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By James

Some home theater furniture

Top 4 design tips for creating the best home theatre room

There’s a lot that goes into the perfect home theatre. Controlling the light, casting a big enough image, and reducing ambient sound, are just some of the features needed to deliver an exquisite viewing experience. However, the one thing which gets overlooked most of the time is the room itself.

If you’re designing a new home theatre or refurbishing an old one, then there are a few things you should be thinking seriously about. Here, we give you the top four design tips that help to create the perfect home theatre room. 

Select seats to ensure proper viewing and comfort

One of the main aspects of an excellent home theatre is the seating. From a two-person seating to a large themed design, there are several seating options for you to choose from.

Keep the basics in mind when choosing seating. Keep the designs plain and dark coloured. This is so the fabric doesn’t get reflected on the screen, which distracts from the viewing experience. The popular luxe fabrics at present include leather and suede, although you are only limited by your imagination.

The chairs absorb sound and help to minimise sound deflection too. Contact WaveTrain to have custom seating designed for you that is ultra-comfortable and designed for the home theatre. 

Pay attention to the ceilings

The ceiling design has a lot to do with a home theatre’s effectiveness. Unlike a normal room, where brighter the ceiling the better, a home theatre is best enjoyed with darker ceilings near the screen. This is because light reflection isn’t a desirable trait and hampers the viewing experience. If you already have the ceiling made, then you can consider toning down the paint with a neutral paint colour or a dark grey.

Achieve the perfect home theatre sound

The audio of the home theatre affects the entire experience. As it bounces around the room a lot, it loses much of its quality. Preventing this bounce is key, and it can be done in various ways –

            Put up wall-to-wall carpeting as it absorbs much of the sound-reducing bounce

            Try installing soft materials like draperies on the walls

            Selecting a large room as opposed to a smaller one as the latter confuses audio signals

            Replace hard furniture and fixtures with softly cushioned seating which helps absorb ambient audio.

Design your home theatre to resemble a cinema

Traditional commercial theatres have sloped floors with tiered seating. Seated tiering in your home theatre is quite simple, and all you need are joists of 2x8 boards set edge-to-edge. Try using half-inch interior grade plywood for the top, and then cover it with a carpet. The thicker the carpet the better, as not only will it reduce ambient sound, but will also give a plush look and feel to your home theatre room.

Keeping these four tips in mind and you can design and build the perfect home theatre room to delight your guests and family.

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Page updated 12/19/19

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