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By Suzanne

Andy Cohen

Interview with Andy Cohen of "Love Connection" on FOX 5/22/17

I was invited to this call, but due to some email mixup, I didn't get the dial-in information in time to be on the call. Too bad! He's a hoot and does a great job with this show.

Final Transcript
Conference Call with Andy Cohen of Love Connection
May 22, 2017/2:30 p.m. PDT

Andy Cohen
Michael Roach


Moderator Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for standing by and welcome to the Conference Call with Andy Cohen of Love Connection. [Operator instructions]. As a reminder, this conference is being recorded.

Iíll now turn the conference over to Michael Roach for opening remarks. Please go ahead, sir.

Michael Thanks, Cathy, and good morning and thank you for joining us on this conference call with Andy Cohen, Host and Co-Executive Producer, on the revival of the classic dating series of Love Connection from Executive Producer Mike Fleiss. As a reminder Love Connection premieres this Thursday May 25th at 9.00/8:00 Central just before Beat Shazam on Fox.

Thatís all I have, Cathy, we are ready to start with the first question.

Moderator Thank you and first weíll do another reminder. [Operator instructions]. Weíll go to Jerry Nunn with Windy City Times. Please go ahead.

Jerry Hi, Andy, I loved all the Chicago people on there on the first episode.

Andy Yes, there were a lot.

Jerry Are we going to have some LGBT folk on your show, have some gay match-ups?

Andy Yes, you bet. We have some great lesbians and great gay guys and actually the gay guys are from Chicago.

Jerry Nice, okay. Just as a follow-up, who influenced you more, was it Patti Stanger or Chuck Woolery?

Andy Really, myself, I think Chuck Woolery is kind of ease and I liked his ease, just that he was very calm and seemed really relaxed and mellow. But, Iím pretty excitable, so that goes away. And then I really love asking people personal awkward questions, so I think Patti is a little tougher in her style than I am.

Jerry Absolutely. Well, weíll see you in Chicago soon, on tour, hopefully.

Andy You bet.

Moderator Our next question is from Jamie Ruby with Go ahead please.

Jamie Hi, thanks for talking to us today.

Andy Hi.

Jamie I was going to ask about if you had watched the old ones, but you just talked about that a little bit. Can you talk about sort of how itís been updated to make it more modern than the original?

Andy Yes, weíve got a $10,000 twist at the end of the show where if the audience chooses someone different than the dater then they have to decide between a love connection or money and rejection, which is amazing. They also go on way more dates this time. They date each of the potential three suitors, and we have them score the dates at the beginning of the date based on their first impressions of each otherís looks. And the rest is he said/she said about dating.

Jamie And then as a follow-up, this is a slightly different question. Youíre used to be being kind of on the other side of these interviews and talking to celebrities and all that, so Iím just curious, is it strange when you are being interviewed to you?

Andy No, I think, talk show hosts love to talk, so there you go.

Jamie Okay, thank you so much.

Moderator Thank you. [Operator instructions]. We have a question from Madison Brodsky with Too Fab. Go ahead please.

Madison Hi, Andy, between the Real Housewives and Watch What Happens Live, I think itís pretty safe to say that youíve seen it all, but has any contestant on the show so far surprised you with anything?

Andy There were a lot of surprises on Love Connection, but in the first episode, I donít know if youíve seen it, weíve got an African-American woman named Sheena, who goes on her first ever date with a white guy. It actually elicits some really great comedy and thereís a really sweet ending to the story, and so that was really kind of surprising and fun to me.

Madison A little bit unrelated, but as a follow-up question, the contestants get to choose what they want to do on their dates, correct?

Andy Yes, they plan the dates. We give them $500 and say do anything with it.

Madison Thatís awesome. Thank you so much.

Moderator Thank you. Our next question is from Alexander Kacala with Hornet Unicorn Booty. Go ahead please.

Alexander Hi, Andy, how are you?

Andy Good.

Alexander What makes you an authoritative voice on dating?

Andy I donít know that I am an authoritative voice on dating. I loveóIím enthusiastic about matchmaking and hearing about peopleís dates and talking to people about their dates and love lives. I just think that Iím like the friend that wants to get in there and talk to people about it. I think Mike Fleiss, who produces The Bachelor, who is also one of our producers, is an authority on dating. So I leave the matchmaking up to him and the questions up to me.

Alexander Just as a follow-up, have you had a real life matchmaking success in your personal life?

Andy Iíve had matchmaking successes for people who have wound up having great dates or hooking up, but I have not hooked up a couple that has wound up getting married.

Alexander So youíre just with a one night hook up.

Andy Well a few nights.

Alexander Thank you.

Moderator Thank you. Weíll go next to Stacy Roberts with Go ahead please.

Stacy Hi, Andy, I really enjoyed the first episode. It reminded me a lot of the original, but my question is like you said the second contestant surprised us all with who she picked. What other previews can you give us for the upcoming season?

Andy Oh my God, weíve got a great lesbian group of daters, one of whom comes out to her mother on the air. Weíve got a man who is in his 70s who went on his first Tinder date or a first online date recently and the woman stood him up. So we set him up with three dates. Weíve got the gay guys; we have a surprising real housewife. We have a lot of big ones.

Stacy Wow. What was it about Love Connection that made you say I have to host this?

Andy Itís just I loved the format, I loved asking awkward questions. It just felt like the perfect marriage of a show for me, of format.

Stacy Did you watch other game shows like this or anything when you were younger?

Andy Yes, I sure did, absolutely. I watched everything when I was younger.

Stacy Very cool, thank you very much.

Andy Thanks.

Moderator Thank you. Our next question is from Steve Gidlow with Please go ahead.

Steve Hi, Andy, I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about the celebrityóI know you canít maybe say who it is, the real housewife. But the process of getting someone like that involved in a process like this how hard or easy it was?

Andy I donít want to overblow it because this is really about real people looking for real love. We did one little format twist where we had someone from my universe on the show, and it was really just about us getting together and figuring out who that right person was. But it really is more aboutóthat was more of a one-off and it really is more about us trying to find love for real people.

Steve What was it like working with Mike, the king of dating, basically?

Andy It was great; it was really great. Heís amazing, and he and I are both the dead heads so we have that in common. Heís not that familiar with Housewives Nation and Iím not that familiar with Bachelor Nation so it was perfect. We came together about Love Connection and about this show and The Grateful Dead.

Steve Thatís funny. Thank you.

Moderator Thank you. Our next question is from Elizabeth Collins with Reality Wanted. Go ahead please.

Elizabeth Hi, Andy, howís it going?

Andy Great.

Elizabeth Good. Thanks for talking with us today. Since you were just talking about Bachelor Nation and Mike Fleiss, I was wondering if thereís a possibility of getting Chris Harrison on Love Connection.

Andy Is he single?

Elizabeth I think heís still single, right?

Andy Isnít that funny? I would love it. Youíd have to talk to Mike Fleiss and Chris Harrison about that. I have a feeling Chris Harrison at this point does not want to date on television.

Elizabeth Youíre probably right about that. Then my follow-up is, what was the casting like for this and what specifically were you looking for in people to be on the show?

Andy The casting process was we just put out word thatóyou just had to be looking for love, but we are really embracing diversity of any and all kind. That was it, just looking for love.

Elizabeth Okay. Is casting still open or is it done?

Andy We already shot the show, so hopefully thereíll be a Season 2 and we can do more.

Elizabeth Okay great, thank you.

Moderator Thank you. [Operator instructions]. Okay we do have a follow-up from Stacy Roberts with Please go ahead.

Stacy Hi Andy. Did you keep in touch with any of the contestants to find out if their relationship lasted past the [indiscernible] date?

Andy Yes, you have updates on everybody and itís incredible how many people are still dating and weíre keeping the updates kind of up to the minute.

Stacy Was there any couple you were surprised didnít happen?

Andy Yes, there were a few. But, for some interesting twists in the updates I was really gratified, every update I see I am like, wow, this is great. We actually made some real couples I feel like.

Stacy Would you go on the three dates to meet a new boyfriend?

Andy I would go on three dates but I donít know if I would do it on TV.

Stacy Okay, thank you.

Moderator Thank you. Our next question is from James Arnold with South Florida Gay News. Please go ahead.

James Hi, Andy. Well, weíre familiar with how you worked your way up in Bravo and now Watch What Happens Live. Iím curious, how does this show fit into your bigger carrier ambitions? Whatís next?

Andy Well, this is kind of it. I mean I donít want to say that I have no more ambitions after this but I do have to say that Iíve been wanting some kind of real estate in prime time that worked for me just conceptually. This was the perfect show for me. With the radio and Watch What Happens Live and the Housewives and the book imprint and all that other stuff, I feel absolutely kind of great about everything that I have going on and I think Love Connection is the perfect addition and topper to it all.

James Have you ever considered doing a gay house husbands?

Andy Weíve talked about it on and off, but no.

James Okay.

Andy I think the Housewives is already a pretty gay show if you watch it, so I think itís good.

James Thanks so much.

Moderator Thank you. Our next question is from Madison Brodsky with Too Fab. Go ahead please.

Madison Hi, Andy. Would you consider bringing this is in with Anderson Cooper in your AC2 shows?

Andy I donít understandó

Madison Doing a live Love Connection?

Andy That will be fun, yes, sure.

Madison What about the housewives, would you ever bring any of them onto the show Love Connection?

Andy Yes, I would. I absolutely would.

Madison Who would be your dream housewife to have on the show?

Andy Anyone whoís single.

Madison All right, great.

Moderator Thank you. Weíll go back to Steve Gidlow with Go ahead please.

Steve Hi, Andy. I just wanted to follow-up a little bit on moving forward. Now youíve had a taste of the game show hosting, do you think a time might come when this is what you want to do and just totally do game shows?

Andy You never know. I really am happy with everything that Iím doing right now.

Steve One of those never say never things?

Andy Exactly.

Steve Okay, thank you so much.

Moderator [Operator instructions].

Michael I think weíre good. Thanks, Cathy. Thanks, everyone, for participating in the call today and thank you so much, Andy, for your time and to remind everyone Love Connection premieres this Thursday May 25th at 9:00/8:00 Central on FOX. Thanks, everyone.

Moderator Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. That does conclude our conference for today. Thank you for your participation and for using AT&T Executive TeleConference. You may now disconnect.

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Page updated 6/2/17

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