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By Suzanne

Helen Slater

Interview with Helen Slater of "The Good Mother" 6/5/13

It was great to speak with Helen Slater. I am a big fan of hers from way back in the 80's when she starred in the movie "Supergirl", and she's been in a lot of great movies and TV shows over the years. She currently stars in "The Lying Game" on ABC Family as well as this fun TV movie this month. She was very lovely on the phone - a real person, not some fake Hollywood type.

Here is the audio of my interview with her. I hope you enjoy it!

If the audio is not streaming well, please right-click on this link and save it to your computer. It should work better that way!


We hope to have the transcript of the interview up soon, too!

Don't forget to watch "The Good Mother" this weekend!

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Helen Slater’s career has encompassed motion pictures, television, music, and legitimate stage. Upon graduating from the famed High School of Performing Arts, her debut film performance in “Supergirl,” opposite Faye Dunaway and Peter O’Toole, won praise from the most cynical of critics and launched her performing career.

She went on to star in such films as “The Legend of Billie Jean,” “Ruthless People,” “The Secret of My Success,” City Slickers,” “Sticky Fingers,” “Lassie,” “No Way Back,” “The Steel,” and “Seeing Other People,” among others.

Her credits also include the Fox original movie “12:01,” Hallmark Hall of Fame’s “Best Friends for Life” with Gena Rowlands and “Toothless” with Kirstie Alley. She was a part of the all-star ensemble cast of Showtime’s guided improvisational films “Chantilly Lace” and “Parallel Lives.”

On television, Helen starred in two series over the last three years, “Gigantic” and “The Lying Game” on ABC Family.  Her other TV credits include “Capital News,” an ensemble drama set in a Washington newsroom long before the HBO series “The Newsroom” and she has guest-starred on such series as “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Private Practice,” “CSI New York,” “Law and Order SVU” and “Drop Dead Diva.”

Helen co-founded the theatre group The Naked Angels, and was a member of the Actor’s Movement Studio. She appeared in the off-Broadway plays, “Almost Romance” and “Responsible Parties,” and starred in the Pasadena Playhouse’s world premiere production of “The Big Day.”

She has also co-founded two improvisational theatre groups in Los Angeles: Otis Inspired and The Bubalaires,

A singer and songwriter since her days at the High School of Performing Arts, Helen has performed at clubs and benefits in the Los Angeles area. She has also written music and lyrics for an urban opera, “The Ugly Duckling,” which has been presented in workshop form, and has released three CD’s of her own original music.

Helen is married and has a 17-year-old daughter.  She resides in Los Angeles.

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Page updated 6/7/13

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