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By Suzanne


Interview with Khotan of "Royal Pains" on USA Network 8/27/12

I was very sorry to miss this call, due to illness. He is so gorgeous on the show! I can't wait to see what happens when the show returns next. It's about time Divya had a real romance...

Moderator: Lynn Weiss
August 27, 2012 1:51 pm CT

Lynn Weiss: Good afternoon everybody, thank you for joining the (club) call of Khotan who is having an episode appearance on the USA Series Royal Pain. Khotan's here and available to answer any questions you might have. His next appearance is this Wednesday on USA Royal Pains at 9 o'clock, 8:00 Central and we appreciate you taking the time to talk to us. Thank you (Kayla) we can go ahead and start.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen if you would like to register for a question, please press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone. You'll hear a three tone prompt to acknowledge your request. If you're question has been answered and you would like to withdraw your registration, please press the 1 followed by the 3.

If you're using a speakerphone please lift your handset before entering your request. Once again ladies and gentlemen to register for a question please press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone keypad.

And I show that there are no questions at this time.

Lynn Weiss: Everybody's very shy.

Khotan: Is it…

Woman: Khotan can you tell us about your experience taping Royal Pains, are you at the Hamptons now?

Khotan: Who is this?

Woman: (Unintelligible) Daily Café.

Khotan: No I'm in the - watching a storm from my window in Miami actually.

Woman: Can you tell us a little bit about your experience recording Royal Pains and how you got to be there?

Khotan: Absolutely, it's been a great experience actually. It's like - it's, you know, traveling back and forth to New York but, you know, I've never shot around those areas in New York. So it's been great getting to know those locations and just the general experience of doing a first American TV show has been awesome.

Operator: Okay and we do have a question it comes from the line of (Amanda Taylor) with (unintelligible), please go ahead.

Amanda taylor: Hi good morning it's actually ((foreign language spoken)), thanks so much for answering our question. Well you just mentioned that this is your first work on like, you know, American TV series. I know you've done, you know, tons of stuff with ((foreign language spoken)).

So as an actor what is the biggest difference that you've seen working on ((foreign language spoken)) versus working on like a TV series comedy drama.

Khotan: Well the dynamics of doing a series like this is quite different, you know, a show like this takes a whole week to do just one episode. So, you know, just the whole process is different and I would say closer to actually shooting like a film, you know, because they are very meticulous on their takes and the different angles, you know, they need to cover.

You know in the Soap we do 15 to 20 scenes a day. So this for me is great because as an actor you get much more time to prepare for a scene and to go over it with the other actor. Also every episode that I've been has been a different director that's, you know, directing the episode.

So that was a little bit surprising to me actually and it's been just great to, you know, be directed by different people who give it a different touch to each episode. (Unintelligible) I've also had the great experience of junior lead through, which is just everyone sitting down and going over the full episode just to see how it's, you know, how it feels and - sorry one second.

You know, just to see how the episode feels and then they make changes accordingly. And it's been great because I - you know, the writers have the sense of what it is that they need to change or adapt in the scene to make it work better. And even though sometime the changes are small they totally make sense.

So, you know, it's - I have to say it's been a dream come true to me to do a TV show like this with this kind of production quality and, you know, and for such a successful show.
Amanda taylor: Great thanks and a second part of the question I'm not allowed - I'm not allowed to keep asking another question but your movie (unintelligible) your English is perfect. Do you prepare differently for your roles that are, you know, ((foreign language spoken)) they're obviously Spanish dominant. So you prepare any differently with depending on what language you're going to be required to perform in?

Khotan: Well this - not really, what I - I try to be authentic and for me the most important thing is for the character to be convincing if some of it's in Spanish or English I want it to be convincing. I do, you know, I was a little concerned with the timing and the momentum of certain, you know, when you're acting your English it is a little bit different. There's a timing thing there that's different.

I don't quite know how to describe it but it has to do with just the - obviously there's a music term for it but I can't remember what it's called. But it has to do with the timing, you know, how words flow, you know, which I wanted to get right. I wanted to, you know, feel magical, I didn't want it to feel awkward. I just - and also the acting tone for me was important.

You know, usually you're on Soaps you have - the tone is a little up there because it's a melodrama and it's just a style that is developed. Here, you know, you go for a much more natural kind of acting. So, you know, it was great to watch the other actors and see some of the show that could be (unintelligible) with what they were doing.

Amanda taylor: Okay thank you.

Operator: Thank you and ladies and gentlemen as a reminder to register for a question it's 1, 4 on your telephone keypad.
And I show no questions at this time.

Lynn Weiss: Okay, everybody don't be shy, feel free to talk, ask a question we'd be happy to work with you.

Operator: And we do have a question it comes from the line of (Justin Shorts) with 360I, please go ahead.

Annie: Hi, this is (Annie) I'm actually with Justin. I just have a question about Divya. Where do you see your relationship with her going? I know that you guys kind of had that steamy kiss scene at the last episode. So what do you see happening for those two characters?

Khotan: Well, you know, I think (Ralph) is - instinct as a person and, you know, he was sensing the attraction. I think they're going to have a steamy summer for sure. You know, I can't tell you much where it's going but I do have to say there are some surprises. He's not as predictable as you might think.

You're going to see the surprises there on their relationship. You know and it's, you know, when you meet someone and there's that very big attraction, you know, things happen fast. And there at the best - it's at the best phase, you know, when you're getting to know each other and you know.

But as I said, I don't want to reveal much but there are some unexpected twists there for sure.

Annie: Okay thank you that was great.

Khotan: Thank you.

Operator: Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen as a reminder it's 1, 4 on your telephone keypad to register for a question. And there are no questions at this time.

Khotan: (Unintelligible).

Oh they're putting, oh I see.

Operator: And we do have a follow up question that comes from the line of (Justin Shorts) with 360I, please go ahead.

Annie: Hi this is Annie again.

Khotan: Okay.

Annie: I was just wondering what was it like working with - I know like on a Soap Opera you're working with a lot of female characters, there's like a lot of love angles. I'm just wondering what the difference was between working with one of those stars versus with Reshma?

Khotan: Well Reshma is absolutely great. You know, she's - I had to learn from her because she was very helpful, you know, on the first few days of me shooting because I had a lot of questions and she was always very supportive on that. So I appreciate her being like that.

Also, you know, the first time I met her was on the - doing the casting for the show. They flew me to New York and they wanted to see, you know, how we would interact and the chemistry and all that. And you know, she was really nice from the beginning.

And you know, I think all the scenes we've done so far have been great and I have to say some of them have been, you know, quite steamy and, you know, sometimes, you know, you need to have the confidence with (unintelligible) when something like that comes up.

Well, so I mean all I can say it's just been really great working with her. And of course, you know, she has the wonderful British accent, I love the way she talks.

Annie: Yes she sounds great.

Khotan: Yes.

Annie: Well thank you very much.

Khotan: And we've had a lot of fun actually.

Annie: Great, thank you.

Operator: Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen as a reminder it's 1, 4 on your telephone keypad to register for a question.

Lynn Weiss: Okay well if there's no more questions we can end the call. So if that's the case, you have no more questions lined up?

Operator: There are no questions at this time.

Lynn Weiss: Okay, all right. Well thank you very much, thanks everybody for joining and Khotan thank you for your time.

Khotan: Thank you ma'm.

Lynn Weiss: And we'll talk again soon.

Khotan: Yes we will.

Lynn Weiss: Goodbye everybody.

Khotan: Thank you.

Lynn Weiss: Bye.

Khotan: Bye.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen that does conclude the conference call for today. We thank you for your participation and ask that you please disconnect your line.

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