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By Suzanne

Kylie Bunbury

Interview with Kylie Bunbury of "Twisted" on ABC Family 8/26/13

I wasn't able to make this call because by the time I heard about it, it was passed. I was packing and moving this summer, so I fell so behind on my email! I would have liked to have talked to her because I really love the show. On the other hand, I still haven't watched the last five episodes so I don't know if I would have had much to ask or wanted to hear the spoilers! Read the transcript below and it should be very entertaining.

ABC Familyís Q&A with Kylie Bunbury

Moderator: What was it about this character that really drew you to want to play her?

K. Bunbury: I think what drew me to this character the most was her realistic reaction to Danny coming back and also the amount of layers that she has. She wasnít immediately open, which I thought gave me a great platform to take my time and develop her. Obviously when you first meet her, sheís very cold and apprehensive to letting Danny back into her life and it takes her time. She acted the most realistic between her and Jo.

Moderator: Was there anything about her that wasnít scripted that you added to her?

K. Bunbury: I think I added everything to her, really. When it comes to characters itís really about putting yourself into these imaginary circumstances, so a lot of it is me.

Moderator: Did you celebrate winning at The Teen Choice Awards?

K. Bunbury: We didnít do a lot of celebrating, no, but there was a lot of congratulatory text messages and phone calls, yes.

Moderator: How does it feel to be part of a show thatís doing so well and such a hit with the fans?

K. Bunbury: Itís absolutely wonderful. We all feel extraordinarily blessed to be a part of something thatís really cool and unique. Also, itís one of those shows that has everything you want for the demographic. It has that whole murder mystery aspect and it has the focus on all these relationships. Itís truly great. Iím just very happy to be a part of it.

Moderator: Is there anything that youíre hoping for your character in the new season?

K. Bunbury: Iím hoping she warms up a bit because itís hard to play this cold character the entire time. Yes, I really hope that she warms up a bit and that you get to see her goofy and silly side. I guess thatís just me saying I want people to see my goofy and silly side. I also hope that her and Joís relationship starts taking off and goes in a more positive direction.

Moderator: Do you honestly think Danny will give up on his feelings for Lacey so easily in order to save his friendship with Jo?

K. Bunbury: I donít think he has given up on his feelings for Lacey. I think that he just knows what he needs to do at this time to salvage his relationship with Jo and also with Lacey, because Lacey sort of made the decision to no longer be with him. I think that their feelings for each other are very real and theyíre there and you canít just dismiss those just because of the circumstance.

Moderator: How do you think the show will explore the storyline of the recent revelation that Laceyís father is gay?

K. Bunbury: Iím actually very excited to see more of Laceyís home life. I donít know what direction theyíre planning on going, but I hope that they do explore it because itís not something that you see very frequently. Iím actually very curious because I think that Lacey and her father can now have a relationship or the relationship that they never really had. Iím excited to see where they take that.

Moderator: Do you think Lacey and Danny will patch things up?

K. Bunbury: Iím not sure if they will, but what I do know is that the only reason that theyíre not together is because of Dannyís lies. Itís not because theyíve lost interest in each other or lost feelings for each other.

Moderator: Where do you see their relationship heading for the future?

K. Bunbury: Their relationship is a little stifled right now. I think that until Danny comes out with all of the truth, that Laceyís not going to put up with anything. Thatís just me. I know if a guy continued to lie to me, it would take a lot for me to let him back in my life.

Moderator: Is it possible that a romance between Lacey and Archie will kick off again?

K. Bunbury: Anything is possible! I donít think, for myself personally, that Lacey has those feelings for Archie anymore. I think that she respects him and she realizes that she definitely betrayed his trust. She hurt him as a friend and as someone that she cares about. I donít think that she has romantic feelings for him any longer. I guess anything could happen and there are only so many guys on the show, so they could recycle the relationship.

Moderator: What has been your favorite aspect of the Regina investigation and what do you think will stun viewers in the finale?

K. Bunbury: The last minute of the show tomorrow night is the most shocking! When I read the script at the table read, we were all shocked. So thatís very exciting! You discover something bad about a character that you would never expect. You would never expect it from this person. It is someone that we know and love.

Iím curious about what is going on with necklace. Whatís going on with that necklace? What does it mean? What does it all mean?

Moderator: What has been your favorite episode so far that weíve seen?

K. Bunbury: I think my favorite episode would be episode ten, the one where Rico and Lacey become comrades of sorts.

Moderator: What would be the biggest difference and similarity between yourself and Lacey?

K. Bunbury: The biggest difference is that she is very controlled and not as welcoming or open to people when they first meet her -- and thatís not how I am at all. The biggest similarity is probably that I relate to her a lot. Playing off that everything is okay is definitely something that I can relate to. Also her confidence with who she is!

Moderator: What have been your fondest memories from Season 1?

K. Bunbury: One of my fondest memories is just really developing this character and putting all myself into it. Also, becoming a family with the cast and crew and meeting the people that Iíve met. In terms of episodes all of them have been special to me!

Moderator: Does the cast ever hang out together off camera?

K. Bunbury: Yes! We all get along very well, so thatís great.

Moderator: Did the cast do anything special on the last day of filming for the season?

K. Bunbury: I had to leave the day after we wrapped so I wasnít there for any specific celebrating!

Moderator: Is it possible that the person in the Danny mask is someone completely off our radar, or will viewers feel it is blatantly obvious once their faces are revealed?

K. Bunbury: I donít even necessarily think that theyíre going to reveal the faces under the masks. I think we pretty much know that Tyler was behind all of the pranks, so I donít know if theyíre going to be exploring that as much. ďThe nerd petĒ just picked up a mask and put it on and recorded Danny and Lacey. Then we kind of know that Tyler was behind it all, but maybe thereíll be more to it! Thereís so many other things in the finale that theyíre leaving open ended.

Moderator: Would you go for Ďbad boyí Danny, Ďhot jockí Archie, or someone else entirely if you were in Laceyís position?

K. Bunbury: I would go for Rico.

Moderator: With Danny expelled, do you think Jo could forgive Lacey and become friends with her again?

K. Bunbury: Iím sure she feels extremely betrayed by Danny because he kept that secret from her. I donít think Danny being expelled will bring Lacey and Jo together right away. I think that itís going to take some time, as it should, because thatís going to be hard for Jo, because sheís in love with Danny.

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