging scene of this season and if it wasnít what was? And Iíd like to hear about the other two actorís most challenging scenes of the season.

Anna Silk: Well it was definitely the most challenging but honestly the challenge really when I approach scenes like that the challenge for me is to really not really over prepare and then the challenge is to trust yourself, that the moments are going to be there.

And that youíll be able to live in those moments so that was the scary part of doing that but I think you know some - so I donít know, the challenging scenes for me, thereís different type of challenges, thereís certainly physical ones but I think that - gosh trying to think of another scene from this season that was crazy.

Kris Holden-Ried: Thereís the scene where we were in your dream world, remember?

Anna Silk: Oh yeah, weíve got some stuff coming up with episode nine I think which we canít tell you about, but itís - thereís a really big challenging episode coming up.

That was - yeah, youíre totally right Kris, that episode which I canít remember what itís called, Iím sorry.

But itís coming up soon, youíll know it when you see it and that was - it required a lot of I guess emotional presence is all I can say and so I had a really good partner in it, in Kris and - so yeah.

That episode was challenging.

Kris Holden-Ried: Yeah, for me too, I mean if you want - there was definitely that one, it had a lot of you know reacting to things that werenít there so to speak and then like trying to be really present.

But also in 306 when I have to act with Rachel when she was doing her Valkyrie thing on me, I was trying to figure out what to do with that and how it affects me and like - and then being hung over from it, that whole sort of chain of events.

And then climaxing with killing the Kitsune and holding her and wondering if Iíve killed her, that was a good episode for me as far as working in scenes.

Ksenia Solo: Yeah I think that episode for me as well, the Kenzi still that very long scene where I had to play Kenzi and the Kitsune and we filmed it all you know in one day, kind of in one sitting.

And it was just you know kind of a huge mind game just trying to play the character that Iíve been playing for the last three, four years and then switch over to somebody completely new and somebody completely different.

So that stands out in my mind for most challenging scene for me this season.

Kris Holden-Ried: That was awesome.

Erin Willard: It was awesome, all three of you have been really top of the game this season, and itís really been a pleasure watching you, thanks so much.

Anna Silk: Thank you.

Operator: Our next question is a follow up question from the line of Jamie Ruby with, please go ahead.

Jamie Ruby: Hi again, I was wondering Ksenia do you think that Kenzi is going to have any kind of lingering resentment at all because of the fact that no one seemed to notice she was gone or do you think that sheís kind of over that and just happy to be back?

Ksenia Solo: I think sheís definitely happy to be alive, so I think itís a moment thatís kind of overshadowed any other feelings from going hey, why werenít my friends there for me when I needed them?

Of course itís unpleasant and I donít know, I donít know - I feel like sheís greatly affected and in the big scheme of things I feel like now more than ever she feels weaker than all her friends who have powers and are you know in a physical sense light years more advanced than she is.

So weíll see, you know obviously everything affects us whether we know it or not, you know consciously or subconsciously.

But I feel like it is going to affect the decision she makes in the upcoming episode.

Jamie Ruby: Okay great, and Kris are we going to see any time soon kind of sort of how Dyson and Trickís relationship came to be? Because I always think itís interesting, especially when heís like listening to him you know and does what he says and everything.

But we havenít really seen much of you know why.

Kris Holden-Ried: Not in this season but weíve all been talking about it and itís definitely something that we all want to tackle and I know the writers are key on brining something about that into season four.

And you know hopefully with the flashbacks or really get into the history of it, so weíll see where it falls and if it happens but I know the people are thinking about it.

So fingers crossed.

Jamie Ruby: And I just wanted to say that singing and dancing like the wolf, thatís right up there with you being Kenzi, that was really awesome.

Kris Holden-Ried: Thank you. Quite awkward in the moment, but thanks.

Operator: Our next question is a follow up question from the line of Jamie Steinberg with Starry Constellation magazine.

Jamie Steinberg: Hi, such a pleasure to speak with you guys again. Hello? I was wondering while the Bo and Kenzi relationship is an important one in this series do you think weíll see more of Kenzi finding her own place in the Fae world or will she stay Boís sidekick?

Ksenia Solo: Yeah like I always say Kenzi is forever loyal to Bo and they have an unbreakable bond, you know and at this time theyíve been through hell and high water together so thereís not much that could get in between them.

But you know judging from - whatís the best way to say this? From everything thatís happened to her this season, weíre definitely going to see Kenziís mind working a little bit differently.

You know as I said in one of the previous answers that I gave that you know Kenzi is now more than ever feeling weaker than everybody else.

And that is unacceptable, you know she wants to be a great friend and she wants to be an equal with these Faes and you know not feel like the weakling human.

So it affects her decisions and in the episodes to come sheís got to make some really big decisions.

So weíll see where that takes her.

Jamie Steinberg: And Kris could you talk about what the most difficult part about portraying Dyson is?

Ksenia Solo: Having to be so sexy all the time.

Jamie Steinberg: Good looks are always a curse.

Kris Holden-Ried: Oh God, if only you knew the truth, I have an amazing team of light professionals who help make Dyson, you know Iím just a little part of it.

The most difficult part about Dyson I guess was I guess kind of grounding his sort of animalness and you know the - just the physicality of him, figuring that out.

And then as Ksenia can attest itís a pretty weird body posture to hold and itís definitely taking its toll. Anyway, so yeah, I guess the physical side of it probably.

Jamie Steinberg: And Anna with the dawning twist to season three, what do you think of that overall more traditional hero turns dark story line?

Anna Silk: Well I mean I loved what they did with season three and I mean I know that in the very beginning the promos for season three really made it look like Bo went completely dark.

And what I like is that it was more than that, you know thereís definitely elements of dark and thereís more elements of dark to come which I loved.

But I love that itís coming from a scary place for Bo, itís not just about her becoming evil and bad, itís the fact that that potential for her to devolve in there is really scary and she has to really rise to the challenge.

And her - you know and her team has to rise to the challenge as well or participate in it in some way. So I liked that we kind of had that twist.

I thought they did a great job promoting it and a great job executing it.

Jamie Steinberg: Great, thank you so much guys.

Anna Silk: Thank you.

Operator: Our next question is a follow up question form the line of Carla Day with TV Fanatic, please go ahead.

Carla Day: Hi, I was wondering at the beginning of the season when Tamsin showed up, she was very against - kind of working against Bo and Dyson and what theyíve been trying to do.

And then after saving Kenzi she kind of weakens her resolve against them. Can you talk a little bit about the - how you see Tamsin fitting into the story so far this season and then going forward her relationship with the group?

Kris Holden-Ried: Anna, do you want to start with this Anna or do you want me to take a shot at it?

Anna Silk: Go ahead.

Kris Holden-Ried: There were a couple things going on with Rachelís character this year. One was we were originally planning on doing a longer season so they had different sort of arcs thought out for her character.

And then when we decided to do 13 they sort of had to truncate that. The way she kind of comes in between - I mean Tamsin has her own agenda that weíre just sort of discovering.

Iím not quite sure where weíre at with the Tamsin story line up to episode seven but she definitely - you know sheís walking her own path and sheís got an agenda.

And when that comes in contact or conflict with Boís and Dysonís and you know thatís kind of what - part of that is what happens in - am I saying too much? I donít know.

Let me just think about what I can say. Tamsin does come - she becomes a very important part and how she goes on is - youíre just going to have to watch and see what that does.

Sorry, I kind of lead you on then and then shut you down.

Anna Silk: For Bo, I mean like Tamsin this late comes in, rocks her world a little bit in the beginning, thereís definitely a lot of electricity between them, you know good and bad, but more bad I guess in the beginning.

I think you know there are certain points in the season I think weíve seen this a little bit already where Bo needs Tamsin you know as much as she might not want to admit that.

But I donít think she can ever fully trust her, not yet anyway so thereís been a lot to play with in that relationship which I really enjoyed as well.

I think sheís been a really good addition to the group.

Kris Holden-Ried: Absolutely.

Operator: And our next question is a follow up question from the line of Kathie Huddleston from, please go ahead.

Kathie Huddleston: Hi again guys, hey so regarding your own journey as actors what would you say has surprised you most this season? The thing you werenít expecting.

Ksenia Solo: The thing we werenít expecting to learn, experience as actors?

Kathie Huddleston: Yes.

Ksenia Solo: Thatís tough.

Kris Holden-Ried: That is tough.

Anna Silk: You stumped all of us.

Ksenia Solo: I think for me I think you know going back to playing two characters, that was definitely shocking, I had no idea that that was in the cards, you know before we came in to do season three and you know I really had to wrap my mind around it and it was a really challenging episode for me.

So thatís something that was just really a cool experience, to learn how to act with yourself and imagine and have to change you know so quickly to somebody else after playing you know the same person for the last three years.

So to me that was kind of a very educating experience.

Kris Holden-Ried: Anna, youíve had a couple of those too, right?

Anna Silk: Yeah, definitely and I think I mean if I was to answer the question purely as an actor who you know is working on this show rather than thinking about Bo, I mean I think the things that Iíve learned over the last three seasons and I definitely learned it this past season is that when I read scripts and something bumps up against me you know my natural reaction is to want to change it.

And you know Iíve kind of learned that maybe I should sit with it for a little bit and maybe Iím bumping up against it for a good reason, maybe itís a good challenge.

So I tried to not be so adamant that it change, I try to incorporate it into what Iím doing and usually itís a good lesson for me and it brings something new to my performance.

And itís good for me as an actor, or it has to change.

Kris Holden-Ried: You know I think that thatís really what has been the big lesson for me too is that you know often times weíll read a script and we form an opinion about it whether we like the dialogue or not or whether we think the story line is silly or not.

And sometimes you know Iíve been proven wrong many times on something that I thought was maybe not that great or could have used work, people love it and really respond to it.

So itís been a good lesson to kind of go hey, you know my idea of how the show is going to end up or be received isnít always right and thatís a nice thing to keep in mind.

Because one, it takes kind of the responsibility off of me a bit, itís like hey, you know who am I to take the responsibility to try to make something good for someone because you know a lot of people like a lot of different things.

And you know let people have it.

Anna Silk: Yeah and I think that we have you know like our voices should definitely be heard, weíre the ones who created these characters in a big way but we also donít always know best.

Operator: And our next question is a follow up question from the line of Jen Sylvia with, please go ahead.

Jen Sylvia: Well first I can honestly say that weíve all - all my friends and all of us that watch it - completely appreciate all of the effort you guys are putting forth and itís been such a journey and a treasure to watch.

Ksenia Solo: Thank you for that.

Jen Sylvia: No, thank you. But one thing that I am curious about, I know that other people also with Haleís character kind of going into the background thereís crushing responsibilities of the Ash, how is that going to affect the dynamic of especially Dyson and Hale and then Kenzi and Hale?

I mean that was a huge chemistry and friendship that we were all rooting for.

Kris Holden-Ried: Well unfortunately just like it wasnít really - it all had to do with shooting schedules and you know Hale wasnít supposed to be you know become a diminished character by any means.

And as far as his involvement still goes, I mean heís there with us all the way to the end. Itís just KC Collins is shooting another show right now so we donít get him as much as weíd like to.

And yeah, I think the writers did - they made the most out of what they could do and hopefully weíll see what happens in season four.

Anna Silk: And I think Ash too, you know he kind of automatically puts him separate than us because heís got this new responsibility so kind of it works really well, they did it really well.

Kris Holden-Ried: Yeah I think so too.

Ksenia Solo: Yeah and we all started together from the very beginning so even if you know a character like his is not around as much it definitely does not kind of diminish him to us in any way, to us as actors and as well to our characters.

So you know we love him and miss him when heís not there but when he is itís like he hasnít missed a beat, again as KC and as Hale.

Anna Silk: And I just want to make sure that it wasnít that we think he is diminished in any way so it seems like his responsibilities as acting Ash are just crushing him and I do believe that theyíre pitting it very respectfully, weíre just wanting to see more.

Jen Sylvia: Well we want to see more of the whole show. Weíre grateful we get to see this as often. Thanks guys.

Kris Holden-Ried: Weíd like to see more Hale too.

Operator: And our next question is a follow up question from the line of Jamie Ruby with Please go ahead.

Jamie Ruby: Hi again, I know earlier on in the season when no one seemed to be listening to Bo and just kind of thought she was going crazy and you guys also talked about the characters not being as much together.

I know eventually they will get close again but is any of that going to have you know any lasting effects? Is it going to affect them later, or are they just you know that partís kind of over.

Ksenia Solo: You mean when Kenzi wasnít Kenzi?

Jamie Ruby: Yeah that too but not just with Kenzi, with no one listening because I know obviously Lauren has a bigger problem but even Dyson, you know nobody was believing.

Kris Holden-Ried: What werenít we believing? Sorry; just refresh my memory.

Ksenia Solo: That Kenzi wasnít Kenzi.

Kris Holden-Ried: Oh.

Ksenia Solo: Remember back in the day when Bo was trying to convince everybody, it really is light-years ago.

Anna Silk: Well I think that was a good test, you know a test for you know Bo knew what she knew and the fact that nobody believed her it was just sort of the conditions of that time.

You know there were things going on with Bo, Lauren was noticing things, Dyson was noticing things, you know we had this evil Kenzi there messing everything up.

And so you know I think Bo can see why people didnít believe her. But in terms of how that affects everything, I think itís important to be just trusted and then have to - realizing about each other and regain trust and so definitely affects the group.

And you know there - more remains to be seen this season and probably into next season as well.

Jamie Ruby: Okay great, one last question, what were you - sorry.

Kris Holden-Ried: No, itís all good, I was just going to say there was a lot of other things going on with different characters at that time too so we had a lot of - because I remember now yeah, talking about why wouldnít we trust Bo?

And there were a lot of reasons in the story or in the script that sort of backed our characterís ability to sort of - you know to go down those paths. You know whether Dyson was messed up from the Valkyrie effect or Bo just acting differently.

But yeah how it affects us later, sorry, Iím just going to stop.

Jamie Ruby: Thatís what I was asking. Iím just going to ask quickly, what were you guys doing like when you found out that the show was going to be renewed, I mean how did you feel about that?

I mean obviously you were happy but how did that happen?

Anna Silk: full disclosure, we knew a little bit longer than before the announcement which made it really hard because we wanted to tell people but we couldnít.

But you know when we did find out, I can only speak for myself but I think we were all pretty thrilled, because itís just nice to get to continue telling these stories.

Operator: And our next question comes from the line of Jen Sylvia with, please go ahead.

Jen Sylvia: Thanks, just targeting back a little bit with Dyson having to take a back seat to Lauren for the time being and that conversation between Dyson and Trick about respecting it, the relationship between Bo and Lauren.

Will there be any physical solace for Dyson in the interim? Will there be something that will help ease his sorry as it may be?

Kris Holden-Ried: No. Dyson is - yeah thatís his cross to bear and I think itís a good one as far as character and something I can play with. No, thereís no physical pleasures for Dyson in the near future.

Gary Morganstein: Thank you everyone, Anna, Kris, & Ksenia.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen that does conclude the conference call for today and we do thank you for your participation.


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