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By Suzanne

Interview with Maddie Hasson of "Twisted" on ABC Family 2/5/14

ABC Familyís Q&A with Maddie Hasson

Moderator: Could you describe the relationship between Jo and Rico?

Maddie: I donít think sheís ever thought about him as anything other than her friend. Sheís always thought of him as her best friend and someone who really gets her. Theyíre interested in the same things, they have fun together, and she can laugh with him. She can be child-like with him, she doesnít have to deal with the serious things in her life.

Moderator: What do you like most about playing Jo?

Maddie: With Jo, I really like to delve into all of her angst. Itís fun to work with those insecurities and add to them. Little things like biting my nails or twirling my hair helps with that persona. Itís really fun for me to get into that.

Moderator: Which moment between Jo and Danny is your favorite?

Maddie: I really enjoyed the dancing at the festival. I got to wear that big dress -- and we did a funny dance and a cute little waltz. I really enjoyed that because I was a dancer before, and so was Avan, so we got to play around and make that up ourselves, which was fun and creative.

Moderator: How would you describe next weekís winter premiere in just one word?

Maddie: I would say: ď180.Ē The entire show flips on its head. By the end of the first episode, itís very shocking what happens. Iím excited for everybody to see it and see what they think.

Moderator: Whatís it like working on the set of Twisted?

Maddie: Itís really fun because weíre all in the same boat. Weíre all very young and at the beginning of our careers. So we all have that thirst for knowledge and learning. Itís so exciting to be around that energy all the time.

Moderator: Who is the funniest person on set?

Maddie: Everyone has their own sense of humor. Avan has a very dark sense of humor, which I enjoy. Heís really funny.

Moderator: If you could play any other character on the show, who would it be?

Maddie: I would probably choose Rico, if Rico were a female [laughs]. Heís got some really great one-liners, but I wouldnít deliver them nearly as well as Ashton does, because Ashton is great.

Moderator: What is your favorite part about filming Twisted?

Maddie: Definitely the people. I enjoy working with them individually so much! When the entire cast gets together we all have a really great time.

Moderator: How did you get started in acting?

Maddie: I was a dancer first, which made me realize how much I loved performing. I randomly went to a casting session in my hometown in North Carolina, and the casting director introduced me to my manager. I really lucked into it!

Moderator: What was your favorite upcoming episode to film?

Maddie: I really like the first episode, the winter premiere. It flips the entire plot, and it leads us in an entirely different direction than we were going in our last season. Itís a really cool way to start out the new season.

Moderator: What do you hope will happen between Jo and Danny?

Maddie: I can see them more together now than I did last season, but itís too soon to tell.

Moderator: Whatís do you think is going to happen with Danny?

Maddie: Letís just say he gets into a lot more trouble than he was already in!

Moderator: If you werenít an actor, what else would you be doing?

Maddie: If I wasnít an actor, I would probably be writing or doing something with psychology. I think probably the reason why I really enjoy acting is that I really am interested in people. Iím interested in what they think, why they think it and what happened in their lives to make them see things a certain way.

Moderator: If you could work with any actor who would it be?

Maddie: Morgan Freeman!

Moderator: How does Jo deal with the relationship between Danny and Lacey?

Maddie: She sees that Danny isnít interested in her, so she lets go of that idea. She is a little bit jaded by Lacey not telling her about her relationship with Danny. I think sheís more apt to rebuild her friendship with Lacey than she is with Danny.

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Page updated 8/15/14

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