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By Suzanne

Lindsay Hartley

Interview with Lindsay Hartley of "Killer Twin" on Lifetime 7/27/18

It was great to speak with Lindsay again! I interviewed her two years ago for another Lifetime movie. She's a very nice, fun person to interview.

Make sure you watch her movie because she does a great dual role in it. It's an exciting movie!

Here's the audio of our interview. Below is the transcript!

Suzanne: I have to remember to call you Lindsay because for a long time I watched you on Passions. So I think of you as Theresa, I'm sorry.

Lindsay: That's all right.

Suzanne: I've seen you on other shows, but still, the name sticks in my head, I don't know why.

Lindsay: 'Cause it was nine years maybe.

Suzanne: Maybe. That's funny. So, I watched your movie, and I enjoyed it. You did a great job.

Lindsay: Oh, good. Oh, good, thanks. Okay cool. 'Cause some of the people I've been talking to haven't seen the ... They didn't get the movie, and some people have. So, you liked it?

Suzanne: Yeah, you did a really good job. You were the best thing about the movie, let's put it that way.

Lindsay: Oh, thanks. Did you buy the two girls, or ... ?

Suzanne: Yeah, that was what you were really good at. Yeah, that, and it wasn't a boring movie. I think it moved along really well. It was interesting. In fact, I would think that they probably will make a sequel, since they left it open at the end, don't you think?

Lindsay: You're not the first person who said that, too. I don't know. I guess I should ... I might talk to some executive producers and say something, 'cause you're not the first person I've talked to that's bringing that up. It'd be kinda fun too, actually. And even when we were filming it, we jokingly thought about a sequel, about how much fun.

Lindsay: And plus, this group that I worked with, was like, awesome. It was the best [inaudible]

Suzanne: I'm having a little trouble hearing you. Can you ...

Lindsay: Oh okay. ... Accompanied by this production company that I worked for in Vancouver, the cast and the crew. They were amazing. Everyone was so happy, and they worked so hard, everyone really wanted to make this product, a great product, and a have fun doing it. Like passionate people. It was really, really nice. Everybody.

Suzanne: That's good, that's good.

Lindsay: Yeah. It is nice. You know, it's a blessing when that happens. Anyway, yeah. So where were we?

Suzanne: So how did the role come about?

Lindsay: I just got the call that, "You wanna do this movie? Take a look at it." And I did, and I saw that they were twins, and I was like, "Hell yeah, I wanna play twins. How much fun would that be?" [inaudible 00:02:22] really quick, actually; I was just came back from shooting a Hallmark Christmas movie. I came back, I had like two days with my daughter for Thanksgiving, and then I took off to Vancouver to shoot this film. So it was kind of a fun month, it was fun. You know.

Suzanne: Right.

Lindsay: We're lucky to do what we do, right? (laughs)

Suzanne: So, yeah, that's kinda funny, in a way, when you think that you were on all those soaps and then you had to do a Lifetime movie to play the evil twin? (laughs)

Lindsay: Yeah, I know, right? Yeah. I think I was trying to ... I don't think I've ever killed anyone before Amber. Amber the twin sister kills ... she kills Eunice, but she really like, murders Kendra's best friend [inaudible 00:03:20] Like really killed the [inaudible 00:03:22] . So I was like, "Oh, this is my first real killer role." You know? (laughs) Yeah, it was fun.

Suzanne: I guess you usually play the good guy.

Lindsay: Yeah, and even if I don't play the good guy, I'm like a liar, a cheater, or a ... I'm not necessarily a murderer, you know? Yeah.

Suzanne: Maybe it'll open up a whole new type of role for you. (laughs)

Lindsay: Yeah, no, I loved it; I had a great time. I had a great time playing it. Yeah, the cast is really lovely. The guy that played my husband was super sweet and talented. And the girl that played my best friend, Bethany Brown, same thing. Just, lovely people. Super talented. Just want to do a great job. The director, David Langlois, same thing. You know, everyone was very ... working together under the quick time that we had, to put out a movie. So, it was fun.

Suzanne: Did you figure out yourself how to make Kendra and Amber different, or did the director help you with that?

Lindsay: You know ... it's something that I was thinking about. Like "How do I do that?" And so I kind of ... No, I mean, I talked to him about it, make sure he was okay with it, he liked it. You know ... It's scary, you want people to really buy two different people, knowing that clearly people know it's just me. You know what I mean?

Suzanne: Right.

Lindsay: And so, it was a little bit of pressure behind there. And so we definitely talked about it. And he was there for me to check in to make sure it was working. I hoped it was working. I tried to make Amber more like ... she kinda walked different. She was a little more of a dude. I kinda played her more like a guy. And I tried to play Kendra more like, girly. And then everything else comes with it, that Amber's a killer, and Kendra's, like, loves children.

Suzanne: Exactly.

Lindsay: I mean, I don't know if you bought any of that, but I tried to give her a little bit more ... yeah.

Suzanne: Yeah, I could tell; I mean, it also helped, you had different makeup, and hair, and stuff ... I guess the hard part is always when Amber is pretending to be Kendra.

Lindsay: Yeah. That was pretty tricky, how to make sure people still knew it was Amber. (laughs) Yeah, at that point, I was a little worried about that, too, when we watched the movie ... I watched the director's cut and I talked to the director, and I'm like, "Oh my God, are they even gonna know which is who? And is it working?" I was so worried. You know. But, I don't know. And then I saw the movie the other day, and I thought, "I think you could tell who was who."

Suzanne: Yeah, you could tell.

Lindsay: Okay, good.

Suzanne: If it was confusing, I would have been like, "Hmm ... " (laughs) But it wasn't confusing.

Lindsay: Okay, cool.

Suzanne: Maybe all that time you worked with ... Oh gosh, now I'm blanking on the name. The guy that played Adam and Stewart on All My Children.

Lindsay: Oh, David Canary?

Suzanne: Yes. He had to do that all the time.

Lindsay: Yeah, I know. That's crazy. But how fun for him, right?

Suzanne: Yeah. So, what was the most fun thing about doing the movie?

Lindsay: I mean, I think ... maybe as difficult as the last scene was, the climax scene, I had to basically act mostly by myself, 'cause they're interacting with each other. Like, we had a photo double stand there to give me an eye line. And they had scripty --they call it the word "scripty"-- is the person who reads the lines for if you forget them, or just text for continuity, things like that. They have scripty reading a dialogue, like over by Video Village, I had a photo double in front of me, and so I was a bit nervous about my performance, like, is it gonna match the other side, 'cause I don't know what I'm doing, 'cause it's me doing it, and I don't get to see it, right? I'm not in it with myself; it's just me. But I was super pumped by the two girls fighting each other and then at the end of the movie, I though that's a really cool thing to have, to really see the two girls actually on screen at the same time together. So I think that was kinda neat, like it was neat for that.

Lindsay: I just like playing twins. I just had a great time, you know?

Suzanne: So, did you do anything else in particular to prepare for either of the roles, being a teacher, or whatever?

Lindsay: The only thing that I really did to prepare was I flew in on Friday, went straight to a fitting or whatever, and had dinner with producer and the director and we kinda talked about stuff. Kinda like, went through some things about her looks, and the different girls, and how we can make them look different. And with the amount of changing that I would have to do. Because I would have to go from Amber and Kendra constantly. So we talked about that, and the following day we had one day off, we had Saturday off, and then we started on Sunday. And [inaudible 00:08:51]. And then that Saturday, I just kinda wrote down Amber's story. Like what happens, what does she do throughout the entire script. Because it was hard to keep the stories straight. 'Cause it's quick, these movies. You get the script, and then you're on set, so quickly after. And then I wrote down Kendra's story, and then, everything that she goes through. And then I connected how what one sister says to the other, or vice-versa, that affects the story. And then for some reason, that made everything make sense to me.

Suzanne: Oh, that's cool.

Lindsay: Yeah, I was like, "Oh okay, now I see their journey, and now all I need to do is just make sure I know my dialogue, and go to work, and the whole thing." But that really helped. So I guess that was a good little trick that I never ... I just did, you know, in my room. [crosstalk]

Suzanne: Well, whatever worked, huh?

Lindsay: Yeah, thankfully, right? Made things a little easier. Yeah.

Suzanne: So, did you do any of the stunts yourself?

Lindsay: Yeah, I think everything except for falling off the balcony. (laughs) I left that one to the stunt [inaudible 00:10:05] Yeah.

Lindsay: That was scary. Yeah. They had to do that a couple of times, too. It was kinda scary. Yeah.

Suzanne: And you said it was filmed up in Toronto?

Lindsay: Vancouver.

Suzanne: Vancouver, okay.

Suzanne: And it took you a month to film it?

Lindsay: Like three weeks.

Suzanne: Wow, that's fast.

Lindsay: Yeah, they push them out really quick.

Suzanne: (laughs) I guess all that soap training really came in handy, huh?

Lindsay: I think so, I mean, I think all the Lifetime ... I mean, soap actors that have done Lifetime, would probably say the same thing, yeah. For sure.

Suzanne: That's cool.

Suzanne: Now, we have a Passions section, Days of Our Lives section, and everything, and I have these two twins who have been working for my site since they were teenagers and they're Days and Passions fans. And they run that section of our site, Michelle and Cheryl. I actually just occurred to me they're twins; I'll have to ask them how they liked that movie.

Lindsay: Oh yeah. Let them know. Let me know.

Suzanne: Well, they wanna know who you still keep in touch with from Passions.

Lindsay: Eva, Brooke, Eric, Travis ... Travis and Ally through social media. But Eva and Brooke I see in person. Eric Martsolf through text and social media. I mean, quite a bit of people. You know. [inaudible 00:11:42] great thing about social media; you can just ... You know, McKenzie, same thing. You can Instagram message people and talk to them through Instagram. You know what I mean? But it's crazy; quite a few people I still keep in touch with.

Suzanne: Yeah. Well I guess everybody does that now, just keep in touch with people they know around the country, that way. Well, I guess your ex-husband too, 'cause you share a kid, right?

Lindsay: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. We have a daughter together.

Suzanne: So, yeah.

Suzanne: All right. Well then, I also posted on Facebook from different fans. And Becky from Facebook wants to know if you would ever come back to the daytime soaps.

Lindsay: I would love to come back to daytime soaps. If everything lines up and I get the opportunity, I am absolutely ... would be honored to go back to daytime. Huge fan of daytime.

Suzanne: Cool. Yeah. Well, I'm sure all your fans would live to see you back on [inaudible 00:12:40]

Lindsay: (laughs) Yeah. Well, hopefully it'll happen, right?

Suzanne: Yeah. That would be great. I could see you on Young and the Restless. I mean, that's a good one. That's the top one.

Lindsay: Yeah. No. For sure. That would be great. Amazing.

Suzanne: And it's always good to see a familiar face, you know, even if they're playing a different role, you know?

Lindsay: Yeah. Yeah, that's true.

Suzanne: So, my last question is, what other projects on you working on or do you have coming up?

Lindsay: I just came back about three weeks ago from Ottawa. I did a movie out there called Terrified at Seventeen. On Lifetime there's a few movies that are "at Seventeen" movies. There's one that's like "Murder at Seventeen," or this one "at Seventeen," and so on. And so I just did Terrified at Seventeen, and I play mother who has the DID, dissociative identity disorder [inaudible 00:13:40] character who has four multi personalities.

Suzanne: Wow.

Lindsay: That was pretty awesome. Yeah, it was fun.

Suzanne: That must have been fun after playing a twin. That's almost like the next logical step, right?

Lindsay: Yeah, yeah. And it's funny you used the word logical.

Suzanne: Well, yeah.

Lindsay: (laughs) Yeah, it was ... that was pretty fun. And I had [inaudible] my writing friend and myself we've written movies, and lost two years, and one aired on Lifetime last year. We've got three just finished being filmed. Hopefully they'll all air on Lifetime or LMN. And there's one that [inaudible] production in New York, in like three weeks.

Suzanne: Oh, great.

Lindsay: So we're writing, do that on the side, and I'm just trying to stay busy. My daughter's hopping into high school.

Suzanne: Oh, wow.

Lindsay: Yeah, it's pretty insane.

Suzanne: Where did that time go, huh?

Lindsay: Oh my God, I know, my little baby. My little baby's getting so big!

Suzanne: (laughs) Wow.

Lindsay: [inaudible]

Suzanne: Well, okay, I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me, and I should have this up before next weekend.

Lindsay: Yeah. Okay. And thanks again so much for watching and I'm glad that you liked it.

Suzanne: Oh yeah, I did. I'll hope for the sequel.

Lindsay: What?

Suzanne: I'll hope for the sequel.

Lindsay: Oh, you're so sweet. Okay, yeah. (laughs) Thank you.

Suzanne: All right. Talk to you - bye bye.

Lindsay: All right, bye bye. Talk to you- bye.


Lindsay, Hartley who is known to millions of soap opera fans, will be starring as twins in a new Lifetime TV movie, "Killer Twin," premiering on Saturday, August 4 at 8pm.
The premise is: twin sisters, separated in an adoption mishap when they were three years old, end up with completely different lives.
But when they meet up again, decades later, the one who  has swindled her way through life sets out to steal the identity, the job and even the life of her successful sister.


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Page updated 7/28/18

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