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By Suzanne

Elisha Cuthbert

Interview with Elisha Cuthbert of "One Big Happy" on NBC 4/24/15

I really enjoyed Elisha's work in "24" and other shows, but unfortunately, this show was not very good. She was great in it, but it was not funny at all. I'm very sorry that it got canceled, for her sake, but I'm sure she'll keep working, regardless.

Moderator: Matthew Mitchell
April 24, 2015 1:00 pm CT

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen thank you for standing. Welcome to the One Big Happy Elisha Cuthbert Press and Media Call. During the presentation all participants will be in a listen-only mode afterwards we will conduct and answer session. At that time if you have a question please press the 1 followed by the 4 on
your telephone. If at any time during the conference you need to reach an operator please Star 0. As a reminder this conference is being recorded Friday April 24th, 2015. I would now like to turn the conference over to Matthew Mitchell, please go ahead.

Matthew Mitchell: Thank you so much. Hello everyone thank you for joining todayís call. Weíre thrilled to have Elisha Cuthbert on the phone with us today. As you know Tuesday April 28th weíll air the season finale of One Big Happy at 9:30 pm eastern time.

To start off weíll allow question and a follow up and should you have more please just renter the queue. Just a reminder that this conference will be recorded and a transcript will be available within the next 48-hours. Please welcome Elisha and now weíre ready to open it up to questions.

Operator: And ladies and gentlemen if you would like to register for a question please press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone. You will hear a 3-tone prompt to acknowledge your requests.

If youíre question has been answered and would like to withdraw your registration please press the 1 followed by the 3. If youíre using a speaker phone please lift your handset before entering your requests. One moment please for the first question. And our first question comes from the line of Trish Bendix with (After Ellen). Please go ahead.

Trish Bendix: Hi Elisha how are you?

Elisha Cuthbert: Hi Trish how are you? I love that youíre the first one thatís fantastic.

Trish Bendix: So first of all Iíd just love to know what the response has been like for you that youíve been receiving since the show has started to air.

Elisha Cuthbert: Well you know I feel like the episodes that we put out were strong, and we got the feedback mostly from social media, and from what Iíve gathered everyone is really excited and getting interesting in my character in relating to her and loving the show.

So weíve got nothing but really great responses in a short period of time which is fantastic, and I think the ratings too kind of reflect that as well which is all you can really ask for. So I feel like Iíve been getting all good stuff all around which doesnít always happen so Iíll take it.

Trish Bendix: In my follow up I have to know - we are dying to know if (Lizzy) has a job.

Elisha Cuthbert: She did have a job at the start in the pilot, and I think that it ended up getting not specified or got taken out of the dialogue in some form that would be more (Liz Sylvan).

But I think she was involved in working in not publicity but possibly marketing in some way because everyone was wondering how does Lizzy have this house and affords amazing house in Silver Lake, so sheís obviously got a good job which I donít know if weíve specified what it is yet.

Trish Bendix: Great thank you.

Elisha Cuthbert: Thanks Trish.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Sandra Perez with Hidden Remote, please go ahead.

Sandra Perez: Hi thank you for joining us.

Elisha Cuthbert: Thank you.

Sandra Perez: I wanted to know how Ellen DeGeneres was involved in this show. Was she on set a lot? How was she around you guys?

Elisha Cuthbert: Well I think the best thing for us was that we got to shoot at Warner Brothers studios where she shoots her daytime show. So that made it - I think really easy for her to kind of pop over and see what we were doing and get involved in that way.

She would come in and warm up the audience before tape nights which was so huge and so thrilling for the audience that was there to see a new show that they had never ever seen before, and it got everyone so excited. I mean any time Ellen is around it causes quite a frenzy rightfully so. So it was amazing, she was really supportive.

And I think it was really lucky for us that we were so close in proximity to where she is because if we would have been at any other lot, I think it would have been really hard to have her kind of stop by as frequently as she did so we got lucky in that aspect.

Sandra Perez: And in this last episode, A Tale of Two Hubbies can you give us any teasers of whatís in store for those two?

Elisha Cuthbert: Well itís definitely a continuation of last weekís episode when Martin came to town so youíre really going to get to sort of see where that episode takes Kelly and Nickís characters more primarily, but I think we put in a nice button on it for the season.

I think the audiences will be really satisfied where we leave them off, but I think there will be also that thing where there will be more places to go with it. Itís a really nice season finale episode.

Sandra Perez: Thank you.

Elisha Cuthbert: Thanks so much.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Suzanne Lanoue with The TV MegaSite, please go ahead.

Suzanne Lanoue: Good morning.

Elisha Cuthbert: Hi.

Suzanne Lanoue: Hi. Can you give us an idea as to when you finish shooting Season 1 and what youíve been doing with yourself in terms of other projects or other things that you have going on (unintelligible).

Elisha Cuthbert: Yes. We finished in the fall of last year so end of October beginning of November-ish if I recall so weíve been done for quite some time now. And because we were a mid-season airing show it felt even longer to the time of our air date, but I like that we ended up that way. It seemed like that was the right place for us.

And in the meantime, I went back to Canada and have been developing some of my own TV shows for Canada specifically and also did a movie for Courtney Cox who directed a film called Just Before I Go, starring (Shawn William Scott) thatíll be coming out soon as well. So yeah just been busy with that and now we wait and see what happens with the show after this season which will come up soon. As you guys know the up fronts are in May so I donít have too long to wait.

Suzanne Lanoue: Great. Okay, well, I look forward to what else comes out, and I hope you get a second season.

Elisha Cuthbert: Thank you so much.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of (Lisa Steinberg) with Starry Constellation magazine. Please go ahead.

Lisa Steinberg: Hi Elisha such a pleasure to speak with you, thank you so much.

Elisha Cuthbert: Youíre welcome, hi.

Lisa Steinberg: Can you talk a little bit about working with Liz Feldman and what kind of input she provided to you with regards to the character and kind of that working relationship you had.

Elisha Cuthbert: Well we hit it off pretty quickly. I mean Nick when Nick Zano really kind of introduced us and was my biggest champion in wanting me to get the part and be a part of the show with him because he had already been set as the Luke character and we had a great meeting. We had a great few dinners together prior to shooting.

Liz took me out with a lot of her friends and was in sort of that circle - in her circle of friends and we just you know - we had a lot of things in common ironically and also had a lot of great ideas for the character specifically with her you know being a little bit A type a little bit uptight about certain things. But yet I also wanted to bring a kind of quirkiness to her too because sometime type A characters are written so uptight that theyíre not loose enough to have fun almost like - I think of it like Charlotte from Sex and the City.

I just - I didnít want to go down that path with the character and Liz didnít either. So sheís got a little bit of that Type A which makes sense, but at the same time she also is a big goofy which lends itself to us having a lot more fun with playing with the character.

Lisa Steinberg: Can you tell us some of your favorite scenes from the season that you filmed?

Elisha Cuthbert: Yes well there was a lot. Itís funny when you shoot in front of a live studio audience itís all very thrilling to be honest. And itís all very new to me because this is the first time Iíve ever been in front of a studio audience in my career so itís been interesting.

But I would say the scene in the hospital when Lukeís kind of - me and Kelly are fighting over Luke and who can take care of him better and heís sort of coming up and down from the bed I thought that was well played and really funny.

My stuff with (Steve Valentine) he played Martin is last weekís episode was a lot of fun too. Yeah you know Iíve watched now all six and really happy with everything and really thrilled with the way the cast came together and how we all sort of jelled so quickly together. It was a lot of fun, but it also shows on television too which makes me really happy.

Lisa Steinberg: Great. Well thank you so much again for speaking with us.

Elisha Cuthbert: Yes thank you.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen as reminder to register for a question please press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephones. Our next question comes from the line (Sara Bellman) with Who Say. Please go ahead.

Sara Bellman: Hi how are you doing?

Elisha Cuthbert: Good.

Sara Bellman: I just want to know what was one of the most memorable reactions youíve gotten from a man about the show.

Elisha Cuthbert: Wow thatís a good one - memorable reaction. Well you know what I like hearing is because when we first started the show and we were trying to explain it to the press prior to it coming out, this idea of Luke and Lizzy and Prudence all starting a family together it seems very you know modern.

The best that Iíve heard is that I had actually just spoken to a writer in New Zealand who had said that he has a really good friend who has the same family situation as Luke and Lizzy and Prudence. And just the feedback in which the people are not too shocked or you know fascinated with the idea that more so that people are relating to our family dynamic and this style of show and these group of people.

So for me you know there was always that oh it might be shocking which seems crazy to us but obviously was on peopleís radar and then for us to have the show come out and it really not be anything sort of out of the norm and people really responding to and if not more so relating to it was amazing.

Sara Bellman: Awesome. And then I guess what was one of your favorite moments working with Ellen?

Elisha Cuthbert: Well itís always exciting when sheís around to be honest. I think one of the most exciting moments was not so much when weíre all working together and collaborating but when we went on her show to promote the show. It was so weird because itís like here we all three of us were now in this - you know different scenario in which she was asking us about the show, but when sheís on set sheís the boss and has really great input and really ideas. But then as a talk show host to be there on like the biggest daytime show on television it was kind of crazy and amazing and sort of surreal. Here we were now promoting it, it was a really nice moment, and to be able to do it with her makes it even better.

Sara Bellman: Awesome thank you.

Elisha Cuthbert: Thanks.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of  Karen Woll with Sci-fi Vision. Please go ahead.

Karen Woll: Hi thanks so much for taking time out to do this with us.

Elisha Cuthbert: Thank you.

Karen Woll: Around the time that the show premiered you said in some interviews that you know the scariest thing probably was going to be a multi-camera show in front of a live audience, and now that youíve got the season under your belt how scary was it and you know are you more comfortable are you enjoying it? Can you just talk to us about that a little bit?

Elisha Cuthbert: You know what it is, the fear went away but the nerves still stay. And even after six (unintelligible) I donít think itís every going to go away I think every time we go into tape nights there is just going to be nerves that will not sort of dissipate until we really get you know into the filming part of it which is great for me. Luckily as much as Iím sort of nauseous and nervous all day once I get the first scene under my belt and out of the way itís sort of smooth sailing after which is great, but the nerves do not go away which is why it makes it so special and why the energy is so unique in front of an audience because youíre dealing with that adrenaline rush and youíre dealing with the fear of messing up and the nerves that go along with it. So itís going to be interesting.

I watched an episode of Jerry Seinfeldís show on Crave, and he was talking about how it never got easier even after all those seasons of Seinfeld because itís a lot of work. Itís a lot of work to do a multi-camera show, but at the same time itís super rewarding. So I anticipate that itíll always be difficult but in a great way if that makes any sense.

Karen Woll: Do you feel - this is a follow up, do you feel true what they say that you know that multi-cameras may be a different kind of comedy that youíre doing? I mean you have done you know a lot of other comedy work. Do you feel you have to work differently as a comedian?

Elisha Cuthbert: Yes. I think you have to like hold for the laugh which is super unusual. There is a timing aspect to it thatís different. Thereís you know this dance that goes on between actors in which youíre holding for their laugh, theyíre holding for yours.

Thereís a pace that has to happen organically that develops as you go, and I think it kind of becomes second nature but when you first start itís very unusual. So yeah you have to talk louder, sometimes you feel like youíre overacting and then you watch it back and you go it looked totally normal.

Itís very very different very different, but itís great because I think it really does lend itself to comedy and it suits comedy very well because thereís room to breathe. You know the jokes will happen and thereís a lot of time for the audience to take in whatís happening and the pace is nice. So it suits it Iím really enjoying it or did enjoy it the six that we did.

Karen Woll: Good. Well weíre enjoying watching it and weíre looking forward to the finale and hope for another season. Thanks.

Elisha Cuthbert: Yes thank you. Thank you so much.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of (Landon Jurais) with Pop Entertainment. Please go ahead.

Landon Jurais: Hi Elisha how are you today?

Elisha Cuthbert: Good how are you?

Landon Jurais: Iím good thank you. Okay so your character is best friends with Luke, have you and Nick become close outside of the show?

Elisha Cuthbert: We were close before the show. We worked together on Happy Endings. He played Pennyís fiancťe on the show, and we also have the same manager. So when we first met we had a lot in common and sort of hit it off and then when he got set to play Luke on this show lucky for me he thought of me for Lizzy and called me up and really convinced me to do the show because maybe like youíve heard I was very skeptical of whether or not Iíd be able to deliver especially being in front of a live audience.

So he was really the one that gave me the confidence to do it and I owe him a lot for that. And even with that now itís - you know our relationship as friends has grown even more so being able to work you know day in and day out and itís developed into a very nice friendship. Heís so easy to work with, heís so collaborative and supportive. Heís just a really really great guy. I mean he grew up with all women so heís really good with Kelly and I and heís just a wonderful person.

Landon Jurais: Yes well you can definitely see that on the show that you guys are comfortable with each other. And as a follow up, how would you like to see the relationship between Lizzy, Luke, and Prudence grow in possible future episodes?

Elisha Cuthbert: Well I mean I like the fact that Prudence and Lizzy donít quite see eye to eye all the time. I mean it just makes sense and it really works for where theyíre at. I think itís going to take time for the two of them to become really close. I think she cares about Prudence, but I still think thereís a lot of like that - how much does she trust her? I donít she quite trusts her 100% yet which is interesting.

And then obviously Luke and Lizzy are going to be Luke and Lizzy as they are now for you know the duration of however long the show goes for because their friendship has been for so long and you know what you see is what you get. But itíll be interesting to see them as parents at some point if we get to do that. There is going to be something interesting to tap into.

Landon Jurais: Well thank you so much for taking the time today.

Elisha Cuthbert: Thank you.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen as a reminder to register for a question please press the1 followed by the 4 on your telephones. Our next question is a follow up question from the line of Trish Bendix with After Ellen. Please go ahead.

Trish Bendix: What have you learned about Lizzy by watching the show now and has anybody pointed anything out to you that maybe you didnít see when you were going through and actually filming the show and now that youíve said oh my God I see it now.

Elisha Cuthbert: Well I realized that as big as I thought I was doing - like you know as far as like feeling like I was playing it too broad, watching it back I realized thereís room for more which is insane to me. I mean I was to the point like I donít think I can play this any bigger, but it seems to work you know which is fascinating in the grand scheme of things. So it felt right and it looks right to me

The funny thing is is that which is a nice compliment but kind of funny too is where people are like oh youíre really funny, we didnít know you could be funny and I was like (ohh), and I was on a comedy for three years before this so thatís interesting, but itís a compliment and Iím glad that people are finding her funny and amusing. You know you see little things that you want (unintelligible) sort of character traits but you donít know if the audience will pick up on them the way you felt like you put them out there but they did work.

You know like when sheís around beautiful women she gets a little uncomfortable and stutters and canít form a sentence. And I think you know that works in it played to me anyways so I mean going forward if we get to keep doing it I think we keep those little things you know. We keep the fun things that work and you get rid of things that just donít stick, but those are things that the actor knows and you know the writers see and play to those you know to those qualities and those traits. Itís fun - thatís all the fun stuff right, like developing the character and forming her into a real sort of person with real sort of nuances and things thatís the fun stuff.

Trish Bendix: Yes well itís fun to watch too, and I want to know if Liz has given you any idea about what would happen for Lizzy in Season 2 if you guys are picked up?

Elisha Cuthbert: I think if we got picked up for Season 2 there would be so much in her being pregnant. I donít think we want to rush that. If we got a full second season it would - you know I donít think the baby would come until at least the very end. I think thereís going to be some really funny stuff in her being uncomfortable and having the big belly and you know Luke and Prudence sort of catering to her. I think there would be a lot of funny stuff in that, and just to go back to that first thing, that one scene where sheís in the doctorís office.

I mean more stuff like that would be so fun going forward but you know getting on the scale and improvising that sort of sound effects when Iím bringing back the weight because sheís embarrassed by how heavy sheís gotten. I thought this is so - I was almost embarrassed because I thought this was too much and people love it you know. So I thought gosh as embarrassed as I was about the choice I made there people - they liked it you know so I was like okay this is good weíre going somewhere.

Trish Bendix: Great thank you.

Elisha Cuthbert: Thanks.

Operator: If there are no further questions we will wrap up the call now. If you have a question please enter the queue now. And there are no further questions at the phone line at this time. We can wrap up the conference at this time.

Elisha Cuthbert: Fantastic. I want to thank everybody for getting on the conference and for writing about the show and some of you have already written previously about the show and been so kind. So I want to personally thank everybody, and it went by too quickly for me, but I really appreciate everyoneís support so all the best to you guys and I hope to be talking to you guys soon about the show again.

Matthew Mitchell: Thank you Elisha. Thank you everyone for taking the time today. Should anyone have follow up questions or need additional information please feel free to reach out to me, and Iíll do my best to get you whatever you need. If youíd like a transcript please reach out to me or (Marcia Ricket) and weíll send that as soon as itís available. Again, thanks so much for joining us today and have a great weekend.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen that does conclude the conference call for today we thank you for your participation and ask that you please disconnect your lines.


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