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By Suzanne

Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz

Interview with Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz of "Bones" on FOX 9/19/14

I wasn't able to make this call, but I've spoken with both of them before and it's always a pleasure! This interview was from before the premiere, before Sweets died.

Final Transcript
FBC PUBLICITY: Bones Conference Call
September 19, 2014/11:30 a.m. PDT

Kim Kurland
Emily Deschanel
David Boreanaz


Moderator: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for standing by and welcome to the Bones conference call. At this time all participants are in a listen-only mode. Later, we will conduct a question and answer session. Instructions will be given at that time. (Operator instructions.) As a reminder, this conference is being recorded.

I would now like to turn the conference over to our host, Ms. Kim Kurland. Please go ahead.

Kim: Hello, everyone. I just wanted to thank you for participating in the call today with Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz. As everyone knows, or I hope everyone knows, our season 10 premiere of Bones is airing on Thursday night, the 25th at 8:00 p.m. We are all very excited about where we left off and where weíre going with this season of Bones. We hope you guys are as excited as we are and I think we can get started.

Michelle, if you want to open the line up to our first question.

Moderator: Sure, one moment. (Operator instructions.) Our first question comes from the line of Jamie Ruby from SciFi Vision. Please go ahead.

Jamie: Hello, guys. Great to talk to you again. Thanks for doing the call.

Emily: Thank you.

David: Yes. Thanks.

Jamie: Can you first just talk about how Booth and Brennan are going to deal with everything thatís going on, both Booth being in jail and also after that fact?

David: Go ahead, Emily.

Emily: I get this one? Well Ió.

David: Actually Bones has got to help Booth outóhe has problems. There are problems.

Emily: Booth is in trouble. Weíre worried about him. We think heís not going to survive being in prison. We have different ideas about how weíre going to get him out. Being in prison brings up a lot of stuff for Booth, as David can follow up on. Heís suffering from PTSD because of being there, as well as being tortured, and what not, being in the military and the Army Rangers in his past. Heís gone through a lot in his life.

Weíre dealing with a lot when we come back from this season. Heís in prison or jail. Weíre working [ph] to get him out. Heís not safe and all these people want to kill him there. It puts a real strain on the relationship even when he does get out of prison and itís a big deal. Itís not just going to be healed in one episode or something. It has long lasting repercussions. David, do you want to add anything?

David: Yes. I think itíll last throughout the season. I donít think it will necessarily be as dark as some people might think it will be. I think the first two episodes really have the sense of how dark it could be where [indiscernible] is and who he trusts with inside of the FBI, how he decides to take things into his own hands, and how Bones deals with that and gets him back.

Thereís a great moment in episode two that is a very strong moment between both of them and she really [indiscernible] his case to a point where he has to decide what to do. Iím not going to really say what that is, but it is definitely, itís a page turner for their relationship and see how that unfolds.

Jamie: Great. As a follow up, can you talk a bit about the character of James Aubrey and how heís going to come into play and affect everybody?

David: Heís, right off the bat, definitely heís somebody who works within the FBI and someone who needs to gain trust from Booth. I think, heís just someone whoóI know that weíve in the past have really focused on how the ďsquints,Ē and I think itís a great opportunity to dive into some of the FBI people and maybe start that rotation of looking at some FBI people that literally work with Booth in and out of good conditions and what not. Weíll see how that unfolds.

Emily: Heís originally sent to watch out for Booth because the FBI is not trusting Booth now either. Heís in a really awkward situation. Aubreyís character is sent to spy on Booth essentially, and then weíll see if Booth can trust him at some point. He comes back in other episodes and heís an interesting fresh blood to have on the show.

Moderator: Our next question comes from the line of David Martindale with Hearst Newspapers. Please go ahead.

David: M. Hello, guys.

Emily: Hello.

David: M. I have a question regarding the long run and the staying power of this show. Three years ago, I interviewed Kathy Reichs and she said, ďI view the TV version as being something like a prequel to my books. Itís Tempe, the early years on TV. Sheís in her 30s, in my book sheís clearly past 40. I like to think that theyíre separated in that way. It doesnít affect what I do.Ē Thatís what she said. I said to her, ďUnless the show runs another decade, it wonít be an issue.Ē To which she said, ďOh no, I donít think thatíll be an issue. It would be extraordinary to go that many seasons.Ē
That was three years ago and youíre still going strong. Iím starting to wonder if Tempe, as played by Emily, is going to catch up with book Tempe, perhaps even lap her. What do you say? How long do you think you can keep this good for viewers, good for you?

Emily: I agree with Kathy. Itís hard because the characterís named Temperance Brennan, but itís really based on Kathy Reichs, so my character writes books and the character in her books is named Kathy Reichs, just to confuse things even more. There are definitely similarities between Tempe, Temperance in the show and Tempe in her books; but yes, sheís in her 40s.

Iím about to turn 38 myself, so if we keep going, I may catch up to the book. Maybe, each episode, the writers wonít have to come up with new storylines. We can just start doing episodes based on each of her books and go from there. I donít know, but that would be a wonderful problem to have, I think.

David: M. Yes, good problem to have. Okay, thank you so much.

Emily: Thank you.

Moderator: Our next question comes from the line of Joshua Maloni with Niagara Frontier Publications. Please go ahead.

Joshua: Hello, Emily. Hello, David. Thanks for your time today.

David: Hello.

Emily: Thank you.

Joshua: If we look at the way the last season ended and the way this season is beginning, obviously itís been among some of your most intense episodes. Iím wondering if you guys could tell us a little bit about what itís been like these past couple of months filming these episodes and really if you think itís maybe among your most rewarding work on the series?

David: Well, I know there is some light at the end of the tunnel, once we get through episode 2 and went into episode 3. It was, for me, it was long and arduous from even towards the end of last season, and to go into it this season again, was figuring out this whole conspiracy within the FBI and playing this arc that went on for some time. Itís always difficult when youíre in demand, challenging, when the storyline is of that nature. Itís been fun, rewarding, as well as different.

I think that weíve really been able to examine the charactersí relationships within when theyíre at home and when theyíre dealing with the conspiracy, how it ended last season. Things have changed dramatically, and I think that this season we will see that the reward for all of it is going through this fire that they went through in their relationship, and how it affects them and how it changes things and also opens up new doors.

Joshua: Emily, how about you? How has the roller coaster ride been for you?

Emily: Yes, very similar to David, except for the fact that last season, we ended the season with the season finale. David directed that episode and that was incredibly intense. The shootout scene took three days to shoot. We shoot five scenes in a day on the show. Itís not like we take multiple days to shoot one scene. Itís been really intense, that means long hours. That means intense emotions. It takes its toll on you, emotionally and physically.

Weíve come back in a similar space for these characters. I canít say there were happy times to be shooting these episodes. Theyíre intense, but in a way, nice to jump into some strong emotions. Thereís some really big conflicts that Booth and Brennan have in these first couple episodes that you donít really see very often. Itís nice to do something different in that way, but it is demanding and a bit exhausting, but I think that thereís new dynamics in this show, taking new, different directions and youíll see as you see the first few episodes. This season, weíre not just resting on our laurels here. We are taking this to a new level. We always try and challenge ourselves as actors. The writers are always taking things to the next level and doing different things and taking the show in a different place and changing the dynamics of the characters. It does keep it interesting.

Joshua: All right, thanks guys. Appreciate it, looking forward to this new season.

David: Thank you so much.

Emily: Thank you.

Moderator: Our next question comes from the line of Marisa Roffman with

Emily: Hello, Marisa.

Moderator: Marisa, your line is open.

David: She obviously lost her remote.

Moderator: Our next question comes from the line of Meredith Jacobs with

Meredith: Hello, thanks for taking the time for this call.

David: Thank you.

Emily: Thank you.

Meredith: What can you share about the upcoming undercover episode?

David: Well, I know that, itís funny because we were actually discussing that yesterday and I know that we were planning to shoot that a little bit earlier in the season, but now weíre going to plan on shooting it a little bit later in the season. I donít know too much about it.

I do know that itíll be a blast because I really enjoy shooting those episodes. I think itís just become this thing now that Emily and I really enjoy doing. Itís a lot of fun and the two of us have a blast stepping into whatever those characters are at times. I really enjoy those episodes.

Emily: Me too.

Meredith: Congratulations on 200 episodes. What can you share about the 200th?

David: I know that weíre prepping now and we start shooting that in October, so itís going to be pretty big.

Emily: Yes, itís going to be big. I donít know how much we can say about it. Theyíre still figuring out some details; we know some of whatís happening, but I know we want to keep it a bit of a surprise for everyone. Itís going to be a big episode. Itís going to be a lot of fun. Itís going to be very different, but still great characters. Youíre going to see a lot of some you might not have seen in a little bit. Itíll be great.

David: Yes, itíll definitely be a throwback to a time when things were a little bit simpler and light, but yet something thatís a flair of classic, how should I say, film expose of love and laughter?

Emily: Davidís directing that episode, so weíre super psyched about that.

David: Yes, itís going to be fun. I think itís going to be a great opportunity to enjoy the 200th episode but on top of it, give something back to the fans, that theyíll watch and go, ďOh my God, that and this,Ē whatever this and that may be, just hold on. Itís going to be a lot of fun.

Emily: This and that and this.

David: Emily is going to look so beautiful as she always is, but classically beautiful.

Emily: Youíre going to look very handsome.

David: Thank you.

Moderator: Our next question comes from the line of Ashley Sumerel with TV Fanatic. Please go ahead.

Ashley: Hello, guys. Thanks for participating in the call today. I wanted to ask a little bit about the relationship between Booth and Brennan, you talked about this some. What can we see or what can you tell us about some of the struggles that theyíre going to have and what their relationship is going to be like as the season evolves?

David: Well, theyíre going to have to deal with their different types of reactions to certain things, because of where Booth is in prison and coming out. Bones is going to really have to reevaluate their relationship in a way that isówhy is he acting this way and Iím not quite understanding it? Booth takes some things in his own hands and thereíll definitely be some conflict thatís there.

I think there will be a tipping point at the end of episode 2, that will look at it and see that itíll obviously bring them closer together. Throughout these seasons, weíve always maintained their relationship and always gone back to their relationship. Yes, there will be some conflicting moments, some emotional moments, as well as trying to figure each other out again, because things are going to be much different when he gets out.

Ashley: All right, thank you.

David: Emily?

Emily: I think you got it all. Thereís lots of conflict but weíre still a solid couple, but weíre really dealing with some strong differences of opinion; and Booth is clearly hurting and Brennan doesnít understand and theyíre trying to figure out how to address it all. Itís hard on both of them.

Moderator: Our next question comes from the line of Jenny Cooney with TV Week Australia. Please go ahead.

Jenny: Hello, guys. We hear that Daisy is pregnant. We havenít heard much about your characters as parents this season. Are there any plans to add a brother or sister? Are there any other pregnancies? How is the parenting going along?

Emily: We do deal with different things, parenting-wise, from choosing what school our daughter should go to, to how we deal with when our daughter starts swearing. Like any normal couple, we have different opinions on it and different approaches to it. Youíll see that this season. Weíve got Daisy pregnant and is going to have a baby, so thatís a really big, exciting thing. I think weíre good with that. No plans for any more.

Jenny: Do either of you make suggestions, based on your own parenting experiences about things that the couple could go through? Does the drama that happens at the beginning of this season, does that impact anything in the family area?

Emily: It definitely impacts the relationship and therefore the family. I havenít made many suggestions. David, you can tell them if youíve made suggestions about things youíve experienced as a parent to use in episodes. I have to say, Iíve come across what youíre dealing with at school, choosing a school for the child, now weíre even looking at elementary schools for our daughter because sheís a little older. Weíve moved ahead in time.

With preschool, my son I certainly was similar to Brennan, in that Iím researching as many schools as possible and maybe have different criteria than she has. I find it interesting, when we address the parenting things, because I do see some similarities to my own life. I donít know if, David, you have too?

David: Anything to do with travel hockey and travel, Iím in.

Emily: There you go.

Moderator: Our next question comes from the line of Marisa Roffman with GiveMeMyRemote. Please go ahead.

David: She must have found her remote.

Emily: Hello?

Marisa: Can you guys hear me now?

Emily: Okay, yes.

David: You found your remote.

Marisa: I mean, look, I think theyíre just trying to stop me from asking a question. Something nice and easy for you guys. You have mentioned that Daisy and Sweets are having a baby. Iím curious how Booth and Brennan are reacting to that news.

David: Theyíre such great characters and theyíre part of the family. Itís just definitely going to bring everybody closer together. I think we can all now enjoy each otherís time more, via character-wise. I think itíll be interesting to see how that develops with I know, going forward, especially with someone like Sweets. Itíd be great, such a bonding experience for Booth and the two of them. Theyíve almost treat each other as friends but theyíll get closer. Iím looking forward to that relationship and how that unfolds in the episodes, especially with myself and Sweets.

Emily: Seeing them together, which is so exciting for everybody, I think that weíre all excited. We were excited that Carla actually was pregnant in real life and did have a baby. She got to bring her baby over to the set. Off camera and on camera, weíre very excited about a baby happening, a baby being born. Itís really exciting. I think itís going to be exciting for the fans and itís exciting for the whole Bones family on the show.

Marisa: Thanks, guys, so much.

David: Thank you.

Emily: Thank you.

Moderator: Our next question is from Donna Evleth with Voice of TV. Please go ahead.

Donna: Hello, Emily. Hello, David. How are you?

David: Good.

Emily: Good. How are you doing?

Donna: Doing okay, thanks. Question, I had an interview earlier with Gavin MacIntosh and he said that heís going to be playing a recurring role in season 10. I noticed he was the same age as Ty. Is Ty still going to be playing Parker or will Gavin be taking that over? Can you talk about that?

Emily: David?

David: Yes, I think that itís one of those things with the characters that we have seen develop with over the past few seasons, and weíve always seen when and where we can actually show Tyler, as far as those storylines are concerned. Itís been, especially leaving after season 9, where we can fit them in and how we do that. I think Steven Nathan has more of a plan for that, as far as when and how we can use that situation. To address it directly, I think itís just depending upon how it fits in story-wise. Itís going to be fun to see how that unfolds.

Donna: Okay, to follow up on that, though, are we going to see more of Parker in this season? We hear a lot about Christine and I just saw one of the season 10 trailers, where Emily visited you in jail, or Brennan; and you asked how was Christine doing and she said frightened. How is Parker handling this and are we going to see any of that?

David: I think that weíll address it, obviously. Itís something that, when we approach these characters and their lives, we have to just see how it fits within the storyline, and obviously how Booth is and where his head is and where his mind is. I think that stuff will be answered as we go on with the season.

Donna: Okay, thank you.

David: Youíre welcome.

Moderator: Is there any additional questions? (Operator instructions.) Our next question comes from the line of Jamie Steinberg with Starry Constellation. Please go ahead.

Jamie: Hello, guys. Thanks for taking your time.

David: Thank you.

Emily: Hello, thank you.

Jamie: I was wondering that now that Booth is suffering from PTSD, will this open the door maybe for the audience to learn more about his past trauma?

David: I think that we will. I think that through the challenges that he has, being in prison, trying to get out of prison, trying to deal with the people in prison, and obviously trying to deal with his life outside and how his relationship is with Bones; I think that youíll get an insight into how he reacts to certain things and maybe why heís not the same when he comes out when heís with Bones, and how she may tiptoe around him and not understand him certainly.

I think that that will creep in and out throughout the season. I donít want to say that itís going to be really heavy arc. I think that weíll play it out in the beginning of the year and realize that these characters are there for each other. Whatís great is that we solve crimes and we do it in an open-end kind of style. We start the shows and then we have these great storylines that these writers provide for us and we [indiscernible] with the characters. I donít think it will be a major, major, hard season that way.

Jamie: Talking along those lines about this new aspect of the season, will we get to see Christine more and how she interacts withóI assume sheís not allowed to visit the jail, though, but how she interacts with you as a dad this season, based on you being released from prison as well?

David: Yes, thereís a real touching moment that happens, and I think that the fans will really enjoy the first episode a lot, and youíll see that bond. Itís something that will be reflected also through Bonesí character and how she sees that. Itíll be a very impactful moment. I remember shooting it so itís going to be a lot of fun and enjoyable.

Emily: In the second episodeóthat might be in the second episode, weíve got a lot going on too. You will see Christine and you will see a bit dealing with what Booth coming back from prison and all that. Thereís so much weíre dealing with, especially in the first couple episodes. Christine is coming back more and more in different episodes and weíll see that.

Jamie: Thank you.

Kim: Michelle, we have time for one more question.

Moderator: Okay, thank you. Our last question comes from the line of Kimberly Strand from Reel Life with Jane. Please go ahead.

Kimberly: Hello, guys. Thanks a lot for doing this.

David: Thank you.

Emily: Thank you.

Kimberly: Being that this case is so big with the government conspiracy, is there going to be a surprise how it unfolds or ends? Is there a big shock to it?

David: You know what, weíve been dealing with this towards the end of last season. It was kind of started in episode I think 17 or whatever, and it just slowly built and built. It exposed itself in a major ugly way at the end of the season and then we start off with it again, where I canít really do much about it because Iím stuck in prison; but when I do get out, I think that there will be a sense of closure that will wrap things up in a very neat way, and it will kind of show it in a way thatís like as, wow, it was right under our nose the whole time, but how that affects their relationship and how it affects Booth and whether he continues to work in the FBI is still to be determined and worked out throughout the first half of the season.

Kim: All right, I think that wraps things up. Michelle, if you have any other instructions you need to give about replays or anything like that, but other than that, we appreciate everybody participating in the call today.

Moderator: Ladies and gentlemen, this conference will be available for replay after 1:00 p.m. That does conclude our conference for today. Thank you for your participation and for using AT&T Executive TeleConference. You may now disconnect.

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