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By E.L.

"King of the Nerds" on TBS

I was a fan of the original "Revenge of the Nerds" movie, so naturally I found myself drawn to watch last Thursday's "King of the Nerds" television series.
Perhaps, it is the secret desire to break free and experience the freedom of the "Nerd" contestants to be whomever they are and happily not to give a darn about conforming to what society tells them they must be.
I found this particularly refreshing of all the "Nerd" contestants, apparently blessed with this freedom since birth.  
Some Nerd contestants seems to have advanced degrees in science or mathematics and some don't. So most of us would probably be unable to qualify for Nerdvana and must settle to just watch the show.
I loved the surprising twist in the show when the last Nerd is left standing all alone and not chosen by either team, blue or gold. It warmed my heart to think of a small child who might be watching the show who recently (perhaps at school) like the Nerd in "King of the Nerds" had been the "School Nerd" left unselected.
Think of  the childs self-esteem being raised to find out that the "Nerd" left out in the show is really special and now has the power in the "King of the Nerds" show to kick-off one of the Nerd contestants from one of the teams and the power to choose which team she would like to join from the two teams that did not pick her.
If for that alone the "King of the Nerds" television show has genuine value, not only as pure "Nerd" entertainment, but also for those viewers whose laughter at the Nerd contestants really conceals their secret envy to be as comfortable as the "Nerd" contestants are with their own brand of Nerdiness to eventually ascend to the throne of "King of the Nerds".
Two "Nerd thumbs up".

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Page updated 1/29/14

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