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By Suzanne

Clare Crawley

Interview with Clare Crawley of "The Bachelor" on ABC 2/6/14


ďThe BachelorĒ airs MONDAYS (8:00 p.m. Ė 10:01 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Operator: Welcome to ABCís ďThe BachelorĒ call with Cathy Rehl as the leader. This call is being recorded. By staying on this call youíre confirming that you consent to this recording. If you do not wish to be recorded, please disconnect from the call at this time. Thank you.

Miss Rehl, you may begin your call.

Cathy Rehl: Good afternoon, everybody. Thank you for joining us. I have somebody who everybody is talking about today. Sheís still in the hunt for Juan Pabloís heart. Itís Clare, C-L-A-R-E, Crawley, C-R-A-W-L-E-Y. Sheís on the phone with us from Scottsdale, Arizona.

And weíre going to follow the usual rules: one question and a follow up. And we can start right now.

Operator: And your first question comes from the line of Beth Kwiatkowski with ďReality TV World.Ē

Beth Kwiatkowski: Hi, Clare. Howíre you doing?

Clare Crawley: Iím doing wonderful. How are you?

Beth Kwiatkowski: Iím good. So I do have to address, I think, the first obvious, awkward question. Juan Pablo clearly felt guilt and regret about his late night swim with you in the ocean. And (inaudible) to you, you became very emotional and confused. And because of how strongly you both reacted, it prompted a lot of speculation and media reports that you two actually had sex in the ocean. So I just want to give you a chance to set the record straight on that.

Clare Crawley: Yes. Definitely. I, first of all, Iím thankful to have this opportunity to even talk about this because I donít think that it was made clear by anybody that thatís not what happened. And I donít want that to be Ė I mean, I donít want that incident to be anything equivocal. And so I do want to say that thatís not what happened. That was not my intention going into it. And as well as everybody in that situation knows that thatís not what happened. So Ö

Beth Kwiatkowski: OK.

Clare Crawley: Ö it wasnít Ė you know, thatís Ė I think thatís why I was caught off guard was because that didnít happen.

Beth Kwiatkowski: OK. And, you know, another reason people started speculating that was because of some comments that were made. You know, like Juan Pablo said, ďWhat happened, happened.Ē And you made a comment like, ďWell, we went for it and I donít regret it.Ē You also made a joking toast to making love or something like that in front of some of the girls.

So I just want you to talk about that a little bit. Like, do you feel the editors almost went out of their way to give the impression you two did more than make out, or? And if Ė I guess if so, does that disappoint you or upset you?

Clare Crawley: I can see how people can think that but my Ė first of all, my toast, I am the worst at giving toasts. I never, never give toasts. I always duck out of that because I donít Ė I just am not good at it.

And so by the toast that I had made, it was coming from a spot that nothing had happened. So I had Ė that wasnít even on my radar. So when I gave that toast, it was kind of, I donít know, it was more so my intention for the future and my hopes and dreams for the future and something that I was looking forward to. Because I was falling in love.

And being in the ocean and swimming in the ocean, all those words, all those descriptive things that I was using to describe how I felt that night, could be misinterpreted. But it was, truthfully my description of falling in love. I donít know. I think people can take what they want from it and interpret it however they want. But my intention was all of falling in love.

Beth Kwiatkowski: OK. Thank you, so much, Clare.

Clare Crawley: Yes.

Operator: Your next question comes from the line of Gina Scarpa with ďThatís Your RealityĒ.

Gina Scarpa: Hey, Clare.

Clare Crawley: Hi.

Gina Scarpa: Hey, itís so Ė you know, whatís interesting is that Juan Pablo seemed so into the moment when you showed up to have your rendezvous with him and then completely Ö

Clare Crawley: He was.

Gina Scarpa: Ö changed his tune. So, you know, Iím wondering if he was trying to cover his tracks in case he ended up choosing someone else. I mean, the fact that he ran off with you in the middle of the night doesnít look great. So do you think he was kind of trying to save face for later down the road if he had to address the issue?

Clare Crawley: You know, Iím not sure Ė to be quite honest. I think that hindsight, possibly Ė because like you just said, in the moment he was into it; I was into it. It was a mutual, innocent, having fun in the ocean.

I was doing something that was on my bucket list. And I donít regret it Ė to this second I donít regret it. Even after this outcome and all the questions and regrets and, you know, kind of discussions over it and tears. Itís Ė I still donít regret it because youíre swimming in the ocean, living in the moment, and falling in love.

I can only stand up for my intentions into it. Whether he was having different emotions after that, I couldnít control that. But at the time, we both were into it.

Gina Scarpa: And I was wondering if it was more difficult for you in that initial moment or having to watch it back so many months later?

Clare Crawley: The rose ceremony?

Gina Scarpa: Just the conversation between the two of you.

Clare Crawley: The cocktail party (before the rose)Ö

Gina Scarpa: Yes, the conversation between you two.

Clare Crawley: I think itís more just difficult to watch it now because Ė oh, you know what? Thatís a good question actually.

I think both then and now I didnít understand where it was coming from. Like I said, I still donít regret it. And so we did nothing wrong. And when itís a mutual thing, you donít Ė and like I said as well in that episode, why didnít you tell me then?

Gina Scarpa: Right.

Clare Crawley: Why didnít you stop me then? Youíre a grown man. Iím a grown woman. I may cry a lot and I may be sensitive but Iím a grown woman and I can handle the truth.

And I donít know. I think I wish in the moment and even now that I would have been a little bit more verbal. And youíll see in the future episode Ė the next episode Ė that I stand up for myself. And I take pride in that. And sometimes I can be sensitive about things but I wish Ė itís hard not saying me stand up more for myself, I guess, in the moment of that talk.

Gina Scarpa: Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

Clare Crawley: Yes. No problem.

Operator: Your next question comes from Evan Real with ďIn Touch.Ē

Evan Real: Hey, Clare. Howís it going?

Clare Crawley: (Everythingís) itís going pretty well.

Evan Real: Good. So when Juan Pablo told you that he regretted what he did, like, how jarring or upsetting was it to you in that moment, especially now that we know that you really didnít do anything in the ocean; it was just a swim? And why do you think he regretted it so much? It still seems a little bit unclear.

Clare Crawley: It is still unclear to me. At that point Ė and I will stand by this again, swimming in the ocean is not shameful. And I just feel like Ė Iím sorry. Repeat the question. I just Ė Iím Ė itís still, even just watching the episode, itís still kind of throws me off because I Ė Iím sitting here saying, what did we do wrong?

What at that time Ė what was it? Because he was Ė he used different excuses and different examples Ö

Evan Real: Right. Yes.

Clare Crawley: Ö to say why he thought it was wrong. And all the reasons that he described and all the reasons that he said to me was Ė it was his daughter was the example. He didnít want his daughter seeing that. But as you saw earlier in the evening, he took me back to his suite to go swimming in the pool. If anything, that Ė to me Ė is a little bit more questionable. And Ö

Evan Real: Right.

Clare Crawley: Ö I had a little bit doubts about that more so than the ocean.

Evan Real: Right.

Clare Crawley: So it was very unclear. There was no line drawn and he also used the explanation that he didnít feel like it was fair to the other women. And my thoughts on that were, basically, that thatís kind of why I went away.

And, first of all, it wasnít four in the morning. I wanted to make that clear. It wasnít four in the morning.

Evan Real: Oh, really?

Clare Crawley: But Ė correct, yes. I Ė it was late but it wasnít four in the morning. It Ė he was saying it was taking away time from the other women or it wasnít fair for the other women. But thatís why I did go away was because I didnít want to take away time from the other women. (It wasnít) involved with the other women.

And we were all Ė every woman has the same opportunities, the same chances that I have.

Evan Real: Right.

Clare Crawley: And anybody couldíve done that. Anybody couldíve had a feel in a moment. I just happened to have been the one that said, ďIíve never swam in the ocean and itís on my bucket list.Ē And it was something that I wanted to do with or without him to be quite honest.

And I had even Ė the day prior Ė invited the girls to go do it with me because, again, I had never swam in the ocean. So I just Ė I guess the line wasnít clear Ö

Evan Real: Right.

Clare Crawley: Ö what his reasonings for it was.

Evan Real: He seems to kind of go back and forth on what he wants Ė like kissing some, not kissing others and then crying after your day in the ocean. Do you think this leads girls on or do you think maybe heís conflicted by being attracted and then following his heart? Do you think that thatís trouble for Juan?

Clare Crawley: Iím Ė I think, at the end of the day, weíre all human. And weíre allowed to make mistakes. Weíre allowed to change our mind. Weíre allowed to feel conflicted and the thing that makes this hard is that itís on national television.

And I think somehow thereís that interpretation like youíre not allowed to change your mind or youíre not allowed to make mistakes. And, I donít know, I just Ė itís definitely, definitely a struggle with him, I think. And I just think that if youíre going to be entering into something of this nature, you want to know exactly what you want, and exactly what youíre looking for, and exactly your boundaries, and exactly your integrity.

Have that all set up so you donít have regrets, so you donít have questions and feel wishy-washy. You want to feel solid on what you want. And that goes for even if youíre not on TV. If your saying youíre ready to go into a serious relationship, you need to have it clear what youíre looking for and what you want. Otherwise it just makes for some really confusing times and thatís not easy for anybody.

Evan Real: And thatís what you think has happened to Juan (in this situation).

Clare Crawley: Iím sorry?

Evan Real: And thatís what you, like, think has happened to Juan (in this situation) Ė to Juan Pablo.

Clare Crawley: That he got conflicted?

Evan Real: Right. Right, right. Yes.

Clare Crawley: Yes.

Evan Real: Yes.

Clare Crawley: And thatís OK. Heís allowed to do that. It makes for difficult times, for sure.

Evan Real: Right. Well, thank you so much.

Clare Crawley: Thank you.

Operator: Your next question comes from the line of Amanda Hamilton with ďYourTango.Ē

Amanda Hamilton: Hi, Clare.

Clare Crawley: Hi.

Amanda Hamilton: Thanks so much for taking the call today.

Clare Crawley: No problem. Thank you.

Amanda Hamilton: The women referred to the group date during Monday night as Clareís one-on-one date. What were your feelings kind of watching the episode and hearing the comments that they had to say and their frustration?

Clare Crawley: I think itís definitely unfortunate watching it back because I had nothing but love for these girls. And you can see Ė I mean, I guess, you guys canít see this but Ė we all borrowed each otherís clothes and helped each other with doing each otherís hair and supported each other. And I think we were all in this really vulnerable situation together.

And so itís unfortunate to me, hearing back, how they felt and their thoughts on it and their description of it. Because that wasnít my intention Ė for them to feel pushed to the side or to feel like they were all on our date. Itís, I think, thereís a lot to be said for chemistry and a lot to be said for having that connection. And if somebodyís feeling insecure about it or whatever, thatís not something I can change or thatís not something I can help them with.

And I think at the end of the day, we all were there to fall in love Ė hopefully. You would hope. But I think I was doing my part in saying this is what I want and this is me, how I act, whether cameraís around or not. This is how Iím going to be when I like a man and when Iím in a relationship or wanting to be in a relationship. This is how I am.

And, again, they had the same opportunities that I had. And also, I think that it takes two to partake in something. I canít just grab his hand and him have this limp, limp hand. Heís going to hold it back. And if he does that, so be it. Itís Ė if theyíre uncomfortable with it, I feel bad about that but we all had equal opportunities for that.

And it just happened to, at that time Ė him and I were having a great date.

Amanda Hamilton: And then, who do you feel is your biggest competition in the house?

Clare Crawley: I, as strange as this sounds, it wasnít competition. I know thatís probably cheesy to say but I felt like itís not a competition. You canít Ė itís not like the best wins. Itís more so you canít even make something happen. You canít make a connection happen. You canít make chemistry happen. Itís who he chooses and who works for him. And what heís attracted to and what he likes.

And so whether he chooses to keep people around or not, itís not competition. It was always what is he looking for? What does he want? And at the end of the day, hopefully itís love and you canít compete for that.

There could be 500 women there. There could be two women there. If thereís chemistry with somebody and a connection, itís not a competition.

Amanda Hamilton: Great. Thank you.

Clare Crawley: Yes. Thank you.

Operator: Again, if youíd like to ask a question, please press star, one on your telephone keypad.

Your next question comes from the line of Lori Peters with ďNew York Splash.Ē

Lori Peters: Hey, Clare. How are you doing?

Clare Crawley: Iím good, Lori, how are you?

Lori Peters: Good. It sounds Ė like, when you first went to Juan Pablo, it seems like you were upset and sad. And now it sounds like youíre very angry. Whatís your real feelings?

Clare Crawley: Iím not angry at all; Iíll tell you that. I just Ė this is my time to say my part in it. And, again, I just Ė Iím more so just want the reality of it to be out there and the truth to be out there instead of the, kind of, short clips that people are seeing. I want to be able to elaborate on that.

And so itís not anger. Itís just me wanting to describe the truth of my perspective and my intentions. And so itís not anger at all. I can promise you that.

Lori Peters: OK. I think they made the show Ė on the promos and stuff Ė like you were going to be sent home after that. And is that any of what you were feeling when you were crying about it?

Clare Crawley: I felt like if he wanted to send me home, whether or not I had a rose in my hand from the group date or not, he couldíve done so. And I allowed him that opportunity to say, hey, if this is something that bothers you that much or if this is that big of an issue to you, totally send me home. If it doesnít work for you or if you are so offended by what happened, please, like, Iím an adult. Iím a grown woman. Itís OK.

Itís not going to hurt me. Itís just saying thatís not what works for you and thatís not something that works for me. Because, again, I would do the same thing with somebody that Iím falling in love with. Itís follow your heart. Itís feeling passionate. Itís allowing yourself to open up to living in the moment and I donít regret that.

And if thatís why you want to send me home, send me home. Itís OK. But, like I said, you can see in the next episode, I just wanted clarity on that. And he was at any time allowed to send me home.

Lori Peters: OK. Thank you.

Clare Crawley: Yes.

Operator: Your next question comes from the line of Lesley Messer with ďABC News.Ē

Lesley Messer: Hi, Clare.

Clare Crawley: Hi.

Lesley Messer: I donít know if youíve read some of the blogs but actually Juan Pablo has taken a lot of heat for what happened on last weekís episode and people have said everything from, ďHeís a bad guy,Ē to ďHeís anti-feminist.Ē So did the whole situation change your perspective of who he is as a person and is there anything you want to say about Juan Pablo?

Clare Crawley: Did having this situation change my opinion of him that night or Ė as that happened?

Lesley Messer: Yes. Did it Ė I guess, did what happened change your opinion on Juan Pablo or is he being sort of misrepresented in some of these opinion pieces that have come out about him after what happened?

Clare Crawley: I donít think I can speak really for how he explained things. Iím not one thatís personally into all the blogs and Twitter and all that. I try but Iím Ė itís just not my thing. Iím usually the oneís thatís not on my phone, not on my computer. Iím out doing things and so I donít pay too much attention to it but at the same time I donít put too much weight on it.

Heís I think more into it than I am and so I think putting yourself out there on that level and letting people in more and more and more to that, youíre going to have to expect a backlash to whatever you say. You can put anything out there. If you put a simple pic out there, a simple quote out there, it can be interpreted any way.

And so the more you do that, the more I think people are going to have opportunity to jump on things. And heís allowed to feel how he feels and if he wants to put it all out there continually on the Twitter or the internet, heís allowed to. He just needs to know that it comes with the territory having all that backlash.

Lesley Messer: Great. And the other thing is, you know, obviously this is a mutual decision. Heís picking Ė heís choosing what woman is right for him and you also then have to decide if heís right for you. So did this situation sort of give you pause about him at all or change the way you looked at him?

Clare Crawley: In Vietnam it definitely caught me off guard. And I think it definitely set me back and took me back into my mind and took me out of my heart. And what happened in the ocean and that whole day on the Vietnam date I was living in my heart and my heart feelings.

And it sent me back to that little hamster wheel that goes on in your brain. Like, should I do this? Shouldnít I do this? It makes you question things more and it was something that I didnít want to do. I didnít want to have to question everything.

And so, going into the show, I felt like Iím going to put it all out there. Iím going to be 100 percent me. If he likes it, awesome. If he doesnít, thatís OK. And at the end of the day, I knew everything was going to work out how it was supposed to.

And I just think that it definitely put me back in my mind Ė my brain, not in my heart. So that I didnít like because, like I said, I was going whole-heartedly into this.

Lesley Messer: Thank you.

Clare Crawley: Thank you.

Operator: Your next question comes from the line of Gabrielle Olya with ďPeople Magazine.Ē

Gabrielle Olya: Hey, Clare.

Clare Crawley: Hi.

Gabrielle Olya: I know you said that, you know, he couldíve let you go home even if you had the rose but did it ever cross your mind Ė after he kind of, you know, almost shamed you Ė that you felt like you wanted to go home on your own or that you just wanted to leave at that point? Did that ever cross your mind?

Clare Crawley: It definitely crossed my mind. What had crossed my mind, after everything happened at the rose ceremony and after we had even gone back to the hotel, I was thinking I want somebody in my life that is positive in my life. And somebody that makes my life better. Because Iíve already had Ė I have a great life and love is what I came into this show looking for.

And so part of that is loving you for your imperfections, loving you for your little mistakes and loving you for your good and bad. And so it definitely made me want to run. It made me want to leave because I felt, like, ďGod, youíre supposed to lift somebody up and encourage somebody and be supportive.Ē And so it made me question is that what I want.

Gabrielle Olya: And what made you want to stay?

Clare Crawley: What made me want to stay was that real relationships go through ups and downs. I think the key to them is talking things out and working through problems. And life isnít always wonderful. And so you want to be able to be with somebody that you can work things out with and, at the end of the day, you can fight it out and then you embrace each other and hold each other and get through it together.

And shows that strength in somebody I think and I didnít want to give up on him because I wouldnít want somebody to give up on me that easily.

Gabrielle Olya: Thank you.

Clare Crawley: Yes. Thank you.

Operator: Your next question comes from the line of Shari Von Holten with

Shari Von Holten: (Harrison) had mentioned on his blog that he had suggested to Juan Pablo to maybe wait a few days before speaking to you about the incident. And actually Juan Pablo mentioned on his blog the same thing. But do you think you would have felt better about the incident if Juan Pablo had waited before talking to you about it?

Clare Crawley: I donít know if waiting is the answer that wouldíve made me feel better about it. I think his manner on how he spoke to me and what he said to me and the words that he used to me Ė say it at any point. Say it as soon as you feel it or wait a couple days that wasnít the issue for me. It was how he approached it and the words he used and how he made me feel when he used those words. And thatís what I had more of the problem with.

Shari Von Holten: OK. And also, looking back at the date and how the women perceived you, did you leave the Ė when it Ė I mean, did you Ė do you still keep in touch with any of the women? Are you friend Ė do you consider any of them your friends?

Clare Crawley: Absolutely. I didnít go into this expecting to make strong friendships but Iím definitely Ė I talk to a lot of the women on a daily basis.

Shari Von Holten: OK.

Clare Crawley: And like I said earlier, I think itís unfortunate that some women choose to take a different path and find humor in disrespecting other women. But thatís their prerogative and I just choose to try and stay positive about it. And I think talking negatively about somebody and saying hurtful things about somebody only makes that person look bad.

So itís unfortunate.

Shari Von Holten: OK. Thank you.

Clare Crawley: Yes. Thank you.

Operator: You have a follow up question from the line of Beth Kwiatkowski with ďReality TV World.Ē

Beth Kwiatkowski: Hi, Clare.

Clare Crawley: Hi.

Beth Kwiatkowski: So Chris Harrison said in an interview this week that, despite Juan Pabloís apology to you after the ocean incident, he thought he made you feel cheap and was even borderline rude to you. And I guess Juan Pablo didnít really see that perspective. I guess he didnít really care.

So, I guess, whatís your response to that and do you agree with Chris Harrison?

Clare Crawley: I do agree with Chris Harrison. I think, at the end of the day, itís youíre delivery on what you say. And I donít think thatís a language barrier. I think itís how you choose to make a woman feel and I think itís how sensitive you approach a topic, especially something involving Ė I donít know. I just Ė you shouldnít make women cry.

Whether itís right or wrong or whether you feel good about it, you shouldnít make a woman cry. And it was Ė it was pretty bad at the time. It was pretty bad. It made me feel awful.

Beth Kwiatkowski: OK. Got it. And, you know, going back to how he actually invited you to swim in the pool at his own suite, how long were you two away from the group at that point? And would the thought have ever crossed your mind of swimming in the ocean had Juan Pablo not invited you to his suite first? Like, did that kind of lead into the ocean swim?

Clare Crawley: We were probably around the Ė we were away from the girls for about 20 minutes probably, which wasnít unheard of because he pulls aside women for different amounts of time. But if we hadnít gone back to his suite, I think that was just a separate (entity). I think it made me feel a lot more comfortable with asking him and I thought we were on the same page with that.

I didnít think that he would pull me aside in the first place to go swimming in his pool during a cocktail party. I thought that was taking away time away from the women and I felt bad about that but I was in the moment. I was loving it and I was more than happy to be doing it because, at that time, youíre falling in love.

And so, like I said earlier, going swimming in the ocean Ė I wanted to do it with the girls. I wanted to do it by myself. It didnít matter who I did it with; I just wanted to swim in the ocean and check that off my bucket list. I never in my mind was thinking, ďThis is going to be something raunchy,Ē or ďThis is going to be something bad.Ē I literally wanted to check something off my bucket list and do it.

And so that happened to been the Ė he was the reason I was in Vietnam and it was only fitting for me to feel like, heís the reason Iím here; when else am I going to be in Vietnam being able to swim in this warm bathwater kind of a feel of an ocean?Ē Iíd never felt that. And so I wouldíve done it with or without him regardless.

Beth Kwiatkowski: OK. And Chris Harrison has kind of dubbed Juan Pablo a little bit of a rule changer. Like he says one thing but then does another. And the ocean incident with you wasnít the first time. You know, we also saw him refuse to kiss girls like Renee or Lauren during the group date, saying he didnít want to kiss anyone that night but then he actually did end up making out with you.

So, I guess, what are your thoughts on that and, watching the episodes back Ė especially now that you know what was going on Ė would you say he might be a little hypocritical at times?

Clare Crawley: In the moment of it all, again, we donít see and we donít talk amongst the girls about what happens with each other Ė or at least we didnít on this season. And so we kind of kept everything to ourselves. So I didnít know he hadnít any women. I didnít talk about myself kissing him. So it was all kind of kept in the dark.

Seeing it played back, itís definitely wishy-washy and itís definitely hypocritical. I had told him in a prior conversation with him that I didnít want to kiss him and I didnít want the physical part to be the focus of things. And itís one thing if itís fair; itís one thing if you donít want to kiss somebody. But donít blame it on something. Donít make an excuse for it. Just say, ďI donít want to do that right now,Ē or donít put yourself in a situation that youíre going to feel pressure to do that.

Itís OK to not kiss everybody but donít say something and do another.

Beth Kwiatkowski: Right. OK. Thanks, Clare.

Clare Crawley: Yes. Thank you.

Operator: You have a follow up question from the line of Amanda Hamilton with ďYourTango.Ē

Amanda Hamilton: Hi again.

Clare Crawley: Hi.

Amanda Hamilton: So what was the most frustrating or maybe hurtful part of the conversation that you and Juan Pablo had prior to the rose ceremony and how did you get yourself to bounce back after such a dramatic event, especially Ė I mean, you were staying in the house so Iím sure you kind of had to. But how did you bounce back the next day and move on?

Clare Crawley: The hardest thing about that was the confusion. Because, like I said before Ė and like everybody saw Ė he was more than willing to go swimming in the ocean. He was more than willing to participate in it. He was more than willing to enjoy it.

And I know thereís no mics on in the ocean and stuff like that but he was having a blast just like I was having a blast. We were living in the moment, swimming in the ocean. And so, in my eyes, it just really was strange to me that he had such a dramatic opposite reaction to it. That threw me off.

And what he was blaming it on was Ė one of the reasons was Ė he has a daughter and he didnít want his daughter to see something like this. But, again, I didnít understand it because, although I donít have children, I still have integrity.

And he knew that that wasnít my intention in going in the water. He knew that nothing happened in the water. And Ė as well as everybody that was there. You know, so it just really was strange to me and I didnít understand.

Amanda Hamilton: And then, how did you kind of bounce back the next day?

Clare Crawley: Oh, Iím sorry. I forgot the second part to that question (inaudible).

Amanda Hamilton: Thatís OK. Thatís OK.

Clare Crawley: How did I bounce back? I think I chalked it up at the time to a) I wanted to stand up for myself because I still felt and believed Ė to this day Ė I did nothing wrong; we did nothing wrong. And I needed to get answers as well as I didnít want to give up on somebody so I wanted to get the answers and, if itís what I wanted to hear, I would make the decision. It was much his decision, me staying there, as it was my decision.

And so, if I didnít get the answers that I wanted, I was more than willing to cut my losses and stand up for myself.

Amanda Hamilton: And then one last question Ö

Clare Crawley: And I had (inaudible) I think Ö

Amanda Hamilton: Oops, go ahead.

Clare Crawley: Iím sorry. Go ahead.

I think I just had that clear line in my head of what I want and what I donít want and what Iíll stand up for and what I wonít put up with. So it made it easy for me to just move on.

Lifeís not always easy so you just have to work through things. And at that time, I wanted to be there.

Cathy Rehl: OK.

Amanda Hamilton: And then Ö

Cathy Rehl: Iím going to ask for a last question please.

Operator: And you have a follow up question from the line of Lesley (Messinger) with ABC News.

Lesley Messer: Hi, Clare. You mentioned before that he was Ė that Juan Pablo was making excuses. Do you think, in this case, he was using his daughter as an excuse?

Clare Crawley: I think an excuse Ė yes, I do. I do at that time. And maybe at that time he didnít know exactly what he was feeling and he just felt bad about it. But, again, we swam in his pool in his room and that, to me, was more questionable than swimming in the ocean.

And so that was my struggle. I didnít understand that.

Lesley Messer: Thanks. And also you mentioned before you were thinking with your heart and thinking with your Ė and then you moved to your head which made a lot of sense. And I was just wondering if, after this happened, you had a change of heart toward him and if that Ė if your opinion of him Ė if you were worried that your opinion of him had sort of changed and couldnít go back.

Clare Crawley: I was more so thinking that I wanted to stay feeling in my heart and I still wanted to follow my heart. I didnít want to be back thinking in my brain. I wanted to be back feeling my heart.

And I needed to do that. And I want to do that in any relationship. I want to completely feel. And thatís why I came on such an extreme level in putting myself out there on a show like this is that I was ready and willing to completely put my heart into it. And that was more so my fear Ė I didnít want to revert back to thinking in my brain and those silly relationships that you just worry about and worry about and worry about.

I didnít want that. I can find that in Sacramento or anywhere else. I didnít want that. I wanted to put myself into a situation with a man who wanted the same thing as me. And it did make me question a little bit because I thought we were on the same page.

Lesley Messer: Thank you.

Clare Crawley: Thank you.

Operator: And there are no further questions at this time.

Cathy Rehl: Thanks, everybody. I think if you tune in this week, you get a chance to see their story continue Ė that is Clare and Juan Pablo. And, you know, that Clare is trying to get some clarification she didnít get in the last episode.

So with that, if you have any questions, please let either myself or Mitch Messinger or (Phyllis Lew) know and we hopefully will be talking to you sometime next week.

Clare Crawley: Thank you, everybody.

Operator: This does conclude todayís conference call. You may now disconnect.

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