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By Suzanne

Ashley Jones

Interview with Ashley Jones of "A Sister's Revenge" on Lifetime 4/23/13

The movie premieres Saturday, April 27 and will also air on Sunday, April 28.

Here is the audio of my interview with Ashley. She was so sweet on the phone! I could have talked to her for an hour, easily.  I will be transcribing this very soon as well.

If the audio is not streaming well, please right-click on this link and save it to your computer. It should work better that way!

Interview Part 1    Interview Part 2

Gisele transcribed the interview for me. I plan to go through again and see if I can figure out the parts she couldn't hear, but here it is for now.

Ashley seems like a very nice person. She apologized for calling me a little late after being on another call. I told her I was very glad to speak to her, because I had followed her career since seeing her years ago as Megan on "The Young & The Restless"!

She replied, "Oh, my goodness! You're kidding, wow!"

I told her I had started watching Y&R back in college in 1986.

She said, "You've seen me go through several different hairstyles".

I explained that I also starting watching Bold & The Beautiful in the 90's (where she has played Bridget for years), so I saw her on there as well as on "True Blood".

She thanked me and said she was glad that I have witnessed her range.

I guess you usually play the good girl, but "Daphne" was different.

Daphne was a little different, yes.

1. So you play the wife in this movie of the guy who used to be a ladies' man?


2.  You're playing, basically, a good person, then?

My character in the Lifetime movie that airs Saturday night is a little bit more like a Megan/Bridget mix, but Daphne was definitely a variation of what I usually play.

3.  Brooke Burns does something to you, and from the promo it looks like you end up in the hospital.

"What's fun about this movie is it is kind of a typical mature Lifetime movie of the week thriller that we've seen a million times, so when you tune into these things, kind of when you tune into a soap or 'True Blood,' the audience is ready to go for a specific ride. They know that things are going to happen. They know there's a bad guy, and there's a good guy, and there's something -- The beauty about this movie is there are quite a few twists and turns. What I love is the way the writer actually, our bad girl Suzanne, and I love the writer the way that they ditch ? Brooke Lynn's character, because they give her a real -- Sometimes some people are bad, 'Oh, he's the greedy money guy that's gonna be the killer.' And they really give her a great back story, and we've all been in situations where we've all wanted to take revenge on someone, or avenge someone's ??, and we are normal people, and we come up with a different way to handle it other than removing them from the ??. So you get kind of more of a variation, 360 degree of a person, instead of just the one side of the character. And my character, I'm proud of it, they wrote her smarter than the usual, you know, housewife who just had a baby and is oblivious to everything that's going on. And she's a smart cookie, the kind of, you know, she doesn't want to ?? her husband, she's hormonal, she just had a baby, she's not terribly secure with her body, and different things like that, but she also isn't going to let everything in the world slide.

4.  You're executive producer of the movie. How did that come about?

"I have been very blessed to work with Pierre David, that is one of the head producers and owners of a company called Imagination Worldwide, and they have a relationship with Lifetime and have worked with them for a long time and have had a lot of success with some of their original movies. I worked with Pierre for a while, and he noticed my inclination to want to know more and be more involved than just being an actor on a film. He let me come in as much as I wanted, and I learned a lot from him. And then he asked me if I wanted to executive produce with him, and it's a relationship that I treasure, which is almost like a brilliant master class or a master's degree and getting the bird's eye view of producing. So I've been able to shadow him and learn from him and in time he's been able to bring me on to other projects and it's been a really great relationship. And I love the process of starting way before the actors get on the set, the pre-production, going over the different scripts, going over the actors' list. Who can we bring on? Who does Lifetime like? Do you think they can do this? This is a different role for them. And there are so many different aspects that go into acting these days. It's crazy from the way it was 18 years ago. Social media has really changed the way that networks look at actors, and it's been such a learning curve and experience for me to be a part of that."

"In this particular movie, I did not have a say in the editing at all. And, from what I hear and from what I've witnessed so far, they've done a really great job editing. I got the trailer. It was exciting, and I'm eager to see what people think Saturday night. Everything was done in post-production, and I'm really proud of that."

5.  Did you have fun playing the action scenes?

"Of course. Yes. I love doing that, but these are not hanging from a building or jumping across from one roof to the next. Those I would be terrified of. These are more -- you know, you still get hurt, you get bruises, you get your knees, little cuts here and there, but it's all very controlled, and you have pads on the floor, and there are so many people around you to help you. So it's a very controlled environment. And you learn little techniques each -- the stunt coordinator has a way of doing things, and you learn little tricks along the way, and you make things your own, or you combine different things. I learned a new trick on this one, so that was fun. Sometimes you film things in reverse and it helps when you rewind that tape that it looks like you come up from the ground and stand up and have the bat meet your forehead in slow-motion, and then when they fast-forward it, it looks like she really hit you and you fell to the ground, and it's a safer way of doing it. So there were quite a few of those that we played around with."

6.  And I hear you're back on The Bold & The Beautiful as well?

"I did a stint, and I'm done with our original little agreement, so I don't know -- everything is up in the air right now literally. 90210, I did that and it was canceled. So I'm a free bird right now, so we'll wait and see kind of what comes my way. It would be so great to go back to 'The Bold and the Beautiful.' I just -- rarely do you make such deep-rooted relationships. To have a series on the air that long, there's just no way -- they're your family, and literally exchange with my core family, my biological brother, mom, and dad. And that's rare on soaps. You have so many different steps and half siblings, and whatever. ?? with my core family, and I'm really curious to see if the writers miss writing for Bridget, so --

7.  You get to find out what Brooke and Bill have been up to!

"Brooke does attempt to ?? Of course, Brooke does it in her perfect loving, every action she does is from her heart, and it's about love and passion, so she always has the best intentions, but she can really create a mess.

8. Was it strange filming without Ronn Moss, Susan Flannery, and Jack Wagner around?

"It was a little weird, I have to say. They come up in conversation, and we talk about how they're doing, just things like that. They're such a huge, huge part of the show. Even if they're not there, they're still there. I just can't imagine the show going on for another couple of years and not see them back on some level. Susan can always come back as a ghost or somebody's self-conscience. And Ronn can always come back, and Jack can always come back, so -- It was nice to work with just my family members and Bridget has such a history with Stephanie and Ridge and, obviously, Nick.

10.  What have you been doing during your absence besides filming this movie?

"I've done quite a bit. Another movie that you can now see the trailer on Facebook and YouTube, and I tweeted it a little bit. It's a beautiful independent called 'Angel's Perch.' It's a small little movie, but it has such a huge heart, and it's such a slice of real life and real issues and I'm really proud of it. It's going to be theatrically released this year. I don't have any specific dates yet. It's fun to watch the trailer, and I want to encourage people to find 'Angel's Perch' and watch the trailer. It's a sweet, sweet movie."

11.  Do you have any other movies or TV appearances coming up?

"There are a couple of things in the works but nothing is in stone yet, so we'll see about that."

12.  Why do you think fans will like "A Sister's Revenge"?

"I think they'll be excited to root for the right team. This is a great example of the past catches up with you, you need to be aware of your actions, and that every action does have a consequence, but ultimately the truth does prevail. I think that these characters are very relatable, and although they might be extreme, they can see themselves in these characters. It's just a great guilty-pleasure thriller, and I really hope that they want to be on the ride with us.

"You do feel badly for my character for a portion of the film and then her actions no longer -- are disproportionate from any emotion that we may have toward her.

More Information:


Lifetime 'A SISTER'S REVENGE' STARRING BROOKE BURNS - APRIL 27 AT 8PM Ashley Jones stars in (as well as Executive Produces) the Lifetime TV movie "A Sister's Revenge," premiering Saturday, April 27 at 8pm.

She plays Catherine Miller, a new mother and wife whose life is threatened by a woman whose sister was once involved with her husband prior to their marriage. But that doesn't stop her from trying to destroy everyone's happiness and putting Catherine and her infant in danger.

You will remember her Ashley from "True Blood" or "90210" or her role on "The Bold and The Beautiful." She returns to B&B next month for a story arc.. She has also has guest roles on a number of TV series and recently added producing to her resume.

Brooke Burns also stars in the Lifetime TV movie "A Sister's Revenge," premiering Saturday, April 27 at 8pm.

She plays Suzanne Dunne, a modern day femme fatale. With her smoldering good looks and killer charm, Suzanne manipulates her way first into Michael Miller's restaurant and then into his life, where she unfolds an elaborate scheme to destroy his business, his marriage, everything he has worked so hard to achieve. As he struggles to fight back and hold his world together, Michael uncovers the dark motive behind Suzanne's plan: a sister wronged, a tragic end for which she will have her revenge.

Read Ashley's Twitter Feed

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Page updated 5/6/13

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