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By Suzanne

Chuck ad

Interview with Zachary Levi, Joshua Gomez, Jared Goldsmith and Jamie French of "Chuck" on NBC

I was not at this interview, but NBC asked me to put it here it is!

Moderator: Jared Goldsmith
February 26, 2010
12:30 pm CT

Coordinator: Hello and welcome to the Chuck conference call. At the request of NBC this call is being recorded for instant replay purposes, a transcript of the call is also being made. With us on today's call are Zachary Levi and Joshua Gomez; also on the call are Jared Goldsmith and Jamie French of NBC.

Jamie French: Hi everybody. Thanks for joining us this morning. Happy to have series stars Zachary Levi and Joshua Gomez from Chuck on the line to answer your questions. Chuck returns on Monday - this Monday, March 1 at 8 o'clock. So we now welcome your questions.

Coordinator: The first question comes from Lisa Steinberg, Starry Constellation Magazine.

Lisa Steinberg: Hi Zach and Josh. Thanks so much for speaking with us this afternoon. This is a pleasure.

Zachary Levi: Well hello to you and thanks for joining us.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah, absolutely.

Lisa Steinberg: Thanks. I wanted to mention, Zach, that a friend of mine met you over the weekend at an event and she was this tiny little blond - well not blond but brown-haired bombshell and she took a picture with you and she's just been floating on air ever since.

Zachary Levi: Oh well, well, you're welcome or she's - well, no, thank you, I mean, I don't know. I don't even know how - I'm glad it happened.

Lisa Steinberg: I know that you're on Twitter Zach and I was wondering how important has social networking sites been for Chuck's campaign to keep the show around and to, you know, promote the show in general as well?

Zachary Levi: Well, you know, as far as getting the show back I wasn't on Twitter before that so Twitter wasn't really a part of that as far as I was concerned but I know that a lot of fans certainly utilized it and utilized Facebook, you know, got the word out. I mean, the Inter-Web at large is just a huge and great way to virally get information around and keep fans informed.

And so I, I mean, I think it's fantastic. I think that Twitter - I've, you know, come to really embrace it when I first heard about it. I thought this is absolutely ridiculous it's like just, you know, Facebook status updates all the time and that's like the worst part of Facebook. I don't need to know when everybody's taking a poop.

But I've quickly come to realize that it's a really great...

Joshua Gomez: Everybody poops.

Zachary Levi: know...


Joshua Gomez: Oh.

Zachary Levi: That's great. Well I read a book about that when I was a kid so I already...

Joshua Gomez: Yeah, yeah.

Zachary Levi: ...knew that. But a two-humped camel has a two-hump poop. Just kidding.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Zachary Levi: But at any rate I really think it's invaluable especially nowadays, especially with so many people, you know, watching entertainment online or DVR, you know, whatever, it's a way to really stay connected and kind of give back to your fans, little Easter eggs, little nuggets, you know.

Nathan Fillian, for example, came and visited the set the other day. And I know how many fans of ours are also fans of Nathans because, you know, they followed Adam from Firefly and, you know, it's just the whole geekdom world that I very much include myself and to be a part of and I know Josh does as well. If you can embrace it and utilize it it's just good for everything.

Lisa Steinberg: And my question for Josh is the relationship between Morgan and Chuck continues to mature each and every season of the show; how do you see the maturity level of Chuck and Morgan's relationship ongoing - being ongoing?

Joshua Gomez: I assume you use that word loosely...

Lisa Steinberg: The friendship.

Joshua Gomez: Not one usually thrown around with our...


Lisa Steinberg: ...more mature.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah. Actually there's, you know, we - now that we live together and, you know, I think...

Zachary Levi: Oh no she's talking about the show Josh.

Joshua Gomez: Oh, oh. Geesz, oh no it hasn't matured at all.


Joshua Gomez: I thought you - I thought - okay I was confused there for a second. No I think that, you know, it's - I think that because both characters have matured their relationship obviously has reflected that a bit. But in a way I think they have to go further apart before they come back together.

So, right? Don't you feel that way?

Zachary Levi: Eloquent.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah, I mean, it's sad really, sad. So, yeah, I think that Morgan and Chuck have both obviously and in sort of parallel ways have sort of mirrored each other throughout these three season in their own different ways in sort of scale or, you know.

But, you know, they both have matured, they both have become different people from where we started. I mean, you look back at that and you go wow, you know, I was eating garbage out of a refrigerator in the break room and now, you know, now I still do that but less. And as an assistant manager I do it.

So, yeah, (intending) with Chuck, you know, I mean, he's sort of - you know, he's obviously come a long, long way. So, you know, and I think their relationship reflects that, you know, they're sort of different men now and - but that's also - that also saddens me, you know, I miss the old Chuck and Morgan sometimes.

Lisa Steinberg: You make the relationship sound a little bit like a Elizabethan romance in a way where they, you know, have to bust up and then come back together at the end to, you know, have that nice high-in for the happy ending...

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Lisa Steinberg: ...I was hoping that's the same for you all.

Joshua Gomez: You know, yeah, exactly.


Zachary Levi: Nothing says Elizabethan like Chuck and Morgan.

Joshua Gomez: No really. It was something that we actually talked about quite extensively in preparing for these roles.

Zachary Levi: Yeah.

Joshua Gomez: Was...


Lisa Steinberg: Worked on your Chaucer and...

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Lisa Steinberg: Yeah.


Lisa Steinberg: Jane Austen and all that.

Joshua Gomez: Chaucer, Mario, all the big ones, Luigi.

Lisa Steinberg: All right, Mouser, Cooper...

Joshua Gomez: Yeah, all the big ones from that time.

Lisa Steinberg: Well thank you both so much again for speaking with me it's a pleasure.

Joshua Gomez: My pleasure - our pleasure.


Lisa Steinberg: ...look forward to Monday's episode.

Zachary Levi: Thank you, have a great day.

Joshua Gomez: Thank you.

Coordinator: Thank you. I would like to ask all parties to please limit their questions to one at this time. The next question comes from Rick Porter, Zap2It.

Rick Porter: Geesz, I have to come up with a really good one then.


Joshua Gomez: Combine it.

Zachary Levi: It's on Rick.

Rick Porter: Well Zach I wanted - I believe this next batch of episodes has your Chuck directorial debut does it not?

Zachary Levi: It does yeah, not the episode - the first which is on the first but on the 8th is Episode 9, that was my directorial debut.

Joshua Gomez: Debut.

Rick Porter: And they gave you a really easy episode to handle too.

Zachary Levi: They're all easy episodes.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Rick Porter: Yeah.

Zachary Levi: No, you know, I was really blessed, I mean, we have a lot of great episodes and I felt like I got a really great episode. And, you know, one of the perks of it was that I got all of our regulars, I got everyone in the cast in my episode. Sometimes you don't...

Joshua Gomez: Right.

Zachary Levi: ...other times there are episodes where you're missing a face here or there but in this one I got everyone, I got, you know, Casey and Sarah and good old Morgan Grimes...

Joshua Gomez: Yeah, Grimeys...

Zachary Levi: And, you know, big Mike and Jeff and Lester and Ellie and Awesome, I mean, it was really...

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.


Zachary Levi: be able to work with everyone and really feel supported by everyone. I - not once did I feel like - did I feel like it was a strange or uncomfortable or awkward situation. Everyone - but, you know, but I think part of that just had to do with the fact that I, you know, I get to work with these guys all the time and I know them to know their characters inside and out better than anyone else does.

So you don't really have to say much just kind of let them do what they do and they do it so well. And, you know, I would only come in if there was like a pacing thing, if it was a timing thing, maybe there was a slightly different way to attack a moment. But everyone, you know, brings their A game all the time, that's why I love them and respect them so much.

And the crew as well, the crew was so supportive and believed in me. And, you know, we collectively did what we always set out to do which is make a great episode of television. And I feel really strong about that. I feel really strong about the episode and I'm really looking forward to everyone being able to see it and hearing feedback on it.

Rick Porter: Okay thanks.

Joshua Gomez: Absolutely.

Zachary Levi: Oh thank you, have a good day.

Coordinator: The next question comes from Frederick Germay, Media Blvd Magazine.

Frederick Germay: My question - and this goes to all of you - what is your favorite episode so far?

Zachary Levi: Jamie French you want to field this one?

Joshua Gomez: And he's talking about Chuck not Jersey Shore.

Jamie French: Yes, Chuck unless you want to, you know, pose your Jersey Shore favorite.

Zachary Levi: Oh God, no, no.

Joshua Gomez: It's the upcoming Zachary Levi directed episode.

Zachary Levi: Yeah, well, you know, actually I don't know, I mean, I kind of - I am a little biased and partial to the episode I directed but...

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Zachary Levi: ...other than that...

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Zachary Levi: ...I don't know I really loved - at least so far this season I really loved Episode 5 on the plane.

Joshua Gomez: That was great.

Zachary Levi: That was a fun episode. I'm trying to think, you know, we've got some other episodes that are coming up but I just - I don't know how much I can really talk about them.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Zachary Levi: But I think that this season has certainly allowed us to make some of our best episodes just the way the premise of the show has changed ever so slightly. I mean, it's not - actually not the premise, the rules in which we get to play in. Josh, what about you, what's your favorite question or episode?

Joshua Gomez: Yeah, I mean, I would feel the same - I feel the same way. Obviously, I mean, again being a little biased 309 was just a fun kind of special episode to have you directing and it was just a really good written episode and it's a really fun episode. And so that one obviously stands out and was just a - I think a special episode so it's cool.

And I agree with you though, I think 305 is a lot of fun, that turned out really well. But I'd be honest like you said and also, I mean, there but some of the ones I think that are going to be really cool aren't actually even finished so it's hard to...

Zachary Levi: Yeah.

Joshua Gomez: ...say. But making them I have a few I like, oh that's cool, you know, some of the later episodes. But I think are going to turn out really good or I hope they're going to turn out really good and the fans are going to really like. But the ones that are done or at least aired, yeah, like 305 stands out and 309 sure. Yeah, sure, sure...

Zachary Levi: Yeah, sure.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah, true.

Frederick Germay: Okay thank you very much.

Joshua Gomez: You're welcome.

Zachary Levi: Thank you.

Coordinator: The next question comes from Sheldon Wiebe,

Sheldon Wiebe: Hi guys, thanks for taking our calls today.

Zachary Levi: Hey Sheldon. Yeah.

Sheldon Wiebe: I have a bit of a problem in the conceptual area and I was wondering if you could speak to that. This season with the Intersect 2.0 we're being told that Chuck has to learn to control his emotions to use it properly. But at the end of Season 2 it kicked in when he was panicked because he thought that he, Casey and especially Sarah were about to die.

So my problem is, is this an actual thing that could be referred to again or is it possibly that someone higher up has noticed the relationship shift between Chuck and Sarah and have intervened through this method?

Zachary Levi: Oh...

Joshua Gomez: Wow.

Zachary Levi: Wow Sheldon.

Sheldon Wiebe: Or am I over-thinking it?

Joshua Gomez: I don't know, couldn't you ask about Twitter or something and isn't there...

Zachary Levi: No, no you're not over-thinking it. Actually I mean, I quite appreciate when people give the attention to detail that I think, you know, anything merits. And so no I don't think you're over-thinking it at all. However I will say that I don't know if Josh or I could answer that adequately or appropriately.

I mean, there are certain things that, you know, that happen in the dynamic of the show that are outside of our power or understanding. And so we just kind of, you know, have to go on the journey. And - but an astute observation for sure and I think one that Josh Schwartz or Chris Fedak would be able to answer and satisfy because I really couldnít tell you.

Sheldon Wiebe: Well I appreciate your thoughts and pass that along to Josh and Chris and let's see what happens.

Zachary Levi: Okay cool. Thank you.

Sheldon Wiebe: Thank you very much.

Joshua Gomez: Thanks man.

Coordinator: The next question comes from Joe Hummel

Joe Hummel: Hi guys, thanks for talking to us.

Joshua Gomez: Thank you.

Zachary Levi: Joe, how are you?

Joe Hummel: I have a question for - I guess you could both answer this. You both have your East and West Coast acting credentials. Joshua you've got your Law & Order...

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Joe Hummel: ...and Zachary you've got Curb Your Enthusiasm. And I wanted to ask, you know, what are you bringing to the table as a nerd yourselves, like how are you bringing that out? Where's that coming from? What's your background in that?

Joshua Gomez: Oh boy. Now we're talking.


Joshua Gomez: Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, now here's a question I can answer all right. So Zach?

Zachary Levi: You're killing it kid, go with it, run with it.

Joshua Gomez: Oh anyway well here's the, I mean, look as far as - that was the thing when I first read this script, I mean, these two guys I really felt like I knew and grew up with. And it was the - exactly this sort of guy that I was growing up, you know, so, you know, video games, sci-fi and fantasy movies, comic books, I mean, you name it was a huge, huge part of shaping who I am and was especially even as a younger man.

But so, yeah, I mean, you know, I feel like that it started back when I think my dad I think brought home an Atari 2600 and probably took me to see, you know, Empire Strikes Back in the theater I can remember seeing that. So, you know, from there on it was a life of a geek for me. Yo-ho, yo-ho as a - so, yeah - so I would say that.

And I mean, there's obviously huge differences between myself and the character of Morgan but there's a lot of similarities in there probably a love and appreciation of all things geekdom as we would say.

Joe Hummel: Cool, yeah, well geeks need somebody to look up to and that's great for both of you.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Joe Hummel: Well what about you Zachary?

Zachary Levi: You know, literally the same thing. I mean, Josh and I kind of - it's a little ridiculous. I mean, we just sit back and laugh about how - how lucky we are that we just get to be us I guess, I don't know. There are certain - like Josh said, there are certainly, you know, major differences between our characters on the show and our personalities in real life but they are very small and they are very few.

We, I mean, within, you know, like the first few days of getting cast and I concur with Josh, when I read the pilot I was like holy crap, like I know this guy; I know him because I stare at him in the mirror every morning and - or at least I thought, you know.

And so we both got the jobs. I actually had the pleasure of reading with Josh for his network test, you know, an audition. And when that guy walked in the room wearing his R2-D2 t-shirt I thought we got a winner folks.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah, we got a winner, we got a winner.

Zachary Levi: We got a winner. And then, you know, before we had shot the pilot he wanted to sit everybody down in the cast and get to know one another which is a great idea. And Josh and I happened to be sitting right next to each other. And I can't remember exactly who started the conversation; I think it might have been Josh. I think Josh kind of, you know, very quietly turned to me and so as to not alert everyone else at the table of our (nerdom).

And he kind of turns to me and, you know, and says so are you a gamer? And I think my ears perked up like that of a German Shepherd and I was like what, because I am. What, are you? And then from then on we were just - we were done, we were cooked, stick a fork in us. I mean, we could go on - we do go on for endless amounts of time talking about - comparing and contrasting video games.

I mean, the way that like CS Lewis and Tolkien would talk about like books and like literature like we go on about the pros and cons of, you know...

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Zachary Levi: Mario I was an interesting departure from the normal (bowser) villain...

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Zachary Levi: ...having to battle a giant toad. So interestingly enough the princess being able to float along the sand would drag you down. You know, (Toad) was (unintelligible) to navigate those (unintelligible) levels. I mean, that's what we do, that's what we do.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah, it's pretty intense.


Zachary Levi: games, whatever, you know, and we both grew up loving video games, loving comic books, loving sci-fi fantasy genre stuff and so to be able to be these two guys now is a very easy fit I think. And because I love Josh Gomez so much and he's such an incredibly talented and nice guy it makes being friends - because we are friends in real life.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Zachary Levi: So that's it.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah, yeah.

Joe Hummel: Cool, thanks a lot guys.

Joshua Gomez: Absolutely.

Zachary Levi: Thank you.

Coordinator: The next question comes from Becky Kirsch - excuse me - Buzz Sugar.

Becky Kirsch: Hi guys, thanks for doing this.

Joshua Gomez: Hey Buzz Sugar...

Zachary Levi: Hey Buzz Sugar.

Joshua Gomez: Buzz Sugar.

Zachary Levi: Buzz Sugar.

Becky Kirsch: My question is now that Morgan is onto Chuck and Hannah's relationship and he's now the assistant of the Buy More how is that going to affect Chuck's working life at the Buy More?

Zachary Levi: Joshy? Well how does it affect Chuck's work? Well it does but I'm also unaware of his cluing into my life a little bit more. You know, Iím unaware of his...

Joshua Gomez: Suspicions.

Zachary Levi: ...of his, yeah, suspicions, thank you.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Zachary Levi: Lexicon, lexicon don't fail me now. And so it doesn't necessarily affect me all that much. But you'll see how it, you know, progresses and affects both Morgan's character and my character, you know, and my ability to sneak out the way that I always do.

I'm surprised it's taken this long to be honest. Like how do I keep leaving the Buy More and never come back with really any results? Maybe like a black eye, like...


Joshua Gomez: Yeah, yeah, right at least John Casey's moving the Beefmaster or two once in a while for crying out loud.

Zachary Levi: Right.

Joshua Gomez: You know...

Zachary Levi: I don't think I've sold or fixed anything in three years. I don't know how that - but, yeah, so that's - on my end that's kind of - Josh, what do you think?

Joshua Gomez: Yeah, I think the way it's affected on Morgan's side is simply what - I think before it was, you know, listen don't question my, you know, whatever, you know, whoever was in power was sort of the anti-Morgan so it was like hey, hey back off the man, you know.

Zachary Levi: Yeah.

Joshua Gomez: And then I became the man see and so now it's sort of my job, it's like, you know, okay, wait a minute hold on, this is a little crazy. So, you know, I guess, you know, it's just set me on that road, on that path to kind - of kind of going like oh wait a minute now this is - and plus, you know, the kid had the eye for Hannah, you know, that didn't help. Breaks my heart.

Zachary Levi: Heartbreaker (unintelligible).

Joshua Gomez: But, yeah, again you just have to - it's hard to talk about now you just have to let - there is some cool stuff and it plays out and how it goes down it's just sweet.

Becky Kirsch: So we're not going to see Morgan kind of like trying to make Chuck's life worse now that he knows or anything like that?

Joshua Gomez: I don't think Morgan would be capable. I think that it's an honest true friendship and I just think that if there's any kind of whatever, it's like hey, you know, I think it's always been a thing of like talk to me dude and...

Zachary Levi: Yeah.

Joshua Gomez: know, Chuck's wanting to do nothing more than talk to Morgan. You know, if there was a person that would understand and be, you know, Chuck realizes it would be, you know, Morgan. Not that he wouldn't be maybe a liability to the world's safety but I just mean as a friends goes I don't think it's in Morgan's nature to, you know, do anything that would cause, you know, direct hurt to his friend, you know, or anything malicious.

Zachary Levi: Or conflict really. I think you avoid conflict...


Joshua Gomez: And then there's that, yeah, yeah.

Becky Kirsch: Okay thank you.

Joshua Gomez: You're welcome.

Zachary Levi: Thank you.

Coordinator: The next question comes from Melissa Lowery, Chucknet TV, excuse me

Zachary Levi: Oh yeah.

Melissa Lowery: There you go, hi guys.

Joshua Gomez: Hey.

Zachary Levi: Hey.

Melissa Lowery: How are you doing?

Joshua Gomez: Good, good.

Zachary Levi: Good, how are you?

Melissa Lowery: I'm doing great thanks.

Zachary Levi: Good.

Melissa Lowery: We had several really crazy questions come in for you but since we can only do one, who was the worst influence on your acting?

Zachary Levi: If I said myself would that - does that work for you?

Melissa Lowery: I think we mean externally.

Zachary Levi: Oh externally.

Joshua Gomez: You mean like who has influenced us in a bad way?

Melissa Lowery: Sure.

Zachary Levi: Man I don't know if I've ever thought about that.

Joshua Gomez: That's just funny.

Melissa Lowery: Well I know Jake mentioned Jersey Shore earlier so maybe you could start there.

Zachary Levi: Oh. Yeah but I don't know if they affect me negatively because I - because I know not to follow their lead, you know. It's like...

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Zachary Levi: know, it would only affect you negatively if you didn't know better and I feel like with - I'm a pretty critical person when it comes to entertainment and TV and film and stuff like that so I don't know. I don't really follow too many people's cues other than people that I really respect and those people I think are nothing but a benefit, you know, people like Tom Hanks or whatever.

It's like God, I...

Joshua Gomez: Right.

Zachary Levi: ...I should...


Zachary Levi: But I don't go around, you know, taking cues from the situation although maybe I should.


Joshua Gomez: ...that's friggin' huge.

Zachary Levi: Okay, Josh Gomez, he's the most detrimental to my...

Joshua Gomez: Yeah probably, probably. Because people like are why do you talk like that, you know, well it's hanging out with this jerk.

Melissa Lowery: No well in all seriousness we did want to ask Josh if you could talk a little bit about Morgan's growth especially this season; how you feel about what he's had to deal with so far and what's coming up.

Joshua Gomez: You know, it's been really fun, it's been really fun. You know, I think like with any character to start at one place and get to another is part of the whole fun factor of doing this job and sort of exploration and discovering. And, you know, like I said when I first read this script - the show it was pretty like - pretty black and white for me.

Like I saw these two guys, Chuck and Morgan, and I was like oh man like we just talked about it's like I know these guys, these guys are me and my friends and stuff. So - but so you start at that place like a pretty good foundation. And then but just slowly but surely you go like okay where else can this thing go, I mean, you know, I can't just keep doing the same thing.

And so it's been fun; it's been fun to kind of go - and if there was one area of improvement in Morgan it was definitely I guess you would say a maturity level or, you know, just growing up, man, just kind of, you know, school of hard knocks is a, you know, as the situation would probably say.

So it's been a lot of fun. And I don't know if I'm answering your question. But it's been a lot of fun to play and do and kind change, you know, kind of, you know, change the character a bit in that way. I'm blanking now if that was the actual answer so I apologize.

Melissa Lowery: That works.


Joshua Gomez: Did it work? Woo-hoo.

Melissa Lowery: Yep it does, all right well thanks. I'm looking forward to seeing what's coming up.

Joshua Gomez: Great.


Coordinator: The next question comes from April MacIntyre, Monsters and Critics.

April MacIntyre: Hey guys. Hello.

Zachary Levi: Monsters and Critics, aren't you being a little redundant?

April MacIntyre: Well I didn't name the site. I just work for them. Yeah but I feel you. So you guys were, you know, brothers from a different mother or...

Joshua Gomez: Right, right.

April MacIntyre: ...something like that and very similar...


Zachary Levi: That was the widest way to say that. We're brothers from various mothers.

Joshua Gomez: Right...


Joshua Gomez: ...and the various and sundry whatnots.

April MacIntyre: Yes. How do your characters and yourselves react with Adam Baldwin and his character over the years? I mean, he's so - I mean, I read his Tweets, he's very conservative, he's very pro-military, he's a tough guy. Do you guys take the (mickey) out of him everyday on set or tell me about what we can expect.

Joshua Gomez: He's a big sweetheart.

Zachary Levi: Yeah, he's a giant teddy bear.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah. It's so fun, yeah. I always feel bad talking about it because I think he might want to, you know, retain that image.

Zachary Levi: He wants everybody to...


Zachary Levi: Oh you know what though, he is, the man is a rock. He is - of everyone on our show I think I look - he is the - he's the rock, you know, he's been around the block...

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Zachary Levi: ...multiple times and seen a lot and worked with a lot of incredible talented people. And present company excluded. And, you know, but he's just - he's such a trooper and, you know, he finds every little moment to make Casey great.

April MacIntyre: Right.

Zachary Levi: And it's a pleasure to work, you know...


Zachary Levi: ...he's a family man, he's got three kids.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Zachary Levi: And, you know, it's just - it's really - and I think, you know, part of the reason why we've found the audience that we have and the, you know, success to whatever extent that we have right now a large part of that is due to him and, you know, being a part of Firefly and everything else that he's done and having really dedicated fans that he's also very dedicated to, you know.

So I - he's an incredible guy. Josh.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah, no he is. And I always find it - I think he's an absolute sweetheart. And I find it - it's just so much fun because to make - I love getting like Adam Baldwin to crack in a scene or something. I know you probably have the pleasure doing a lot more than I do but like me and Zach - me and Zach will laugh at each other and we don't say anything, we're just a bunch of girls. Like we're just like two silly girls at a sleepover.

So like with Adam, man, and he's knocking down walls and he's knocking people out. But so like to make him laugh in the middle of a scene just gives me such satisfaction or, you know what I mean, doing something to get Adam after the scene - he'll hold it together and then it'll cut, and he'll got that was hysterical.

And he just has this - you know, and he'll be like he'll shake his head and he goes that's funny, that's funny like that's about his like, you know, crazy as he's going to get. But it just like you'll like, yes, got Adam, nice, you know. But, yeah, absolutely everything that Zach said, I mean, it is - you kind of go he's the guy on our show who's the, you know, he's the vet in a way, you know.

I mean, and so you kind of look to him like okay cool and he's been around. Like everything Zach was saying. And I love, you know, how he just goes about his business. He's a smart guy and he's just an absolute pleasure to work with, yeah.

April MacIntyre: What's this about...

Joshua Gomez: How he tolerates us I don't know but he's...

April MacIntyre: I read that you'll be pulling one of his teeth out is that true with pliers Zach?

Zachary Levi: Well, I mean, there's a little sneak peek at the rest of the season that's on line right now. So, you know, people can infer what they infer from that I suppose.

April MacIntyre: Can't tell us anymore.

Joshua Gomez: No deny or what is it - I could neither...

Zachary Levi: I can neither confirm nor deny.

Joshua Gomez: Confirm or deny, that's right.

April MacIntyre: Thank you very much.

Zachary Levi: Thank you.

Joshua Gomez: You're welcome.

Coordinator: The next question comes from Troy Rogers, the

Troy Rogers: Hi guys.

Zachary Levi: Hi.

Joshua Gomez: Hi.

Troy Rogers: Now Zach and Josh I wanted to know since both of your characters, well, in real life you guys are kind of tech geeks. What do you think about the show's online presence like with the games and the mobile features and everything?

Zachary Levi: You know what's funny I actually have not delved into a lot of the stuff that's online partially because I'm at work everyday.

Joshua Gomez: And partially because they don't have an Xbox live game, come on, let's get with it.

Zachary Levi: Yeah seriously right? When are we going to get our Xbox 360...


Joshua Gomez: Yeah, yeah, and now we're talking.

Zachary Levi: A little adventure (PG) perhaps.

Joshua Gomez: Plus one to Morgan's security.


Zachary Levi: But I'm aware of it for sure and I think it's great. I think anything that you can do to feed the appetite of your fans especially really dedicated and devoted fans that have supported us and believed in us and fought for us for as long as they have is fantastic and I want more of it.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah, they do a really great job too. Like Zach said, I mean, I haven't really delved into every little thing but I know what I have seen and stuff like that I know our Web guys do a really, really great job and so yeah I think it's - and the more the better, I mean, I say we keep going with that stuff because that's really our fan base essentially, you know, so all that kind of stuff, you know, mobile gaming and all that whatever the Chuck iPhone app...


Zachary Levi: Thatís fun...


Joshua Gomez: Yeah. Yeah. So all that stuff I think. And that just sort of caters to our fan base I think so I think they're doing a pretty good job.

Troy Rogers: Excellent. And you guys mentioned earlier that Morgan isn't malicious against Chuck. I wanted to know let's say hypothetically that Lester learns what Chuck does outside of the Buy More. What do you think would happen to him? Like would Casey just assassinate him?

Zachary Levi: We don't talk about these things.

Joshua Gomez: No he would get relocated to Anchorage I believe...


Zachary Levi: Yeah, yeah. You know what happens to everybody it's either Hawaii or Alaska in the continental foyer, you know.

Joshua Gomez: That's funny. And - I don't know, I don't know.

Troy Rogers: Excellent, thanks guys.

Zachary Levi: Thanks.

Coordinator: The next question comes from Kurt Wagner, Show Patrol.

Kurt Wagner: Hey guys thanks for taking the call.

Joshua Gomez: No problem.

Zachary Levi: Thank you.

Kurt Wagner: After seeing you guys at Comicon I had to laugh when I saw the title Chuck vs. the Beard since you guys were so overgrown.

Zachary Levi: Yes, Gomez is specifically mocking me.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Zachary Levi: Mine was fierce but his was...


Joshua Gomez: I'd be honest, I look back and saw some pictures and I was like what in the hell was I thinking? Right, I had no idea it had gotten that big, you know, I mean, it was just like - it was enormous like it was bizarre so yes, yes.

Kurt Wagner: Anyway on that episode specifically it kind of made my heart feel good with what happens in it. I was wondering how seeing that script and learning what was going to happen affected you guys and if you were happy with that, you know, the whole...

Zachary Levi: I'm sorry so just to be clear then you've read the script or have seen the episode?

Kurt Wagner: No. I saw the episode, yes.

Joshua Gomez: Oh.

Zachary Levi: Oh you've seen the episode.

Kurt Wagner: Yeah. And I know that we donít want to reveal anything but I promise to hold this until afterwards.

Zachary Levi: Well can everyone else on the conference call hear what we're talking about?

Kurt Wagner: Yeah. And they promise too.

Zachary Levi: Well I don't know. I think that - I think I was specifically told not to talk about some things so...

Joshua Gomez: Yeah, yeah.

Kurt Wagner: Unfortunately.


Zachary Levi: But, look, I'll say what I kind of said earlier which is I was honored to get that episode as my episode to direct. I had a great time directing it. I think it's a great episode. I mean, I'm clearly biased and I had my reservations and insecurities about it until hearing the feedback from the powers that be. But they all signed off on it with, you know, flying colors and we're all very happy with is.

So I'm really excited for everyone to be able to see it in, you know, and very soon, it's about a week and a half, you know, so...

Kurt Wagner: Right.


Zachary Levi: ...come back on Monday to see Episode 8 and then follow it into 9 and the rest of the season. I think, you know, we've got a lot of really great stuff to share with everyone...

Joshua Gomez: Yeah, yeah.

Zachary Levi: ...for the rest of the season.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah, I agree. I absolutely agree. I think there's some really fun stuff. And just to, again, speak about 309 but not really speak about it obviously but just because it was on the same side it was such an honor for me to - and, you know, if there was - it was so cool to have Zach get that episode. And because I think it's an important episode in the show.

And it's just a great job. And it's not an easy to show to direct. And, you know, we've made quite a few men and women bald I think with it. So but - and he did such a great job. And that's - really again we have a fantastic crew that also was just so behind Zach which was really cool to see. And - but - and Zach has such an - if there's anybody who understands the show, you know, no on else spends more time on those sets besides Zach and our crew.

So it's pretty cool to see them kind of together doing what they do best. I mean, there's no one who knows it better than he and our crew. So he did a fantastic job and I was just - had such a fun part of being - had such a great time being a part of it and was glad that it was him behind there. So it was great, it was fun.

Kurt Wagner: Okay.

Joshua Gomez: I'm excited for people - to see what everybody thinks, that's what I can't wait to see.

Kurt Wagner: All right cool. Thanks guys.

Zachary Levi: Thanks.

Joshua Gomez: No problem.

Zachary Levi: The check's in the mail Josh, the check's in the mail.

Joshua Gomez: No problem, buddy, no problem.

Coordinator: The next question comes from Sandy Sahakian with Daemon's TV.

Sandy Sahakian: Hi guys. Thank you so much for doing this.

Zachary Levi: Hi.

Sandy Sahakian: I had a question for Josh. I was wondering if Morgan was going to get a new love interest soon?

Joshua Gomez: No not that - I don't - trying to think what have we done and what haven't we done - what have we aired and not aired. But I don't think - I think, no he stays solo I think for the most part. He tries I think.

Zachary Levi: Yeah, you tried with Hannah.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah, yeah. Yeah exactly. But nothing permanent that I think plays out in this season. But he stays the lone wolf. I think he has bigger things on his plate. And so, you know, Buy More is, you know, assistant managing is tough biz, no it's not really actually I do nothing. But, yeah, so unfortunately no.

Sandy Sahakian: All right.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Sandy Sahakian: Well thank you.

Joshua Gomez: No problem.

Coordinator: The next question comes from Daniel Malen, the

Daniel Malen: Hey guys thanks for taking the time.

Joshua Gomez: No problem.

Zachary Levi: Yeah, thank you.

Daniel Malen: So there's been a lot of talk about the finale actually recently like just online not specific so much but I'm just curious, Josh, where the last season said, I mean, there's always with NBC you never know will the show be picked up will it not be.

And I'm just curious if the finale if you guys, A, have read it and, B, if it leaves us on a huge cliffhanger, last season's finale or it ties things up just in case the unthinkable should happen.

Zachary Levi: We haven't actually gotten it yet. We haven't read it so I have no idea. But I would imagine that it does, I mean, you know, I would imagine it's going to accomplish both I would...

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Zachary Levi: know, it will wrap things up in a way that you feel, you know, some kind of closure, you know, in the off chance that we don't come back for another season but also leave it open to whatever the possibilities for another season would be.

I know that that's always the way - the smart way to do things with a show like ours that, you know, has again a really rabid and devoted and fantastic fan base but, you know, television is a fickle game and you never really know how things work out.

I feel pretty good about what our chances would be for another season, you know, given all the circumstances of where we're at as a show, where NBC is at as a network and where the, you know, the five new hours of programming have opened up. And so I feel like, you know, we could have a place there.

But having not read the finale I suppose I couldn't really answer that accurately.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah, yeah.

Daniel Malen: Thanks guys.

Zachary Levi: Thank you.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah, yeah.

Coordinator: The next question comes from Rick Porter, Zap2It.

Rick Porter: Hi, I found a way around the one question only.

Joshua Gomez: You recalled.

Rick Porter: Yeah. I know NBC confirmed a while back that Scott Bakula would be around for one of the later episodes of the season. I wonder if there's anything you can say about what he's doing or alternately anyone else that we are familiar with that might be making a return appearance before the season's out?

Joshua Gomez: He's doing awesome work I can tell you that much. Get Scotty Bak.

Zachary Levi: I know this is a spoiler and we're not supposed to talk about it but it turns out Scott Bakula is my dad. Yeah, I don't know. He really is doing fantastic work.

Joshua Gomez: He is great.

Zachary Levi: I can't even tell you how much I love Scotty Bak.

Joshua Gomez: I know.

Zachary Levi: That guy is not only super talented but he is so fun.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Zachary Levi: Like he's like a little kid like...

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.


Zachary Levi: You know, we'll just break into song or do funny voices and but he's such a pro like just like to a T. You know, just always on his moments, always diving into this character, Steven Bartowski who is very odd and kitschy and quirky and brilliant and, you know, and he brings it every time, every scene and it's such a pleasure to work opposite him.

And, you know, and Josh gets to work with him as well so it's nice when you have a guest star that, you know, kind of traverses both the spy and personal life.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Rick Porter: And which episode is he in?

Zachary Levi: I - can we - Mr. French are we allowed to...

Jamie French: You can.

Zachary Levi: ...disclose that information?

Jamie French: You can. You can.

Zachary Levi: We are?

Jamie French: You can say.

Zachary Levi: He I believe - I believe Scott's doing two, three episodes in the end here. And those are the last three or the...

Jamie French: Yeah, it'll be three and the very last part of the season.

Rick Porter: Okay.

Zachary Levi: Yeah.

Rick Porter: All right and nothing you can say about anyone else who might pop up or...

Zachary Levi: Honestly and not for fear of spoiling anything I don't - I can't think of anybody.

Rick Porter: Okay. All right fair enough.

Zachary Levi: Okay cool.

Coordinator: The next question comes from Kendra White, Side Reel.

Kendra White: Being in San Francisco my number one question is if you guys are coming to Wondercon this year?

Zachary Levi: Oh I don't know.

Joshua Gomez: I don't know. I had a good time last year, that was fun.


Zachary Levi: Yeah, I'd go back.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Kendra White: Well we'd love to have you.

Zachary Levi: Oh thanks.

Kendra White: Great. And then since that was real quick I'm just going to throw in can you guys say anything else about Emmett's death from the beginning of the season since that was so abrupt or is that kind of just wrapped up now?

Zachary Levi: Man...

Joshua Gomez: He comes back as a cyborg.

Kendra White: Awesome.

Zachary Levi: He's part of the Borg collective.


Joshua Gomez: Milbarge 3.0.


Zachary Levi: You know what I will say this, yes, it was abrupt albeit kind of cool, you know...

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Zachary Levi: ...I mean, very shocking and certainly a, you know, kind of started the season off I think letting everyone know like hey there's going to be some gnarly stuff that happens. But it was unfortunate in many ways. I mean, Tony Hale is - I feel like I say the same thing about everybody who's on the show but - and it feels like, you know, when you say it about everybody maybe you don't mean it about anyone.

But I truly do and Tony Hale is wicked talented. So smart, so funny, such a sweetheart, was a pleasure to have him on the show and was really a bummer to see him shot. You know, we found ourselves in a place with the show where, you know, coming back by the skin of our teeth we didn't have all the resources in the world to keep the show going the way that it was going as far as monetarily being able to keep everyone around and, you know, we have a lot of cast members and a lot of people to service.

And so I'm not sure all of the things that went into ultimately the decision of having Emmett go bye-bye. But I do believe that they, you know, that Josh and Chris and our other writers I think they handled it in a really good way. And I know that Tony enjoyed his time with us and, you know, and I hope that, you know, I hope that he gets to come back and play Emmett's twin brother or something, I mean.

Or maybe Emmett's not really dead, you know, you never know.

Joshua Gomez: The shower scene he comes out of the shower like Dallas.

Kendra White: Great, thank you.

Zachary Levi: Thanks.

Joshua Gomez: It was all a dream.

Coordinator: The next question comes from Travis Tidmore, the CineManiac. Travis Tidmore, you line is open.

Joshua Gomez: Travis.

Zachary Levi: Travis. Travis Tidmore. CineManiac.

Joshua Gomez: Travis is having phone trouble.

Zachary Levi: He's a man of few words.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah. To answer your question Travis, I feel that silence is golden but taken to certain extremes...

Coordinator: The next question comes from Jenna Bush, Newsarama.

Jenna Bush: Hey guys.

Joshua Gomez: Hey.

Zachary Levi: Hi.

Jenna Bush: I wanted you to sing for me too but I figured I'd get the question.


Jenna Bush: do is watch Chuck and see all the geek references on the wall of Chuck's room. So of course I want to know which ones you added but my real question is about working with Christopher Lloyd. Have you done it yet and what was he like?

Zachary Levi: So insane. So insane. I - yeah...

Joshua Gomez: Honestly a genius and a pro and...

Zachary Levi: And so talented, such a sweetheart. No it's true though, all of the above.

Joshua Gomez: That's so crazy.

Zachary Levi: You know, I will say we've been very, very blessed, we've...

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Zachary Levi: ...had, you know, every guest star on the show has been someone who has been a pleasure to work with. And I think that - and I think that has a lot do with honestly just the type of person that the show attracts.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Zachary Levi: I don't - you know, I think that, you know, we have a very unique show and one that, you know, runs the gamut on genres. And I think that certain actors get it and maybe certain actors don't or whatever. And when I found out Christopher Lloyd was doing our show I think I had an accident in my pants. It was...

Joshua Gomez: Zach and I have worked with like - I mean, there's been some - obviously as you guys know, I mean, there's been some really, really cool people. And I think for us personally, you know, that's going at some serious geek fan-boy-dom.

Zachary Levi: Seriously, yeah.


Joshua Gomez: Yeah so it was like he's on the set right now. And it was like, yeah, we don't always get like that but to have Doc Brown on the show it was like, yeah, are you kidding me.

Zachary Levi: Now I just need a hoverboard and my life will be complete.

Jenna Bush: Me too.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah, yeah.

Jenna Bush: Life is good.

Coordinator: The next question comes from Melissa Lowery,

Melissa Lowery: How you doing guys?

Zachary Levi: Hey.

Melissa Lowery: I figured out what Rick did so...

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Melissa Lowery: Yeah, question number two.


Melissa Lowery: Well actually I was going to ask you about working with Christopher Lloyd but clearly you didn't enjoy that at all so I'll just move on. We saw, Zach, you've been figuring out YouStream, the live video...

Zachary Levi: Yeah.

Melissa Lowery: ...from your phone. And we saw a little piece with the tiger. Would you - and then of course we saw the tiger again in that promo that - the fantastic people on the show put together for us. Can you expand a little bit more on what that was all about?

Zachary Levi: Well it's a tiger.

Melissa Lowery: Okay, writing that down.

Zachary Levi: The tiger - the tiger's a real tiger. The tiger is a twin. It was unreal.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Zachary Levi: I wish that I got to pet it. I wish that I got to be closer with it but for various reasons not the least of which being death, we were forbidden from that kind of interaction. But the tiger will play a very cool and integral role in one of our upcoming episodes.

Melissa Lowery: All right, thanks for vaguing that up for us.

Zachary Levi: Yeah.

Joshua Gomez: Zach and I actually had the same similar rules as he and the tiger so it's funny.

Melissa Lowery: Oh okay.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Melissa Lowery: Good, yeah.


Zachary Levi: We're forbidden from being...


Melissa Lowery: Well Josh I just wanted to let you know that there's now a movement out on Twitter because I've been Tweeting during this where the hash tag is get Josh Gomez on Twitter.

Joshua Gomez: Really?

Melissa Lowery: So I just thought I'd pass that along...


Melissa Lowery: Yeah.

Joshua Gomez: Wow, cannot deny cyberspace, you cannot avoid cyberspace.

Melissa Lowery: Right.

Joshua Gomez: All right, all right, all right.

Melissa Lowery: Exactly. All right let us know when you're on.

Joshua Gomez: Duly noted - duly noted. All right I will.


Melissa Lowery: All right thanks guys.

Joshua Gomez: All right.

Zachary Levi: Thanks.

Coordinator: The next question comes from Travis Tidmore, CineManic.

Zachary Levi: Oh.

Travis Tidmore: Hey guys.

Zachary Levi: Hey you're alive. Oh he's not alive.

Joshua Gomez: Ah Travis.

Zachary Levi: I killed him.

Coordinator: The next question comes from Courtney Golden,

Joshua Gomez: I'm staying on until I get a question out of Travis, I don't care if it takes all day.

Courtney Golden: I'm going to telepathically connect to Travis so I can...


Joshua Gomez: Here's his question. Where do I get a working phone?

Courtney Golden: Oh thank you guys so much for taking the time out, I'm really excited to talk to you. I'm a big fan.

Joshua Gomez: No problem.

Zachary Levi: Thank you.

Joshua Gomez: No problem.

Courtney Golden: My question is for both of you, if there were no restrictions what premise would you like to see for an episode of Chuck? And what scenarios would you put Morgan and the rest of the gang through? And in particular what kinds of crazy costumes would you make your cast-mates wear just for the sake of torture?

Zachary Levi: Oh wow.

Joshua Gomez: Man oh man there's so many in there. Holy smokes.

Zachary Levi: Yeah. I mean, I think - and perhaps I'm speaking for both Josh and I in this but, you know, I mean, we're a couple of dudes, you know, we're a couple of dudes who love first person shooter video games. So yes so I think if we had our druthers we would be running around with guns all day. That would be...

Joshua Gomez: Yeah, yeah.

Zachary Levi: ...that would be the ultimate. And...

Joshua Gomez: We'd - yeah, yeah.


Joshua Gomez: marine gear, yeah.

Zachary Levi: Yeah. And then the costumes we'd put everyone in will clearly Yvonne and Tara would be put in scantily clad, you know...

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Zachary Levi: ...something. You know what and Baldwin, let's put Baldwin in...

Joshua Gomez: Oh that's what I was going to say.


Joshua Gomez: My fantasy would put Adam Baldwin in that freaking elf costume that I have to wear, you know...


Joshua Gomez: ...and have him prance around the Buy More. Yeah.

Zachary Levi: Yeah. And then Vik and Scott we'd just - we'd over-dress them...


Zachary Levi: They'd be in parkas and beanies, well for Vik it'd be a (toc) being from Toronto. But no I don't know, I mean, you know, how would we torture them? What kind of outfits would we put them in for torture?

Joshua Gomez: I don't know.

Zachary Levi: I think you put anyone in a thong that's torture so there you go.

Joshua Gomez: Except for Krinsky I think. I think for - Jeff he'd be quite comfortable.


Zachary Levi: Yeah, Jeff could pull off a thong. Hopefully he never pulls it off. If you get my meaning.

Joshua Gomez: And wouldn't all this episode take place in like Hawaii or something like that wouldn't we...

Zachary Levi: Oh yeah.

Joshua Gomez: ...had no restrictions.

Zachary Levi: Oh yeah and by - yeah, sorry I forgot to qualify, all of these would take place in awesome foreign locals, none of this would actually happen in Burbank. This would all be shooting an episode in Hawaii, shooting an episode in Paris...

Joshua Gomez: An episode in (Hoff). I mean, you said that we can go if we had no whatever so...

Zachary Levi: Oh my gosh. Echo base this is Rogue 2...


Zachary Levi: I've found them.

Joshua Gomez: I've found them.

Courtney Golden: Ah, thank you so much guys, that's a perfect answer, I love it. We've got Chuck versus the gun-toting poncho-wearers I think.


Zachary Levi: The Empire is breathing down our neck.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.


Joshua Gomez: Adam Baldwin sitting in the back of the X-Wing in an elf costume. That's how the episode would kind of...

Zachary Levi: He's the harpooner.

Joshua Gomez: He's the harpooner.

Zachary Levi: He's the elvin harpooner.

Joshua Gomez: He's the guy chained to build the (unintelligible) only he's in an elf costume and he's going ahh, that would be my - no poor Adam.

Courtney Golden: Chuck versus the banana hammock.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah that's it.

Zachary Levi: Oh dear God.

Courtney Golden: Thank you guys so much.

Joshua Gomez: You got it.


Zachary Levi: Thanks.

Coordinator: The next question comes from Travis Tidmore, CineManiac.

Travis Tidmore: Let's see if the third time's the charm.

Zachary Levi: Okay I'm not going to say anything.

Travis Tidmore: All right...

Joshua Gomez: Oh shoot and I jinxed it.

Travis Tidmore: Well I was going to ask you guys about working with Doc Brown but obviously that's been asked and answered. Clearly you guys have a lot of fun with each other. What's the funniest thing that has happened on set so far?

Zachary Levi: Oh man, I'm so bad with anecdotes. Joshy...

Joshua Gomez: No dude.

Zachary Levi: No tell me something funny.

Joshua Gomez: You and me both.

Travis Tidmore: You want me to ask a different question?

Joshua Gomez: You know there was this one time, no...

Zachary Levi: You know what it might help, the days all roll into each other and it's so tough to remember like something funny that happened on set. I'm really bad at that kind of stuff.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Travis Tidmore: All right then I'll ask I know it's kind of been touched on but Josh at the end of the last episode clearly Morgan was very heartbroken at the end of that scene.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Travis Tidmore: And I'm just wondering from your perspective was he more heartbroken that Chuck once again gets the beautiful girl and Morgan gets left with nothing? Or because once again Chuck was ditching Morgan for a girl?

Joshua Gomez: No I think - I don't know, my feeling about it was always that it was - in a way it was neither because Chuck and Morgan actually never, you know, at least, you know, in the show really spoke about Hannah to each other. In a funny way I think, you know, Morgan sort of secretly pining over her but I don't think Chuck really knew.

And Morgan didn't know that Chuck was hanging out with her. So I think it was more of a shock of like oh, didn't know that was going on. And then just, you know, heartbreak and disappointment just because I couldn't have her not who got her; that's kind of how I thought about it. But, I mean, maybe I don't know, maybe secretly I hate him too.

But, yeah, again I think that, you know, it was just a bummer, you know, it was like oh man new hot girl at the store and, you know, I think I impressed her with all my, you know, French cinema references and then I wore and ascot and the whole deal and the nothing, nothing, you know. It's a bummer.

Travis Tidmore: Well thanks.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah, man.

Zachary Levi: Thank you.

Coordinator: The next question comes from Matt Goldberg,

Joshua Gomez: Uh-oh.


Matt Goldberg: All right well thank you guys for doing this. Listening to you guys is hilarious. So I'm just going to ruin it with a serious question.

Joshua Gomez: Oh you always.

Matt Goldberg: I really do. My question is for Zachary, earlier this season it was really interesting to see Chuck burn an asset and to see how difficult that was for him. And we've also seen how easy it's become for him to just lie to those, you know, closest to him. And I was wondering as this season progresses are we going to see Chuck go darker as he, you know, goes further into his spy training?

Zachary Levi: Excellent question.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah, yeah.

Zachary Levi: I don't necessarily know or think that you'll see him go darker necessarily. I mean, I know that there was a lot of hubub on boards and stuff about, you know, hey I don't like this new Chuck, he's dark and whatnot. You know, but to me I don't see it as being darker I just see it as a natural progression of a character, of someone who gets deeper into this world of espionage and is trying to do the best that he can and learn and grow as a spy.

Which, you know, which may lead to things that are darker than the normal Chuck that we've come to know. But, no I don't necessarily think he - I don't think that he gets darker I just think, you know, every episode is an opportunity for a new shade or a new color or a new flavor and that's what we saw in Chuck versus the nacho sampler and, you know, him learning a very valuable lesson and then, you know, proceeding to drink that pain away.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah baby.

Zachary Levi: But don't you know it. But no I wouldn't say that Chuck's - we're not going to see, you know, bizarro Chuck, I mean, he's not going to become this like, you know, unshorn fighting himself in a scrap yard although that would make a great episode.

Matt Goldberg: So that's not in the Intersect 2.0 - bizarro Chuck.

Zachary Levi: No, you know, you're just seeing - everyone's still seeing the same Chuck it's just, you know...

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Zachary Levi: ...a Chuck who's going through some different circumstances.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah, I thought - I always kind of felt there was like a little bit of the - just a bit of reality setting in on a kid who's just sort of moved - like again when we first started this thing he was a - it was a different guy, I mean, the worst thing that was going on was that he lost a girl and got kicked out of Stanford, that was the sort of - the weight on him.

And now, you know, he's seen some real stuff, you know. And so I feel like if there's anything it's just a little bit more of a weight on him but that he's still Chuck, you know, I mean, he's definitely not, you know, yeah, yeah, you said it, dark, bizarro, you know, anybody who wants it.

Matt Goldberg: All right, well thank you guys so much for doing this. I really appreciate it.

Joshua Gomez: No problem.

Zachary Levi: Thanks buddy, see you later.

Matt Goldberg: Later dude.

Coordinator: At this time I would like to provide you with the toll free number to access the instant reply plus. The number is 800-469-5439.

Joshua Gomez: And what is the number to burn all record of this? What is the code to - no I'm joking, I'm joking it was excellent.

Jamie French: I'm sorry, that's not possible.


Jamie French: Thank you everybody, I appreciate you participating in the call today. Again the second half of the season of Chuck, which is amazing, will start on Monday at 8 o'clock. So be sure to tune in.

Thank you gentlemen, I appreciate it. Zach and Josh, thanks so much.

Joshua Gomez: Of course.

Zachary Levi: Thank you Mr. French and thank you everybody for calling in today and thank you for your support. We couldn't do it without you.

Joshua Gomez: Absolutely, thank you.

Jamie French: Thanks guys.

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