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By Suzanne and Jake

Tony Denison

Interview with Tony Denison of "Major Crimes" on TNT 6/23/15

Here is the audio of our interview. I hope you enjoy it! He was a really nice, regular guy, just like he plays on the show (a lot smarter than Flynn, though, and not as messed up).

If the audio is not streaming well, please right-click on this link and save it to your computer. It should work better that way!

Suzanne: On the June 29th episode, "Turn Down," it's a light and fun episode, right? Those are always fun.

Tony: Yes, fun for the audience, and fun for us doing them.

Suzanne: What can you tell us about it and what Andy is up to in that episode?

Tony: Buzz is having his first ride-along with Flynn and Provenza as a reserve police officer, and they get into some they often do with these lighter episodes. He tries to do everything by the book, how he's learned, and they try to tell him that sometimes, you have to do things a little differently than what the book says, as things change in the field.

Suzanne: Considering how much trouble Flynn and Provenza have gotten into in the past, I don't think I would listen to them, if I were Buzz.

Tony: Yes, although less trouble now than they used to, when they were cutting more corners, as it were. I'm just glad to be working with G.W. Bailey, always, any time. I love the chance to do that.

Suzanne: Flynn and Provenza are good friends on the show. Are you guys good friends in real life, too?

Tony: Yes, we are good friends. We all love working together.

Suzanne: Are you enjoying Andy's romance with Sharon these past two seasons?

Tony: You mean hashtag #Shandy? You betcha. You know, as an actor I've loved Mary McDonald's work and I love watching it. As an actor, the opportunity to work with her is really thrilling. As an actor and as a man to be involved in an ongoing or developing a blossoming relationship, is exciting.

Suzanne: Do we get to see more of that this season?

Tony: Oh yes! I can't give it away but there's a funny bit coming up. It's just a portion of the episode. Flynn tormented by something and Clement is just needling him. I can't give it away because that would give away part of the developing romance.

Suzanne: I've watched this show and the Closer for years. I have my own opinion about the characters. If you had to describe Andy, what would you say about his character (his good points and his flaws)?

Tony: Well, Andy is that friend that everybody wishes they had. That really loyal watch-ya-back kinda guy. In one way he's sorta cut and dry about a lot of things. There is a gray area for Andy. I don't know how much of Andy is me. I like to think myself loyal. I like to think I watch my friends' backs. Andy can be off-putting and sometimes he can be very blunt, very direct. That's something that I know I'm not, but maybe there's a part of me that wants to be and why I'm able to do this so well is because of Andy. All the good points are fun to be portrayed particularly. There are also less than stellar character traits.

Suzanne: Any good guest stars coming up that you can tell us about?

Tony: Next week Joe Regalbuto is on the show. I can't give away who's playing his wife but once you see her you'll be like "oh my god". Are there good episodes coming up with interesting guest stars? Yes. If I tell you specific episodes with their names it will seem like I'm picking favorites. I love working with actors. I'm an actor and I won't say well, that guy was better than that guy. I just try to find a way to enjoy it all.

Suzanne: What else can you tell us about this season ?

Tony: All I know is that the hashtag #Shandy is happening. Man the torpedoes. Full speed ahead. We'll see what happens. You'll see how it unfolds. I'm not trying to be coy but I don't know exactly how it unfolds. I don't wanna know. As an actor I just want to be surprised, just like you all watching at home. It's exciting that way. Keeps it fresh. If you know what's going to happen in the next episode that might affect how you perform in the current one. You rob yourself of any discovery you have in that particular episode.

Suzanne: Do they ever tell you ahead of time that you got a secret that nobody else knows about but you gotta know the secret in order to play it?

Tony: No, I don't ask. Nor do I want to.

Suzanne: Any other movies or shows you have coming out?

Tony: I have a couple that I'm working on as a producer. When they get greenlit, believe me. I will talk about them.

Suzanne: Are you active on any social networks?

Tony: Yes, I'm on Twitter- @RealTonyDenison

 and Instagram.
Also, I tweet live with my fans on Monday nights for the East Coast airing of the episode.

Suzanne: Have the fans been everything you thought they would be before you got on social media?

Tony: Oh yeah. I am so pleased by any of the attention I get and the show gets. And I mean that. I really do love it. It's so rewarding.

Suzanne: Good! Thank you so much for the interview.

Tony: My pleasure! Thank you, Suzanne.

Thank you to Jake for helping me with questions and transcription!


In a departure from their more serious work, TNT’s Major Crimes is back with their annual light-hearted episode featuring Tony Denison (Sons of Anarchy, Prison Break). What we can expect in this episode - During his first drive-along as a Reserve Officer, Buzz Watson (Phillip P. Keene) discovers a dead body in a hotel room bathtub, not only threatening an extremely expensive wedding, but also Flynn (Denison) and Provenza’s (G.W. Bailey) plans to take the division to a Fourth of July Dodger’s game. 

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Page updated 12/10/15

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