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by Jake

Holy Crap! 

Top Ten Things in "Game of Thrones" Season 7 That Made Us Say "Holy Crap!"

10.  Arya putting on the face of Lord Frey, and then poisoning all the Freys in the exact same place her family was killed. Holy crap.

9.  Daenerys meeting Jon Snow. We've known them both this whole time. They've been the main characters for 7 years of watching this show. Now they're meeting for the first time. Holy crap.

8. Olenna confessing to Jaime that she was the one who killed Joffrey. Jaime knows the truth now. Holy crap.

7. Daenerys having Drogon burninate the countryside. They just destroyed everyone with fire. Holy crap.

6. Little Finger dying. He thought he was gonna get away. Holy crap.

5. Viserion dying. He was my favorite dragon! Oh no, holy crap.

4. Viserion returning to life. Oh yay he's alive again. Oh wait a second, something is amiss. Holy crap.

3. Jon Snow bending the knee to Daenerys. I already said holy crap when they met each other, but now he's pledging his loyalty to her. Holy crap.

2. Jon Snow banging Daenerys. I already said holy crap when they met, and then I said holy crap again when he bent his knee to her. But now he's bending her body over the bed and goin' to pound town. Holy crap.

1. The wall is gone! Wights are going to be everywhere now. Holy crap.

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Page updated 3/12/19

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