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By Krista

Marlene King

Interview with Marlene King, Creator and Executive Producer of "Pretty Little Liars" on ABC Family 12/19/12

The questions below in red were the ones I asked!

ABC Family Q&A Session
Marlene King Ė Pretty Little Liars

Moderator How have you been so successful leveraging social media to support PLL? How much of that do you attribute to your online presence, which is very strong; and how much to the structure or the content or in other words, just the nature of the show that you created?

M. King I think itís probably equal to both. I think the fact that the Pretty Little Liars started tweeting and social mediaíing about the show when we were even at pilot phase sort of started this real grass roots, I would say, almost family, this social media family where from pilot stage our fans felt like they were a part of this Pretty Little Liars family.

Moderator What would you say would be your advice to other show writers who want to get more out of the Internet?

M. King Just to utilize it and have fun with it. We donít tweet or Facebook unless weíre having a good time with it so itís really organic to our process. I would say have fun with it and tweet and Facebook and donít be afraid to reach out to your fans.

Moderator Which couple will be the most drama-free in the second half of the season.

M. King The most drama-free Iíd say no couples are drama-free in the second half of the season.

Moderator Which has the least drama?

M. King Which has the least drama? I think itís equal drama for everyone. No one escapes the drama in Season 3B.

Moderator What you can say about Emily and Paige this season because it seems like itís Emilyís first sort of stable relationship? What kind of drama will she be seeing with Paige and will they ever catch a break?

M. King I think they have some great sort of very grounded drama just sort of what itís like to be a couple and learning to trust and really sort of because their relationship in some part based on original missteps. They just have sort of real drama and issues to overcome that are just natural to sort of any kind of new relationship like that.

Moderator Speaking of relationships Iíd love to hear a little bit about what weíre going to see between Mona and Jason this season.

M. King Mona and Jason I think that we willówell, the fun of this premier, which is entitled ďSheís Better NowĒ and we will see Mona outside of Radley. She will need some guardianship back in sort of the Rosewood world, and we might find that Jason takes her under his wing a little bit.

Moderator As a follow up with the Paige and Emily storyline, so many people were huge fans of Emily and Maya together, and I think a little bit of the fan base is still trying to get over Mayaís death. How much feedback or how much intake do you take from fans that were huge Maya fans?

M. King Well, we really respect all the fans, and I understand how tragic that loss was to a big group of our fan base, but what I found is that a lot of those people have really embraced now the Emily/Paige storyline. Paige has earned their trust and Iím really proud of that part of our show.

Moderator Since we were just talking about Maya there have been a number of deaths on Pretty Little Liars at this point. Who for you and the writers was the hardest person to kill off?

M. King Maya was; it was just tragic for us, and so I think that was definitely a very difficult decision to make and really hard to film those scenes too. When the character of Emily realizes that Maya is dead that was justóit was such a powerful evening on set for Shay Mitchell and for Leslie Glatter who was directing that episode (who did the pilot) and for myself. We were all just in tears that day so that was tough.

Moderator And I know you probably wonít answer this definitively but is there a risk of more death coming up this season?

M. King Well, maybe.

Moderator Lucas has always been a bit more of a complex character to me so I was wondering if his puzzle may come together at all in Season 3B.

M. King We find out some interesting things about Lucas in 3B, and we finally get to see his bedroom so thatís kind of fun.

Moderator Caleb wasnít in the book series yet to me he fits flawlessly in the show. Was it hard to achieve that?

M. King You know every once in a while an actor will just bring something to a role that we really embrace, and we find that character then becomes so organic to what weíre doing. Itís sort of was like the character of Toby too. We didnít originally set out for him to be so involved in the show but we just loved the work, and we loved watching him so much that he became so much more integral. The same thing has happened with Tyler; what Tyler brings to the role of Caleb. We just had a lot of fun watching this character grow with us, and itís really easy to write to that.

Moderator Well, weíve talked a little bit about social media and how so many people just love the show, and the girls do such great appearances with Ustream and events. A lot of them have talked about possibly doing like a convention for fans. Is that something that you might have envisioned or think about maybe participating in?

M. King We would love to participate in stuff like that. Weíre always working so much that itís difficult, and Iíve seen online there is someóitís not some official thing that weíre doing but thereís definitely a PLL convention in France this year. Iím not sure who is going from our show but yeah it feels like the fans love to come together. They come together online so any chance that we can get the fans together in the flesh would be such a great time for everyone and so much fun.

Moderator Are there any plans in the works maybe to do a book with just decoding the answers or possibly integrating that in to the show as well?

M. King There is a book out there which I just stumbled upon. Itís a book store that talks about Seasons 1 and 2 but it doesnít really decode the answers. It just kind of breaks down every episode, but I would love to do that. I think when the series comes to an end is when we would eventually do that because we still have stones that weíve yet to uncover and mystery beads that we planted have not paid off yet. Our show is so mystery intensive that we could easily go back to something that we saw in Season 1 and make it relevant again in Seasons 4 and 5. No, no secret keys to the mysteries until weíre all done I think.

Moderator How will the fact that now Ezra has a child be present in his relationship with Aria this season?

M. King I love the Ezra story in Season 3B coming up. Itís really heartfelt and emotional, and we get to see a side of Ezra that we havenít seen before, and also I think a side of Aria. I think we really get to watch them go through some real life drama and real life emotion, and they really sort of dig deep in regards to how soulful their connections is.

Moderator Are you going to see Spencer change a bit once she finds out about Toby?

M. King Yes. In fact, I directed my first episode this coming season and itís the third episode, and thereís a lot of just deep, deep emotion that begins with that episode, and then it just carries all throughout the rest of the season. Itís just so powerful and so gut wrenching and Troian Bellisario did such an amazing job for us this year. Weíre really excited to share her storyline with the fans.

Moderator Speaking of keeping secrets, how much is Ariaís father going to be part of whatís coming up?

M. King Oh thereís some realóyou know in the Halloween episode, which is the last upset our fans got to see, the character of Garrett reveals on the night that Allison died that he saw Allison arguing with Ariaís dad Byron, and we definitely donít drop the ball on that. We come back and explore whether or not he was telling the truth and what it means for Aria and what it means for the Pretty Little Liars.

Moderator Speaking of Garrett - obviously heís dead so we wonít be seeing him alive again but we will be possibly seeing Garrett again in flashbacks this season?

M. King We donít see him again in 3B but that does not mean we wonít see him at some point in time in the show.

Moderator Ezraís brother Wesley has been very popular among the fans, at least on our site. I know heís coming back. Can you give us a little like tease about what heís going to be doing this season?

M. King He has the same parents that Ezra has and thereís a lot of drama in that family, and he brings some of that drama to Rosewood with him. I think that we definitely get to learn more about the Fitzgerald family dynamic, and heís a lot of fun. Heís a great young actor, and weíre really happy to have him in Rosewood.

Moderator With the mystery elements of the show, how much of that was planned beforehand and how much is that sort of organically developed as you see how certain characters or actors are gelling in their roles?

M. King A great deal of the mystery is planned beforehand. We found that if we donít know sort of what the end of the mystery story is we donít do as good a job with the beginning and the middle part. We really try to know where weíre going in addition to like the big overall mystery of the show, who are they and who killed Allison, which are the two mysteries we allówhen we have these little sort of mini arcs of mysteries we always know the beginning and the middle and the end before we start. But every once and a while a character will surprise us by bringing something special to that storyline, and we may stretch it out or weave a little bit. Yeah and I think itís mostly well thought out but every once in a while we have a fantastic surprise of an actor bringing something special to the story, and weíll integrate that in to the plan.

Moderator How popular was the Spencer/Toby relationship? Did you have any second thoughts before revealing that Toby was actually a part of the ĎAí team?

M. King I wouldnít say second thoughts but I did have concern about how the fans would react to it, and actually I think the reaction was much more positive than I thought it was going to be. I was afraid there was going to be some backlash of people being devastated, and some people are. But I think the majority of our fans were so thrilled to be completely surprised by that reveal that they allowed us to turn that character dark and get away with it.

Moderator Are we going to find out a little bit more about Tobyís motivations in this upcoming season?

M. King Yes we will. We left you with a big reveal there when we found out that Toby was the guy in the black hoodie talking to Mona. We will definitely pick up that story where we left it in the last finale, and I think our fans are really going to have fun with it.

Moderator Could you give us a hint of any of the guest stars that will be coming up in the next season?

M. King/Publicity We have the wonderful Betty Buckley coming back playing Hannahís grandmother. We are also really thrilled to haveóI believe sheís five time gold medalistóMissy Franklin; the swimmer from the London Olympics will be making an appearance

Moderator If you could have any guest stars to make an appearance who would some of your top guest stars be?

M. King I think we would love to have some just like fun mystery people on the show. Weíve always thought it would be really fun to have Steven King arrive in Rosewood, and I think that it would definitely be sort of more dark and mysterious people like that.

Moderator What made you want to make an ĎAí team rather than just one person because Iíve always wondered about that?

M. King Well, it just felt like as ĎAí became more devious and was accomplishing these huge sort of feats that thereís no way just one person could be achieving everything we needed to achieve in terms of how menacing ĎAí was to the Pretty Little Liars.

Moderator Did Toby ever really have a part of him that cared for Spencer or even his friendship with Emily for that matter?

M. King Well, I really want to let the fans discover the answer to that question themselves, which you will learn the truth of that in Season 3B.

Moderator Iím going to ask the gay question because so much is about Emily on this show, which is fantastic. Where are the gay guys in Rosewood?

M. King Where are the gay guys in Rosewood? Itís a good question. We actually have been talking about revealing that a character weíve already established on the show might be questioning his sexuality so itís possible that youíll be seeing that.

Moderator In interviewing the actors of the show Iíve noticed that they like to mention that thereís this incredible attention to detail in the script and possible future plot elements. You donít know that theyíre significant at the time. Whatís your process like for planning something like that out, and when you started out (you created the show) how far in the future did you have that mapped out?

M. King I certainly didnít have the future mapped out for B but we did know what the end game of the series was going to be. What the ultimate reveal will be in the final episode so itís been really fun just being on this path and this journey to get to that place.

I will give a big shout out to our props department. Chris, who is our prop master does such an amazing job with detail in the show. There are so many props in the show that end up being everything from an ink pen that says, ďDohertyís LandingĒ and thatís how the girls find out Aliís clue. Like those things I try to keep as many of those props as I can. My office started to look like a Pretty Little Liars museum, but there is so much detail in the show and we have so much fun. The table reads, too like even lines of dialog whenever thereís somethingóthere might be something that, for example thereís something Spencer says in the pilot, and then she says again in the Season 3B finale, and they raise their hand and they scream, ďCall back!Ē They know. They remember all those details too.

Moderator Since Pretty Little Liars is kind of a juggernaut could you describe any sort of series or projects that you have in the works now for the future?

M. King Iíve been developing a show with ABC Family based on a movie that I wrote called Now and Then, and so weíre really excited down the line to get in to that too.

Moderator Weíve talked a little bit about Toby, and weíve pretty much seen family for the majority of the cast for the show and characters, and I wanted to find out if there is a plan to see some of Toby and Jennaís family?

M. King Yeah. We donít see Tobyís family in Season 3B but in our very first Halloween episode we learned that Tobyís mother, not his stepmother, but his mother passed away when he was a younger boy. Weíre going to learn more about his mother in this upcoming season. Itís really exciting to sort of start that storyline.

Moderator When you have family and friends watching the show how do you feel watching them kind of connect the dots with like specific items or different hidden clues like bobble heads and the boots and things like that? Do you take a little bit of pleasure in kind of twisting the knife for them as well?

M. King Oh yeah. I do. I have so many friends who are just dying to know who ĎAí is and my family as well. My mom watches every episode, and I love to get her feedback, and my children who are a little young to be watching the show (ten and eight) watch every episode too, and they give me the most honest feedback of anyone I know. Itís a lot of fun, and theyíve known some plot twists ahead of our fans and they make friends very quickly with their high school peers who they meet at camp and things like that.

Moderator About Pretty Dirty Secrets, how is that coupling in with the show coming back as well?

M. King Definitely. Thereís a character we meet in Pretty Dirty Secrets that plays a significant part of 3B. Iíll wait and let you discover who that is once we come back, and there are clues and definitely plot points that weíre seeing in Pretty Dirty Secrets that pay off in Season 3B. If you havenít seen it yet you should make sure to watch it before the show starts. It is still available on

M. King Thatís great. Yeah people should really tune in if they havenít like seen all those episodes yet. You donít have to watch it before we premier but itís really fun to get that extra sort of bonus flavor before the show premiers.

Moderator Everybody loves these juicy love triangles so do you think that we might see a love triangle between Aria, and Ezra and his brother, Wesley?

M. King Well, I think that you definitely should watch and decide for yourself if Aria and Wesley have a connection. I think itís going to be fun for our fans let that unfold as Season 3 progresses.

Moderator Could you share a little tidbit from Mortal Instrument?

M. King I did some work on that script and it looks amazing. Iím excited about that cast, and I canít wait to see the movie along with the fans.

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