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2005 - Brooke Shields lost pilot review, Upcoming Thursday night battle and, more.

Writing this article excites me for many reasons. But the main reason I get excited about being the author of my own article is that I am able to voice my opinions. For the past few years I have read a lot of articles on television websites and I think to myself, Okay either I have bad taste or these people are just idiots. A lot of the time I found myself reading scathing reviews of my favorite shows. When I wasn’t I was reading endless praise for a show that I never really enjoyed. Another reason that I am excited about writing this article is my basic love of television. I love all things television! The entire business enthuses and intrigues me.

On to the meat and potatoes of this article....

Today I went to my mailbox and low and behold was a package from an acquaintance I have in Los Angeles. Inside the package was a jewel indeed. Last spring when the various studios were pitching pilots to the networks, Fox was pitched a show called “New Car Smell” starring Brooke Shields. I immediately went to my DVD player and popped the disc in. The show was great! The show had a great premise. The cast was pretty good, Other than Brooke Shields and Michael McDonald, their really wasn’t anymore attention grabbers. I really think that this show could have worked its way up to a pretty good audience with the proper care and promotion.

Yesterday in my article I made some comments about the “Friends” spin-off “Joey”. I believe that this show has a lot of potential. The show has a great cast, terrific writing and seems to have a lot of network support. Had a sitcom on any other network gotten the ratings “Joey” did last season it would have been considered a breakout hit. The days of NBC’s Thursday night dominance are over. As far back as I can remember all the way to the days of “The Cosby Show” and, “Cheers” Thursday night on NBC was the one night of television no one missed. It was pretty much the one thing you could always easily predict even before the fall television season began: NBC would reign as number 1 on Thursday and anything put on any other network on that night was pretty much a death sentence for the show. My how times have changed. When I look at the fall schedule for the upcoming season I see one of the most competitive and packed nights of network television to be Thursday nights. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Until next time......

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Page updated 1/16/13

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