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By Jake

Sarah Jane Callies 

Interview with Sarah Wayne Callies of "Colony" on USA Network July 20, 2017

Attending the "Colony" press panel at Comic Con 2017, we talked to Sarah Wayne Callies about her portrayal of powerful women, time and time again.

Jake: Sarah, what would you define as being a brazen woman?

Sarah: Unfortunately, I think being a brazen woman just means claiming all the rights and privileges of maleness, and not apologizing for it.
And I don't say that in any way that's strident. But it's like this. You get an earful from people sometimes. It's important to be respectful and allow everyone to have their opinion, but there are times where it's absolutely shocking to me what comes out of peoples mouths.

Jake: When you say you've gotten an earful, I assume you mean from The Walking Dead fans?

Sarah: Laurie from The Walking Dead is an amazing example. All these people saying "she's a terrible mother!" Really? Because every time her husband comes home, he gives her a kiss on the cheek, then leaves her and her son to go save a raging racist of a redneck. That's good parenting? I do think Rick Grimes is an amazing character, but that's when I really started getting a sense of the colossal double standard in what would be heroic if a man were doing it instead of a woman.

Jake: Laurie was a good mom.

Sarah: She was! I mean, look. Both of her kids are still alive. 8 years of the apocalypse and both of her kids are still alive.

Jake: Isn't that all the proof you need?

Sarah: Not everyone will agree. For example, with social media I tend not to engage too much with other peoples opinions. I read comments. I read fan mail. If someone sends it to me, I read every word. With social media, anything that's negative, I skip.

Jake: Good call.

Sarah: People are more than welcome to have their opinions but my job as an actor is to be open to stuff. So when negative things come in, they land, and they hurt. I don't need that. I don't need to be worrying about that nonsense. But I have to say, by and large people are pretty great with me. There are other actors who have different kinds of fans, but sometimes people will come up and say "be my mom!" and "I wish you would bake me a cake!" Like yeah man, totally!

Jake: Would you say that Norman Reedus fans are much different?

Sarah: It's not like with Norman Reedus at all. You know, those people are trying to get tattoos of him. God bless him. I can't count the number of times Norman walked up to us and said "somebody just gave me another bag of squirrel meat." Like, whoa. Alright!

Jake: Thank you for your time.

Jake and Sarah Wayne Callies

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Page updated 12/20/17

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