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By Suzanne

Heather Tom

Interview with Heather Tom of "Renovation Unscripted" and "The Bold & The Beautiful" 7/3/13

I have been a big fan of Heather's for many years, not only because of her acting on soaps (which is amazing!) but also her active work with Planned Parenthood.  She is truly a great role model for young women.  It was nice to speak with her, and she was very sweet.

Here is the audio of our interview. I hope you enjoy it!

If the audio is not streaming well, please right-click on this link and save it to your computer. It should work better that way!


Here is the transcribed version by Gisele.

Q. Congratulations on your latest Emmy win! How did it feel to win another Emmy?

A. It's fun. It's a great night. It's fun to like spend it with my castmates, and my show did really well. It was a really great night.

Q. How are you displaying them at home?

A. They are on my piano, as of right now. I don't know if they're gonna stay there, but right now they're on the piano.

Q. How did "Restoration Unscripted" come about?

A. Well, my husband and I have been doing design for like 12 years, and HGTV approached us to do a show that kind of encompassed our live design projects, and we did a pilot, and they decided to pick us up for five more, so we did a total of six so far. They turned out really well. I never quite know how things are going to turn out, 'cause I don't have control over how they edit things or whatever, but I've been really happy with the way the shows look and the way the projects have come out. It's a fun show -- a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff -- so it's cool.

Q. Whose homes are you restoring?

A. It's a bunch of different clients. We did five projects, so we did some casting, some of them are friends of friends. The first one was actually an old dear friend of mine. So, it's some people that we know, some people that we were less acquainted with.

Q. Do you do anything toward making them environmentally friendly?

A. We definitely keep that in mind. We did a kitchen where we made sure our countertops were environmentally friendly. We definitely keep that in mind. When we're painting and that sort of thing, there are some really easy things that you can do that will definitely cut down on your environmental impact.

Q. Zane is adorable. How do you juggle being his mommy and being such a busy actress and now reality show hostess?

A. We have a very busy life, but he's a really cool kid, and he had to learn to kind of pack up and go. The nice thing is that I'm able to take him to work with me, and now he's able to earn a living, too. You know, there's no slacking off in this family. "The Bold and the Beautiful" is really conducive to bringing your kid to work. You have a nice big dressing room, and a lot of people do it, so it's definitely nice.

Q. How would YOU handle the situation with Brooke and Bill if you were Katie?

A. That give me the heaves. If my husband and my sister -- Yeah, no. I don't know that I would even handle it as well as Katie is handling it. I saw the show today, and she lost it. I think I might even go a little bit more ballistic. There better not be any firearms within arm's reach. People do strange things when they're in the throes of depression, but I don't think I'd be setting up my husband with my sister no matter how depressed I was.

Q. How long is your contract with B&B?

A. Interestingly enough, we're actually negotiating a contract right now, so my contract is up at the end of August. Hopefully, we'll see. Yeah, I love working on B&B. They're a family affair.

Q. Would you ever go back to Y&R to play Victoria if the opportunity were right?

A. Well, that role has been taken for, I think, almost nine years now, but I feel like Victoria will always be in my heart, and I loved working on "The Young and the Restless," but I feel like Katie is my role, and she's the only role that I want to play. They're both very distinct characters. I was so young when I was playing Victoria. The character has certainly evolved since I played her, and so she's a different character now than when I played her. Katie has her issues, too. So, I try to find myself in the characters, but they're both very, very different.

Q. Is there anything you can tell us about what will happen to Katie now that she's found out about Brooke and Bill?

A. Well, she's not gonna just lay down, so I will say that. She's definitely kind of found her voice finally, and she's not just gonna roll over and be above that.

Q. How are your brother and sister doing?

A. They're doing great. They're both still acting, and kind of pounding the pavement. My sister's on a new Showtime show called "Masters of Sex," so look for that in the fall.

Q. You played Kelly on OLTL. Are you watching the online version?

A. I haven't yet, but I'm definitely gonna tune in. I'm so proud of them, and I'm so glad that they found a home on the Internet. I'm so happy for all their fans. I thought it was a real tragedy that they were canceled when they were, and I'm glad that they have a new life online.

Q. Are you still active with Planned Parenthood? Are there any other organizations or charities of which you are a big supporter?

A. I am, but there are a lot of interesting things going on, for sure. Texas is a little insane right now, but hopefully, we'll continue to be able to provide women health services for women of all income levels and all geographical areas of the country. The other one that I like to spend a lot of time with is actually the local historic society that I'm really supportive of. I live in a historical home, and James and I, especially with our design, we're really into preserving older homes, not tearing homes down and building new ones. If you take a house and refurbish it and renovate it, and you can have a much smaller impact on the environment than if you tear things down and build it again. So, locally, we're very involved in our historic society here in Glendale.

Q. Do you have any other acting projects coming up?

A. Not really. I am always looking for stuff, and B&B can be really, really busy. We've got our summer hiatus coming up. Honestly, at this point, I'm just looking forward to going on vacation. I'm so tired. With an 8-month-old, I've never experienced this level of fatigue, so that's pretty much all I'm looking forward to doing as of right now. I am going to go to Hawaii if I have to swim there myself. I haven't figured out exactly what yet, but we are going to Hawaii. It's so beautiful. I've been to so many tropical places all over the world, and every time I go to places that are supposed to be amazing, like Fiji and Bora Bora, and I get there, and I'm like "But Hawaii is just as good. We forget. I think we get spoiled, because it's so close to us, we don't realize it's a pretty amazing place. I love it. It's my favorite place.

Q. I remember when you came on Twitter after winning your first Emmy. Has that been fun for you?

A. Twitter has become a bit of a habit now, but I'm not technologically-minded at all. I just have a hard time. Even today, I'm like, "How do I do this?" I mean, Twitter, I've kind of worked it out a little bit. I do enjoy talking with my fans one on one, which is something that you never used to be able to do. I love hearing all their opinions, whether they love Katie or hate her, and there are definitely people on there that really don't like you. Cool. I'm like, "Whatever. Express yourself." Yeah, I really love hearing from the fans and interacting with them. My Titter handle, or whatever it is, is @BBheathertom. I'm getting better at replying. I thought, at first, that if I just tweeted back my answer, it would go to the people, but now I know I have to actually reply to that.

Q. What would you like to tell your many fans?

A. I would like to tell them that there are amazing things coming up on B&B. I love the storyline. I think it's awesome and please watch out for our show on HGTV, "Renovation Unscripted." It's going to be on this Saturday at 4 and then there are two more episodes that I think they're going to have a marathon, so look out for those, as well. So, yeah, lots of exciting stuff coming out.

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