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By Suzanne

Jade Harlow

Interview with Jade Harlow of "A Daughter's Deception" on Lifetime 3/20/19

It was fun to speak with Jade! We've been Facebook friends a long time, and I happened to notice when she posted about her new movie. I've interviewed several actors recently who were on the soaps before, and are in current Lifetime movies, so I took a chance and messaged her about an interview. I'm so glad it worked out! She's very kind and we had an excellent interview. Her movie airs Saturday, March 23 at 8/7pm on Lifetime.

Here's the audio of our interview. Here is the interview transcript:

Suzanne: Are you in LA?

Jade: I am. How 'bout you?

Suzanne: I'm in Arkansas.

Jade: Oh, very cool.

Suzanne: Yeah, not really. [Laughs]

Jade: Well, my family is from Tennessee, so I know that they had a bad bout of rain that just would not let up.

Suzanne: Yeah.

Jade: You all got hit pretty hard.

Suzanne: Yeah. It's funny, we had a really dry spring and summer last year, and then after that it's just rain, rain, rain, rain.

Jade: Well, I'm glad to hear that it's drying up and warming up.

Suzanne: Yeah. That's good. Welcome, Facebook friend!

Jade: Hello, thank you. Thank you for having me.

Suzanne: Yes. So how did the role in this Lifetime movie come about for you?

Jade: I went in to read for a casting director named Paul Ready, who is fantastic. He's a great man, and he does a lot of these kind of projects and other projects. And I went in to read for him for something else entirely. And I got the call, and I got an offer for what I went in to read for. And then I got another call right away that was like, "Hold on, wait a minute there. They're gonna move you to a different movie, just stay tuned." And I was like, "What? Okay." And they ended up bumping up my position and putting me on a different film, and that's how it happened.

Suzanne: Wow.

Jade: Yeah.

Suzanne: That's pretty unusual.

Jade: Yeah, it was super unusual, but super awesome.

Suzanne: Yeah. I've heard that Lifetime likes former soap opera actors, because you can learn a whole lot of dialogue really quickly, and they make those movies very quickly, and also you have fans following you.

Jade: Yeah, they do do these films and the Hallmark films really, really fast. My experience that it's two weeks of shooting, six day weeks, long days. But they're really efficient. So it doesn't feel like too much. And they're a blast to do... I've met some phenomenal people, and gone to some really cool little places I never would've gone to.

Suzanne: Right. So it took about two weeks to make this?

Jade: Yes, it took exactly two weeks. Two six day weeks with Sundays off.

Suzanne: Okay. Where was it filmed?

Jade: We shot "A Daughter's Deception" in the Simi Valley area.

Suzanne: Okay.

Jade: Yeah.

Suzanne: What can you tell us about the story and your role in it?

Jade: She was a young mother, and because of her parents' beliefs, they would not allow her to keep the baby. So she had to give the baby up for adoption. And she herself being a minor at the time, the parents had the control. And it broke her heart, but she did it. And as soon as she could move out of that house, she got out of that house and away from the oppression of her parents, and started a life for herself. And met a great guy and had another beautiful daughter and a happy family. And then one day her first born shows up out of the blue, which is everything you'd want if you'd wondered, "Is she gonna be okay? Are they gonna love her like I would love her and take care of her?" So that's all the safe stuff I can tell you.

Suzanne: Right.

Jade: Yeah.

Suzanne: If you go to the Lifetime site they have a real short synopsis. But the daughter is not what she expected, and that she's--

Jade: Not at all.

Suzanne: Doing whatever she can to the people who get in her way, and all that kinda thing.

Jade: Yeah. She very quickly develops a relationship with the daughter that I have when she comes back into my life, which normally, under those circumstances you think, "Okay, here's my first born that I had to give up for adoption, and I have another child in a stable home. How is this gonna work?" And they end up getting along really, really well, which in the beginning is everything that my character wants, and then becomes a point of worry.

Suzanne: Right.

Jade: Yeah.

Suzanne: What was your favorite thing about filming it?

Jade: It was the people, honestly. Everybody from the directors, who are awesome. Kenny Gage and Devon Downs are fantastic, they're a team of directors that do more than just these kind of films. So they have an unusual approach, but also you just feel like you're in really good, safe hands with them. Sorry, I'm drying off my face.

Suzanne: Oh.

Jade: And the producers and the cast, they were all just really good people to spend hours and hours and hours troubleshooting and working this out with.

Suzanne: Okay, great. I see in the cast list here on IMDB that Dan Gauthier is in the movie too?

Jade: Yes he is.

Suzanne: Does he play your husband?

Jade: No. Playing my husband is ... Oh my gosh, it's been over a year.

Suzanne: Rusty Joiner?

Jade: Rusty Joiner.

Suzanne: Yeah, okay.

Jade: Rusty Joiner plays my husband in the film.

Suzanne: Okay. Yeah, I knew the name Dan Gauthier 'cause he used to be on "One Life to Live."

Jade: Well, I'm sure once you see him, you'll be like, "You haven't aged a day."

Suzanne: Oh, yeah. He was always cute.

Jade: Yeah.

Suzanne: Now, were there any challenges involved in filming the movie?

Jade: Yeah, every film and show comes with a new set of its own unique challenges. I will say in this one (and I hope this isn't giving too much away) there's a sequence that required some stunts. And they had stunt doubles there all prepared to go in and do whatever needs doing, and they were a great team of stunt actresses. And I'd been boxing for like nine months and I was like, "I wanna take a go, I wanna have a try. Let me try to do this." And I did several takes of what my stunt person was going to do for me, and, girl, I have never been so sore in my life! And bruised. And I fully regretted that.  I will now leave that up to the professionals. But I'm proud that I did it.

Suzanne: That's good. And they're gonna use the part that you did? Not say, "Okay, let's do it with the stunt double."?

Jade: No. Once they saw my first go at it, they were just like, "Let's do it. Let's just use her. It's fine."

Suzanne: That's good.

Jade: There is one scene where my double, after I had done it, I looked at her and I was like, "Girl, please, can you?" And she was like, "I've been dying for you to ask." So, yeah....

Suzanne: So that's good. At least it wasn't all for nothing; they're at least using some of what you did. That's good.

Jade: Oh no, they're using a lot of what I did.

Suzanne: Oh good, good. Yeah.

Jade: Yeah.

Suzanne: Actually it's funny--

Jade: If you can see my face, you know it's me.

Suzanne: Okay. It's funny because I just watched a comedy called 'Con Man', it's about actors who do a sci-fi kind of film. Anyway, there's a part in it where the guy is in this show, and he doesn't wanna let the stunt man-- he's being all macho and doesn't wanna let the stunt man do his job. And then, of course, every terrible thing happens to him.

Jade: Of course.

Suzanne: So that reminds me of it.

Jade: Always. Yeah.

Suzanne: Do you ever get recognized when you're out in public for your roles? And if so, which ones?

Jade: Sometimes. It's always a little odd, 'cause you assume when someone's like, "Oh, I know you," it's like, "Oh, no, I've forgotten someone I know."

Suzanne: Oh, right.

Jade: You have this feeling of, "Oh no. I've just forgot." And then they're like, "I know you from ..." And it's like, "Oh, thank God. Okay, thank you." So, yeah, that's happened a couple of times. It's funny that happened to me most recently... there's a little place down the street that does really good facials for a good price. And I went in, and, I don't know if you've ever had a facial, or even done one at home, but you don't look so good right after.

Suzanne: Ah, okay.

Jade: You know what I mean? You have no makeup on... if there is anything going on, on your face, it's in full bloom. And I got recognized right after a facial, and it was for a Christmas movie I had done, it was around the holidays last year. She was very, very sweet about it. But I sort of walked away going, "Man, I wish I had makeup on when that happened!"

Suzanne: I'm sure you looked great, anyway. She couldn't have recognized you if you didn't.

Jade: That's crazy, I couldn't believe it. I thought, "Okay, if I go with no makeup, I'm fully incognito, right?" No. Wrong. This is a lesson that even to the grocery store, I should have a little something on.

Suzanne: Well, if she recognized you, though, then you must look pretty close. 'Cause otherwise she wouldn't have recognized you.

Jade: Well, thank you.

Suzanne: If you looked that horrible....

Jade: Here's hoping, here's hoping. Thank you.

Suzanne: You were on "Passions," and also on "Days of Our Lives".... soap fans can be a little out there sometimes. Do you have any crazy or funny fan encounter stories?

Jade: Yeah. A few, to be honest, 'cause they are really loyal and very diehard, very similar to Comicon fans.

Suzanne: Sure.

Jade: Back in the day, when I was doing "Passions," I remember doing a charity basketball tournament, and there was a bathroom -- we used the same bathroom as everybody in the school, all the people attending the basketball game -- And there was a broken stall. It was the only one free. And I went in, and fans came in, and were trying to engage, and I really had to be like, "Can you just hold this door closed for me, for just like two minutes, and I promise you, I will be right back, and of course do and say whatever you need?" But I had to ask for help because the bathroom door was fully broken, yeah.

Suzanne: That's funny. Did they ask you questions while you were in there?

Jade: They knew it was the only bathroom for everybody attending the game. You're at a high school, it was the high school bathroom. I was totally like, "You guys let me know where the principal is, and I'll let them know that he's gotta fix that door in the ladies' room." And they were like, "Could you?" I was like, "You betcha."

Suzanne: That's funny. Do you still stay in touch with any actors from those shows?

Jade: I do see a few on occasion and stay in touch with some of them. I just did a podcast with Chrystee Pharris....

Suzanne: Oh, all right.

Jade: She's fantastic. She's such a talent and such a great person. That should be coming out I think in the next month. I text with Dana Sparks, who played my mom, a lot.

Suzanne: Oh, she was great.

Jade: Yeah. I adore her. She's so rock and roll. What no one will ever know is that Dana is such a rock star deep down. So I really love her, and I see Eric Martsof often. Yeah, those are the ones. Oh, and Galen [Gering], run into Galen here and there. But it's always a happy reunion with those folks. We were tight knit then, and there's always a family-protective-love vibe when I run into them.

Suzanne: That's nice. Do you have anything else coming up this year that you can tell us about?

Jade: I'm thrilled to announce that I just found out an hour ago that I got nominated for an Emmy.

Suzanne: Oh, great!

Jade: I was nominated for best lead actress in the Amazon series that I've been doing called "The Bay."

Suzanne: Oh right, yeah.

Jade: Yeah. So really over the moon, excited, and WOOO about that right now.

Suzanne: Congratulations!

Jade: I'm so excited. Girl, I don't even know what to do. I fully wanna go out and have a margarita early in the day by myself and just be like, "Yay!" But I won't. I will restrain myself.

Suzanne: Well, if you do, wear a hat and sunglasses. You don't want a picture of you coming out of there.

Jade: I know, right? Drinking alone. That's a little weird. And yeah, I have a film that is going to Tribeca right now, it's a prequel of a short that I did years ago called "Turning Point." And what they've done, is, they've taken a series of shorts that they shot, like, episodes, and they've strung them together in a way where you can see various parts of the world collapsing during the apocalypse as the virus goes widespread. And I'm playing an EMT in the middle of ... Right before quarantine happens, and curfew. So the world is on fire, and I'm going from house-to-house, trying to decipher who's been infected and who's just having a heart attack, and that kinda thing. And that will also be called "Turning Point." And that's by writer-director duo Ryan Morrison and Joe Pena, who just did the incredible survival film "Arctic," I don't know if you saw it....?

Suzanne: No, I didn't.

Jade: It's the best survival film, in my opinion, ever made. And they have another film coming out with Anna Kendrick and Tony Colette called "Stowaway." So, it was great to meet up with them again after all of these years, and shoot something. 'Cause they're such great talents.

Suzanne: Cool.

Jade: Yeah.

Suzanne: I guess I chose the right person to interview, since you just got that nomination... that's great.

Jade: I'm shocked. I was like, "Does she know something I don't?" Because the time that you chose was the same time as the nominations dropping.

Suzanne: Oh, that's funny.

Jade: And it just so happened that they started coming out a little earlier than the interweb told me they would.

Suzanne: That's great. No, I guess I just got lucky.

Jade: Both of us.

Suzanne: Well, I saw you posting about your Lifetime movie. And I just interviewed two former soap actors last week who have Lifetime movies, and I was going to be interviewing another one this week. And I asked the woman that got me in touch with the others, "Hey, can you get me in touch with Jade Harlow?" And she said ... She wasn't apparently connected to that particular movie. So I said, "Well, I'll give her a try on Facebook, see what happens."

Jade: Well, I'm so glad you did. A good girlfriend of mine, Alicia Willis, just did a Lifetime movie.

Suzanne: Yes. Yeah, she's one of the ones I interviewed last week!

Jade: Okay, great, she's such a good person. I love her.

Suzanne: Oh, she seems very nice. Yeah.

Jade: Yeah, she's super cool.

Suzanne: And she was in "The Bay," too, right?

Jade: Yeah, she's also on "The Bay."

Suzanne: Cool. I have to watch that one of these days. There's so many things out there.

Jade: Well it's like if you have somebody that you love, for example with 'One Life to Live', and you haven't seen them in a long time, chances are they're on our show.

Suzanne: Yeah. No, I know all about it. It's just one of those things. There's so many-

Jade: There's so much to watch, I get it.

Suzanne: Yeah. And I try to watch all the new shows coming out, and plus I have DVDs to review. So I've always got a stack of things to watch.

Jade: Right. Right, well, hopefully they're more good ones than not so good ones...?

Suzanne: Oh, yeah, no, it's a great time. It's a great time to be a fan of good TV. There's just so much of it.

Jade: Yeah. Oh, yeah. What are you looking forward to coming out?

Suzanne: Oh, wow.

Jade: As far as shows and stuff go?

Suzanne: I don't know. I can't answer that right now.

Jade: All right.

Suzanne: If I think of something, I'll tell you on Facebook.

Jade: Okay, cool.

Suzanne: My mind is kind of like--

Jade: I will say, I've been waiting for over a year for the new season of 'Game of Thrones'.

Suzanne: Oh, yeah.

Jade: The nerd in me is so excited.

Suzanne: Oh, actually, no, I do know. I do know. I can't think of the name of it now, but there's a comedy on IFC with Hank Azaria that I really love, and it's coming back soon.

Jade: He's so talented.

Suzanne: April 3rd the season three is coming back... "Brockmire!" that's what it's called.

Jade: Oh, "Brockmire."

Suzanne: Yeah, love that show, so funny.

Jade: I'll have to check it out.

Suzanne: It's gross sometimes, but it's more funny than gross. And then also "Lodge 49," when that comes back, that's another one that's really good... on AMC.

Jade: Oh wow. These are new things that you're bringing for me to watch.

Suzanne: Well, good.

Jade: I love it. Thank you.

Suzanne: It's not a hilarious comedy, but it's a good comedy, and it's got great characters, and it's really good. What's his name... Kurt Russel's son, Wyatt, stars in it.

Jade: Oh. Oh, that's cool.

Suzanne: Yeah, no, it's really interesting. I recommend it to everybody. So you should check it out.

Jade: I'll check it out.

Suzanne: Yeah, definitely. Now, anything else you'd like to say to your fans?

Jade: Thank you. Really, I mean, I know it sounds like the obvious thing to say. But thank you for watching my stuff, and supporting me, and just really adding to the joy of being in this business. It's hard, and you deal with a lot of "no," and you deal with a lot of rejection. And the fans don't always realize it, but sometimes they can be the ones to turn your world upside down and bring you a smile on a day where you didn't think one was coming.

Suzanne: Aw, that's nice.

Jade: So, yeah. Thank you.

Suzanne: Okay. Now, do you have an official bio that you can send me that I can add on to this?

Jade: I don't.

Suzanne: How 'bout an unofficial one?

Jade: You know what? A long time ago somebody was like, "You should make a bio." And I went, "Ha!" Let me just see, I'm gonna do the inbox all mailboxes, see if anything shows up with bio. Oh, look! Something showed up. I have something.

Suzanne: Okay, good. Well. just post it to me on messenger, if you would?

Jade: You got it. I'm doing it right now.

Suzanne: All right, thanks, appreciate it.

Jade: No, thank you.

Suzanne: Well, and thanks for calling me. And good luck, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you for the Daytime Emmy.

Jade: Thank you, Suzanne, I so appreciate it.

Suzanne: All right. Thanks a lot.

Jade: Appreciate it.

Suzanne: Bye bye.

Jade: Bye.


Jade Harlow is a three time Emmy award winning actress and producer. She is Known for her work in television and film. Projects such as NBC’s Days of Our Lives, CBS’s ZOO, Marvel’s Agents of Shield & she is nominated for another Emmy this year for Best Lead Actress for her role as “Lianna Ramos” on Amazon’s The Bay The Series. Catch her this Saturday in “A Daughter’s Deception” on Lifetime.

Jade Harlow on social media:  Facebook Twitter Instagram

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Forced to give up her daughter for adoption when she's underage, Laura is thrilled to welcome her now adult daughter Bree back into her life. She quickly discovers that Bree is a sociopath with murderous tendencies and poses a clear and present danger to anyone who threatens to get in her way. Jade Harlow, Rusty Joiner, Kennedy Tucker, Skyler Wright, Ren Ashton, and Brian McGovern star.

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