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By Suzanne

Interview with Jill Scott, guest-star on "Fringe"

Interview with Interview with Jill Scott, guest-star on "Fringe" on FOX 12/6/12

Final Transcript
FBC PUBLICITY: Fringe Conference Call
December 6, 2012/10:00 a.m. PST

Josh Governale
Jill Scott


Moderator Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for standing by. Welcome to the Fringe conference call with Jill Scott. At this time all lines are in a listen-only mode. Later we will conduct a question and answer session. (Operator instructions.) As a reminder, todayís conference call is being recorded.

I would now like to turn the conference over to Josh Governale. Please go ahead.

J. Governale Thank you, Cynthia. Good morning and afternoon to everyone. Thank you for joining us on the Fringe conference call with guest star Jill Scott. As a reminder tomorrow night marks the eighth episode of Fringeís fifth and final season, which concludes with a special two-hour series finale on Friday, January 18th.

So without further delay, letís proceed and please welcome Jill Scott. First question, please.

Moderator (Instructions given.) We will take our first question from the line of Jamie Ruby with SciFi Vision. Please go ahead.

J. Ruby Okay, hello, thanks for talking to us today.

J. Scott My pleasure.

J. Ruby So we really donít know a whole lot about your character yet, so can you just kind of talk about that and how sheís going to play a part in Fringe?

J. Scott Her name is Simone and sheís a quiet warrior. Iím sorry; I have a three year old that does not understand.

J. Ruby Thatís okay.
J. Scott Sheís a quiet warrior and sheís sort of an oracle of someone who can foresee the future. There is an integral part of Oliviaís quest, and Simone has direct knowledge of that, although I wonít say knowledge, she has an intuition about how to help her on her quest.

J. Ruby All right, great. How did you get the part? Can you just talk about that?

J. Scott Well, at first I asked for it. Fringe is one of my favorite television shows from its inception. I absolutely love all of the science fiction of it, the mystery of it, the science in it. The characters are wonderful and so rich. Walter, of course, is my absolute favorite, and I had met with pretty much every company, television broadcast company in America. I kept saying these are the kinds of shows that I want to be involved in. I just put the word out there and, of course, I asked for it. I believe in saying things out loud, and I had Fringe.

J. Ruby What works, so.

J. Scott It definitely does work.

J. Ruby All right, thank you.

J. Scott Thank you.

Moderator (Instructions given.) Weíll go to the line of Marisa Roffman with Your line is open.

M. Roffman Thanks, how are you doing today?

J. Scott Hello, how are you? Iím great.

M. Roffman Because you are such a huge fan of the show, what does it mean to you to be a part of the final season?

J. Scott I wish it wasnít the final season. Iím really upset about that. It means a lot to me, just simply because putting those kinds of requests into the universe and having it come back to you is again is another confirmation personally. The show and the quality of the show, the writing is splendid. The vocabulary is just delicious.

I mean any one that enjoys X-Files or shows like that where youíre on the edge of your seat and youíre so invested in these characters for any one like me whoís grown up watching Star Trek and X-Files and reading Edgar Allen Poe and enjoying the darker side of things as well as the light, this was a dream come true. I wish I wanted more powers. I mean to be able to see into the future is pretty incredible or to have an intuition about things like that is pretty awesome. But I definitely wish I had something growing out of me.

M. Roffman Great, thanks.

J. Scott Thank you.

Moderator Our next question comes from the line of Josh Maloni with Niagara Frontier. Your line is open.

J. Maloni Hello, Jill. Thanks for your time today.

J. Scott My pleasure. Iím trying to lock my three year old out.

J. Maloni So we talked to Leonard Nimoy a couple of times and he basically came out of retirement because he enjoyed his experience on Fringe so much. Can you tell us a little bit about your experience working with this cast and with these writers?

J. Scott I was waiting for that moment to work with him. Ever since I heard his line, he said something about he skeeted a little when he was in the backseat of a car and he peed on himself just a little out of excitement, I knew that this was a show that I wanted to be involved in. I did not get a chance to see him and Iím hoping to. I need the show to go a little longer just so that I can meet him.

J. Maloni All right, thank you very much.

J. Scott Thank you.

Moderator Next weíll go to the line of Jamie Steinberg with Starry Constellation. Your line is open.

J. Steinberg Hello, itís such a pleasure to speak with you.

J. Scott My pleasure, thank you.

J. Steinberg I appreciate the re-tweets, so your fans can send in some questions for you.

J. Scott Oh, thatís you, hello.

J. Steinberg Hello, I was wondering what was the challenge for you in getting ready for this role? I know you tweeted that the bags were real under your eyes.

J. Scott I had a lot of wild expectations and hopes for my character. When I found out who she really was based on my conversations with Dennis, the director, based on those conversations, I had to adjust her quickly. She isóI think Iíve lost the question, please forgive me, she is a hard worker and a leader and lives pretty much in a state of exhaustion. Iím sorry, what was your question?

J. Steinberg What challenged you about this role?

J. Scott What challenged me? The cold just as a human being, the cold was sincere. Itís on location. I understand where I was going. The challenge was having to readdress her, because I had so many ideas, because this is Fringe, and I had so many ideas of who this person was. The redirection on her was my challenge; having to about face was my challenge.

J. Steinberg Great, thank you so much.

J. Scott Youíre welcome. See you on Twitter.

Moderator (Instructions given.) Weíll go to the line of Carla Day with BuddyTV. Please go ahead.

C. Day Hello, how are you?

J. Scott Iím great, thank you.

C. Day We saw from a clip that your character meets with Olivia first. Did you have any scenes with any of the other characters?

J. Scott No, I did not.

C. Day How was it with Olivia?

J. Scott Sheís exactly what I thought she was. The character is smart and lovely and strong, and it honestly bugged me out because this is a show that I genuinely enjoy and thereís Olivia being all of those things right in front of my face. I Ö let those things go because itís time to work, but I was thoroughly geeked. My inner child is jumping up and down like yes. It was a pretty incredible moment.

C. Day Thank you.

J. Scott Thank you.

Moderator Thank you. Weíll go back to the line of Jamie Ruby with Please go ahead.

J. Ruby SciFiVision. Hello, again. So you say that youíre such a sci-fi geek and everything. You love the show and I do, too. So when you got there was there something, though, that really as a fan that you kind of besides just the characters, like maybe the sets or something or even just like a line you had to say, but something specifically that maybe made you what you were just like oh wow, because you love the show?

J. Scott What are you asking? Iím sorry.

J. Ruby You said youíre such a fan of the show. Iím just curious when you first got there and started to work, was there maybe something like on set or, I donít know, something you saw there or maybe you know a line somebody said that just made you completely, because youíre such a fan, geek out besides like the actors?

J. Scott Well, I never have had to use any kind of futuristic products or any kind of future apparati. Iíve never had to do anything like that before, so all of a sudden thereís this screen that I have to use, what else can I call it. Itís a 3D scanner thingy that I have to know how to use. That was really, really cool.

J. Ruby All right, great. Thanks.

Moderator Thank you. Weíll go to Jamie Steinberg with Starry Constellation. Please go ahead.

J. Steinberg Hello, again. I was just wondering if there was anything about your character that wasnít specifically written that you added to her?

J. Scott She was a lot more simple. Sheís a lot more simple. Sheís less complex than I originally thought.

J. Steinberg What do you think it is about Fringe that really continues to make it such a fan favorite show?

J. Scott I think itís the writing. I do. I think itís how intelligent and how realistic everything is without looking overly manufactured. I think human beings will always still really enjoy using our imaginations and Fringe allows you to do that. Itís slightly scary and believable. There just might be an alternate universe. There just might be people on the other side that are like us living a different life. The thought of that is pretty intriguing; that there are that people who can stop time and change their bodies, morph into someone else.

And the conspiracy theories in it all, I think it just taps into our curiosity and makes us wonder and ponder. I think thatís the gist of the show, and like I said it is slightly scary. There are moments where I definitely grab the pillow or the blanket and gasp for breath.

J. Steinberg Great. Thank you.

J. Scott Thank you.

Moderator Thank you. Weíll go to the line of Sheldon Wiebe with Your line is open.

S. Wiebe Hello, thanks so much for doing this.

J. Scott Hello, my pleasure.

S. Wiebe As a big fan of Fringe, but also as a big fan of No. 1 Ladiesí Detective Agency, I was just wondering if youíve noticed any fan overlap between the two, because although theyíre radically different, they both have amazing writing and terrific characters.

J. Scott I think yes, I mean to a certain degree. Thatís really all you ever want is a great character and great writing. As an actor thatís like the juiciest sandwich you could ever ask for. Thatís something that you can put both hands on and thatís really all weíre looking for. I chose No. 1 Ladiesí Detective, or Iíll say it chose me, and it was an absolute blessing, one for the experience being in Africa for seven months learning so many different things from languages to foods to greetings and oh my goodness, oh wow on so many levels from nature to my heart, incredible experience.

Fringe, I wish that I could come back. It wasnít enough for me, quite frankly, one episode. This is truly one of my favorite shows, so itís something that I would definitely like to be a part of. Iím saddened that this is the last season, but Iíve purchased every season thus far and Iíll purchase this one, too, but Iím in this one. Yoo hoo! Iím so excited about that.

S. Wiebe Thank you very much.

J. Scott Thank you.

Moderator Thank you. (Instructions given.) Weíll go to the line of Steve Sunu with Comic Book Resources. Your line is open.

S. Sunu Hello, thanks so much for taking the call.

J. Scott My pleasure.

S. Sunu Youíre a really great actress and youíre also a very accomplished musician. I was wondering if youíre able to use any of those musical skills during your guest spot on Fringe.

J. Scott No, Simone is not a singer. Simone is an emoter. Sheís a quiet, strong- willed, focused in a sense maybe even a freedom fighter. Sheís a big part of the resistence and she doesnít sing. She works and sheís a hustler, too. She makes ways to finance her community.

S. Sunu Well, it sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks so much again for taking the call.

J. Scott My pleasure, thank you.

Moderator Thank you. Next weíll go back to the line of Jamie Ruby with Please go ahead.

J. Ruby Hello again. So other than Fringe, do you have another dream job or part that youíd love to play, or another show that youíd love to guest star on?

J. Scott Supernatural. I need something oozing out. I need to grow something else. I need to be captured. I just I enjoy that stuff, so I would like to experience, Supernatural is a good show for me. Let me think. Thereís so many. Oh boy, Saturday Night Live is a show that I think I could have a lot of fun on just being different characters and maybe singing, too.

J. Ruby Okay, great. Thank you so much.

J. Scott Thank you.

Moderator Weíll go to the line of Tara Bennett with SFX Magazine. Please go ahead.

T. Bennett Hello, Jill. Thank you so much for doing this.

J. Scott My pleasure, thank you.

T. Bennett Itís so great that youíre a big fan of the show as well, so being a super fan of it, what have you thought about the direction for this last season of whatís happening with them in the future? Then, do you have a favorite episode or a favorite moment from the show aside from the episode that youíve done?

J. Scott Oh man, letís see. Favorite episode, I always go back to the episode when Walter gets out of the mental institution and where heís sitting in the back seat of the car and he says he skeeted a little. I never forgot it. I thought that that was just so free, such free writing and his acting was just impeccable. I liked the episodes when the guy was living Ö was living inside of Olivia. I enjoyed the episode whereóoh boy, there are so many. I should know this off the top of my head. Let me think.

Let me think, the episode where, oh, I love when Walter had a cow in his office in the lab. I couldnít understand that. I thought that was great. The reason that I love the show is that I never know what to expect. I never know what Walter is going to say. I love that heís obsessed with food. I love that heís mad and a genius. I prefer him a mad genius.

Moderator Thank you. Next weíll take our final question from the line of Jamie Ruby with Please go ahead.

J. Ruby Hello, again. So what other shows are you watching right now? Whatís on your DVR?

J. Scott Whatís on my DVR, letís see. Itís sad. Maury is on my DVR. Thatís junk food. Iím going down the list in my head. Why do I want to call it Ever After, but thatís not the name of it, the television show where everybody in the town used to be in I want to say storybook land or something like that.

J. Ruby Once Upon a Time I think you mean.

J. Scott Once Upon a Time, Iím up to the point where the purple fog has come and itís taken the witchís tower away, but I havenít seen it since then. I know everybody was rallying trying to figure out what they were going to do and then they found out that one of the doors if you step over the line from, leave the town and you forget who you are, thatís as far as Iíve gotten. I havenít gotten any further than that, but itís still, I have them all on my DVR. I work a little bit, so trying to catch television; itís all about me having a DVR.

J. Ruby All right. Thank you so much.

J. Scott Thank you.

Moderator Thank you, and with that, Mr. Governale, Iíd like to turn it back over to you for any closing comments.

J. Governale Thank you very much, Cindy, and thank you, Jill Scott, for your time this afternoon. As a reminder Fringeís fifth and final season will conclude with a special two-hour series finale on Friday, January 18th. Thank again, and Cynthia if you wouldnít mind providing the playback information, that would be great.

Moderator Certainly. Ladies and gentlemen, todayís conference call will be available for replay after 11:30 a.m. today until midnight December 13th.

That does conclude your conference call for today. Thank you for your participation and for using AT&T Executive TeleConference Service. You may now disconnect.

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Page updated 12/10/12

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