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"So Not Funny: Worst HIMYM Guest Stars" By Caitlin

Neil Patrick Harris and Carrie Underwood

CBS likes to keep its sitcoms going...and going...and going for years on end. Such is the case with "How I Met Your Mother," the hallmark comedy that continues to attract large audiences through the presence of Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel. Also doing their part to attract viewers are a barrage of guest stars, some of whom have proven to be quite funny in their roles. Unfortunately, several of the guests on "How I Met Your Mother" have been less than stellar and dragged down what otherwise could have been hilarious episodes. The following are a few of the show's worst guest stars to grace the television screen:

Carrie Underwood

She may be a lovely singer, but based on her awful performance on "How I Met Your Mother," Carrie Underwood should definitely stay away from acting. Although she didn't necessarily manage to destroy the episode, Underwood wound up being pretty...and not much else. Her character had next to no personality, and, playing what TV.com says was supposed to be an "enigmatic pharmaceutical rep," this should not have been the case.

Wayne Brady

It's a bit unfair to have Wayne Brady listed among the worst guest stars on "How I Met Your Mother." After all, this talented comedian has been on some of the best episodes of the show. Unfortunately, he was also present for several truly awful episodes, thus landing him a spot among the worst guest stars. The problem isn't so much Brady's acting as the writing for his reoccurring character. Often, he's not there for comedic value so much as to simply present the theme of any given episode.

Lindsay Price

Lindsay Price image by vagueonthehow via Flickr.

Lindsay Price came to "How I Met Your Mother" in 2007, when she played Cathy, yet another love interest for Ted. Head over heels for Cathy, Ted fails to notice that she has an annoying habit of talking to excess. And while Price does a decent job of portraying the obnoxiously talkative girlfriend, her performance is really more annoying than humorous.

Interestingly enough, Lindsay's presence on "How I Met Your Mother" wound up spurring an off-screen romance between her and Josh Radnor. The two dated for a little under two years before mutually deciding to call it quits in 2009.

Katie Holmes

Although she wore an adorable pumpkin costume during her appearance, Katie Holmes just was not up to scratch. Chalk it up to being an actress primarily known for a romantic teen television series. Zap2It describes her presence on "How I Met Your Mother" as decidedly awkward, destroying what otherwise could have been an excellent episode.

The ninth season of "How I Met Your Mother" is on the way, and with it is likely at least one poorly placed guest star. Of course, interspersed will also be several excellent guests, which, as Cable.org points out, can all be observed with the help of portable viewing devices. Whether you watch the show live on television or at a later date, you'll find it's worth wading through the occasional unfortunate guest star in order to enjoy the hilarity of the show's regular cast.

Caitlin Somers -Caitlin is a business consultant and mom of three. She enjoys writing when she isn't busy carpooling or volunteering at her kids' school.

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Page updated 8/28/13

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