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By Suzanne

Randy, Ellen, Kara, and Simon

Review of "American Idol" this season 3/30/10

When the Top 12 were announced in mid-March, I was far from optimistic about the season.  In my opinion, only a few performers really stood out from the rest.  Last week, it was a struggle for me to continue watching.  On Tuesday night, right before the live show, I thought to myself – is R&B theme week going to be another disaster?

Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised to see that mostly everyone performed quite well this week.  The singers’ soulful renditions far surpassed my expectations.  My three favorites are Lee, Crystal, and Casey.  Lee’s gritty version of “Treat Her Like a Lady” was fantastic.  With each passing week, he reminds me more and more of David Cook.  I see him as this year’s dark horse.  Crystal still looks to be the frontrunner.  Her voice is truly amazing.  I really enjoyed her rendition of “Midnight Train to Georgia” but think she’s best singing with guitar in hand.  Casey’s “Hold On I’m Coming” was his best performance yet.  However, I hope he returns to his acoustic style.

For the first time this season, I look forward to next week’s performances.  I am thrilled that the season seems to have finally started!

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Page updated 1/15/13

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