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By Suzanne

Carter MacIntyreĖ Drop Dead Diva

Interview with Carter MacIntyre of "Drop Dead Diva" on Lifetime 6/5/12

Lifetimeís Q&A Session with Carter MacIntyreĖ Drop Dead Diva
June 5, 2012

Although it says "moderator" below, these are actually questions asked by all different reporters.

Moderator: Now that the season started how would you describe Luke as compared to Fred?

C. MacIntyre: I would say in a very kind of general way theyíre almost polar opposites. I think Fred was naÔve and kind of overwhelmed at times by the ways of earth and what it takes to kind of be a human, whereas Luke jumps ahead full force and goes after what he wants, isnít afraid to speak his mind, has a lot of confidence, and just really enjoys everything that life has to offer. Heís kind of hedonistic in a weird way, which is pretty much the opposite, I think, of Fred, who was kind of more like a lost boy. I think Luke is just a man whoís trying to milk life for everything that itís worth.

Moderator: How did Lukeís point-of-view make for conflict with Jane with season?

C. MacIntyre: Well I think Luke and Jane are both surprised with each otherís resolve. I think Jane obviously she has herself together by this point, sheís kind of gone through the ups and downs of, well while sheís still figuring it out, she kind of has a boyfriend now and sheís kind of trying to move forward with her life. And I think Luke comes in there making sure sheís keeping with the plan and keeping to move forward with Jane and becoming Jane and being Jane, and Jane, as the character Jane, wants to kind of make sure sheís staying true to who she feels like she is.

So each have really strong points-of-view and theyíre both I think surprised where Jane canít push Luke over and kind of impose her will and Lukeís shocked and surprised at not getting his way as heís so used to easily kind of getting his way and getting people to do what he wants. So theyíre both kind of at a standstill and trying to figure out how to handle each other moving forward, which is fun. Itís fun to have these bantering conversations back and forth and the give and take.

And then Brooke is so amazing and so good with surprising you as an actor and throwing you things you donít expect and finding new depths in the character. So itís been fun to, as an actor, play with her and find out who these characters are in their relationship, really discover the nuances of their relationship.

Moderator: What was it about this particular role that interested you to be a part of the show?

C. MacIntyre: Just off the bat of talking to Josh and reading the material and talking with him itís the idea that youíre playing a guardian angel whoís like a devilish guardian angel, and so you know you donít get many chances to play a character with those kind of polar opposites at play, a hedonistic angel. And itís also playing, it seems to be, fertile ground for endless possibilities as a character, because thereís that magical side to being an angel where anything is possible and it seems limitless, boundless opportunity to take it in different directions and in a way the confines of being a human keeping you from doing countless different things and taking the story in different directions. So that was to me really attractive.

As well as the cool thing about the show is this dramedy tone of it, which is so hard to pull off, I think, in TV nowadays to have those comedic elements balanced with a nice dramatic storyline, and the way that this show is able to do that so well really attracted me to the role and that I would be able to play both those type of moments in the scenes. So both of those things were really attractive.

Moderator: Would you ever be interested in joining twitter?

C. MacIntyre: You know I havenít joined Twitter; Iím kind of like old fashioned I guess in that way. Maybe Iíll come along here one of these days and see the light, but I just havenít done it yet. People really enjoy it; I have a lot of friends who really enjoy doing it. Itís a whole community, which is really nice, and itís a great way to connect with fans and connect with the audience. I just need to pick myself by my boot straps here and maybe someday get involved with that. But I definitely havenít closed the door to that, itís not something that I really have done as of yet. I donít really know why.

Moderator: What do you think it is about Drop Dead Diva that really connects with the fans then?

C. MacIntyre: You know I think itís that one of the other cool things, you had asked me what attracted me to the show, is just the show has such a great message for people. Itís all about acceptance in the end and about being who you are and that you can kind of have all these different things in your life and to have confidence and pride with who you are. Thatís something that I think is really important, and I think thatís a message that resonates with the audience of the show as well, where especially in these times where we kind of can be somewhat image obsessed and putting the stress on the wrong things in our lives that this show celebrates that individualism and what really matters is more who you are as a person. And I think thatís really one of the main reasons it resonates with an audience is those personal stories that people feel like they can really connect with these characters, particularly Brookeís character, and see maybe a glimpse of themselves in those characters, and itís inspiring to see a character that could be an underdog succeed in such a compelling and interesting and sometimes funny way.

Moderator: If you werenít acting what would you be doing now?

C. MacIntyre: Man, if it wasnít acting, well like for a job? I mean that could be in Hawaii. If I wasnít acting I donít know. I was just talking about that the other day. I really love traveling and the idea of maybe being a travel writer or something like that could be a lot of fun. I mean you guys have a pretty cool job; writing is such a cool thing and something Iíve been trying to get into. I would love to travel and maybe put out a book or a coffee table book or something on just different like maybe tropical islands to visit or Thailand or somewhere just to get me out and traveling, because Iím just so fascinated with learning about different cultures and exploring different ways of looking at life through that travel and through the different cultures. So yes, maybe travel writer could be something. But I like changing it up; I would probably try several different professions.

Moderator: Could you tell us three things about yourself that most people donít know about you that you wouldnít mind the fans knowing?

C. MacIntyre: Three things about myself thatóokay letís see. I love the game of wiffle ball, and I played wiffle ball for literally hours and hours every day growing up in both Cape Cod and Atlanta, Georgia, and it got to the point where it was maybe I was forgetting some of my studies in lieu of playing a little wiffle ball. Letís see thereís that. What else? I enjoy Battlefield Bad Company; itís a videogame. I enjoy that, and people might not expect. Letís see- itís always hard when you know yourself but you donít know how other people might. Iím kind of a weird guy, so I kind of have a lot of weird interests. Iím trying to think of one that might be interesting. I read a lot of psychology kind of sociological psychology books; Iím really fascinated. I was one class away from a minor in psychology, and so Iím still kind of pursuing that. Iím really fascinated with learning how people are and why people are and how they are, obviously thatís why Iím an actor, but not only from the actorís point-of-view but also from a scientific point-of-view. So in that way Iím kind of a science nerd I guess, which could be unexpected I guess.

Moderator: You talked a little bit about Fred and Luke differences, so can you talk a little bit about what thatís going to look like for everyone at the firm and then how that affects Jane?

C. MacIntyre: Itís interesting you see everyone up there, youíre shooting it, and to actually see the whole thing come together itís really cool. Itís obviously my first episode, and it was really cool, the premiere. I was really happy to see that.

No, but as far as being at work, yes he comes in and I think Luke considers himself basically the boss when he comes in. So complete opposite from Fred, Lukeís coming in there assuming that heís in charge and heís the boss. I think it creates a little friction with Parker and Cam at times, because obviously Parker considers himself. So thereís a little tension there, and it creates some funny moments.

For Jane I think itís Iím always there. Sheís having trouble getting away from me, even though she might want to, because weíll find in going forward that we have slightly different agendas and thereís a little conflict betweenóI donít want to reveal too muchóbut thereís going to be some conflict there between Jane and Luke with how they want her to kind of proceed going forward with her life. And thereís some tension there with Jane because Luke is always there and heís very capable, heís a very capable guardian angel, so heís always going to figure out a way, unless she can outsmart him, to be there watching over her and pushing his own agenda with her. And being there in the office just itís almost too easy, as far as Janeís concerned, because heís there at every step of the way watching her.

And then, like I say, also itís fun also to be finding these different relationships with the other characters in the office as he tries to navigate all these characters, which I think he probably underestimated the will and the strength of all these other characters heís going to have to deal with, so thatís been fun as well.

Moderator: Which other actor or character would you like to see in a scene with Luke?

C. MacIntyre: Oh with Luke? You kind of get a little bit of everyone. Itís fun with Luke and another cool thing about the energy of the show is it being dramatic and comedic at the same time as everyone has these distinct personality traits and these distinct energiesóso itís fun. You do a scene with Teri, and weíre finding a lot of like theyíre going to become like this dynamic duo towards the end of the season, and thatís a lot of fun; then you have scenes with Parker and itís always theyíre sizing each other up, kind of both alpha males, and thatís fun to play off of; and then with Grace theyíre kind of trying to be his friend, and there are all these different things.

Iíve had scenes with everybody. I really enjoy all of them; I enjoy all the different dynamics with the different characters. And Kim, now weíre doing some stuff with Kim, and thatís going to be fun, and Stacyís hilarious when weíre doing those scenes. Thatís been theyíre all different sizes of the multi-faceted coin that is Drop Dead Diva. I canít say a specific character.

You know what I would like? I would like Fred and Luke to have a scene. That would be interesting for them to compare notes.

Moderator: Hello again from fellow Georgian, grew up in Sandy Springs.

C. MacIntyre: Oh wow. I grew up in Roswell until I was 10 and then I ended up moving to Cape Cod and then moved back to Buckhead for high school. Itís crazy.

Moderator: When you first joined the cast what was it like getting to work with everyone since they were already a well oiled machine?

C. MacIntyre: Yes that was really interesting, because I never had joined as a regular show that was already going full force, and I was just impressed. Itís funny, because when you start a show everyone from the grips to the DPs to the sound to the actors weíre trying on this new set of clothes and weíre trying to find it and tailor it to make sure it fits and to make sure the show works. So everyoneís kind of finding it and finding where whatís going to work for their job, whether it be actor or writer or whatever.

So to come onto a show thatís already a hit show and already up and going and, like you say, well oiled it was just a totally different experience. Everyone knows their character, everyoneís so on it. I was just impressed. I was impressed with all the actors had such a solid grasp of their character and were so on it and so quick in knowing how to solve a scene, and then from everyone from the sound to the camera everyone is just so good and efficient. Versus you start a show it can take so long, 17 hour days, 18 hour days sometimes to shoot the show, and weíre able to do it, we have long days but itís all very efficient, itís all kind of everyone knows what theyíre doing. I was just impressed overall.

And everyone is just so friendly on set in such a tight knit group. And itís kind of clichť to hear I guess TV actors say but it really is the truth, everyoneís out here, most people arenít from, I think Iím the only one from the Atlanta area, so everyone has each other here and they really found these hard and fast bonds with each other and welcomed me in with open arms. And thatís been really nice just to feel like I was immediately part of the group and just feeling really lucky to be part of such a great group of people.

Moderator: Itís probably nice to be back on your own stomping grounds.

C. MacIntyre: It is. Iíve been able to link up with some old friends from college and high school, and thatís been a lot of fun. So itís been a real blessing to be able to-- And Iíve been exploring different parts of the city I never knew before, more like midtown and downtown, so thatís been a lot of fun.

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