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By Suzanne

Yaz and Jussie

Interview with Jussie Smollett and Yaz (Bryshere Gray) of "Empire" on FOX 3/17/15

It was great to chat with these two young guys. They have SO much enthusiasm and energy. It was amazing to hear on the phone.

Final Transcript
March 17, 2015/9:30 a.m. PDT

Alex Gillespie
Jussie Smollett


Moderator: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for standing by and welcome to the Empire conference call. At this time, all participants are in a listen-only mode. Later, we will conduct a question and answer session. (Operator instructions.) As a reminder, this conference call is being recorded.

At this time, I will turn the conference call over to your host, Miss Alex Gillespie. Please go ahead.

Alex: Good morning, everyone, and thank you so much for joining us. Welcome to the Empire finale call with Jussie Smollett and Yazz. A reminder that the Empire finale is tomorrow night at 8 p.m. on Fox.

Without further ado, Iíd like to turn it over to Jussie and Yazz.

Yazz: Hey, hey, hey.

Jussie: Hi. How are you? This is Jussie. Nice to talk to you guys.

Yazz: Nice to talk to you all.

Alex: Great. Can we start with some questions?

Moderator: Thank you. (Operator instructions.) The first question will come from Lisa Steinberg with Starry Constellation. Please go ahead.

Lisa: Hi, guys. Happy St. Patrickís Day. Thanks for talking Ė

Jussie: Hi, Lisa. Happy St. Patrickís Day.

Yazz: Hey, Happy St. Patrickís.

Lisa: I am a huge, huge fan of this show. I love you guys on the show. Jamal has this wonderful butter voice that [indiscernible].

Jussie: Aw, thank you so much.

Yazz: I love you, too, baby. Donít forget about Hakeem.

Lisa: Of course.

Man: [Indiscernible].

Lisa: The two of you have this wonderful on-screen chemistry together and, of course, we know that the relationship between Jamal and Hakeem has kind of evolved over the season. Iíd like to hear from you both about how it moves forward throughout the finale. At the end of the last episode, you guys were, of course, together with Lola but since itís been so heated this season, can you talk about what weíll see towards the finale?

Yazz: First of all Ė Juss, you want to go first?

Jussie: No. Go ahead, brother.

Yazz: As youíve seen throughout the season, the brothers, theyíre clashing. There is a lot of success going on. Theyíre making a lot of money and itís about if theyíre going to stick together through the new adventures that are going on in their lives. The season finale is where you get to see that. Itís going to be crazy.

Jussie: Yea, and as far as the relationship and the chemistry between both Hakeem and Jamal and, obviously, essentially, myself and Yazz, the thing about Hakeem and Jamal is that they compete and there are other people that really have their hands in the pot of their brotherhood, but at the same time they always find themselves back to each other. They always find their way back to each other somehow.

I think thatís the beautiful thing about them is that families fight; families have issues. Not exactly as many issues as the Lyons family, but, families fight and they have issues and then they come back together at the end of the day and theyíre a family. I think that it speaks volumes about brotherhood, the fact that Hakeem is so supportive of Jamal. Jamal is so supportive of Hakeem, but then it leads into our friendship and our brotherhood outside of the work.

I feel like I watch the show sometimes, like when Yazz was performing ďNothing but a Number,Ē my character was excited, but my character was excited because I was genuinely excited because that was the first time I heard the song and I loved it and he was killing it. Thereís that brotherhood and camaraderie that we share. I think thatís what you see.

Lisa: Great. Thank you.

Jussie: Thatís what you see.

Lisa: I love it. I appreciate it. The show is amazing. Congratulations on all the success.

Jussie: Thank you so much.

Yazz: Thank you, sweetheart.

Moderator: Thank you. The next question in queue will come from Jim Halterman with Please go ahead.

Jim: Hey, guys. Thanks for your time today. Appreciate it.

Jussie: Jim, whatís up? We met at TCA [ph], didnít we?

Jim: We sure did. We sure did. Iíve got questions for both of you.

Yazz: Whatís up, Jimmy? Whatís up, brother?

Jim: Hey, man. Hey, Yazz. Let me ask Jussie a question first. Last time we saw Ryan, he wasnít too sure he wanted to stick around because of Lola. What do we see in the next two episodes? Because I think in the preview, we see things getting a little hot and heavy.

Jussie: On top of Daddyís desk.

Jim: As it should be.

Jussie: Yea, I mean, shortly put, Jamal is not done with Ryan yet. He ainít done with him. Thereís a desk involved. Thereís some loving involved and theyíre not done. Weíll have to see, where Ė itís not necessarily a huge storyline in the finale. Thereís just a huge moment in the finale. But, yea, I mean he Ė Lola, my baby is no longer living with me, or living with the family, so I guess they can at least have sex.

Jim: Okay. I like that. Yazz, let me ask you this since itís something Jussie has dealt with a lot since the show premiered. Iím curious how many times youíve been asked about the sexuality question. Has it come up for you at all, because, obviously, it has for Jussie? Have you heard it at all?

Yazz: It was some comedic-type of blogs out and stuff like that but when you see me out with a beautiful young lady then you know what it is.

Jim: Yazz, what do you make of all the brouhaha about that Jussie had to kind of deal with over the last few months?

Yazz: The what?

Jim: Just all the flurry about the sexuality question. What did you think of all that, just from your perspective?

Yazz: From my perspective. You know, itís 2015, Jim. Like if you havenít Ė if youíre that insecure about yourself that you canít love somebody for who they are, then you just need to just stay in the house and lock the door. Iím that type of person that doesnít care who you are. I love everybody and I feel like thatís how the world should be.

Jussie: And this is why we love Yazz the greatest.

Jim: Thatís awesome. Thanks a lot, guys. Good luck with the finale.

Jussie: Thank you so much.

Yazz: Thanks, Jim.

Moderator: Thank you. The next question will come from Sarah Curtis with Please go ahead.

Yazz: Sarah.

Sarah: Hello, gentlemen. Thank you so much for taking the call.

Jussie: How are you? Thank you for having us.

Yazz: You have a sweet voice, Sarah.

Sarah: Yea, okay. I have a question for both of you. Are you happy and satisfied with where your character ends up by the end of the season finale?

Jussie: I am.

Yazz: I mean. I am. Iím definitely happy about where my character is.

Jussie: Iím excited. Iím excited because thereís so much more to come. The dope thing about Season 1 is that there are still questions to be answered Ė

Yazz: Right.

Jussie: Ė in Season 2. You know what Iím saying? I feel like Season 1 was the set up and then Season 2 will be, okay, letís go back and letís clean up all of the Lyonsí stuff, if you will. Iím very happy. Iím very excited where Jamal, where his journey has taken him, from beginning to now, and where itís going to end up going. Iím very excited.

Yazz: And weíre excited about Andre. Where he goes, he gets better and better. I feel like his story is real important and it grows and people can learn from his experiences [indiscernible].

Jussie: Absolutely.

Yazz: On the finale, what do you think?

Jussie: Absolutely. Absolutely. And you got to love Trai Byers period. Point blank period.

Sarah: Yea, itís been great. Alright. Quick follow-up, who is your dream guest star in Season 2?

Jussie: For me, itís Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson and Brandy. I really want them just because I want to sing with them.

Yazz: Mariah Carey, he said Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson?

Jussie: Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, and Brandy.

Yazz: Alright. For me itís Madonna, Queen Latifah, and Rihanna.

Jussie: Oh, good one, Yazz.

Sarah: Cool. Iím sure weíll be calling you up. Thanks so much.

Jussie: Thank you.

Yazz: Thanks.

Moderator: Thank you. The next question will come from Suzanne Lanoue with The TV MegaSite. Please go ahead.

Suzanne: Good morning.

Jussie: How are you?

Yazz: Good morning to you.

Suzanne: Aloha. Itís early here in Hawaii.

Jussie: Oh, youíre in Hawaii. I want to go.

Suzanne: Yea.

Yazz: What?

Suzanne: Yea, itís not quite seven.

Jussie: Oh, Iím sorry.

Suzanne: Thatís okay. Thatís okay. Itís great to talk to you guys. A wonderful show and I was wondering Ė

Suzanne: I was wondering what kind of reaction youíve gotten from your friends, your family, and fans, people you know online, or you meet in the street, about the show, in general, and also the characters, especially the relationship between Jamal and his dad and the story there?

Jussie: Hey, big brother, you want to take that first?

Yazz: Yea, I mean, the fans are amazing. Me and Juss, when we were in Chicago and everything started building up, we used to go to the gym and stuff, like regular gym, and work out and people would go bananas. We canít go grocery shopping no more. Itís just pandemonium, but itís a dream come true. Weíre working with the greatest, Oscar-nominated, actors and directors, so itís great. Iím in a great place. Jussieís in a great place and weíre blessed.

Jussie: Absolutely. For me, itís been a really wonderful experience thus far. Everybody has been really supportive and loving. I just get the most beautiful letters from kids, both homosexual children and heterosexual children, telling me that somehow they relate to Jamal in so many ways and I feel like thatís the Ė as an artist, we donít always get these types of roles to come along, that really say something about what you care about, but when they do, you jump at the chance.

I feel like thatís what we all did. I feel like we all, in our own individual ways, fought so hard for these roles because of what it meant and what it said. Itís so entertaining and itís so glamorous and fantastic, but it also is saying something about where our society is today and that means so much. When I get those letters, Iím a crying fool anyway, because Iím a Cancer, but itís just really, really emotional and I love it. Itís been wonderful.

Suzanne: Thatís great. As a follow-up, you mentioned the talented actors and everyone. Youíve had quite a few talented musicians, as well as being talented musicians yourself. Can you talk about what itís like to work with Snoop Dogg in the finale?

Yazz: It was great to work with Snoop. I canít tell you what weíre doing, but we had to prepare for our scene for like an hour in his trailer. It was good to vibe out with the legend Snoop Dogg and to get some jewels I can take into life and use and to apply them to my everyday life.

Suzanne: Thank you, guys.

Jussie: Thank you.

Yazz: Thank you, Suzanne.

Moderator: Thank you. The next question will come from Jonathan Takiff with Philadelphia Daily News. Please go ahead.

Jonathan: Hi, guys.

Jussie: Hey, Jonathan.

Jonathan: Hey, Yazz, did you get to hang out at all with Patti during her portion?

Yazz: Yea. I thought Patti was going to bring me some chicken, man, but she didnít. But I actually got the chance to talk to her behind stage before she performed with Jussie and sheís phenomenal. Sheís a great person. It was an honor to meet Miss Patti LaBelle.

Jonathan: Old home week, huh? Connecting. Whatís the timing on both of your albums and any chance that the two of you might go out on a tour together?

Jussie: As far as the albums, we are in the thick of promoting the album that is the most important right now, and that is the Empire soundtrack.

Jonathan: Right. Right.

Jussie: Itís available for download and purchase in all great [indiscernible]. But, the album will have to be sometime next year because we do this promotional tour and then we go straight to Ė and Iím going to be writing and recording, just, but we go straight to filming Season 2 come early summer, so thereís not necessarily a lot of time. Weíll be in the thick of recording new music for Season 2.

As far as a tour, thatíll probably also have to be next year as far as that goes but there will be little spot dates here and there that everybody can fit in. Itís just our schedules are madness right now.

Jonathan: Okay.

Yazz: Our scheduleís crazy. To be honest, Iím not focused on dropping an album.

Jussie: Right.

Jonathan: No?

Yazz: Iím not focused on that right now. If itís in demand, it will happen.

Jonathan: Alright. One last thing, on TV shows like this one, you only get a little snippet of a song. Most of the time, you hardly ever get to hear the whole song. Is that a cause of frustration for you guys and do you think theyíre picking the right 15 seconds or 30 seconds of the song to throw up there? Or do you ever like grind your teeth and say, oh, they missed the best, they missed the real hook?

Yazz: They give you enough. They keep your mouth watering. They give you enough. What do you think, Juss, because Ė

Jussie: You have to realize, too, that the song is played, itís the TV version of the song and then thatís why theyíre available for download the day before the episode airs. Yes, Iíd be lying if I wasnít like, oh my God, I really wanted that part to be in there but, at the same time, it makes sense. Itís television and then thatís what the download is for, so you can hear the whole song in its entirety.

Jonathan: Okay, right. So one is basically a commercial for the download then kind of, sort of?

Jussie: I mean, in a way, yea. Itís a shortened music video, basically. Itís a great way to get the music out there, so yea.

Jonathan: Alright, cool. Thanks a lot.

Jussie: Thank you.

Yazz: Thanks. Thank you for talking to us.

Moderator: Thank you. The next question will come from Araceli Aviles with TVOvermind. Please go ahead.

Yazz: Woot woot.

Araceli: Hi, guys. Thank you so much for talking to us this morning. Itís really a great honor to talk to you guys. Iím so impressed with the work that you guys have done on the show.

Yazz: Thank you so much.

Araceli: Okay. Iím going to say it right now, Iíll sneak this in, that I have a couple of cousins that are going to be so jealous when I tell them that I talked to guys this morning.

Jussie: Youíre so cute. Tell them hello.

Araceli: Yes. Oh, I will. Thank you. I have a two-part question here. Itís aimed at both of you. The first is, I want to know, whatís the biggest thing that each of you, personally, have taken from this experience? What have you come out of this thatís just really made you feel like positive and looking at the world differently?

Yazz: Family.

Jussie: There were many elements Ė oh, Iím sorry Ė Yazz, go ahead.

Yazz: There were many elements, darling, but no, itís family, family, family. You got to talk to your family. You got to stay grounded. You need to pray a lot. You need to eat healthy. There are a lot of things that tie into it but definitely staying prayed up [ph], and keeping the family involved.

Jussie: Yea, yea. For me, itís been like to piggyback on what Yazz was saying, it is, what we took away from it is I think that Yazz and I, separately, in our own ways, are so, so, so dedicated to our families and then what we came away with it, it was another Ė more additions to our family, if you will, with this cast and the crew. Such incredible people but, also, I feel like what Iíve seen is the stereotypes that society tries to push down our throats actually are not real. You know?

Araceli: Yea.

Jussie: That what weíre seeing is weíre seeing the very people that society wants us to believe would not accept someone like a Jamal, those are the very people that are coming up to me being like, brother, I love you. I respect you. Keep doing what youíre doing. So for that, itís really Ė I donít know if itís opened my eyes because I feel like my eyes saw that already, but I feel like what it did is that it killed that cycle that started to feed itself of, that there are really, really genuine and good, honest, respectful, and loving people in the world. So, I really love it. Thatís why I love the viewers so much, because thatís what they show every single day.

Araceli: Yea and that actually probably answers the second part of my question which is, I wanted to know what is one thing that you hope that this show conveys or that people take away from this show.

Jussie: Love. Just love.

Yazz: Family. Itís love and family conflict in situations. Itís a family show, so you get to experience family situations that you can learn from in your household. Stuff that Hakeem does, idiotic stuff he does, you would teach your son, like, thatís going to happen you if you keep going that route. Itís great. The fans keep watching each week and itís loving. Itís loving.

Araceli: Yea, of course, and we know nobodyís perfect and I think thatís a big part of this show.

Yazz: Right. Nobodyís perfect and youíll get that on the season finale. Everybody is an enemy. Everybody is a villain. Nobody is safe in Empire.

Araceli: Yea, but as long as we keep growing, right?

Yazz: Yea.

Araceli: Absolutely, okay. Thank you, guys, so much.

Jussie: Thank you so much.

Yazz: Thank you, too.

Moderator: Thank you. Next in queue is

Cynthia: Horner with Hip Hop Weekly. Please go ahead.

Cynthia: Hi, guys. Glad to talk to you. As you probably noticed, Hip Hop Weekly has been really supporting Empire. The show is on the newest cover of the magazine. But, anyway Ė

Jussie: Thatís awesome. Thank you so much for that.

Cynthia: Oh, youíre welcome.

Yazz: Thank you.

Cynthia: Yea. But tell me, when I interviewed a couple of the other characters they said each character on the series had their turn-up moment. Will you each tell me what was, in your opinion, your most turned up moment on the series and if there is any story behind it?

Yazz: My most turned up moment is coming up actually.

Cynthia: Oh, okay.

Yazz: Yea, on the finale. Yes.

Cynthia: Okay. Well since you canít tell us what that consists of, can you tell me how did you feel about getting to do whatever it is that weíre going to see you doing?

Yazz: Itís very sexual. Itís about a rivalry; to really get back at somebody I canít tell you but, throughout the season, Hakeem, heís very explosive and he just does a lot. He does a lot. He tries to prove himself, so youíll get to see coming up. Itís very intense.

Cynthia: Okay. Alright.

Jussie: I feel like with Jamal, Jamal has had a turn-up moment like every other episode from leaving his apartment and saying, Iím going after Empire and Iím going to take it, to being held up in the studio to switching Daddyís lines to man loves a man and coming out to having a baby. Lord, come on now. But Jamal is a complete hybrid of Lucious and Cookie together. You know what Iím saying?

He kind of has those moments often, but this season finale youíll kind of see a moment between Lucious and Jamal where they come together somehow through song and I feel like thatís the moment that a lot of us have been waiting for all season long and I shot it and it was one of my most favorite scenes Iíve done in the entire series. I feel like thatís a major turn-up moment.

Cynthia: Okay, great. Good work, you guys. Really, really respect what youíre doing. I just came back from Jamaica and I did know that Empire is a global television show at this point, but I did not realize that over in Jamaica, they get to see it when we get to see it. So, the whole time I was in Jamaica at this conference, everybody was asking me more information about what I could tell them about Empire because itís their favorite show over there.

Jussie: That is so sweet. That is so awesome and I go to Jamaica every single year, so thatís funny. I go there for my charity that I work with so Iím actually going in early June, so weíll see how crazy it is this time around.

Cynthia: Oh, okay. Well, Iíll get in touch with your people about that because the Jamaican Tourism Board would be very happy to Ė

Jussie: Yea, no, I actually I have dinner with the Prime Minister every single time that I go there.

Cynthia: Oh, cool. Great.

Jussie: Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, yes.

Cynthia: Thatís great.

Yazz: Well, save me a plate. Iíll be there. Iíll be right there.

Jussie: Yes, you will, Yazz. Iím telling you, Yazz, you will love the food Ė

Yazz: I will be there.

Jussie: Ė and the girls there. Trust me, brother.

Yazz: And the girls. And Iím bringing my mama with me.

Jussie: Yes.

Moderator: Thank you. Our next question in queue will come from Jerry Nunn with Windy City Times. Please go ahead.

Jerry: Hey, guys. I was an extra in the white [ph] party scenes, so I got to [indiscernible].

Yazz: Alright. You were there for the moment.

Jerry: The moment, the big moment, yea. It was a blast. I love that youíre filming in Chicago but why isnít it just set in Chicago? Do we know why they decided to set it in New York?

Yazz: Lee told me, he said, Chicago is best for you, Yazz. Itís best for the cast, Yazz, because we want to be focused. Itís going to be, itís just going to be better, better than doing LA and recording in Philly. Itís just going to be more easier for scheduling.

Jerry: Oh, okay. Alright. Jussie, do you want to be involved in the LGBT community in Chicago? I know you do a lot of activist work, so I was wondering if you could do appearances here while youíre in town next?

Jussie: I mean, yea, I work with tons of charities and weíve been doing some stuff in Chicago, but we havenít had time in Chicago. But I feel like with Season 2, weíll have a lot more time to get into the community and really stomp for our fellow man and woman.

Jerry: Awesome. Alright, well, Iíll see you guys when youíre back here.

Jussie: Thank you so much.

Yazz: Alright, see you soon.

Alex: We have time for one more question.

Moderator: Thank you. That will come from Raqiyah Mays with Black Enterprise and Ebony. Please go ahead.

Raqiyah: Hey, guys. How are you doing?

Jussie: How are you?

Raqiyah: Iím good. Iím good. Iím good. My question, first, is for Jussie. Iím so happy to see that youíre an activist. Before this role, I see HIV work and domestic violence and now Ė

Jussie: Absolutely.

Raqiyah: In this role Ė yea, itís an important thing. So, with this role and what I like about it is it brings out the realities of being gay in the black community. Itís a differentiation than other communities, so Ė

Yazz: Well, you know weíre both activists, darling.

Raqiyah: I love that. I love it so much. So my question is for both of you. For Jussie, how has it influenced your focus now as a gay rights activist? Has it influenced you to do something different? Do you work with kids more? How has Ė

Jussie: Iíve already, you have to realize that Iím 31 years old, so this isnít Ė life isnít new for me. Itís very much so been something that Iím being an activist, a human rights activist, has been something that Iím passionate about since day one. One of my godmothers is Angela Davis, so itís like Ė

Raqiyah: Wow.

Jussie: I wasnít really even Ė my mom didnít even really give us a choice growing up. Look, we had a choice what sports we played. We had a choice in what music we listened to. We had a choice in the careers that we chose. We did not have a choice in being activists because that was the one thing that she said, if you do nothing in your life, youíve got to give back. So, what you do is youíve got to collect your own stuff so that you can properly give back.

But itís just who we are. Itís literally like, itís the thing that feeds me the most. If I didnít do it, then I would feel empty. But I talk to the young youth in the city, I talk to young LGBT youth. I talk to young women with babies that have been raped or have suffered through domestic violence and have gotten out of it. Thatís what I do, you know what Iím saying? So, as far as, has it changed me? No. Itís just further cemented who I am in my own life and the work that I know that Iím here, put on this earth, to do.

Raqiyah: Yes.

Yazz: And to piggyback a little bit off what he said, I had a close friend get killed from violence in the streets and, from 16 years old, I went out talking to the kids, because that really touched me internally, that somebody that got killed was that close to me. I went out, at 16 years old, me and my mom would pack up a Camry and drive to Michigan, use our own money, and we werenít really that fortunate, and we would go out to these schools and I would perform.

I would talk to the kids and give them a little bit of inspiration because I was really hurt from that situation and from there, I kind of built a fan base through talking to the kids and letting them know, this is possible. Youíve just got to follow your dreams. If Iím here on stage from Philadelphia, you can be just like me. So I did Ė

Yazz: I did that since I was 16 years old and from there it just Ė I got Empire.

Jussie: Yazz has been working with the inner city schools for, like Iím sitting here right now with his mom is chilling with me in my hotel room. Thatís how close we all really are. Yazz isnít here, but Yazzís mama is here with me chilling. Thatís the thing, like weíve been talking and she was telling me about how they would go to the schools and everything like that.

Thatís the thing, like Yazz said, he didnít have a lot, but you know what Iím saying? Like he Ė because of who he is and the person that he is, thatís why he does have what he has now because, you know what Iím saying? Karma works so well. You know what Iím saying? For the good and the bad. I think thatís what we are here to do.

Raqiyah: Oh, yea. I love that. I love that. I guess my last question, last question, a follow-up, is what has been, for both of you, I guess, most nerve-wracking, or the toughest scene, that you had to do this particular season?

Yazz: Mine Ė Juss, you want to go first? You go first because I need to think about this, Iíve had a couple this season.

Jussie: For me, what was the toughest scene? Honestly, you know what? Odd enough, the toughest scene for me was a scene that I was not in. It was Ė I was on set. Genis Wooten, who plays baby Jamal, is my godson, so Ė

Raqiyah: Oh.

Jussie: Yea, so I was there on set with his mom, Jennia, and with Lee when they shot the trash can scene.

Raqiyah: Oh, wow.

Jussie: Because I just wanted to make sure that he was okay and heís so unaffected by it all. He understands all of it, but heís so unaffected. But to be there, in that moment, and see all of us, adults, we were so affected by it that this baby was so unaffected by it. Just to watch Lee go through it, and knowing that that really happened to him in real life, that was probably the toughest scene that we shot, for me. But, again, that was also a scene that I wasnít even in, but I feel like itís because of me seeing that scene thatís why I was able to understand the scene where I perform ďGood Enough.Ē

Raqiyah: Oh. Yazz?

Yazz: For me, it would have to be the elevator scene. It would have to be the elevator scene. Each take Ė Iím going to be honest, each take, I felt like I was going to pass out. Iím looking at Andre. Iím looking at Juss and itís like, wow, like the energy in the room was so like through the roof. My hands were shaking and it was just crazy. That was like the most nerve-wracking scene for me.

Raqiyah: Thanks, guys. I appreciate those answers. Really. Thank you so much.

Jussie: Thank you.

Raqiyah: Yea.

Yazz: Thank you.

Alex: I think that, unfortunately, weíre out of time. I want to say thank you to Jussie and Yazz so much for taking the time to speak with us.

Jussie: Of course.

Yazz: Thank you.

Alex: And thank you to the reporters on the call. Just a reminder that the Empire finale is tomorrow night at 8 p.m. on Fox. We have photos on our fox slash website, so please free to go there to get any information that you need or you can reach out to the publicity team. Thank you, again, to Jussie and Yazz for joining us today.

Jussie: Thank you. Thank you, everybody. Appreciate it.

Yazz: Thank you.

Moderator: Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, this conference will be available for replay after 11 a.m. Pacific time today running through March 24th at midnight.

That does conclude your conference call for today. We do thank you for your participation and for using AT&T Executive TeleConference. You may now disconnect.

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