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By Suzanne

Denise Crosby in "Suits" as Faye Richardson

Interview with Denise Crosby of "Suits" on USA Network 7/11/19

It was great to speak to Denise about her new role on "Suits"! I've enjoyed her work in the past, especially in "Star Trek: The Next Generation." I'm a huge fan of "Suits," too. I've watched every episode since it began and interviewed creator Aaron Korsh, Executive Producer Doug Limon and star Gabruel Macht. I've watched the first two episodes of the upcoming 9th and last season, and I can't wait for the rest!

Enjoy the interview. Here's the audio of our interview.

Here's the transcript:

Denise: Hi Suzanne.

Suzanne: Hi Denise. How are you?

Denise: I'm so good. How are you?

Suzanne: I'm pretty good. I can't complain.

Denise: Good.

Suzanne: So well, it's great to talk to you. I'm a long time Star Trek fan. I watched the original when I was little and then I watched yours when it aired and all of them, really.

Denise: Oh Suzanne, I really appreciate that.

Suzanne: You're probably sick of hearing from Trekkie's by now though.

Denise: Yeah. I'm headed actually to a Comic Con tomorrow morning.

Suzanne: Oh great. Great. Oh well-

Denise: I'm mixing genres here. A little Trek, a little Suits.

Suzanne: That's right. Well, enjoy it.

Denise: Thank you, honey.

Suzanne: Yeah, I've actually watched all of Suits too. It's great. I was very happy. They let me watch the first two episodes this season, so I got to see a little bit of your work.

Denise: Oh good.

Suzanne: Yeah, I really enjoyed them, especially the second episode. It was great because they did a good job of balancing the drama and the comedy and everything all together. It was really good.

Denise: Great, great, great. Can't wait to see it myself. I haven't seen anything yet.

Suzanne: Oh. So how did this part come about for you?

Denise: Well, just like most. You get the audition and I went into read for it and Aaron Korsh, the creator, took a look and he went, "That's my Faye Richardson." So off we go.

Suzanne: Oh, that's good. So, what can you tell us about your character, Faye?

Denise: Well, so Faye Richardson has been sent by the New York Bar Association to come to the firm as a special master, which is a real thing. She is basically taking over. She's got a court order to take over the firm, at this point and basically, save them from ruin by following the letter of the law. She knows they are just on the edge of disaster. They've had two associates, disbarred. One went to prison and the time is up for them. They're going to all lose their licenses if they don't turn things around.

Suzanne: Okay. Yeah. What I love about your character is that if you've been watching Suits for a long time, the characters, they're kind of like the heroes. But they're a little bit, sometimes on the sleazy side. They don't always do... They do what they think is the right thing, but not necessarily what is the right thing. Your character comes in as sort of the bad guy, but really she's got the law and the ethics on her side.

Denise: Right. That's the trick, right? That's the complexity of this character and she stirring things up and they don't like it. They don't want to be told how to do things. They're at that point where, it's pretty much you do it this way or your done. You won't make it to the year.

Suzanne: Right and you get to make some great speeches.

Denise: Oh, I know. Yeah, she likes to talk, that one. Yeah, I'm really loving playing her, and it's just a delight to play this kind of... To come in with these guys too that have been so entrenched in their roles for nine years now and just going toe to toe with these actors. It's just been so much fun and so challenging and just great.

Suzanne: Oh good. Your character is kind of funny. It reminds me a little bit of the mom or the teacher coming in and saying, "Behave children."

Denise: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Mm-hmm (affirmative). Absolutely. She's in control now and you're going to do it her way.

Suzanne: Well, she thinks she's in control, I guess.

Denise: Right, right.

Suzanne: Especially with Louis. He is not happy with her.

Denise: No, no. He's just so emotional and fiery anyway. Oh my God. I just love what Rick does with that character.

Suzanne: Oh yeah, he's great.

Denise: I can barely keep a straight face. I mean, it's just hysterical. He just gets the best lines and oh, there's some real zingers coming up from the season with him.

Suzanne: Oh yeah. Good. Yeah. I say the same as all Suits fans do is that we really hate that the show is ending. I mean, I'm glad they gave him a last season, but it's just, ugh.

Denise: I know, I know. Nine seasons is a darn good run and I think they should all feel really, very proud. But I know it's very bittersweet for them all and it's been interesting for me to come in at this point and watch all of this and be part of this. It's really been very, very deep, very, very rich to be part of that.

Suzanne: Oh, I'm sure. I think what happened too is, two of the characters left and probably, that affected people and they stopped watching maybe. I don't know. They sort of found their rhythm though after that. Now I feel like they're given a chance to find their rhythm and then, they're gone. It's like, "Oh no, they were just getting good again."

Denise: Of course, they've got a spin off coming now.

Suzanne: Yeah, they do. But I don't know if any of the other characters are going to be...

Denise: Well, we don't know about that part, but I know that Pearson, the spinoff, it's going to star Gina Torres and that's going to follow right after. So that could be really interesting.

Suzanne: Oh yeah, looking forward to that.

Denise: ... to see how this one unfolds. Yeah, absolutely.

Suzanne: Do you know her from conventions and things?

Denise: Do I know?

Suzanne: Gina Torres?

Denise: I don't. No, I don't know Gina. I unfortunately, haven't met her but maybe I'll see her on the circuit here.

Suzanne: Yeah because she was in Firefly, so we got a lot of the same fans.

Denise: I wonder. Yeah, I'll keep an eye out for it now. We may have been at different times together, but we didn't know each other. Of course, now I do. So, I'll absolutely seek her out. Yeah, Firefly is a big fan favorite.

Suzanne: Oh yeah.

Denise: Oh yeah. Yep.

Suzanne: So was it tough coming into a show where they've all been working together for so many years and did they make you feel welcome?

Denise: Oh, they absolutely did and I'm so glad you asked that because it could have gone either way. These guys are family, they've got a rhythm going, they got a style of working, they feel very safe. But they went out of their way to welcome me. Again, the nature of my character is so off putting to their characters that it was a tricky one. But they have absolutely embraced me and helped me kind of... It was great because Gabriel actually directed the third episode. So that was really fun too because he really then, wore his directors cap with me and really kind of honed me in on a very specific way of doing this role and was very helpful.

Suzanne: Oh good. Yeah. I look forward to seeing that one. Now, did they give you much backstory for your character when you came in?

Denise: Fortunately, Aaron was around during the first episode. So whenever I needed... sort of had some questions, had some... What exactly went down here when she says this or when he's referring to that? Between him and Mike Smith who directed the first episode, was lovely because Mike and I had worked together earlier this year on How to Get Away With Murder. So here we were working together and it was just really a blessing because I felt very comfortable with him and yeah, it was nice to have Aaron around.

Suzanne: Oh good. So can you tell us how many episodes that you'll be on in the season? Are you in the whole season or?

Denise: I'm in the whole season. There's only one that I'm not in. So this season consists of 10 and so I'm doing nine of the 10.

Suzanne: Oh good and I don't know if you can tell us this, but is your character directly involved with whatever happens to end the show?

Denise: I would imagine. I don't have the final script. So even I don't know what actually takes place.

Suzanne: Oh okay, so you're still filming it?

Denise: I'm learning as we go along.

Suzanne: Okay. How many have you filmed already?

Denise: I have filmed six. I'm about to fly back to Toronto Sunday night and so, we began number eight. So, three more for me.

Suzanne: Is there anything else you can tell us about the show this season without giving any spoilers away?

Denise: I think they're going to really wrap it up in a fine way. I think it will be satisfying for everybody and you'll get into a little more personal lives of the characters. I think you'll really figure out who... Well, our characters will figure out what kind of people and lawyers they really want to be.

Suzanne: Okay. That's good and I wanted to ask you something about the second episode. I don't think you're in any scenes with him, but there's a character, Samantha, she helps one of her friends that has a problem and you're not happy about that because you didn't approve of it. Was the actor that played her friend, was that Monti Sharp, do you know?

Denise: Boy, that's a good question.

Suzanne: Because I thought I recognized him, but I wasn't sure.

Denise: I'm not sure either because I didn't meet the gentleman.

Suzanne: Right. I wasn't sure.

Denise: I'd have to pull out my script and see who played the role. That's funny. I'm sorry.

Suzanne: Oh that's okay. I asked them, but they said to ask you and I'm like, "Well, I don't know if she's going to know because she didn't have any scenes with him."

Denise: I'm not in the scene.

Suzanne: That's fine. I wasn't sure if they carried it over after the second episode or not. So, but it's fine. That's okay. No, but that was a really good episode because it had so much with you guys and the whole drama of it and the prompts with Louis. There was a great part with Louis and now, I'm blanking on his name, but they went out and went bowling and that was hilarious. Oops.

Denise: I'm sorry. My cell phone was ringing. The what?

Suzanne: There was a scene with Louis and one of the other characters and they went out bowling and that was hilarious.

Denise: Oh God, that was great. Right. I'm trying to think, who took him out? Was it Alex?

Suzanne: Yes, Alex. Thank you. I remember the actor, but I can't remember the characters name.

Denise: Yeah, Dulé. Dulé Hill. God was hysterical.

Suzanne: It really was.

Denise: And what, my face appears on the bowling pin.

Suzanne: What did you have to do? Did they just take your face out of... You talked and then, they just took your face out of it?

Denise: Yeah, they filmed it, like a special effects on a green screen.

Suzanne: Oh, okay. That was great.

Denise: Yeah. Very Star Trek.

Suzanne: So do you have any other projects coming out that we could watch for?

Denise: Really, I've just been concentrating on this one. Yeah. No, this is it for me right now.

Suzanne: Okay. Well, we'll watch and see what happens in the future.

Denise: Cool. Good.

Suzanne: I really appreciate it. I really appreciate you talking to me.

Denise: Okay Suzanne, you too. Thank you Suzanne.

Suzanne: Thank you. Bye. Bye.

Denise: Bye.

More Information:

Denise Crosby photo and USA Network logo

Coming to you with a phenomenal interview, DENISE CROSBY ("Star Trek: Next Generation," "Pet Sematary") has undertaken her most challenging character yet with a new starring role on the hit legal procedural, Suits (USA Networks) for its last season, which premieres on July 17th, 9PM.  We have Denise available immediately to dive into why her intricately textured character on the long-running legal drama which is coming to an end with (this) Season 9, to discuss the journey of Suits reaching its final frontier.

Crosby, who played 'Lieutenant Tasha Yar' on Star Trek: Next Generation for nearly the entire life of the show, lawyers up for the new role of 'Faye Richardson.' Faye is the New York Bar Association’s “no-nonsense representative.”  The character has, what sounds like, will be terrible news for Harvey, and her court order signals that Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams’ legal issues are far from over. In fact, her arrival at the firm heralds delivery of this interdiction, which will reportedly have “serious consequences.” Not the best tiding to receive from the bar!

Hear what the critics are saying after previewing her first episode:

”Faye Richardson, played by Denise Crosby, is going, to some degree, force these people to have a reckoning with how they’ve behaved ethically over the past seasons,” according to Entertainment Weekly.

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Page updated 7/11/19

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