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By Suzanne

Claire Coffee and Sasha Roiz on "Grimm"

Interview with Claire Coffee and Sasha Roiz of "Grimm" on NBC 5/13/14

Grimm is a really good scifi/fantasy/horror drama. I'm way behind on watching it, but I do love it. It was great to talk to these two. I used to watch her on "General Hospital" and he was fabulous on "Caprica". They make a great combo on the show.

Moderator: Marsha Rickett
May 14, 2014
1:00 pm CT

Perry Seaman: Hi everyone and thank you all for joining today's Grimm conference call with stars Sasha Roiz and Claire Coffee. As you know, the Season 3 Finale is this Friday at 9:00 pm. And as all things Grimm go, you're sure in for a surprise.

As always this call will be recorded. And should you want a transcript after the conference, please email me and I will send as soon as it's ready. Once again, thank you for joining us this morning. And (Sean), take it away.

Operator: Thank you. Ladies and Gentlemen as a reminder, to register for a question please press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone. And our first question comes from the line of Jamie Ruby with Science Fiction Vision. Please lead with your question.

Jamie Ruby: SciFi Vision. Hi guys, it's great to talk to you again. First of all, I saw the finale, I watched the screener last night and wow, a lot went on. Let's just say that. I guess it's the easiest way to say it. So my first question, obviously Renard sort of tricked - betrayed your character, Claire, with taking the baby and everything.

And now with what she's done to him -- with the whole taking the potion and everything -- do you think the two of them can kind of, I guess depending on - I should say, depending how - what happens after the finale comes out do - you think that they can kind of forgive each other again? And - because they keep coming back and forth but keep kind of screwing each other over, I guess is the best way to put it.

Claire Coffee: Yes, they really do have kind of a sickeningly codependent relationship. I don't know that there's ever really forgiveness or ultimate trust. So - but it does seem like the playing field is a little bit leveled with what they've done to each other.

Sasha Roiz: Yes, she's - she certainly has a way with Renard. And I think there's always a possibility of them finding their way back to each other to some extent. But you know, there's also that baby that bonds them so there's going to be - there's always a need to kind of - hello, there's always...

Claire Coffee: Sorry, my dogs...

Sasha Roiz: ...there's going to be that bond between them always because of that baby.

Claire Coffee: It's their - yes, they're doing it for the child, trying to...

Jamie Ruby: Okay.

Claire Coffee: ...stay together for the child.

Jamie Ruby: Okay great. And as a follow-up, how far in advance do you guys know kind of what's coming for your character?

Claire Coffee: Not very far.

Sasha Roiz: No.

Claire Coffee: Shockingly close to when it actually happens. And you know the - I think Jim and David are really good at keeping all of this from us. Because you know, things change and I think if we knew too far in advance it just subconsciously starts changing the way you're playing the character I think so.

Sasha Roiz: We probably get scripts at most two weeks before we shoot it.

Jamie Ruby: Okay great. Well thank you so much both of you. I can't wait to see how it turns out next season.

Claire Coffee: Thank you.

Sasha Roiz: Thank you.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Rebecca Murray with ShowbizJunkies. Please proceed with your question.

Rebecca Murray: Good morning, my question is for Claire. More than any other character this season, your character seems to have gone through an incredible range of emotions. How was that to play? Because you got to touch on pretty much everything.

Claire Coffee: Yes, I was telling Jim and David just how grateful - it's kind of like going back to theater school where you get - it's like just a massive exercise in exploring the range of human emotions. Yes, I think over those three episodes I got to play every single one of them. So that - I just consider myself lucky, and you know, hope that I didn't drop the ball.

Rebecca Murray: Well is it easier for you to play the ones where she is, you know scared, or you know upset, or the ones where she's in a rage and is ready to act out?

Claire Coffee: I don't know that any one is easier or harder. I mean I think you know, that anything that requires a lot of emotion, be it rage or pain, is exhausting, you know, after a while just - it's because energy level, it's just taking a lot out of you. So it was - yes, it was definitely an exhausting two weeks.

Rebecca Murray: Great, thank you. And I can't wait to see Season 4.

Operator: And our next question comes from the line of Suzanne Lanoue with TV MegaSite. Please proceed with your question.

Suzanne Lanoue: Hi, it's great to talk to you guys this morning.

Claire Coffee: Hi.

Sasha Roiz: Hi.

Suzanne Lanoue: Claire, I wanted to ask you, I was a big fan of yours on General Hospital before you were on Grimm and...

Claire Coffee: Thank you.

Suzanne Lanoue: ...I was reading through your character's description online and to remind myself about it, and it struck me that with all the, you know, her getting pregnant and by two different people and not knowing who the father - it reminded me a bit of a soap opera. Would you agree that there are some parallels?

Claire Coffee: You know, it's definitely a wild ride. A lot of drama going on. I think it's - it was a lot I guess, I'll put it at that.

Suzanne Lanoue: Okay. And would you - why do you think - either of you, why do you think that the show is still so popular? Grimm seems to keep going on and having - everybody's having such a good time with it.

Sasha Roiz: I hope because to some extent the characters are intriguing and relatable. And that you know we - I give the writers a lot of credit, I think they come up with some incredibly compelling storylines.

Claire Coffee: Yes, I think there's - you know, it has both - there's a lot of action each episode, and you know, the ticking clock of the episode itself and the monster of the week and figuring out the case of the week.

But at the same time, you know, you have this royal storyline that's serialized and you follow that through the season, and so I think all those cliffhangers that keep people coming back.

Suzanne Lanoue: Well great, I know you guys have a lot of fans. So thanks very much.

Claire Coffee: Thank you.

Sasha Roiz: Thank you.

Operator: And our next question - line of Allyson Koerner with TVRage. Please proceed with your question.

Allyson Koerner: Hi guys, thanks for taking the time today.

Sasha Roiz: Hey.

Allyson Koerner: You know, for those of us who haven't seen the finale, Claire, what can you tell us without giving too much away about her big plan?

And also Sasha, you know, what is Renard going to do about it? Because he obviously knows she's up to something.

Sasha Roiz: Claire?

Claire Coffee: She - I - you know, she's incredibly motivated to get her baby back. Her baby is - you know, she's got tunnel vision where that is concerned because I think she just feels a little bit aimless and lost without this child now to - that she's learned how to love another human being.

So she - I don't think she fully understands the ramifications of what she's about to do, but she feels within her right to do it. And yes, it causes a massive rift in Nick and Juliette's relationship and it changes them -- maybe forever, we'll just have to wait and see.

Sasha Roiz: I think that she, Adalind, has gone too far this time and I think by the end of the episode Renard sees pure rage. And it could get pretty nasty between the two of them. But you know, that's what I think. But then again you know, there's always some twists and turns along the way. But certainly you find him at his wits end with her.

Allyson Koerner: Right. And as a follow-up my question is about Renard's brother Eric, we've yet to see a body, and I'm never convinced a character is dead unless we see a body. And you know as we know, anything can happen on Grimm. So I'm curious, do either of you think he's alive?

Sasha Roiz: I think you're very...

Claire Coffee: I haven't heard it...

Sasha Roiz: Go ahead Claire.

Claire Coffee: No, I just - I know you know, James had some scheduling conflicts. James Frain had some scheduling conflicts, but I know that the writers did have ideas about what to do with the character, and that he certainly wasn't dead. But I don't know, I haven't actually given that too much thought. There's been so many other things on the table.

Sasha Roiz: I mean I can't tell you with any certainty that he's alive or dead, but because I think your approach is probably quite a good one; unless you see the body you probably shouldn't completely believe it. But then again, you know, that's all we know up to this point so we'll have to wait and see. But yes it's Grimm, anything's possible.

Allyson Koerner: Great, well thank you so much and I'm looking forward to the finale.

Claire Coffee: Thank you.

Sasha Roiz: Thanks.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Abbey White with ScreenSpy. Please proceed with your question.

Abbey White: Hi guys.

Claire Coffee: Hi.

Abbey White: Very excited to talk to you both. I've loved your character's arcs this season.

Claire, you mentioned a little earlier, in response to someone else's question, that your character's relationship was, "Sickeningly codependent," which has kind of made it extra fun to watch this season. What was your favorite part about working together and sort of creating kind of odd but exciting chemistry between you both? So the question's for both of you actually.

Claire Coffee: Well, I don't think we set out to create odd and exciting chemistry, but that is - that's a fabulous result, and a fabulously unexpected result.

I think you know, we do have a lot of fun working together. And Sasha's - he's just such a generous actor to work with. And I'm not saying that just because he's on the other end of the line. But you know, we do like - he makes a point to kind of like, we'll meet up before and kind of suss out what the situation is because we do find ourselves in some kind of outlandishly emotional places.

But I think the most fun, I mean obviously when he is without clothing, that was a pretty fun day on set.

Sasha Roiz: That was pretty funny. That was pretty funny.

Claire Coffee: Yes I would say, "More funny than fun..."

Sasha Roiz: Yes.

Claire Coffee: ...for both of us because we're both wearing various weird, you know, flesh colored underthings. But yes, it's good that we are such good friends, (I think).

Sasha Roiz: Not the most flattering outfits.

Claire Coffee: Yes, it's about the least flattering. If they could show behind the scenes, I would say that we - it's the most unflattering that we've looked. But they...

Sasha Roiz: Yes, it's...

Claire Coffee: ...the movie magic makes it look so good.

Sasha Roiz: It's funny how the sexiest scenes, behind the scenes are the least sexy things you've ever witnessed.

Yes, Claire and I have a lovely friendship, you know, on set and I love working with her. And I think she's done a tremendous job this season. You know, she's - like you mentioned earlier, like her character arc has been enormous and she's really stepped up. And so it's been fun to watch.

And also, their relationship is just so absolutely crazy that...

Claire Coffee: Yes.

Sasha Roiz:'s really fun to, you know, to always be challenged with that. Because just when you think it can't get any crazier, they manage to write something new in. So it always remains a little, you know challenging, every single time we face off.

Abbey White: All right, thank you so much guys.

Sasha Roiz: Thank you.

Claire Coffee: You got it.

Operator: And our next question comes from the line of Jamie Steinberg with Starry Constellation Magazine. Please proceed with your question.

Jamie Steinberg: Hi, it's Jamie Steinberg. Such a pleasure to speak with you both.

Claire Coffee: Hey Jamie.

Sasha Roiz: Hi.

Jamie Steinberg: I was wondering if you guys could talk - if Sasha you could talk actually, the wedding ring; is there a tragic love affair maybe in Renard's past?

Sasha Roiz: You know, that's been - I know that's been a question posed by fans for like at least 2-3 years now, and a wonderful question. I wish I had the exact answer for you, but like all things Grimm, we kind of get around to answering all those questions with time. And I suspect that we'll probably answer that one as well, soon.

You know because I - like for instance, even this season we answered the question of, "How does Nick see them and how do they know that he's a Grimm?" So we get around to answering these little things.

And but the real story I think is it's probably a relic from a storyline that never got used and had to be scrapped at some point. And so we kind of - you know I think, when initially Renard came on the scene I think he was considered maybe had been married or widowed or something and we never really got around to using that storyline so I think we'll probably owe you an answer at some point soon.

Jamie Steinberg: Okay. And both of you are on social media, are you looking forward to the instant fan feedback you'll be receiving after the finale airs?

Claire Coffee: I just hope nobody knows where I live.

Sasha Roiz: Mm-hmm. It's always fun to get the fan reaction. It's really exciting to see how they respond.

Jamie Steinberg: Claire?

Claire Coffee: Yes I - it's one of my favorite things, you know on Friday nights, is live Tweeting and just getting that instant reply. And our fans are so funny and clever, and you know, they really don't let you get away with anything, which is nice.

And but I am - I'm a little terrified for this Friday, a little worried. I think people always say like, "Oh, we love to hate your character," and it may just turn to like, "Oh we hate you so much."

Jamie Steinberg: Well my fingers are crossed for a great reaction. Thank you guys so much.

Sasha Roiz: Thanks.

Claire Coffee: Thank you.

Operator: And our next question comes from the line of Vicki Dolenga with Please proceed with your questions.

Vicki Dolenga: Hi guys, how are you?

Sasha Roiz: Good.

Claire Coffee: Hi Vicki.

Vicki Dolenga: It's great to talk to you. And I am wondering first of all Sasha, there's been so much back and forth with whether or not you and Nick really trust each other.

Sasha Roiz: Yes.

Vicki Dolenga: It seems that's getting - you guys are finding a better place shall we say, not full trust. I mean, do you see that changing in any respect now that a baby involvement happened?

Sasha Roiz: Sure. I don't think we're moving in any time soon. But I sense that wouldn't this be just the perfect time to let him down.


Sasha Roiz: Trusts me still. Well, I mean, you know that dynamic is always going to be a tenuous one, and I think it should be and we'll see what happens. But I suspect that, you know, just as you feel comfortable something probably will pull the rug from under your feet, as it should be in my opinion.

Vicki Dolenga: Yes.

Sasha Roiz: Yes.

Vicki Dolenga: And Claire I have to say that I have loved your character from the very beginning and just how mercurial she is.

Claire Coffee: That's a good - that's a great word for it.

Vicki Dolenga: You know, she can be so sensitive and then also crazy rage, which is just awesome. Is that funner for you to play?

Claire Coffee: Yes, yes, I mean I'm so lucky. I hope this job never ends.

Vicki Dolenga: Well I hope the same for you. My question is especially - and you briefly mentioned this that - it seems like now she actually has someone that she loves finally. She's figured that out. But how true do you think that really is, how much of it is still her? You know, is she driven by their ambition, or just a sense of revenge?

Claire Coffee: I, you know, she doesn't even think it's - I don't think it's revenge, I think she really is - she wants her baby back. Her baby gives her a place in the world really.

I mean she don't - her relationship with Renard notwithstanding, she don't have any allies, any friends, no job, like really nothing. She has...

Sasha Roiz: And whose fault is that Claire?

Claire Coffee: Yes, he does have a point there. Everyone has such good memories around here. But I think, you know, she thinks that Viktor has her child. So she - everything that she does she's - like someone to - with blind ambition, she doesn't - she's not realizing the way that what she's doing is going to affect everybody else. And you know, Nick, Juliette, Renard, all of that, to her the most important thing is this baby.

So I don't, you know, she doesn't know that Nick and the gang took the baby. If she knew that then sure, revenge would come into play. I'm assuming. But at this point, it really is, she needs this child.

Vicki Dolenga: Got you. All right, well thank you so much guys, and I'm looking forward to seeing the season finale as well as Season 4.

Claire Coffee: Yes.

Sasha Roiz: Thank you.

Claire Coffee: All right, thanks.

Vicki Dolenga: Thanks.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen as a reminder, to register for a question please press the 1 followed by the 4. Our next question comes from the line of Sheri Block with Please proceed with your question.

Sheri Block: Hey guys, thanks so much for taking the time to do the call today.

Claire Coffee: Hi.

Sasha Roiz: Hi there.

Sheri Block: Hi. So Claire I just wanted to follow up on that last thing, I didn't see the finale yet either, and you said, obviously she know that the gang took the baby. So why is she turning into Juliette and why the revenge on them, like how will that all take place?

Claire Coffee: Because Viktor has told her that, you know, Viktor has the baby and he will give the baby back if she repays the favor to Nick for taking her powers basically.

Sheri Block: Okay

Claire Coffee: I can't remember what the actual line was. So she is - she's carrying out this spell, and turning into Juliette in order to try to take Nick's power so that - because she thinks that's the way to get her baby back. It's all logical for Adalind really.

Sheri Block: Right, right. And I've also really enjoyed watching the storyline and I mean I've always seen Adalind as a villain, but I got to say that episode where the baby got taken away from her was just heartbreaking and I just totally felt bad for her. And I've never - like, she's a villain, and has that been a surprising shift for you, do see this - two sides of your character?

Claire Coffee: Yes. The writers have really - they did such a good job with that arc, and you know, really built it slowly enough so that you could - so that the change kind of made sense and felt organic. At least for me when I was playing it.

And then to kind of round out the season getting her back to a little bit of her old self and, you know, picking up. So that she didn't - you know, I had a conversation with them when I read all these scripts to kind of - to figure out to play the character with parts of old Adalind and how much to incorporate with this new sense of empathy and feeling and being in love with this child with, you know, her old self. But I think they did such a great job kind of balancing all of the bits of her personality.

Sheri Block: And what's she going to do when she finds out that Renard helped take the baby away?

Claire Coffee: I think (unintelligible).

Sasha Roiz: Like how far...

Claire Coffee: I can't imagine.

Sasha Roiz: If this is what she's up to, and she doesn't even know that little tidbit - could you imagine what she's capable of?

Sheri Block: Can't wait to see it. Thanks guys.

Claire Coffee: Thank you.

Sasha Roiz: Thanks.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Terri Schwartz with Please proceed with your question.

Terri Schwartz: Hi Claire and Sasha, thanks so much for taking the time today.

Claire Coffee: Hey Terri.

Sasha Roiz: Hi.

Terri Schwartz: That actually - that last question about, "What will Adalind do when Renard - she finds out Renard's role?" It was actually one of my questions, because I can't wait to see that sort of explosion come to the show.

But Claire, I also wanted to know, how did you think Bitsie did taking on the role of Adalind in last episode and in the finale?

Claire Coffee: She did a great job, yes. I got to screen the finale and she did a fantastic job. I probably owe half of my episode fee to Bitsie for that one. So she - yes, she was great. She wanted to know, you know, she's like record me saying certain lines and, you know, wanted to get my walk down and like little head movements. So yes, I thought she did a great job.

Terri Schwartz: Awesome, can't wait to see it.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Josh Maloney with Niagara Frontier, please proceed with your question.

Josh Maloney: Hey guys, thanks for your time today.

Sasha Roiz: Hi.

Claire Coffee: Thank you.

Josh Maloney: Congratulations on making a super powerful, crazy little evil baby.

Sasha Roiz: Thank you.

Josh Maloney: Claire I wanted to follow up on a couple of things that you've talked about. With regard to this new version with Adalind, we know obviously that she, you know, very much wants to get her baby back. It looked, obviously, for a minute when she, you know, first came in and was with Nick and Juliette that maybe she was turning a corner.

But now - I mean it basically just seems that she is ultimately a villain. And I'm wondering what is you take on that, is she just a villain or is there more to her than that? Are there redeeming qualities that maybe we'll see from her down the line?

Claire Coffee: I think at - she's a more dangerous villain, I think, because she's operating of her own accord, and she has this powerful motivation now. And, you know, they say like, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." I think she knows one way of getting what she wants and that's death and destruction via magic spells.

Josh Maloney: Cool.

Claire Coffee: So she, you know, she's using what she knows and I don't think she's ever - she's not going to be good, but I think she feels just and justified in what she's doing and the steps she's taking.

Josh Maloney: All right. And you talked a little bit about the reaction that you think you might get from social media. I'm wondering, because you know, having seen you in other projects and having seen your football pics picture are very humorous online.

And you know, having talking to you in the past, you're a very likable actress, but you're playing a very unlikable character. I'm wondering what is the challenge in that, how do you sort of, as a likable actress, make this character so that we put her, sort of in the right perspective. Where we're not rooting for her because we are rooting for you as an actress?

Claire Coffee: Well thank you for that, first of all. I think, you know, I try not to judge what she's doing, I just try to figure out why she's doing it. And I think it's really important not to - when you're playing the villain don't - and actually just in real life, if you try to be liked and if you try to make people like you, like that's the surest way to get people to hate you.

So I think, you know, I just try to do my think and kind of be true to the character as best as I can. And just - yes, hope that nobody starts throwing rocks.

Josh Maloney: Very good. Thank you very much.

Operator: And we have a follow up question from the line of Jamie Ruby with SciFi Vision. Please proceed with your question.

Jamie Ruby: Hi again. So Sasha, I wanted to ask you, can you talk a bit about the filming, kind of the final - he final scene in the episode?

Sasha Roiz: Well yes. Renard gets shot, and I think you get to see some of that. But you know, we'll have to figure out what happens to him in Season 4.

Jamie Ruby: All right.

Sasha Roiz: I don't know what else to say about the filming that scene. Yes, it's pretty, you know, on the nose.

Jamie Ruby: Okay. Let's true.

Sasha Roiz: Yes.

Jamie Ruby: Okay, well then for both of you, you know, regardless of what happens next season, if it were up to you, is there something that you'd still really like to see happen for your characters that hasn't yet?

Sasha Roiz: Well I'd like to survive Season 4.

Claire Coffee: I got to wear jeans.

Jamie Ruby: That was (unintelligible).

Sasha Roiz: Such different objectives. I'd like to survive, "I'd got to wear jeans." All right. That's awesome.

Jamie Ruby: How about if you survive Season 4, how is that?

Sasha Roiz: Yes, that would be my big objective. Thank you. Claire, you were talking about denim?

Claire Coffee: Yes, well you know, that was - I was so happy to be in jeans for Season 4. I would love to have as comfortable a wardrobe as that. You know, fewer skin tight pencil skirts, more sweaters.

Sasha Roiz: You rock those pencil skirts though, that's your thing.

Claire Coffee: Thanks, thank you.

Sasha Roiz: Yes.

Jamie Ruby: All right. Well thanks guys.

Sasha Roiz: Thank you.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Steve Aramo with SciFi and TV Talk at TV Zone Mag. Please proceed with your question.

Steve Aramo: Hi Claire, hi Sasha, pleasure to speak with you both today.

Claire Coffee: Thank you.

Sasha Roiz: Hi.

Steve Aramo: And my first question is to Claire, I wanted to go back a little bit Claire, and find out if you could perhaps tell us a little bit of how you first became involved in Grimm, and perhaps about the audition process for your role, if you don't mind.

Claire Coffee: Yes. I actually just went on tape, it was a recurring character, you know, during pilot season. And I went on tape with Donna Rosenstein, who's the Casting Director.

They - and then I got a call a few days - I got a call that I was - what they say, "You're in the mix," which is always really frustrating, because it means, you know, you're - it's down to like three or four people and you usually never get it, but you get your hopes up and then, you know, dashed.

But then I got a call at like 8 o'clock on a Friday night -- or maybe it was 9 o'clock, that would have been cool -- and I was out at a bar with friends and I got the call just saying, you know, "You got it, you're going to Portland."

But I had no idea the scope of what the role was. I mean it was - they say, "Guest star, possibly recurring." So you have no idea; a, if the show's going to get picked up; or b, if they're not - if they're going to keep on with you. So yes...

Steve Aramo: Well they...

Claire Coffee: ...just lucky.

Steve Aramo: They could not have picked a better person. You have done an awesome, awesome job with the role. And I can't wait to see what happens with your character on Season 4.

Claire Coffee: Thank you so much.

Steve Aramo: And then Sasha, as a follow-up question, and I hope I phrase my question correctly, I wanted to find out what maybe has surprised you most about your character of Renard this season? And what aspect of him maybe also have you enjoyed most playing this year? Hope that makes sense.

Sasha Roiz: Yes, it does. I certainly enjoyed the baby storyline. It was fun to...

Steve Aramo: Yes.

Sasha Roiz: It was definitely fun to explore a different side, a paternal side, somebody you know, more compassionate, concerned, and vulnerable consequently. So that was definitely a departure from how we see him in the past. And it was really fun to play in those emotions and to be challenged with them.

Steve Aramo: Well again, thank you both for your time today and all your hard work on the show.

Sasha Roiz: Thank you so much.

Claire Coffee: Thank you.

Steve Aramo: Take care.

Sasha Roiz: Bye-bye.

Perry Seaman: So thank you everyone once again, for joining us. Sasha and Claire, thank you for taking the time out of your day. This has been great.

We are excited to see the finale this Friday at 9:00 pm. And if anyone would like a transcript, please contact me, Perry Seaman, and I'll send one as soon as it's ready. Thanks everyone.

Claire Coffee: Thank you.

Sasha Roiz: Thanks guys.

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