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By Suzanne and Cristina

Richard Kind and Craig Roberts 

Interview with series Richard Kind, Craig Roberts, and Alexandra Socha of "Red Oaks" on Amazon 10/20/16

It was a real thrilled to speak with all of the actors today from this wonderful show, but especially Richard Kind (Sam), who's been in so many great shows over the years. However, I have to say, he really shines in this role. Well, they all do. It's a great cast and the writing is fabulous.  You may know Richard from one of the zillions of shows he's been in, but especially "Spin City," "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "Mad About You," or "Gotham." He's one of the great character actors of our time.  Craig Roberts (David) is the star of this ensemble show, but he ably carries it among all of the seasoned veterans.  He really does remind me of a young Dustin Hoffman (which I suspect was one of their goals). I was surprised to find that he's from Wales! I was not expecting that. He does a great job of sounding American in the show. Lastly, but certainly not least, is Alexandra Socha as Skye, David's girlfriend, and the daughter of Doug and Fay. She's a really cool actress as well as being beautiful. She's done some wonderful series as well, such as "Royal Pains" and "Damages." I think she will go far.  They were all so sweet and fun in this interview! I wish we'd had a lot more time. Honestly, I could have gone on and on with them.

"Red Oaks" returns for its second season November 11, 2016. You can watch Season One

Here's a recording of our interview. (This is the short version -- I urge you to listen to the recording!)

Suzanne: Craig, was it easier for you this season, with more focus on other characters?

Craig: No. [Jokingly] Yeah, I suppose so. A lot of my stuff was with Alexandra. We had a lot of stuff.

Alexandra: A lot, yeah.

Craig: Mainly kissing. [Laughs] Which was fine. I suppose it was easier. I like the stuff outside. I mean the country club is great. But outside of it there's a lot more venturing out and escaping it, which felt really nice and more mature, which I really like. But you know, it's never easier.

Suzanne: Did you guys actually go to Paris?

Craig: Yes.

Alexandra: Yes. It's like my favorite place in the world. So I was pretty happy about the season's situation.

Suzanne: Craig, Do you plan to do directing, like David, or just acting?

Craig: Just focusing on staying alive. [Laughs]

Alexandra: No! He has directed a movie!

Richard: He directs movies! You know how many of his movies I've been in? [Jokingly]

Craig: [Laughs] Yes I do. And it's quite great.

Suzanne: Alex, what was the hardest part about playing Skye?

Alexandra: I think sometimes being reminded that I'm in a comedy. Because she tends to err towards the side of drama, as do I. So there were times I had to make sure not to get too over dramatic. You know, just the right amount of over dramatic for this tone.

Suzanne: Did you guys know much about the 80's before you did this show? Are you experts now?

Craig: Only by John Hughes.

Alexandra: Yeah, I know, really. Does "The Breakfast Club" count? Because that's what I imagine it was like. I am feeling the effects of it at least in the fashion. I remember shoulder pads and everything in our house was brown. That was still there when I was growing up, it was just on its way out. I think I grew up with technology from the get go which I think has made my life much different than what people experience.

Craig: Yeah. Probably not so much in the grand scheme of things.

Suzanne: Richard, I love this role, seems like your best ever. You work a lot. Love you in Gotham. Was it fun working with Paul Reiser again?

Alexandra: [Jokingly] Terrible.

Richard: [Jokingly] I hate him more today than I did back when I met him.

Craig: To be honest. He's phenomenal.

Richard: I think his performance this year is not just astounding as an actor. It's astounding because when he came to the table, as far as his resume (with the exception of "Aliens"), you see a different side of his talent. Immense talent. I think he's brilliant in this season.

Craig: He really is. He brings a Tony Soprano quality. You hate him, but you love him at the same time. Very good.

Richard: He's so great in this.

Craig Roberts and Alexandra Socha

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Page updated 10/30/16

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