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By Krista


Interview with Darby from "The Voice" on NBC 11/23/16

NBC Universal
Moderator: Kaitlin Blanco
November 23, 2016 12:00 pm CT

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen thank you for standing by. Welcome to the Voice Elimination Press and Media Call. For the presentation all participants will be in a listen only mode. Afterwards conduct a question and answer session. At that time if you have question press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone. If at any time during the conference you need to reach an operator press star then 0.

As a reminder todayís call is being recorded Wednesday, November 23, 2016. Now Iíd like to turn the conference over to Kaitlin Blanco. Please go ahead maíam.

Kaitlin Blanco: Thank you. Hello everyone. Thank you for joining our call today. Joining us today from Team Miley we have Darby. Out of respect from all journalists queuing up please ask only one question at a time. Youíll have the opportunity to follow up. Iíll now turn the call over to the question and answer portion. Go ahead.

Operator: Thank you very much. And once again ladies and gentlemen as a reminder to register any questions or comments itís 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone keypad and youíll hear a three tone prompt to acknowledge your request.

If your questionís been answered and youíd like to withdraw your registration press the 1 followed by the 3. If youíre using a speaker phone, please lift your handset before entering your request. Weíll get to our first question on the line from Mark Franklin from the Voice Views. Go right ahead.

Mark Franklin: Hey Darby. Congratulations on making it so far on the show.

Darby Walker: Hello. How are you? Thank you.

Mark Franklin: Iím sure original music is somewhere in your future. I was wondering what you can tell bands about that. What sounds to expect, was there something you were already started working on, that sort of thing?

Darby Walker: Itís definitely something thatís way for a while. I can tell everyone to keep expecting music with a lot of messages very much in line with what you guys have been hearing but with more of a Darby twist on it so everyone keep your ears open.

Mark Franklin: Okay. And how you would say your Voice experience will affect the music youíll be releasing in the future?

Darby Walker: Thatís a good question. I feel like my Voice experience really allowed me to explore the music that Iíve always wanted to sing and perform and I really got to get out of the whole Indie box. So for me Iíve always called myself an old soul. Thatís the music I love so I really think Iíll be taking a lot of those kinds of sounds and putting them in my music. Thatís something that Iíve started to do and itís something that I think you can expect to hear from me.

Mark Franklin: Okay. Thank you very much and best of luck.

Darby Walker: Thank you.

Operator: And weíll go to our next question on the line from (Jeff Dodge) with Go right ahead.

(Jeff Dodge): Hello Darby. Howís it going?

Darby Walker: Thereís been better days. How are you?

(Jeff Dodge): So you were up again for the instant save. You know, he was in that position last week as well so what did you think your chances were of staying or going when you were up against him?

Darby Walker: To be honest that wasnít even something that crossed my mind. In the moment I was just worried about giving my best performance of my last chance song and I had no clue what was going to happen. I feel like it couldíve gone either way. I know that the East Coast is the people - theyíre the ones who get to vote first so at the end of the day - at the end of the day I knew it was up to them and it was all completely subjective. So yes, honestly my mind wasnít there when that was happening.

(Jeff Dodge): Okay. So were you surprised at all that you were eliminated?

Darby Walker: I mean, at the end of the day I was completely surprised. I wasnít expecting it. I wasnít expecting it to be (Aaron) and I in the bottom two. I just wasnít expecting that at all to be really, really honest with you but I will say the universe works in interesting ways and I have complete faith that everything is the way itís supposed to be and Iím really excited for the future.

(Jeff Dodge): Okay great. Well good luck going forward.

Darby Walker: Thank you.

Operator: Thank you very much. Weíll get to our next question on the line from Elizabeth Kwiatkowski from Reality TV World. Go right ahead.

Elizabeth Kwiatkowski: Hello Darby. Thanks so much for taking the time for this today.

Darby Walker: Of course. How are you?

Elizabeth Kwiatkowski: Iím good. So (SaíRayah) told me last week that she felt she had no shot to win the instant save against (Aaron) because competing against him was basically like competing against Miley Cyrus who has an enormous following on social media, much more so than the other coaches I believe. So why do you think two of her team members fell into the bottom two this week then? Like, do you have any theories and therefore do you agree or disagree with what (SaíRayah) has said?

Darby Walker: I have my own theories. Mileyís someone who I have the upmost respect for and I love her with all my heart but at the end of the day sheís a figure that either people love, and some people donít love. So I think Ė and we talked about this onstage. She believes that itís a reflection of what people feel towards her and thatís not said that we were in the bottom two. I can agree with that.

I can agree with that. I think people project Ė they completed projected their feelings of her towards me which is something that I kind of expected going into it and I have no regrets of any of the songs I sang. I think at the end of the day Ė at the end of the day I think thatís what it really boils down to. And when it comes to whole social media following I think that has to go with the demographic that was voting for the instant save as well. So yes, itís tricky.

Elizabeth Kwiatkowski: Okay. The public perception seems to be that you were one of the underdogs this season. Some of the favorites to win like Billy Gilman for example, they have these really undeniably huge powerful voices so I just want to know how you felt when you stacked up against the competition. Up until last night how confident were you that you could win this thing?

Darby Walker: Honestly Iím not just a voice. Iím an artist and I think thatís what I completely brought to the table. I brought my artistry with me. Performing with Billy Gilman and all of those people, I loved them all. I loved them all. Theyíre all extremely talented but when it comes to stacking up against them Iím completely confident and comfortable in the music that I put out and the messages that I put out and what I was doing. It was so much more than just singing big and singing big songs.

I can sing a big song if I wanted to. I could do that but for me itís always about standing for something and really introducing to the world who I am.

Elizabeth Kwiatkowski: Thatís great. Well congratulations on making it as far as you did.

Darby Walker: Thank you.

Operator: Thank you very much. Weíll get to our next question on the line from Bobby Jones with The New Music Buzz. Go right ahead.

Bobby Jones: Hello Darby. Thank you for giving us such a great time on stage with your imagery and performance.

Darby Walker: Thank you for joining.

Bobby Jones: Yes. So the question I have, you said originally that you were more of an Indie artist and you thrust it into the pop music genre of doing these types of song. They werenít probably something that youíd do. Do you feel that youíre uncomfortable up there? Do you feel that maybe you couldíve Ė if you wouldíve been able to do some of the songs you wanted to do that you couldíve gave a better performance or how do you feel that you did overall?

Darby Walker: Overall Iím so happy with every single song I sang and every performance I sang. Every song that I ended up singing on that show was a song that I wanted to sing. It was something that I believed then. Itís something I believe needed to be heard. So Iím ecstatic that I pushed out of the whole Indie box that everyone was trying to put me in. Iím an Indie alternative artist and I feel like I stayed that way throughout the entire thing. I wasnít just covering songs. I was completely infusing myself into every song that I did. So yes, honestly looking back at it Iím so, so happy with every performance I gave.

Bobby Jones: Great. Thank you.

Darby Walker: Thank you.

Operator: And weíll get to our next question on the line from Beth Beacham from Hollywood Junket. Go right ahead.

Beth Beacham: Hello Darby, wonderful performances.

Darby Walker: Thank you. How are you?

Beth Beacham: Good. How are you? I had a question aboutÖ

Darby Walker: Iím all right.

Beth Beacham: I had a question about your Twitter. Do you mention revolution? I wanted you to elaborate on what you define as revolution and what you believe in.

Darby Walker: Thatís a good one. So for me this revolution that I speak of is something that Ė this is something Iím so passionate about so youíll have to bear with me. Going up on that stage, like I said it wasnít about being pretty.

This revolution that I was up there fighting was for everybody out who wants to be themselves and for everyone else who doesnít want to be labeled and put in a box and for everyone else who believes in peace and believes that change starts with what weíre putting out in the world, and for everyone else who believes that are taking risks that are good in being different is something that we need to do. Thatís the revolution Iím talking about.

Iím not like anyone else out there right now doing this. I believe with everything going on in the world and everything going on in our country especially when you have things like social media, if youíre not putting out and being liked, if youíre not being the change then what are you doing? So if I can do that thatís all I want and I got to do that with every song that I sang. I got to do that week after week after week and the following I built up and the songs Iíve done is unbelievable. Iíve gotten more of a social media following than anyone else on the show.

I really connected with a lot of the younger people out there and I think the most beautiful part about this is the fact that my need for change and my need to spread love and light resonates with so many other people out there and this is so much bigger than just The Voice and this is so much bigger than just song choice and music. This is about coming together as a collective.

Beth Beacham: Okay thank you so much. I look forward to what you do next. Thank you.

Darby Walker: Thank you.

Operator: Thank you very much. Weíll go to our next question on the line from (MJ Santee) with From Mjsbigblog. Go right ahead.

(MJ Santee): Hello. Hello Darby.

Darby Walker: Hello.

(MJ Santee): Hello. I was wondering if you can talk a little bit about your relationship with Miley. How did the two of you work together? Did she pick your songs or did you pick them together? Did youÖ

Darby Walker: Everything Miley and I didÖ

(MJ Santee): About fashion choices, how did you come about coming up with them?

Darby Walker: Everything that Miley and I did was completely collaborative. It was her texting me song choices saying hey, what do you think about this or hey, just listen to this and me texting her saying you listen to this, what do you think about this? Style was the same way. Iím someone who I very much know who I am.

The nice thing about Miley is that I really got the freedom to go all out and be 10,000% of what I wanted to be and I donít know if I wouldíve gotten to do that had I dealt with another coach. It was just really nice to work with someone who believes in everything that I believed in. We both knew that some of the songs I sang was calculated versus we werenít sure how people would take them.

We knew that we werenít sure how people would take me wearing a flower, just a flower in my hair doing my thing but at the same time it was more important to us to put out good art, an art that means something than just music that everyone can sing along to if that makes sense. So working with her, it was wonderful. It was super wonderful and I look forward to everything or anything if anything comes in the future with her.

(MJ Santee): You sang a lot of vintage songs. Did you Ė had you heard those songs before or were you just completelyÖ

Darby Walker: Iíve always been into Ė I always tell people I was born in the wrong time. I go back and cry myself to sleep at night because I donít feel like Iím from this time. Iím going to back, collect antiques and start a vinyl collection from the past three years. So for me that was very much Ė that was who I was. Thatís who I was, that I was never Ė you know what Iíll say? She completely gave me the freedom to do that. I never knew how and if I could do that and with her, I got to push out of the Indie box and do everything that I wanted to do.

Itís something thatís influencing my whole life and Iím really happy that I got to sing those ďvintageĒ songs for everyone to hear because it was good music and it was music that meant something and I feel like a lot of songs nowadays talk about love or being heartbroken or about sex. Thatís all what weíre really hearing and I feel that the songs that I sing were about so much more than that. It was about freedom and self-expression and love and peace and being who you are. So the fact that I got to sing songs that Ė both those things and put that out there it was beautiful. It was so beautiful and Iíd do it again the same way.

(MJ Santee): Great. Thank you.

Darby Walker: Thank you.

Operator: And weíll go to our next question on the line from Krista Chain from The TV MegaSite. Go right ahead.

Krista Chain: Hello Darby. How are you?

Darby Walker: Iím good. How are you?

Krista Chain: Iím good. Whatís your most memorable moment from your experience on The Voice?

Darby Walker: My most memorable moment. Thatís hard. Thereís a lot of them but I think my Ė one of my favorite moments is Ė it was 11:00 at night. We had a long day of filming and we were rehearsing for a group song. It was me, (Aaron), (Ally), and Miley on stage. The band had gone home. The crew had gone home. They were turning off the lights and I was standing there barefoot and all of us were just sitting there clapping our hands and tapping our foot practicing that song over and over and over, just really enjoying the music and enjoying being there and creating something. It was the last moment I think I experienced on the show and it was beautiful.

Krista Chain: Great. Thank you. I wish you luck going forward.

Darby Walker: Thank you so much.

Operator: Thank you. And weíll get to our next question on the line Ė follow up question from the line of Mark Franklin with Voice Views. Go right ahead.

Mark Franklin: Yes Darby. You mentioned just briefly the East Coast versus the West Coast and the Twitter save and of course you were going up from someone from Georgia and youíre from California. How do you feel about that whole Twitter save format? Do you think that couldíve influenced the outcome?

Darby Walker: I think it did influence the outcome completely but itís something thatís out of my power. Itís something I canít cry about because I knew that going into this. The thing is Iím from Georgia as well but I never fully got that same exposure and itís hard to be from Ė itís hard to be bicoastal because when you live in L.A. the only people they are talking about are the A-listers. Because (Aaron) was from Georgia he got first dibs on everything. I really, really, really pushed myself and promoted myself as much as I could. I was my biggest person out there fighting for myself.

So I knew when that happened that not only because he was from Georgia but because I think the mindsets are different between East Coast and West Coast if that makes sense and Iím not trying to make this political by any means but I was up there singing about things that maybe more conservative people didnít want to hear about. I was up there doing things that maybe they werenít ready to hear or ready to watch and I think their opinions towards Miley and me being considered the ďmini-MileyĒ couldíve influenced their judgment and their votes but you know what?

Like I said itís up to the universe. I believe everything happens for a reason so Iím happy that heís still there and I wish I couldíve been there but thatís just the way the cards fell.

Mark Franklin: Okay. And once again thank you very much and best of luck.

Darby Walker: Thank you.

Operator: And weíll go our next question on the line as a follow up question from Elizabeth Kwiatkowski from Reality TV World. Go right ahead.

Elizabeth Kwiatkowski: Hello Darby. I know you said that youíre extremely happy with your song choices overall and you seem to have no regrets but despite loving your instant song save last night , do you think maybe singing a different song wouldíve produced a different outcome for you? Have you thought about that at all?

Darby Walker: Itís something that I thought about but itís not something that Iím going to keep thinking about. Honestly I picked the song Ė the way I thought, I was like Darby if you have to sing instant save song, sing something that everyone knows and loves and sing songs that you love and your song (unintelligible) (John) is something Iíve never met anyone who doesnít love that song.

So no, I donít think I wouldíve sang a different song. Itís something that means a lot to me, yet again if I was going to sing something and I was going to Ė and that was going to be my last song Iím glad I got to put out one last little message of love and one last little tidbit of light and one last little tidbit of Darby.

Elizabeth Kwiatkowski: Awesome. What was your reaction when Miley saved you over (Belle Jewel) and (Sophia) heading into the top 12? That was obviously a big moment for all the artists that were saved. Was that a shock for you or did you feel your connection with Miley was strong enough where you sort of anticipated that decision?

Darby Walker: I never like to fully anticipate anything but no it was something Ė it was really, really satisfying and gratifying if that makes sense. Itís like I believe that we had that relationship so for her to pick me and really believe in what I was doing was something that was so special and for me I think for both of us me Ė my presence on the show meant more than just singing those songs. I think thatís why we had such a good time and why we did connect so well. Itís because weíre both people who stand for a cause and weíre both people who are out there every day trying to spread some light. I was surprised but I wasnít surprised.

Elizabeth Kwiatkowski: Great, thank you.

Darby Walker: Thank you.

Operator: Weíll go to our next question from the line of Ė a follow up from the line of Bobby Jones with The New Music Buzz. Go right ahead.

Bobby Jones: Hello Darby. So being on The Voice you get to experience the best case scenario. You got to do your own music but then knowing the reality if you did get a record deal, probably have somebody telling you what to do every day and what songs to sing and everything else. So whatís next for you? Do you go back to doing Indie music? Do you advance from there? Whatís next for Darby?

Darby Walker: Thatís such an open-ended question because thereís so much that I donít know about yet. Thereís so much in the works already. Thereís so many things out there. I have a movie coming out in February which Iím really excited about. Iíve got a lot of music that Iíve already made but Iím more thinking about Ė because Iím a person, I believe in change. I believe in evolution and I know Iím not the same person now than I was going into this.

So you guys can expect to hear a lot of new music coming from me. You can expect to see a lot of me on social media. Iím going to be everywhere. Just expect a lot of art.

Bobby Jones: I get it. No, exactly (unintelligible) so definitely itís a move forward. Youíre not going back to the Indie singing in coffee shops type of thing and everything else. So now youÖ

Darby Walker: No. Now I feel like Iím moving on to something bigger and more meaningful. I was to sing Ė Iíll sing for anyone who listens, anyone who wants to hear me sing but at this point I really, really, really have a strong sense of who I am and I know who I am and a lot of other people know who I am and believe in me and what Iím doing. So I think itís so much bigger than what it was when I was started. So I donít think thereís any going back. Thereís only looking forward and only new experiences.

Bobby Jones: Got you. Thank you.

Darby Walker: Thank you.

Operator: And before proceeding once again as a reminder to register for any questions or comments on the telephone, just use the 1, 4 on your telephone key pad. And we do have another follow up question from the line of (MJ Santee) from Mjsbigblog. Go right ahead.

(MJ Santee): Hello Darby again. Could you talk a little bit about your relationships with the other contestants? Who were you closest to?

Darby Walker: To be honest my best friend on the show was (Aaron) so that was real fun last night. Yes. Everyone here is like family. I love Billy Gilman. I love me some Billy Gilman. Heís the most charming person youíll ever meet in your life. (Allyís) the funniest person youíll ever meet in your life. Her impersonations of everyone are hilarious.

I love everybody here. I have the upmost respect Ė what? My gosh. Cowboys, I love our cowboys. (Josh) and (Austin) and (unintelligible), theyíre great. I love everybody. I love them all with all my heart and I know that I will see them all and continue to talk to them all for many, many, many years to come. They canít get rid of me that easy. Yes, Iíd say my best friend here was (Aaron).

(MJ Santee): Did you guys say anything to each other while you were waiting to hear the results?

Darby Walker: We both just were in shock. He felt so Ė it was just like a lose-win-lose situation. Either way, you couldnít really fully be happy and I talked to him and stuff last night with him and talked to him this morning and itís like although heís happy to be here thatís not what he wanted at all. And for me itís like Iím happy that his music still gets to be heard because I love his music but at the same time I still really, really want to be here. So yes, it was just Ė it wasnít a fun situation to be in.

(MJ Santee): Yes that sounds hard. And could you just talk a little bit about the movie youíre going to be in. Is this something you filmed before you were on The Voice?

Darby Walker: Yes. Iím actually super excited. This is something that I filmed before The Voice which was produced by the same man who produced Halloween and Michael Myers so Iím super excited. Itís scheduled to come out in February. Yes itís Ė I think itís going to be cool. I canít give away all the details but everyone should stay tuned and watch. Iím excited.

(MJ Santee): Itís a horror film?

Darby Walker: Itís a horror film. Yes maíam.

(MJ Santee): Sounds like fun. Thank you.

Darby Walker: Thank you.

Operator: And weíll get to our next question on the line, another follow up question from the line of Bobby Jones with The New Music Buzz. Go right ahead.

Bobby Jones: Hello Darby. On a lighter note weíre actually neighbors and Iíve seen you from time to time and now that youíre on The Voice is there any more Ė is there any public recognition when people see you and theyíre like hey, youíre that girl?

Darby Walker: There is Ė Iíve gotten a lot actually, more than I was expecting. Itís funny. I was eating breakfast the other morning and this man walks up to me and he takes off his hat and he puts his hat on my head and heís like, ďOh my gosh. I knew it was you.Ē Heís like, ďMe and my wife watch you all the time.Ē I started cracking up. So yes, I honestly have gotten recognized a lot and Iíve gotten a lot of recognition from people in my community and a lot of people from back in Georgia so itís really fun. Weíre neighbors?

Bobby Jones: Well thatís a good thing. Iíll make Ė yes we are.

Darby Walker: No way.

Bobby Jones: Way.

Darby Walker: Very cool, very cool.

Bobby Jones: Next time Iíll (unintelligible) next time I see you.

Darby Walker: Yes please do it. Please do it.

Bobby Jones: No problem. Thank you.

Darby Walker: Of course, bye.

Operator: Thank you very much. And Ms. Blanco we have no further questions on the line. Iíll turn it back to you.

Kaitlin Blanco: All right then. That wraps our call for today. Again if youíd like a transcript you can email me at K-B-L-A-N-C-O at M-P-R-M dot com. Thanks everyone. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Operator: Thank you very much and ladies and gentlemen this concludes the conference call for today. We thank you for participation and ask that you disconnect your lines. Have a good day everyone.

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