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By Suzanne

Brett Dier

Interview with Brett Dier of "Ravenswood" on ABC Family 12/18/13

ABC Familyís Q&A with Brett Dier

Moderator: Will Luke be handling his own investigating Ė aside from the group Ė in order to find out what happened to his father?

Brett: Yes, there will definitely be some of that. Luke also gets in some trouble with the law, he gets to go in the back of a cop car. Heís definitely more involved than in the first half of the season, where he was to himself and didnít believe in anything. Heís definitely doing some investigating by himself, with Remy and with his sister. Thereís even a cool couple of scenes with Luke and Caleb now, so thereís some bromance going on.

Moderator: Is there any hope for Luke and Remyís relationship in the second half of the season?

Brett: They are definitely figuring things out and they are a lot better than how they were. Thereís still obviously a little bit of issues but they are working things out.

Moderator: What have you added to the role that may not have been in the original script?

Brett: I wanted to bring some vulnerability to Luke - because heís a very angry guy. I just wanted to make it seem like heís got a lot going on all the time -- because he recently lost his father, he has no friends and all these other things -- so heís a very sad kid. I wanted to put that underneath the anger.

Moderator: How do you like the instant feedback you receive through social media sites like Twitter?

Brett: Oh yes, Twitterís great! Iím actually kind of addicted to it, so I have to stop. I promised myself to not go on it for the next few days, but itís a very hard thing to do. Iím addicted to it. Itís horrible, but I love it. I love talking to fans, and itís so cool to see all these answers from all around the world and receiving peopleís feedback. Itís really awesome.

Moderator: How did you get your role on Ravenswood?

Brett: I had an audition in Vancouver, I put it on tape by my agency, and then they liked it so they flew me down to LA and I tested for it. So, first it was a studio test, where a lot less people involved, and then there was a network test, which was quadruple the amount of people. So I was very nervous, itís a very scary thing, but you have to go through that to get these roles.

Moderator: What was it about the show that made you want to be a part of it?

Brett: I love the supernatural, and the fact that it was a spinoff of Pretty Little Liars which a lot of people really love. I was excited to be part of something that people already knew about. I loved my character too, because it says he was very dark. I like playing dark roles, so that really got me into it for sure.

Moderator: Did you start out as a musician, or did you always know you wanted to be an actor?

Brett: Oh, yes, so Iíve been playing piano since I was six or seven. I took lessons, but then I stopped -- and now I just do improv. I was actually writing a song this morning, itís a comedy song about how insecure I am. Iím writing that and Iím going to try and get a music video together. So itís just something that I do on the side to entertain myself. I didnít want to pursue it, just something Iíd put on YouTube to amuse people.

Moderator: Do you have long term goals as an actor?

Brett: Yes, definitely. My goal is to one day win an Oscar.

Moderator: What is Lukeís relationship like with his sister?

Brett: He cares a lot about her and heís very protective about her, especially now that his father passed away. Heís kind of like the man of the family now, so heís got to take care of his mom and his sister. He would do anything for her - even though they have their disagreements. It all comes from love. Heís definitely a protective guy and loves his sister more than anything.

Moderator: What is it like working with the cast?

Brett: Itís awesome, it really is. Itís just amazing. We all get along. When we were in New Orleans we would always hang out and go see movies and go see live shows. Itís so good to be part of a show where everyone gets along, because if they didnít that would really suck.

Moderator: Does it ever creep you out meddling with the idea of spirits or apparitions?

Brett: Yes, definitely. Before Ravenswood I did a film called Backmask as well, and that whole movie was actually filmed in an abandoned insane asylum, and it hadnít been used for 60 years, so Iíve had experience in these kinds of things. I always have an experience with personally involving ghosts. On Ravenswood in New Orleans I actually saw a ghost and Iím totally believing in that stuff now so it kind of makes it more realistic for me to play.

Moderator: Do you and your family have any special or embarrassing Christmas traditions?

Brett: Embarrassing, not really. We play Jenga. I mean who plays Jenga, right? We play Jenga every Christmas and we get really into it and really competitive. I love Jenga. I want to get the giant Jenga set with huge blocks. Thatís what weíre trying to get. Weíre trying to order that on Amazon right now.

Moderator: Will Luke ever fully believe and become comfortable with the idea of the curse?

Brett: You know what, actually, he does. He does eventually get comfortable with it. Well, not really comfortable, but you know he just accepts it now.

Moderator: Will we learn more about the relationship between Luke and Oliviaís mom and Mr. Collins?

Brett: Oh yes! Thereís definitely some of that and it makes Luke extremely angry, so youíll see some of that too.

Moderator: Is there any sort of symbolism behind the little girls in the red coats?

Brett: Iím actually not sure but sheís definitely creepy. She creeps me out.

Moderator: Why wonít Mr. Collins just come forward and discuss the curse with the group?

Brett: Yes, thatís what I want to know! It would make it a lot easier for Luke if he just straight up told him, but maybe youíll see some of that coming up.

Moderator: What do you want for Christmas this year?

Brett: I need a new wallet, because itís falling apart. I want to go skiing. That was the plan originally, I wanted to go skiing. I think Iím going to do that. I might go up to Whistler.

Moderator: What exactly helps bring Luke and Remy together?

Brett: Yes, Remy deals with some dream sequences, so it shows some of that, which is really cool. Lukeís definitely there for her for that, so I think that bonds them a lot closer.

Moderator: What key aspects help or hinder the relationship between Luke and Olivia?

Brett: Stuff definitely gets a lot shakier in the next five episodes, lots of drama, especially between Olivia and Luke and their mom and Collins, so Luke and Olivia work together on that. They have some kafuffles but you can see their bond getting a lot stronger after that, especially after one really intense scene coming up. Merritt and I had to be really depressed for the scene, so we were depressed for like six hours on set to get into the mindset of the scene. That scene you definitely see Luke and Olivia bond. Itís a really cool scene, but I canít give it away. I think itís the season finale, episode 10.

Moderator: Do your martial arts skills help you when it comes to acting?

Brett: Well, I havenít had a chance really to do a martial arts role, but I really want to. I want to act like Jackie Chan in a movie.

Moderator: Which character on Ravenswood are you most like?

Brett: Iím definitely not like Luke, because Lukeís pretty dark and angry and Iím super socially awkward and goofy. I would say maybe more Caleb with a little bit of awkwardness. Iíd say that, because Calebís got a good sense of humor and stuff, and he showed that a lot in Pretty Little Liars too, heís got the good sense of humor.

Moderator: Can we ever expect to see you break dancing on Ravenswood?

Brett: I wish. Iím going to try. Now Iím going to try really hard to get that in there!

Moderator: Will the gang have some good old-fashioned downtime in the episodes to come, or will they remain on high alert?

Brett: You know itís pretty high alert the next five episodes, because so much stuff happens, so many things that are really intense and not really much downtime, definitely not.

Moderator: What is in store for the friendship between Luke and Caleb?

Brett: When we come back on January 7th, Luke and Caleb actually do team up to do some mystery hunting, so thatís where you see it blossoming a little bit. Iím excited to be able to see that.

Moderator: How do you think the potential discovery of the curse will change the dynamic of the show?

Brett: I think if that does happen theyíll definitely have other problems. They wouldnít just end. So if the curse does end youíll probably see more downtime and more relief for a little bit. I guarantee you something else will happen right away, something intense. Thatís what I think. Maybe it will show more character downtime, see what they do when theyíre not on high alert, but I donít know, I canít see that happening any time soon.

Moderator: Are there any pieces about the next five episodes you can share with us today?

Brett: I mentioned Luke is in a cop car. I mentioned that you get to see how Remy sleepwalks, you get to see her actual dream sequences, which are actually sweet, so thatís a big thing. You pretty much find out a lot of the questions that people have, like who made the curse, you find that out. You find out a lot of things.

Moderator: What is your New Yearís resolution?

Brett: My New Yearís resolution, I feel like I still have to do last yearís and the year before that. I would say to challenge myself more and more. Every year I try and challenge myself more and more, whether it be acting or everything I do. I just want to try and be better than the year before.

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Page updated 12/31/13

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