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By Suzanne

Interview with Max Ehrich of "The Young and The Restless" 11/28/12

I was happy to interview this busy young actor. I hadn't seen him much yet on the show (since I'm always way behind on watching the soaps), but I knew from the buzz online that he was already very popular. I love the show and have watched it since 1986, so it's always a thrill to interview anyone from there. And boy, did he have a lot to say!

Here are the recordings of the interview; I hope to have the transcript up soon.

Part One Part Two Part Three

You can find Max on Twitter and please do watch his band's video!

Our Young & The Restless Site

More Information about Max:

Handsome, ambitious and multi-talented star Max Ehrich stars as “Fenmore Baldwin” in the CBS daytime Emmy award-winning soap opera series THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS airing weekdays at 11:30amPT/2:30pm ET on CBS. “Fen” is the angst-driven teenage son of “Lauren and Michael Baldwin” (Tracey Bergman and Christian Leblanc) who returns to his hometown after a long absence at a Canadian boarding school. Fen begins to add fuel to the fire as he becomes infatuated with Summer Newman and becomes her partner in crime in cyber-bullying. For the first time in Y&R history, the plot revolves around the show’s teens and the obstacles that come with being on the brink of adulthood, including young love, rocky parent relations, and cyber bullying. "The bullying will continue for a couple of months before it reaches a powerful climax," says Griffith (Emmy award winning head writer of Y&R). "It will then spin into a whole other direction involving Fen and his parents. This is more than just a cautionary tale about bullying and the dangerous consequences it has for our young characters. This will have huge ramifications for their families.”

Max has taken on a variety of roles from dancing his heart out in his feature film debut HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3: SENIOR YEAR to catching Vanessa Hudgen’s interest in her music video “Sneakernight.” He received his first recurring guest role on ABC’s “Ugly Betty” as “Randy,” a homophobic bully who unhealthily tries to hide his own love of theater. Ehrich also had the starring role of “Jack Kelly” in the Disney stage musical, NEWSIES, a tale centered around ‘Kelly’ who dreams of a better life far from the hardship of the streets and rallies his army of newsies to strike. He’s gone on to have other notable TV appearances on shows like “iCarly”, “No Ordinary Family”, “Shake It Up!”, “Parenthood” and “Working Class”. He also starred as the male lead in the Lifetime movie THE PREGNANCY PACT as “Jesse Moretti,” a high school baseball player with a promising future whose life is shaken up when his girlfriend intentionally gets pregnant.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Ehrich developed a love for performing at a young age. He was a singer in his school’s show choir and was a competitive dancer for 10 years, even winning a spot as a dancer for the New York Knicks. In 2011, Max traveled to London in search of a spiritual journey and became a Buddhist, now practicing the art of meditation and Kundalini yoga. He also attended the London Academy of Dramatic Arts studying Shakespeare. When he’s not juggling his busy career, Max enjoys extreme sports and outdoor activities. Currently, Ehrich also performs at the Rockwell Table & Stage in Los Angeles in FOR THE RECORD: SCORSESE, the live concert experience showcasing signature songs and iconic scenes from some of director Martin Scorsese’s most well-known works. Ehrich reenacts Leonarado DiCaprio’s characters in memorable scenes from THE DEPARTED, GANGS OF NEW YORK, THE AVIATOR and TITANIC.

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