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By Suzanne

Grizz Chapman

Interview with Grizz Chapman of "30 Rock" on NBC 11/20/12

1. Please share your feelings about this being the last season of "30 Rock"...

Grizz: Bittersweet. I'm sad to see it go, but I'm excited for the future. I think everyone in their right minds are ready for it to be over so they can go on to spread their wings.

2. Any hints you can tell us about what else happens to your character the rest of this season?

Grizz: Your guess is as good as mine... LOL! Seriously, not sure! LOL!

3. How would you have ended it if you could?

Grizz: Me and Liz Lemon touch on our sexual past, and DotCom and Tracy  and I open up our own production company and start making movies that we star in, no matter the role ...

4. You were a new actor when you started on "30 Rock". Did you learn a lot about acting from being on the show?

Grizz: I learned a lot from being on the show. In acting, no matter what you know, you can always learn more. So I was a sponge for 7 years soaking up Tina, Alec and Tracy. From don't look down at the camera, to which lens to use.

6. Do you think you'll do more work in the future with Tracy Chapman or other 30 Rock actors?

Grizz: I hope to, at some point, work everyone again. I really enjoyed working with this funny bunch!

7. Wikipedia says, "He is currently in production with writers Sam Morgan and Chadwick Prima for his own series." Is that true, and if so, what can you tell us about this?

Grizz: This is true. We are working on a few pilots now. We've pitched a TV show and are just waiting on the call back.

8. It was interesting reading about your kidney problems. Were they from diabetes? I'm diabetic, so that's why I'm asking..

Grizz: No, from high blood pressure

9. What other professional plans do you have after "30 Rock"?

Grizz: Just did three films. Home, Lucky Numbers and Hypebeast. I just want to continue bringing the funny and work on showing people a different side of Grizz that they haven't seen yet.

10. When will we be able to hear more of your music?

Grizz: In 2013 .. in the studio now .. keep your eye out for "Jenny Found".

11. Are you active online - do you have a Facebook, Twitter or other website where fans can reach you or learn more about you? (If not, why not?)

Grizz: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Website: 

12. What do you do for fun when you're not working?

Grizz: Play video games with my son and try to keep up with him on the basketball court!

13. Do you have a "significant other" in your life?

Grizz: Yes lovely wife.

14. The holidays are coming up soon... do you have any special plans for those or traditions?

Grizz: So much pain and destruction in the world... just really gonna be happy to be with family and friends ... As for traditions, we still open the gifts under the tree.

15. Is there anything else you'd like to say to your fans?

Grizz: Stop by and show me some love. I answer all tweets and Facebook messages .. fight hard for what you believe in and want, even when you're the only one that believes.


Grizz is continuing to grow as an actor who sees entertainment as a career path that has become as important to him as his music. Although his size cannot be ignored (he is seven foot tall), it is not the sum of his talent. Grizz has never been the "stereotypical big dude;" his life has never been one-dimensional, so his roles shouldn't be, either.

Raised in Brooklyn's Linden Projects, Grizz began his career working as club security/bodyguard. Grizz capitalized on this opportunity to use both his size and his ambition to his advantage to pursue his longtime interest in music, hoping to meet and network with musicians and other like minded people by being part of the club scene; while getting paid in the process. Soon his path would change. During a work-out with an aspiring wrestler friend, Grizz was approached by a casting agent and soon appeared on ESPN in a Korean wrestling special, which featured former football players and bodyguards. By this time, Grizz had worked with several entertainers, such as Missy Elliot, WyClef Jean, and Xzibit; NBA's Stephen Jackson; and comedian Katt Williams as a personal bodyguard, while continuing private club security during intervals.

Grizz is also an advocate for Kidney Disease and a Spokesperson for the National Kidney Foundation. In 2010, Grizz was diagnosed with E.S.R.F. (End Stage Renal Failure) and after shedding over 160 lbs, 2 years of dialysis while taping 30 Rock, he underwent a successful kidney transplant. "After my diagnosis, I began a courageous fight for my health and for my life." Chapman said. "This experience has taught me the importance of organ and tissue donation and how we need to celebrate the heroism of donors and the positive impact they make on the lives of recipients." Grizz has been on a crusade to raise awareness of kidney disease and the effects it has on the body. Bringing light to the early warning signs and the risk factors can help prevent people from progressing to E.S.R.F. and dialysis.

Grizz Chapman has also started, Organ Angels, a non-profit foundation to help promote and raise awareness of organ donation and its importance to the over 104,000 people in the United States waiting for some type of organ transplant. Grizz started Organ Angels because he received a kidney from an altruistic donor. Through his experience with the transplant process, for the donor, he felt the need to make the process a little easier. Organ Angels is designed to make the organ donation process easy, comfortable, and stress free as possible. organ He recently formed Team Grizz, which regularly participates in walkathons in support of the organization, including walks around the country, and works to raise awareness and funds to fight kidney disease.

To pursue his lifelong passion with music, Grizz started Dyman Enterprises in 2008, an entertainment company focused on music production, artist development, and recently launching into model management. Along with representing Grizz, Dyman Enterprises also represents a variety of new talent coming out in the near future.

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