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By Krista

Bindi Liebowitz, Elia Esparza, Josh Halverson, Karlee Metzger, and Lane Mack 

Interview with Bindi Liebowitz, Elia Esparza, Josh Halverson, Karlee Metzger, and Lane Mack  of "The Voice" on NBC 9/27/16


Moderator: Shauna Wynne
September 27, 2016 1:00 pm CT

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen thank you for standing by. Welcome to the conference call with Artists Advancing on the Voice press and media. During the presentation all participants will be in a listen only mode. Afterwordís weíll conduct a question and answer session. At that time if you have a question please press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone. If at any time during the conference you need to reach an operator please press the * 0.

As a reminder this conference is being recorded. Tuesday September 27, 2016. And I will now turn the conference over to Shauna Wynne with the Voice (unintelligible) team. Please go ahead.

Shauna Wynne: Hi everyone thanks for joining our call today. Joining us today from
Operator: Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen if you would like to register a question press the 1 followed by the four on your telephone. To retract your question hit the 1 followed by the 3. And our first question today comes from the line of Mark Franklin from Voice Views. Your line is open please go ahead.

Mark Franklin: Yes. My first question is for Bindi. Bindi congrats on making the show.

Bindi Liebowitz: Thank you so much.

Mark Franklin: Now during your intro package we heard a lot of the choir youíve been a part of. But you also said that you now gig about 10 times a month. So I was wondering if you could fill us in on a little bit more on what you are doing now in terms of music. Where you perform. What type of music? Soloís or as a group? That sort of thing.

Bindi Liebowitz: Right now Iím just working on cover work. Just kind of getting material recorded and ready for the next step once the show is over.

Mark Franklin: Okay. And what type of music do you normally perform?

Bindi Liebowitz: Itís kind of a combination. I know yesterday the song that I sang with my blind audition is definitely more of an R&B Soul song. I kind of sing a lot of Indie Soul music. But also like an alternative soft rock. Like ZZ Ward or Alex Jones.

Mark Franklin: Okay. These gigs you do are they solo gigs as a flourishing singer song writer type of thing or?

Bindi Liebowitz: Yes. Iím always the only vocalist that I perform with. Sometimes Iíll have a live band but a lot of times itís just instrumental tracks.

Mark Franklin: Okay. All right thanks a lot and best of luck.

Bindi Liebowitz: No problem. Thank you.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen as a reminder to register for a question press the 1 4 on your telephone. And we have another question from the line of Mark Franklin from Voice Views. Youíre line is open please go ahead.

Mark Franklin: Yes this would be for Elia. How are you?

Elia Esparza: Iím great how are you?

Mark Franklin: Pretty good. Hey now in addition to performing at birthday parties youíve also released a good deal of music in the past couple of years. I was wondering if you could tell us a little bit about those projects and what do you think that is reflective of where youíre headed as an artist.

Elia Esparza: Yes definitely. So when I moved to New York I was lucky enough to meet a few producers who took a chance on me. And they basically produced my EP. Each song was written probably in like 20 Ė 30 minutes in one take vocals. Because it was my first time doing anything. And when I released the music it was very Ė it was like the first step into what my sound was going to be. Iím definitely Pop music. But I think now over the years that Iíve developed as an artist Iím more Pop with mixed Ė a little bit of soul a little bit of Latin. You know, elements of Rock and Roll and throw back. But I think my EP was sort of a first step into the waters of what I want to do.

And now the music that I want to release, you know, once Ė after this show premiers and everything is going to be a whole other level of production and writing and everything. I think Iím in a Ė Iím going to be in a Ė I know who I am as an artist more now than when I did when I first put up my EP.

Mark Franklin: Okay. And were those songs that you had written?

Elia Esparza: Yes. I write all my music.

Mark Franklin: Okay. And if voice fans could listen to just one of your original songs. Which one would you want it to be any why?

Elia Esparza: Oh. I would hope that they would listen to Avenue. Itís a really upbeat fun song. And itís got that soul and sort of Ė the lyrics are great. Where Ė I shouldnít say that -- my lyrics are great guys -- itís just got an upbeat. Itís got the soul itís got the rock and roll and it really gets people going. So I would hope they would want to listen to Avenue.

Mark Franklin: Okay thank you very much and best of luck.

Elia Esparza: Thank you so much.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of MJ Santilli from MJís big blog. Your line is open please go ahead.

MJ Santilli: Hi this question is for Lane Mack.

Lane Mack: Whatís up?

MJ Santilli: Hi. I was wondering if you could elaborate a little more on a couple of Ė one thing you said was that you were glad to have been chosen by Miley. Youíre excited about that. Almost as if that was the person you would have chosen if you would have more Ė more coaches that had turned. And also elaborate on her comparison to Jeff Buckley.

Lane Mack: Okay yes. Miley Cyrus to me. I mean if I could have chosen to work with any coach, you know. She would have been the person. The reason being is because I feel like sheís very unapologetic for totally being herself. And she goes out and tries new things in the world and puts herself out there. And it doesnít really matter, you know, whether or not sheís getting positive/negative feedback sheís just doing what she loves to do. And that really resonates with me.

I kind of feel like Iím maybe more Ė a little more reserved than her but in the same sense I like to do the same type of things. I like to put myself out there and try new things. And just totally try to be 100% myself. And I think the Ė well letís just say it was a huge compliment from her Ė coming from her. That, you know, the Jeff Buckley thing. I mean Iím kind of a fan of Jeff Buckley. Heís got his Ė heís got a very original sound. And, you know, I would have never made the comparison. I donít think that I, you know, heís fantastic and amazing. And I just donít Ė I wouldnít have put myself on that level. You know, but hearing it come out of Mileys mouth was a shocking and amazing all at the same time.

And Iím looking very much forward to working with her and seeing where that takes us.

MJ Santilli: And did that comment about Jeff Buckley sort of resonate with you? Like oh this Ė this woman really gets me.

Lane Mack: I think the comment about Jeff Buckley was huge. I mean heís Ė just to be compared to somebody of that greatness. I mean the guy has a cult following, you know. So.

MJ Santilli: Yes.

Lane Mack: You know, I think she understands that, you know, she could hear the rock and roll side of me. Which I also had. You know, I do some blues and traditional blues but Iím a rock and roller at heart. You know, and I think she could pick up on that based off of my voice.

MJ Santilli: Okay. Thank you.

Lane Mack: Thank you very much.

Operator: We have another question from the line of Mark Franklin from Voice views. Your line is open please proceed.

Mark Franklin: This is for Karlee. Karlee, how are you today?

Karlee Metzger: Hi. Good how are you?

Mark Franklin: Pretty good. Hey according to the voice website, your bio there Ė youíve only performed once in a public setting outside of the school. Is that the case and can you explain what led you to a vision for the voice?

Karlee Metzger: Yes. You know, I come from a small town in the upper peninsula of Michigan. There have never been very many music opportunities for me up there. So my only option was to perform in high school. We didnít have very many venues around. And that just kind of made it impossible for me to get my voice out there. Yes. I performed at some Ė Iíve performed at some weddings. You know, small stuff like that. But other than that Ė that venue that youíre talking about -- The Rover -- that has been the only place that Iíve performed outside of high school.

Mark Franklin: Okay. And how did you end up on the voice?

Karlee Metzger: You know, Iíve admired the voice since season one. I think that what the voice does with their contestants is amazing. You know, Iíve Ė like I said Iíve never had much music opportunities before this. And so this is king of my only option for me. And itís been a great one so far. Yes.

Mark Franklin: And whyíd you try to audition with Samson. Or if you didnít Ė if that wasnít your choice why do you think it worked out so well for you?

Karlee Metzger: Samson has been one of my absolute favorite songs for years. I can remember playing it back when I was a freshman in high school. Itís just a song that Ė itís so Ė itís like a lullaby almost. Itís very warm, you know, its whole Ė itís a story telling song. It pulls people in and, you know, Iíve always admired Ė Iíve always admired Regina Spektor. Sheís been one of my idols for years. So I felt like that was the perfect fit for my voice. And what my voice can do.

Mark Franklin: Okay. Thank you very much and best of luck moving forward.

Karlee Metzger: Thank you so much.

Operator: We have another question from the line of MJ Santilli from MJís big blog. Your line is open please go ahead.

MJ Santilli: Hi. This question is for Josh Alverson. And hi.

Josh Halverson: Hey how you doing?

MJ Santilli: Good. I was wondering about your somewhat sort of a somewhat surprising choice. Of team Alicia over Blake or Miley. Could you elaborate a little more on why you chose her as your coach?

Josh Halverson: Well. I mean first and foremost all the coaches have been major influences on me and my music for the past. I mean Iíve been playing music professionally for the last 11 years. And I really was going into it thinking Blake because we were routed from the same area. Heís from southern Oklahoma. I live in - or I grew up in west Texas which is the northern part of Texas. And I donít know. I just felt like we could Ė like we had a lot in common. We know a lot of the same demographic. And so that was my instinct going into it Ė or my plan anyways. And then I got up there and I really Ė I love to listen to people. I love to take it all in and try to see peopleís hearts through their words. And so I listened to everybody and I felt like Alicia really spoke to me from her heart. And Blakeís first instinct was to go into the cattle talk. And I Ė Iím really trying to get out of that and accomplish my dream of doing what I love to do which is music and providing for my family through music and what I love to do.

MJ Santilli: So itís sort of like with Alicia you felt like you could maybe explore different aspects of yourself. Or go in some new directions.

Josh Halverson: Yes. And I mean music to me is Ė itís a lot bigger than just performing a song. Itís spreading love and truth and light through music. And so I think Ė I mean I just felt Alicia had that Ė has that same vision with her music and then also as a coach I think she can really inspire and influence me to accomplish that goal better.

MJ Santilli: Okay yes. All right thank you.

Josh Halverson: Thank you.

Operator: Well we have another question on the line from Mark Franklin from Voice Views. Your line is open please go ahead.

Mark Franklin: Yes this is for Lane. Lane how are you doing man?

Lane Mack: Good man. How are you doing?

Mark Franklin: Pretty good. Hey, I noticed you released an EP last year and it included a collaboration with a former voice contestant. Ray Boudreaux?

Lane Mack: Thatís right.

Mark Franklin: Yes. Can you tell me how that came about? And did that have anything to do with you winding up on the voice?

Lane Mack: Well Ray and I Ė weíve been friends since possibly right out of high school. We met through mutual friends. Grew up around the same area. And, you know, he did his run on the voice -- season five I believe -- and I was playing in his band before he went on the show. And for me, you know, I just saw how much positivity and how much good opportunities he was able to get by doing the voice. And it was something that was always I guess at the back of my mind. And one day I decided, you know, letís just do this thing. And he definitely, you know, he was an inspiration to me to get out there and put myself out there. And I still to this day -- I play in his band -- I play guitar for him. And, you know, weíre really good friends. We watched the premier together. And, you know, Iím just happy to have another friend whoís gone through the process and could help me out with it. You know.

Mark Franklin: Any particular advice youíve gotten from him?

Lane Mack: You know, from him I think itís just go out there and just like anybody else go out there and be yourself. And, you know, do your best. Make friends. Try to have fun and enjoy the moment while youíre out there.

Mark Franklin: Okay thank you very much and best of luck.

Lane Mack: Thank you.

Operator: And there are currently no further questions on the phone lines at the moment.

Shauna Wynne: All right then that wraps our call for today. Thanks everyone enjoy the rest of your day.


Operator: Ladies and gentlemen that does conclude the conference call for today. We thank you for your participation and ask you to please disconnect your lines.


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Page updated 10/13/16

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