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by Jake

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Dr. Strange(r Things is on Netflix) or: How I Learned to Stop Paying For Cable and Love the Internet.

I haven't owned a television in over nine years. Oh, wait, I take that back. I did own one in 2012, but that was only because my grandmother told me she had a TV wasting space in her living room that she needed to get rid of. So I loaded it into my car. It sat in the backseat as I drove it to a dumpster. So as a technicality, I did own that television, for about 15 minutes, before I threw it in the trash.

"Why would you throw a television in the trash?" isn't the question you should be asking. "Why wouldn't you?" is the proper inquiry here.
People I meet tell me stories about the bills they have to pay. Rent, I understand. Paying your mortgage, yep. Makes sense to me. Electricity. Yes. Internet. Definitely! These are all very necessary expenditures.
But cable television? This is where it all goes wrong.

A cable company charges something like $200 a month to give you access to hundreds of channels you'll never watch. $200 for the experience of scrolling through a sea of inanity. And then when you do find a good show to watch, you have to sit through the commercials. Of course you can always pause your TV for 10 minutes before starting the show and then when the commercial break starts, you can fast forward through it. You can do that if you want, trick the system. But that trick isn't big enough. I say, do the biggest trick you can, which is not paying for it to begin with.

Everyone knows that the best shows are on Netflix. Stranger Things. Black Mirror. Daredevil. Orange is the New Black. The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. Guess what cable channel Netflix is on? I'll give you a hint. It's not a number. It's a word. A word called "Internet". That's all your cable box is, anyway. A machine that lets you log on to a very particular and extremely limited "internet".

Besides original shows from Netflix, you can also get many great TV broadcast and cable shows like "The Flash", "The Good Place", "Outlander" or "You're the Worst."

These aren't the analog days where video signals are reaching your screen with the help of some metal antennas atop your TV. This is the awful digital future that all the prophecies foretold. This is the future where people willingly pay $200 a month to have channels they don't need rather than just paying for an internet connection and a Netflix subscription.

That's why I threw the television away, and why you should throw yours away, too. Hell, let's toss them all into one big pile and say "the internet told me to". Because it did, just now.

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Page updated 11/2/17

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