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By Suzanne

Davida Williams was kind enough to answer our questions via e-mail! She appears in "Teenage Bank Heist". It premieres on November 9th on Lifetime. It stars Abbie Cobb of Suburgatory and Cassi Thomson of Big Love, as well as Maeve Quinlan and Rosa Blasi. Davida and 3 other high school girls rob a bank because Cassi Thomson's character's father is being held for ransom by the Mexican cartel. Here is a link to the Official SiteFacebook Page and the Trailer

1. How did your role in the movie come about?

D. Williams: I actually read for the director Doug Campbell at the beginning of this year. He had a very interesting method of reading that I liked a lot. It was more like I was actually shooting the scene than in an audition environment which can be nerve wracking.

2. Have you done an action movie or thriller before?

D. Williams: No! This was the first time. I was so excited about it. I am a really big action/thriller buff. I'm a bit of a tomboy so I watch a lot of them. So being able to be a part of one was an awesome experience. I can't wait to do another!

3. What was it like filming it?

D. Williams: It was definitely an adventure. I become injured in the film and I had to be covered in fake sweat and blood in almost every scene. The other girls were great. It was nice having a strong female cast. Its so rare to have a cast that is mostly women.

4. Did you get close to your co-stars at all?

D. Williams: Yes I did. They were all awesome. I really looked up to Abbie Cobb. It was great to watch her breakdown a scene. She was an incredible actress and I see a very bright future ahead of her. She definitely ran the show. We would call her our little producer. We are going to get together with Doug Campbell the night the movie airs to eat, watch the film and live tweet! So be sure to tune in.

5. Any interesting tidbits or anecdotes you'd like to share about the movie?

D. Williams: It was funny because one of the girls was named Cassi and her character name was Abbie. And another girl was named Abbie and her character name was Cassi. It caused a lot of confusion and a lot of laughs.

6. Where did it film?

D. Williams: We shot around Los Angeles and Valencia. Valencia was beautiful. We were in the middle of nowhere and on my way to work I saw coyotes and deer every morning.

7. What is your favorite part of the movie?

D. Williams: My favorite scene would probably have to be the hospital scene. I really connected with Maeve Quinlan. I learned a lot from her.

8. Have you seen the entire film yet?

D. Williams: I havent! I get to see it next saturday and I am so excited!

9. I remember you played Jade on As the World Turns! Did you know that your co-star Maeve Quinlan used to be on The Bold & The Beautiful? Did you discuss that at all?

D. Williams: Yes we did actually! We talked about what great training it was.

10. It must have been hard coming in to ATWT as a recast, especially as a sort of villainess….?

D. Williams: It could've been hard but it wasn't. The cast was so welcoming. I made some great friends. I am actually going to be working with Meredith Hagner (liberty) in december. She's incredibly talented.

11. Had you done soaps before? Was it difficult? We've all heard that soaps can be tough, with all the many pages of dialogue and long hours.

D. Williams: It was a lot of work. I have so much more respect for soap actors after having worked on one. We shot an episode a day, as opposed to other shows that usually get a week. I had to memorize sometimes 20-30 pages of dialogue a day.

12. Were you disappointed or upset to learn that ATWT was canceled?

D. Williams: I was disappointed. But I think everyone saw it coming. It is the end of an era. People have moved on to nighttime soaps at this point. There are still a couple left but i think everyone saw it coming after Guiding Light got cancelled. I did a scene with a woman who was on the very first episode of As The World Turns more than 60 years ago when it was still on the radio. That was a trip!

13. Do you still stay in touch with anyone from that show?

D. Williams: I do! Meredith is such a talented, sweet girl. I also talk to Billy Magnussen from time to time. He's a great actor too! And he's working so much. I'm so proud of him.

14. I see you've filmed an episode of Revenge that aired earlier this year. What was that like?

D. Williams: Revenge is one of my guilty pleasures. Everyone on the show is so beautiful and the costuming is great. Filming the show was amazing. My scenes were with Jack who I had such a crush on.

15. Anything you can tell us about your character or how she is involved in the show?

D. Williams: Her name is Brenda he basically helped Emily Thorne disappear for a while.

16. Is your character just in that one episode or do you think she will return?

D. Williams: I hope she returns some day but at the moment there are no plans for her to.

18. You've been in a lot of TV shows, especially of course Lizzie McGuire. How has that affected your life?

D. Williams: Lizzie Mcguire opened a lot of doors for me. Going into it, I don't think anyone expected it to be as successful as it was. Hilary was the first Disney queen in my opinion. I think its great that Claire was an iconic Disney character

19. "Claire" is Lizzie's rival and Jade was very messed up. Would you say that you have mostly played "bad" girls or very troubled teens?

D. Williams: I think I have. I hate to say that I have been type casted because i don't mind it at all. I have so much fun playing characters that are so unlike myself.

20. Your father worked closely for Michael Jackson for many years. Did you get to meet Michael, and if so, what was that like?

D. Williams: I did get to meet him on several occasions. His family and mine became very close. He was a very sweet, caring man. I think that a lot of people can learn from him. He had such a huge level of success and still treated everyone who worked for him with the utmost respect. he was so humble. I cant say enough nice things about him. He would let my friends and I come to Neverland for my birthday when i was younger. I will never forget those times.

21. It must have been tough for you when your father passed away. My condolences. It sounds like you were named after him. Any thoughts you'd like to share about him or his career?

D. Williams: Thank you. It was a rough year but I think it has definitely shaped me as a person. He was an incredible musician and I believe my sister and I have a taken on many of his great traits. My little sister Dana is a very talented musician. She is wise beyond her years. My father touched so many people around him. His was always happy and positive no matter what was going on in his life. Hearing people speak at his memorial was really great for me. He and my mother did such a great job raising my sister and I that I didn't really know how prolific he was or how different my childhood was. they kept us normal and i really appreciate them for that.

22. What are you future plans or goals when it comes to acting, and life?

D. Williams: I am producing an indie pilot end of this year, called Any Tom, Dick , Or Harry. I get to work with Meredith Hagner and Carter Jenkins. I couldn't be more excited because i look up to them both. It is also my first stab at TV producing! I would really love to work more behind the scenes and do as much producing as possible. I think its a great way to learn about the process.  

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Page updated 10/27/12

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