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By Suzanne

Georgina Chapman & LaLa Anthony of Project Runway All-Stars

Interview with Georgina Chapman & LaLa Anthony of Project Runway All-Stars on Lifetime  12/11/12

Lifetimeís Q&A Session with Georgina Chapman & LaLa AnthonyĖ Project Runway All Stars
December 11, 2012

Moderator What did you think when you were first approached to be a judge on Project Runway: All Stars and what made you say yes?

G. Chapman I was incredibly flattered and I was very excited too. I had been a judge several times on Project Runway before and Iíd always really loved the experience. I think itís great to get out of my everyday environment and to experience other designers. You have very little opportunity to do that as a designer to the world. So to me I just really, really enjoy it and I enjoy meeting the people. There is so much talent that weíve seen and I think all the viewers can appreciateóI mean particular seasons there really is very, very high standards.

Moderator I know on the show when it airs we only get to see bits and pieces of the judges discussing the look. How long is that process for you guys after the runway show?

G. Chapman Itís a whole day shoot. We really do talk about it in depth, myself, Isaac and Carolyn and whoever our guest judge is. We do really care about our designers. We form quite a bond with them and we feel very responsible. Itís not a flippant decision. It can be very hard sometimes. So we give it the time that it needs.

Moderator Have you watched every season of Project Runway?

G. Chapman I think I probably have. I think so because Iím such a huge fan of the show. My step kids are too. I donít know; itís a really great and fun show. Iím just always in awe. Even though Iím now a judge it still hasnít become old hat to me. I just donít know how they do it within the time constrictions.

Itís fun for me to watch the other show as well, because when Iím a judge on the show I donít get to see all the backstage drama or I donít get to see them constructing their pieces. I just get to see them when they come down the runway. So I donít know any of the back-story. So itís quite fun just to watch something afresh and have no idea what was coming.

Moderator Is there an alumni that you would like to see in the next All Stars season?

G. Chapman You know what? I havenít thought about that. Iím going to have to have a think about that one.

Moderator I would love to know of all the designs that you judged this season which one would you personally like to wear yourself?

G. Chapman This season I found there was a lot very wearable clothing. I donít know. There was quite a lot actually. Iíd love to say whatís to come, but I think some of the best is yet to come. I just canít give it away, but Iíve really been really impressed, and this week is actually one of my favorites. So Iím really excited about this week. One of the dresses in this week, a couple of the dresses actually I would wear even though theyíre unconventional, but I think theyíre some of my favorites.

Moderator So on Project Runway last season they did a childrenís wear challenge. Which designer of this season of All Stars do you think would make a great childrenís clothing designer?

G. Chapman Maybe Uli because she has that sense of whimsy that I think would be great. Iím thinking girls because I have a girl. So I think she would make really cute little baby clothes.

Moderator What is the difference about this show and your experience with the designers on the second season?

G. Chapman I think the first season it was new for all of us and this time around weíve done it before. What amazed me is that it still felt completely fresh, completely new and just every time because there are new people. There are new personalities. There is really not like, ďOh, weíre going to do the same thing again.Ē It just isnít. Each week is different.

I think when youíre dealing with creatives youíre always in for surprise, and I think thatís why this show is so much fun for Isaac, myself and Carolyn to do. We really look forward to coming and judging the shows. As I said before, we do get a bond with these designers. I couldnít really saw which season I preferred or didnít. They were all just different in their own way.

Moderator We love the baby Marchesa dresses and the Target Neiman Marcus lines. Would you ever want to expand more and design a separate line for children?

G. Chapman I would love to one day, but I donít know whether I will be any time soon.

Moderator I wanted to ask you about the documentary thatís going to air after Project Runway, about Marchesa and about your line. I was curious how does pregnancy affect your design process?

G. Chapman Itís funny because I sometimes feel Iím most creative when Iím pregnant. I guess because I am physically creating at the same time. I just keep going. The show must go on. You just work through and obviously some days youíre a little more tired than you normally might, be but I do feel very creative when Iím pregnant. I love tapping into that energy because I think thatís what my whole physical being is about at this time.

Moderator In terms of a documentary, how was filming different than actually filming for Project Runway? What was it like to have the cameras around all the time in your personal design space?

G. Chapman It was quite different. I felt like the contestants. I have a lot more sympathy. Itís like they see your time and youíre working. They get to see a lot because you become unaware that theyíre there after awhile. Itís interesting when I watch it because I was getting an outside perspective on what goes on. I think they did a great job and Iím really happy with it.

Moderator Did you think it would ever turn into a series not just one single half hour documentary, maybe a full reality show in your future?

G. Chapman I just hope my life wouldnít be that dramatic. I like to think that Iím too boring for that. I can do without the drama.

Moderator So what can we really expect with this documentary? Is there anything surprising that while you were filming and then you watched it? Was it something that surprised you?

G. Chapman Not really because I had lived it. There were no surprises. There was nothing filmed that I didnít know about or wasnít living a part of. When I saw it later, it was quite a while later that I saw it, I was on to the next thing as it were. But it was just interesting seeing it sort of like a fly on the wall looking at your own life. Itís a strange thing to step back and to see yourself in the mirror like that. As far as surprises, not really, because thatís my day-to-day life and itís pretty accurate what they depict.

Moderator Will we see any celebrity appearances on your documentary?

G. Chapman Yes there are. There are people talking about the dresses, actresses whoíve worn the dresses, editors talking about Marchesa. You get a glimpse inside of our shows. You get a glimpse inside of a charity show we did. Then you get a glimpse inside an award season and the process behind the making of a dress.

Moderator When youíre judging Project Runway: All Stars is it ever difficult to leave your own personal taste out of it or avoid comparing it to your own work?

G. Chapman I donít ever compare it to my own work. You know, everyone has their own aesthetic and thatís what I particularly love about being a judge. I get exposed to all different designs, all different points of views and I find that terribly exciting, but I think your own personal taste always does come into things.

I think itís impossible to put that on one side, but I can appreciate construction. I can appreciate design detail. It doesnít need to say I can like something even though I would never design it or perhaps never wear it. That doesnít mean to say I donít like it. Itís hard toóif I donít like something aesthetically, itís hard for me to get my head around it and say, and ďWell I think itís a great piece.Ē

Moderator Who would you have on? Who would be your dream guest judge on the show?

G. Chapman I think you know. Sadly sheís cast, but I wouldíve love to have had Isabella Ö.

Moderator Since fashion has become so accessible from shows like Project Runway, even the upcoming documentary, how do you feel about more designers entering the market as compared to years past? Do you think thatís good for the industry?

G. Chapman I think itís probably the same as itís always been. Yes, itís becomeóyou get your shows like Project Runway and that gives designers exposure, which is a wonderful thing, but there is still the same amount of stores. There are still the same amount of websites and the same amount of customers. So really at the end of the day itís talent and hard work that wins. I think thatís what we see on Project Runway. We genuinely have really, really talented people there and I do believe a lot of guys have bright futures.

Moderator With someone like Emilio, whoís more of a costume designer, do you think heís at more of a disadvantage?

G. Chapman Thatís hard for me to say because I trained in costumes as well. So I might think heís at a great advantage. I come from a very similar background to him, if not the same background. Itís always worked for me. I think, you know, yes, I did have to learn on the job a bit more that other people wouldíve been prepared for after their college, thatís true, but sometimes that gives you a fresher eye.

Moderator If you could create a dream challenge for the all stars, what would it be?

G. Chapman Thatís a good question. I hadnít thought about that. Theyíve never given me the opportunity to do that. I think they should. I think I should get to create my own challenge. I donít know. Iíd have to give that a bit of thought. I think they put quite a lot of thought into these challenges. I would hate to come off the cuff with one, but I think that would be a fun thing to think about.

Moderator What was your favorite challenge?

G. Chapman I actually really do love the upcoming challenge this week because itís a little unconventional. I like those unconventional challenges because they always come up with surprising things and people have to push themselves to be at their most creative.

Moderator Which guest judge have you enjoyed working with most this season?

G. Chapman Weíve had such incredible judges this season. Really, itís been wonderful, just from Tavi Gevinson, who is just amazing for a girl of her age with such expertise, to big star designers like Diane von Furstenberg to incredible musicians like Kylie Minogue and then you have LaLa, whoís wonderful, this week. We have amazing guest judges coming up, like Katie Holmes. So itís been a really exciting season. And then Iíve had my great friend Rachel Roy, whoís a dream to have on the show. So I think we got very spoiled.

Moderator What role did your husband have in the Project Runway: Marchesa spotlight?

G. Chapman He doesnít have much of a role when it comes to fashion. The documentary was actually made by a Canadian company for Canadian TV. So this is a version of it that Lifetime has worked on. He didnít really have any involvement.

Moderator Being a stylish mom yourself what advice do you have on maternity style for Kate Middleton as her pregnancy progresses?

G. Chapman I couldnít advise Kate. Sheís such a stylish girl and she always gets it right. I just hope sheís feeling better, poor thing. As being pregnant myself I just canít even imagine what a nightmare that must be. I hope sheís concentrating just on getting a lot of rest right now.

Moderator As far as dressing, do you have any tips for her?

G. Chapman I think it depends on your body type. Itís like dressingóyour body changes so much and everybody changes differently. So it really is a very personal thing and I think you just have to go with what your comfortable with. You have to embrace it. You enjoy it. Itís a few months of your life and itís a special time of your life so I think just enjoy.

Moderator How do you balance your really busy career and motherhood?

G. Chapman I make sure I carve out time to be with my daughter. Sheís my number one priority, my family. India comes into the office with me most days. She has her little area with a desk and everything where she draws. Every morning I spend a lot ofóI leave later in the mornings now and spend the mornings with her. So I do see her. She spends a lot of time with me at work and things. I donít know how thatís going to work once sheís at school. Iím going to miss her. Itís going to be hard.

Moderator What is she into? What are her hobbies?

G. Chapman Being a two year old, running, drawing on everything, sticking things on everything. Sheís like a little Tasmanian devil running around. She loves being at the office because itís just like Ö going through all the fabrics and everything. She loves fashion already. She strokes the dresses and goes, ďBeautiful dress, Mommy.Ē

Moderator What do you look for in a design? When you were on Project Runway what did you see?

L. Anthony The task that we had was to make an outfit out of Christmas decorations, Christmas ornaments, so of course in that kind of task what youíre looking for is creativity. The fact that these designers were able to make such amazing pieces out of Christmas supplies and ornaments, I was just blown away. But definitely what Iím looking for is creativity. Like how do you even take an ornament or wreath or something and turn that into something that we could actually wear. I was pretty blown away.

Moderator Which designer on the show would you most likely want to wear?

L. Anthony Itís so funny. I can tell you. I filmed it a while ago. I actually had to write that down and I do have a designer, just give me one second, that I said I absolutely loved. I just want to make sure I have their name right. I liked a lot of them, but I loved Casanova. I loved Uli. I really loved Uli. That was my favorite, Uli Herzner.

Moderator Would you ever consider doing your own fashion line?

L. Anthony Itís funny you said that. I just did a deal with for a clothing line that my stylist and I collaborated together whatís called 5th & Mercer. And actually tomorrow our first piece goes on sale on We started with a simple jumper just to kind of ease our way into it and see how it does and take it from there. So I did do a clothing collaboration with Shopbop that Iím very, very excited about.

Moderator What made you want to be a guest judge this season on Project Runway: All Stars?

L. Anthony Iím into fashion. I love fashion. I love clothes. I love the show. So when I was asked I was just honored because to be able to see people be so creative and bring ideas to life is just still so fascinating to me. So I was happy to be a part of it, but I guess I would just say it was my love for fashion.

Moderator I would love to know what Christmas materials would you have chosen to make a look out of?

L. Anthony I think I would probably choose like garland because obviously you could make maybe a cool skirt or a cool top somehow out of garland. So that is what I would first go for. You can get that in different colors to kind of mix it up. But thereís no denying that making anything out of Christmas supplies and ornaments is very difficult and I was just blown away by what these designers were able to do.

Moderator Were you a fan of Project Runway before you became a judge?

L. Anthony Such a fan, such a fan of Project Runway, Project Runway: All Stars. I was excited to be a part of it and just excited people viewed meóthat people respect my opinion when it comes to fashion. Thatís what was really cool to me. So I was really happy to be a part of that.

Moderator Weíre very excited over here to see what will come from 5th & Mercer. Did you take any pointers on how the designers work on Project Runway to bring to your collaboration with Shopbop?

L. Anthony I wouldnít say I took anything from them only because the challenge when I was there was to make designs out of Christmas ornaments. So there wasnít much to take out of that, but I was just looking at everyoneís fashion, what they were wearing, what the other judges were wearing. Georginaís the one I admire in fashion and also the host, Carolyn. So I was looking at stuff like that. Like, ďOh, that could be cool,Ē more of that way, just looking at what people were wearing while I was there.

Isaac Mizrahi is obviously someone who has a great eye for fashion, just talking to him about what Iím doing, so thatís kind of what I took from there. Iím really excited for 5th & Mercer. Like I said, the first piece actually debuts on Shopbop tomorrow, and hopefully if that does well weíll go into them with talk for a bigger collection.

Moderator What was the inspiration behind 5th & Mercer?

L. Anthony The inspiration, the name itself tells a lot about it. 5th & Mercer is Fifth Ave. and Mercer in New York City. So Fifth Ave., you know, is super high end. Mercer is considered more edgy, downtown chic. I feel like my stylist and my clothing line is the perfect marriage between the two, high-end yet edgy, downtown chic.

So thatís how we came up with the name and thatís exactly what the clothing line kind of embodies. Even with the one jumper that weíre going to start selling tomorrow on Shopbob, weíve already had Kelly Rowland wear it, Gabrielle Union, KimóI sent Kim K., Kim Kardashian hers the other day. Sheís going to wear it. So many people are loving it and are starting to wear it, which is kind of awesome.

Moderator How did you decide what you would wear on the show?

L. Anthony That was a tough one because I knew it was a fashion show and people would be looking. Actually my stylist just helped me pick something out. I had a Tom Ford dress on, a Tom Ford sequined dress, but then I wanted to edge it up so I threw on a leather jacket on top, which I though was really cool to kind of throw a leather jacket on top of this Tom Ford Dress. I was really happy with how the look came out.

Moderator Did you watch all of the previous seasons of the show?

L. Anthony I would watch here and there, not every single episode, but I was definitely super familiar and excited to be a judge and excited to have people want to know my opinion on things. I have kept up with the show in the past seasons and am just still always amazed at what these designers can do with what theyíre given and especially with our challenge to turn a whole outfit out of Christmas ornaments and Christmas supplies. Itís just unbelievable to me and the work they did was awesome.

Moderator Since you have watched the show over the years when you were a judge what was the experience like? Was it harder than you thought it would be? Was it more fun, easier? How does that go?

L. Anthony It was really fun, but at the same time you want to be honest with people. What I like to say is being honest doesnít mean that you have to be mean. A lot of times when you get on these judges panels people just want to be mean and be so hard on people.

All people want is your honesty and if youíre honest it doesnít mean you have to be mean about it. So I really enjoyed being honest with my thoughts but also being positive as well and giving these designers encouragement because it takes a lot of guts to do what theyíre doing.

Moderator How do you juggle your busy career and motherhood?

L. Anthony The thing is I kind of just take it day by day and I started to be okay with knowing that there are going to be days where you canít get everything done. Weíre our own worst critics. We beat ourselves up when we canít finish it all in one day. Thatís just unrealistic as a mom, a wife, and a businesswoman that you can finish it all in one day. So Iíve become okay with that and I kind of just take it day by day and try to get the important things done. It is definitely a constant juggling and balancing act, but I couldnít even see it any other way.

Moderator How is your son, Kiyan, doing?

L. Anthony Heís doing great. Weíre here in Los Angeles now. Heís here with me getting ready for the holidays. Iím trying to explain to him why a five year old will not be getting an iPhone 5 for Christmas. Weíre having those conversations right now because when he wrote his list to Santa his number one thing was an iPhone 5. I donít know where my child gets these ideas.

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