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By Suzanne

Troy Byer, Daphnee Duplaix and Shari Headley

Interview with Daphnee Duplaix of "I Really Hate My Ex" 4/14/15

This was a short and sweet interview! I watched the movie this morning, too, so I could review it. Duplaix does a great job in the film as a woman that was "The Other Woman" but had it with her man not leaving his wife. She was very nice in our interview, too. I thought afterwards that I should have asked her about the storm scene and how it was making that (it's kind of a pivotal scene in the movie). We had a good time and laughed a lot.

Here is the audio of our interview. I hope you enjoy it!

If the audio is not streaming well, please right-click on this link and save it to your computer. It should work better that way!

Suzanne: I watched your movie this morning.

Daphnee: Yeah? Did you like it?

Suzanne: Yeah, I did. It was really interesting.

Daphnee: Good.

Suzanne: [Chuckles] It's not your usual romantic comedy, that's for sure.

Daphnee: Right, exactly.

Suzanne: Is it fair to say that this movie starts out as a revenge fantasy but then ends up more like a self-help chick flick?

Daphnee: Yeah, I think it has elements of all that.

Suzanne: I didn't know how it would end up. I was a little surprised that it had kind of a nice, happy ending.

Daphnee: Right. Well, don't we all love happy endings?

Suzanne: Yes! But with that description and the way it starts out, I was like, "Hmm...." [Laughs]

Daphnee: Right, chaos ensues. It ends well.

Suzanne: How did this role come about for you?

Daphnee: The normal audition process. What was interesting was that I had actually worked with Troy on her very first movie, like, gosh, nearly 20 years ago. I think it was actually my very first job where I got my SAG card. I was 19 years old, and then, flash forward, almost 20 years, and I'm auditioning for her again. She's so lovely and sweet. She hired me, you know, and we went from there.

Suzanne: What did you like about the movie, when you first got the script?

Daphnee: Well, who doesn't love a romantic comedy? She had gone through a few rewrites from the very first time I read it. All the internet stuff she put in after. She came up with that idea. She said, "You know what? I think we're gonna change it up a little bit." So she did a few reshoots, added that element into it. Our time right now is all about social media, so it really works really well.

Suzanne: Where was it filmed and how long did it take?

Daphnee: We shot it in about a month, the first time, and then like I said, she went back in and shot the internet stuff. Here, in Los Angeles, all over.

Suzanne: Had you worked with any of the other actors (besides Troy) before?

Daphnee: I had not, no.

Suzanne: You and Shari had been on multiple soap operas before...

Daphnee: Soap operas! Yes! [Laughs]

Suzanne: That's how I know you, from "Passions" and "One Life to Live."

Daphnee: Oh, cool. Awesome!

Suzanne: Did you and Shari discuss that all, being on soaps?

Daphnee: No, funny enough, we didn't.

Suzanne: You're happily married, right? Was it hard to relate to your character and what she does?

Daphnee: Well, at the time, I wasn't happily married.

Suzanne: Oh, really?

Daphnee: In fact, at the time, I was in a horrible relationship, so, yeah. It wasn't too far-fetched.

Suzanne: Oh, right. Have you had exes before that you'd want to [chuckles] kidnap and...

Daphnee: Well, not kidnap, maybe kill.

[We both Laugh]

Suzanne: Yeah, yeah, I guess that's pretty common.

Daphnee: I think everybody's had a handful of those in their pocket, right?

Suzanne: That's probably true, yeah. You were part of a very strange story on "Passions." Way more strange than kidnapping your ex.

Daphnee: It was crazy, wasn't it? Oh my God.

Suzanne: [Laughs]

Daphnee: I kept getting my script every week, I was like, this could not get more ridiculous.

Suzanne: And it did, right? It got worse.

Daphnee: And it did, exactly!

Suzanne: Did they give you much warning ahead of time that your (character was really a hermaphrodite with a split personality)?

Daphnee: No, they don't. We have no idea what's happening or what they're doing with the storyline until you have the script in your hand.

Suzanne: Wow. I watched it off and on back then, but when I did, I was like, "What??"

Daphnee: Right.

Suzanne: That was a strange show to begin with, but then this was REALLY strange.

Daphnee: Right. Exactly. I was like, who is writing this? What are they thinking about every day? Are you kidding me?

Suzanne: [Laughs] Did you have to deal with any fan backlash, like angry letters, etc. back then?

Daphnee: With Passions? No! I never got any negative letters -- Thank God, knock on wood!

Suzanne: That's good. What else are you working on or do you have anything else coming out?

Daphnee: Well, right now I'm incubating...

Suzanne: Oh, congratulations!

Daphnee: Yes, I'm having my fourth child, my first girl.

Suzanne: Aw.

Daphnee: Yeah, I'm writing a lot. Next for me, I want to get into the behind-the-scenes. I want to write and produce. I'm kind of taking the next few months to focus on that.

Suzanne: Cool. So, you're following in Troy's footsteps, eh?

Daphnee: Exactly, yeah. Actually, what's interesting is that when I booked the movie, I was signing up for a director's class over at Universal. I was about to pay this humongous fee, and then I booked this movie. Are you kidding me? I had to make this decision. So I said, "You know what? I can take the next course." And so I did the movie, and I told Troy that was my plan. She said, "Oh, girl, I got you. I'll mentor you. Ask me questions." She was like so amazing, and really through the entire process of shooting.

Suzanne: Oh, that's nice.

Daphnee: ..if I wasn't in front of the camera, I was behind the camera, watching her. I definitely did learn a lot, and she's just always been there with open arms, and love, and "If you need anything, any support, direction, I'll be there for you." And she has absolutely been that.

Suzanne: That's great. You had like an internship there.

Daphnee: Yeah.

Suzanne: Let me ask you a "heavy" question here. Do you think that Hollywood is more open now, with all of the successes in TV and movies, more open to African American women's voices?

Daphnee: Definitely. I love watching all of these really great shows with strong powerful women with lead roles. Definitely with all of these great new TV shows (of course there's a lot of bad ones, too) [Chuckles] Have more multi-cultural, ethnic people in their cast. We definitely need to see more of that.

Suzanne: Well, let's hope that you get to do yours next.

Daphnee: I would hope so!

Suzanne: Thank you, I really appreciate it.

Daphnee: Thank you so much!

Read my review of the DVD and learn more about the movie!

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Page updated 4/17/15

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