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By Suzanne

Larry the Cable Guy

Interview with Larry the Cable Guy of "Only in America" on History 1/6/12

NOTE: The show airs Wednesday evenings at 9pm on HISTORY?


Moderator: Larry the Cable Guy
January 6, 2012
10:00 am CT

Operator: On behalf of History, I would like to thank you for participating in this press conference call, Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy. The second season will premiere on Wednesday January 11 at 9:00 pm on History. A transcript of this call will be provided within 24 hours after the call has concluded.

Larry will be joining us for 20 minutes this morning. Due to time constraints, please limit yourself to one question and one follow up question. As a reminder, this call is being recorded.

Iíll now introduce Larry the Cable Guy who will be taking questions.

Larry the Cable Guy: Boy, almost like Iím CEO of some company. Hello?

Operator: To ask a question, please press star 1 on your telephone keypad at this time. If you are joining us on a speakerphone, please make sure your mute function is turned off to allow your signal to reach our equipment. Once again, that is star 1 to ask a question.

Weíll go first to Matt Carter with

Larry the Cable Guy: This is way too...

Matt Carter: Morning, Larry; how are you?

Larry the Cable Guy: Hey Iím doing good, Matt; Iím getting used to this conference call stuff.

Matt Carter: Yes, itís kind of an interesting structure back and forth, back and forth.

Larry the Cable Guy: Yes, ((inaudible)).

Matt Carter: Yes, no kidding. So I hear you went to a gator farm at some point this season; what exactly went down there?

Larry the Cable Guy: I almost got my fingers took off and almost lost a leg and but the good thing about that is Wal-Mart actually sells gloves with four fingers. Yes, Iíve never been to a gator farm, I mean I lived in Florida for a long time.

But Iíve always heard about the gator farm but itís crazy, I looked at the show on it, itís an actual farm where they herd them and they sort them and they give them shots just like at a cattle ranch or a pig farm.

So I wanted to see what it was all about and I went and I did that. It was a fun experience, but after I was done though I literally told the History no more alligator shows, Iím about done with alligator shows.

Matt Carter: No more near death experiences, I got you. Well going into this seasons since this is kind of the second time around, did you approach any of the visits you went on a little bit differently or did you kind of have the same sort of mindset?

Larry the Cable Guy: I had the exact same mindset, same attitude, I didnít change anything. Itís not really - itís a fun show to do for me because I like the spontaneity of the comedy. I never want to know what Iím doing.

I know where Iím going, I kind of - they give me a little down low of what will be happening, who weíll be talking to. But I never meet anybody or I donít want to know any kind of an activity that I have to do or - until I get there.

Just because I like it - I donít want to think about it, I want it to happen while itís happening. So thatís kind of how I did the first show and itís a lot of fun. I really like the improv nature of the show.

Matt Carter: All right, awesome, thanks a lot.

Operator: Weíll go next to Russ Mitchell with Dickinson County News.

Russ Mitchell: Good morning Larry.

Larry the Cable Guy: Whatís up, Russ? I wondered if you was going to be on here; how you been?

Russ Mitchell: Iím doing good. Hey Iím actually from Spirit Lake Iowa and I know as part of season two you had a chance to come up our way and I think theyíre calling it a carp rodeo or some sort of fish processing plant experience, could you tell me a little bit about that?

Larry the Cable Guy: Yes, it was awesome; we came up and we carp rodeo and basically whatís carp rodeo is these guys go out in the middle of this water and they put a big round tent up.

And they catch carp and theyíre huge. And thereís a place there in Iowa, I canít remember where we were in Iowa, oh geez, I canít remember the name but itís in Iowa.

But itís a kosher whitefish market and they supply 90% of the United States and with their kosher white fish which is carp. They make gefilte fish out of it. And I never knew what gefilte fish really was but itís a Jewish delicacy and itís like a dessert and so I palled around with the guy that ran that all day, first we went out, we caught the carp and then we came back to his fish plant and made gefilte fish.

It was a really cool story because his great grandpa came out of the holocaust and came to America ((inaudible)) and moved to Iowa and he had a great story, he was a really funny guy, had a great story.

His son, his grandson and Gary started this when he came over, he started this place from scratch and now his familyís in the business and itís just a huge business right there smack dab in the Midwest in Iowa.

And it was great story but no, I did not ride any carp as much as I wanted to.

Russ Mitchell: Do you do a lot of fishing?

Larry the Cable Guy: Yes, I love to fish, I enjoy it. I like catching (clay) fish, but the zoo doesnít allow it any more.

Russ Mitchell: I canít imagine carp choice for your top choice for what you would have on the hook on a lake here and there.

Larry the Cable Guy: Yes, Iím not a big carp guy, theyíre fun to catch because theyíre big but Iím not a big fan of eating carp, but to that place, itís a delicacy.

Russ Mitchell: Thank you.

Larry the Cable Guy: You got it.

Operator: Once again, that is star 1 if youíd like to ask a question. Weíll go next to Suzanne Lanoue with the TV Mega Site.

Suzanne Lanoue: Hi Larry, how are you doing this morning?

Larry the Cable Guy: Pretty good; how are you doing?

Suzanne Lanoue: All right here in Georgia, a lot of rednecks here.

Larry the Cable Guy: Yes, no doubt, good for Georgia. You know what the difference between a country boy and a redneck is donít you?

Suzanne Lanoue: No, what?

Larry the Cable Guy: Forty bucks.

Suzanne Lanoue: Thatís a good one.

Larry the Cable Guy: The country boyís got $40 more than the redneck at all times.

Suzanne Lanoue: Gotcha. I thought it was the sleeves.

Larry the Cable Guy: No, we both donít wear sleeves.

Suzanne Lanoue: Oh. I was wondering if youíd ever heard of a show that ran in the 70s and 80s called On the Road with Charles Kuralt because it kind of seems like this show is a comedy version of that.

Larry the Cable Guy: Yes it kind of does, I never really - I think I might have maybe saw one or two episodes but at the time I wasnít doing standup so I didnít know anything of it, but it could be kind of like that.

Itís kind of a combination of a lot of things really.

Suzanne Lanoue: All right, well thank you.

Larry the Cable Guy: Iím way more sexier than Charles Kuralt.

Suzanne Lanoue: Oh definitely.

Larry the Cable Guy: What part of Georgia are you from?

Suzanne Lanoue: Iím actually from San Diego, but I live in Columbus, Georgia.

Larry the Cable Guy: Hey, all right, I was just out there. You know (Jeff) has a big old hunting camp out there right outside of Columbus.

Suzanne Lanoue: Oh cool. Yes, we moved around a lot, I lived in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for nine years before this.

Larry the Cable Guy: Well there you go.

Suzanne Lanoue: Kind of becoming a southerner.

Larry the Cable Guy: Yes, you are, no doubt. I went to college in Georgia; I went to college in Marietta.

Suzanne Lanoue: In where?

Larry the Cable Guy: Marietta.

Suzanne Lanoue: Oh okay.

Larry the Cable Guy: Thatís how you know I went to college in Marietta because I said Mayretta.

Suzanne Lanoue: All right, well thanks a lot.

Larry the Cable Guy: You got it.

Operator: Weíll go next to Mike Vicic with TV Tango.

Mike Vicic: Good morning, Larry; how are you?

Larry the Cable Guy: I am pretty good.

Mike Vicic: Good, good to hear. So after you went (squatching) with the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group do you believe in Bigfoot more or less than before that experience?

Larry the Cable Guy: Less.

Mike Vicic: Why? I take it you didnít see him.

Larry the Cable Guy: Well I didnít see him, I mean look. It makes them happy to hunt for Bigfoot so you know Iím glad that thatís what this showís about. You know I may not - I may think itís ridiculous and I may not believe in Bigfoot but these guys go out on the weekends and it makes them happy.

And at some point, they actually think theyíll find Bigfoot and you know what, as long as that makes their life complete, I could care less if they hunt Bigfoot all day, it ainít bothering me at all.

Now do I think thereís a Bigfoot, no, and the reason I donít is only thing anybody ever sees of a Bigfoot is the tracks. Oh they always see tracks and they hear him howl but they donít got a picture out of him.

Everythingís got cell phones, you can take a - you can put a camera on your eyelid and take a picture of something but nobodyís ever seen a picture of a Bigfoot.

So I went out with these guys and it made for a fun night, they were awesome. I went to Colorado with them and ((inaudible)) because theyíre good folks but I do not believe in Bigfoot. No one will run across a Bigfoot.

Mike Vicic: So while you were out with them, did you try playing a practical joke on them by getting someone to howl in the distance, making them think something was actually there.

Larry the Cable Guy: Yes, we actually did do that, we actually had somebody who went out and they were howling and somebody howled back and they thought it was a Bigfoot.

So we did do that, but like I said you know they were fun guys and they were out there with their girlfriends.

You know what, itís more of a place for - I think itís more of a time for people to get together and drink and they had beer and a campfire and I think itís more of a party than it is a sasquatch hunt, you know what I mean?

Mike Vicic: Right. Great, thank you much.

Larry the Cable Guy: You got it man.

Operator: If you would like to ask another question, it is star 1. Weíll go next to Ken Beck, a freelance writer out of Nashville.

Ken Beck: Larry, how are you?

Larry the Cable Guy: Iím doing good; whatís going on brother?

Ken Beck: Oh not much. Who stands out as far as filming season two, who stands out as the most memorable character you met?

Larry the Cable Guy: Oh boy. I had a lot of them, so I canít - so you canít really mention a lot of them, I guess probably when I was doing nighttime exterminating I met this guy who was - well, I donít know, he was - compared to some of the others he was pretty normal.

I would say probably we were just talking about him, I would say probably the sasquatch guys, the ghost hunters and the squirrel hunters in Arkansas. The squirrel hunters in Arkansas were a lot of fun, I enjoyed being out with them.

But we were hunting squirrels and it was just a lot of funny moments, but he had a son that was 14 years old and about six foot four, 285 pounds.

Ken Beck: Oh wow.

Larry the Cable Guy: He was quite a character, that kid. He does something on the show and he actually - and this is disgusting but he actually - he gets a squirrel and offered $300 to eat the feces out of it.

And so he ate squirrel poop right out of the dead squirrel for $300. And I couldnít believe he did it and when it was over with his dad went up to my director and said I didnít know Larry was serious about that $300 or I would have ate that shit myself.

I thinking youíve got to be kidding me, Iíd say thatís kind of a character, wouldnít you?

Ken Beck: Well speaking of food, when youíre out crossing America, what are your favorite types of places to eat in? Do you eat in any meat and threes places?

Larry the Cable Guy: Any what?

Ken Beck: Meat and threes.

Larry the Cable Guy: Meat and threes?

Ken Beck: Yes.

Larry the Cable Guy: No, whatís a meat and three? Iíve lived in the south for 36 years, I donít know what a meat and three is.

Ken Beck: I canít believe that, you pay one price and you get one meat and three vegetables on the side.

Larry the Cable Guy: Oh kind of like a Golden Corral buffet.

Ken Beck: Well no, theyíre usually home cooking, itís usually a family or a woman or two that has a little restaurant on the side of the road and like I say for $6.95 you get a hamburger steak and three vegetables. Youíve never been before?

Larry the Cable Guy: No, you know what, Iíve been to Millís Diner, thatís where I go eat in Sanford Florida all the time and itís a little hole in the wall on the side of the road, she ainít never sold me no meat and threes.

Iíll have to give her that advice but no, you know doing this show the only thing thatís tough about the show was I started doing the show I was 235 pounds and now Iím back up to 285 so Iím on a diet because thatís all we do is eat on this stupid show.

Itís bad for my health but I would say probably my best place to eat when Iím on the road pretty much anywhere is we always look for a barbeque joint.

Ken Beck: Okay, thank you.

Larry the Cable Guy: Yes sir.

Operator: And we do have a few minutes remaining on todayís call, if you find you have any additional questions for Larry the Cable Guy, please press star 1 now.

Weíll go next to Mike Vicic with TV Tango.

Mike Vicic: Hi Larry; itís just me again. So you went to Army sniper school and I understand you were able to shoot a target about 1000 meters away. So what sniper test did you fail while you were there?

Larry the Cable Guy: You know what, I got to tell you they were pretty impressed. Iím out of shape, Iím 48 years old, I was you know 15, 20 years older than a lot of them. But the only thing that I didnít do good and I still did all right, letís see, I shot three oranges off a tank turret at about 738 yards.

Shot a watermelon, I was fourth and final in that and then I had to shoot the sniper coin off of a little wire fence post and my first shot I nicked it on the top right but I wanted to get it dead center.

Took me about 11 shots, I never did but I kept flustering my shots right underneath it and right on top of it, so not too bad for a guy thatís got a tremor in his hand.

I did pretty good; I nicked it and then I did put on the ghillie suit and crawled, and they taught me how to crawl and they had some spotters trying to find us and they never found us.

The only time they found us was when it was over with and I was walking away and my ghillie suit was coming down over my butt crack and the guy saw my butt crack in the binoculars.

And then I did the ghillie wash where you hop in an old Georgia canal there and you got obstacles in this gross nasty canal and youíve got to crawl through this wall and do the obstacles and I did all that.

So I donít think I failed anything, I only did half of the ghillie wash but I still did the ghillie wash. So they gave me a certificate. Out of all the things, shows I did that here, this year - or that year last year was - thatís one of my favorite ones.

I felt like - I felt a sense of accomplishment after I did that because I didnít say I wasnít going to do anything. So I got to see what those guys go through and I mean just amazing guys.

So I really enjoyed it.

Mike Vicic: Impressive. And you said that you gained some weight so which version of (marpath) or the camouflage did you find more slimming, the desert woodland or the snow type?

Larry the Cable Guy: The desert woodland.

Mike Vicic: Well they have three types right, they have the desert variant, they have the woodland version and they have a snow pattern. So which is more slimming.

Larry the Cable Guy: Which is more slimming, the more slimming would probably be the snow pattern. I would say the snow pattern. However if I put on the snow pattern it would probably look like a blizzard was coming at them, so might want to stay with the woodland camo.

At least Iíd look like you know a big clump of dirt.

Mike Vicic: Exactly. Well thanks Larry, best of luck on season two.

Larry the Cable Guy: Okay, good bye then.

Operator: Weíll go next to Russ Mitchell with Dickenson County News.

Russ Mitchell: Hi again Larry. What I found interesting about your time up here in northwest Iowa is Iowa is such an agricultural state and yet they found the one area of the state thatís kind of known for its lakes and resort area and everything like that, so how do your producers become aware of these locations and just kind of...

Larry the Cable Guy: Well after we did the first season a lot of people would write in suggestions on great stories, people they knew, stuff that was historical to them, stuff that their state has that no other state has.

We looked real closely at those stories, if they find one they like theyíll ask me if I want to go do that one and if they think it seems kind of interesting then weíll go do it.

So a lot of the - I think in the second season, the first season we pretty much kind of had mapped out because we had as much time as we wanted to, so the second season we had to get it rolling.

So we started taking suggestions, people writing in, I mean - I think thatís the coolest way, people are proud of where they come from, people are proud of their state, their town.

And so theyíll write in a suggestion and itís like the hamburger, itís the worldís - there in Wisconsin, that town that said they invented the hamburger.

And they made the world record largest hamburger. Theyíre proud of that, thatís a big thing in that town and they wrote in and told us about it and we figured there was a couple other stories in Wisconsin that were awesome so we went and we do kind of like a Wisconsin road trip.

So we just did a whole show on everything that people sent us from Wisconsin, it was a lot of fun. So thatís where we get some of the stories.

And yes, the Midwest is just like Nebraska, Iím from Nebraska originally and I just moved back to Nebraska, everyone thinks itís just cornfields and thatís about it.

But Nebraskaís beautiful, just like Iowa, we have a lot of beautiful things. I mean if you want to come here as a tourist thereís so much to do. And thatís another good thing on the show, I get to do things and search cities that nobody would ever imagine that was there.

And like where Iím from here in Nebraska people think Nebraskaís just flat, ugly and itís a good - you know that old joke the best thing coming out of Nebraska is I-80 but when you - you know Nebraska has the eleventh best golf course in the world.

And the guy that - from Ireland, one of the big wigs in the golf (lie) ((inaudible)) that course out of - or England, the guy that runs that course in England and itís so prestigious.

He said other than that course there heís sentimental because thatís his course but he says the most beautiful golf course heís ever seen in the entire world is western Nebraska.

And so you know that could be said for anywhere, it could be said for Iowa, Wisconsin, I mean itís just beautiful. Weíve got a lot to do it, thatís the cool thing about the show, it kind of cuts off some misconceptions.

Russ Mitchell: Thank you.

Larry the Cable Guy: You bet.

Operator: In the interest of time, that does conclude todayís conference call, we thank you for your participation.

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