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By Suzanne

Mehcad Brooks

Interview with Mehcad Brooks of "Necessary Roughness" on USA Network 1/16/13

I really love this show and have seen every episode. I'm not a football fan, but it's a great soap opera as well as being about sports. Mehcad Brooks does a great job playing Terrence King, arguable the most colorful of the many colorful characters on this show.  He seems very adept at doing both comedy and drama. I hope the show comes back next year, and I look forward to seeing more of it! He was just as likable on this call as he is in the show, even though he was coming down with something.

This was a funny call to be on because weird things kept happening. I think they were having trouble with the phone lines, for one thing. There were many blocks of silence. Two or three of the interviewers had thick accents, so it was hard to understand them. Poor Mehcad was sick... it was a comedy of errors!

Moderator: Global Crossing Conferencing
January 16, 2013
3:57 pm CT

Woman: Hi everyone. Thank you for joining todayís call with Mehcad Brooks. Mehcad plays New York Hawks football player Terrance King in the USA series Necessary Roughness. Necessary Roughness returns next Wednesday, January 23rd, 10:00, 9:00 Central on USA Network. We welcome your coverage to coincide with that date.As a reminder, please ask one question at a time and weíll make sure we come back to you for any additional questions if time permits.
At this time I'd like to welcome Mehcad. Thank you for joining us today.

Mehcad Brooks: Hey guys.

Woman: Operator, please open the floor for questioning.

Operator: Yes.

So ladies and gentlemen if you'd like to register a question, please press the 1 followed by the 4. And, our first question comes from the line of (Alessandra Bechetto) with Accidental Sexiness. Please proceed.

Alessandra Bechetto: Hi.

Mehcad Brooks: Hi.

Alessandra Bechetto: Actually as we say here, ciao Mehcad. Come stai? Just to throw in a little Italian, you know.

Mehcad Brooks: I'm sorry. My phoneís breaking up badly. Say again.

Alessandra Bechetto: I said that as we say here, we would say, ďCiao, Mehcad. Come stai,Ē because thatís what I'd say in Italian.

Mehcad Brooks: Oh, really.

Alessandra Bechetto: More line for TK you know, to use on chicks. Not that he needs more, but still.

Mehcad Brooks: Yes. Yes.

Alessandra Bechetto: So in the winter premier episode, TK has many great scenes with Matty D, as they call him in the winter premier episode, and one of these scenes prompts him to actually be the one dispensing advice for once rather than receiving it. And while it happens in a humorous way, I think it could be a sign of an attitude change inside for TK. Are we going to see more of that in the final upcoming episodes?

And if so, how would you as an actor like to see that factor in next season?

Mehcad Brooks: Are we going to see more of TK playing a role where he gives advice are you saying?

Alessandra Bechetto: No. I mean the fact that he gives advice instead of receiving it could be a sign of an attitude change for him.

Mehcad Brooks: Yes, it is.

Alessandra Bechetto: So, are we going to see an attitude change? And if so, how would you like to see that factor in next season?

Mehcad Brooks: TK - you know when we first met TK, you know, he had a lot of growth to do. And then as the seasonís progress, so does he as a character. And his growth, you know, sort of is helped along with you know characters like Matty D, and Nico, and Dr. Dani obviously, and later on coach.

But yes, he begins to grow up a little bit and I think that that starts to you know become very apparent after you know his realization that heís an addict and the drug addiction and going to rehab and so on and so forth. So yes, there is a lot of growth that you do see from TK coming up very soon.

And as an actor, itís interesting to play because you know - like I think in - you know in all of our lives, we - when we grow up, we have you know relapses you know with responsibility. We have relapses with you know our past selves, and TKís no different. So you know, heís just a little more extreme than most of us.

So, itís fun to play as an actor.

Alessandra Bechetto: Okay. Yes.

So you think it will factor in next season too because this will go on?

Mehcad Brooks: Yes. You know, he has to move on to different things. You know, it canít just always be you know heís either good at football or bad at football you know temporarily. So it has to be - you know, where does he go from here? You know, like heís a future Hall of Famer. Heís got a lot of things going for him, and you know, he has to start looking at his life beyond his career and whatís in store for the future, and whatís in store for his own happiness.

And so you know, that becomes a struggle like it is for everybody. But, you know, more so for him because of his past and you know where he is in his present tense.

Alessandra Bechetto: Thank you.

Mehcad Brooks: You're very welcome. Grazie mille.

Alessandra Bechetto: There you go.

Mehcad Brooks: Also, can I say to all - the entire forum that I apologize for the wait, but there was a problem with the phone system. So it wasnít me and it wasnít you guys, but you know we can blame technology. But, thank you guys for waiting.

Operator: Thank you.

And our next question comes from the line of Jamie Steinburg with Starry Constellation Magazine. Please proceed.

Jamie Steinburg: Hi.

Mehcad Brooks: Hello, Jamie.

Jamie Steinburg: (Unintelligible).

Mehcad Brooks: My pleasure. Excuse the voice. I'm just getting over the flu.

Jamie Steinburg: Itís okay. And my only Italian is buon giorno.

Mehcad Brooks: Buon giorno. There you go. Pretty good though.

Jamie Steinburg: Was there anything - thank you.

I was wondering if thereís anything about TK that wasnít originally scripted for you but you felt added to the character.

Mehcad Brooks: Initially - okay, so - I mean, yes. Thereís a lot. And the thing about that is you know whenever thereís a pilot script, the character is fairly bare bones as to where that characterís going to go, right? But I was lucky enough and blessed enough to be part of a series - you know, still am part of a series that - you know, where the creators have very little ego.

And you know, they - what they do is they hire the actors to do you know their jobs in sort of finding where this character is going to go and sort of collaborating with their you know extensive ideas.

And so yes, TK was written pretty different when I first read it, and then we had a few conversations and a few debates, and you know it got to the arguing stage which is good. But you know, we agreed that this - heís got to be a lovable sort of you know asshole. Heís got to be a lovable - a sort of guy that you love but also you know love to hate in some ways as well.

So yes, and he kind of wasnít that. At first, he was just kind of a guy that you sort of hated. And you know, so I'm glad that my ideas were listened to and I'm glad that - you know, that we were (unintelligible) for each other and that we were collaborators rather than just sort of you know treating the actor as an employee.

And you know, sometimes thatís a good thing because you know the actor does not know whatís good for the character. But a lot of times, it works the other way where the actor can bring things to the character.

Jamie Steinburg: Great. Thank you so much for your time.

Mehcad Brooks: My pleasure.

Operator: And our next question comes from the line of Suzanne Lanoue with TV MegaSite. Please proceed.

Suzanne Lanoue: Hi. Itís nice to speak with you.

Mehcad Brooks: My pleasure.

Suzanne Lanoue: I enjoy your work on the show and youíre good at playing an asshole, if I can say that.

Mehcad Brooks: Thank you.

No, of course. No, I mean...


Suzanne Lanoue: (Unintelligible).

Mehcad Brooks: If you think I'm an asshole, I'm doing my job.

Suzanne Lanoue: No. No. You're a charismatic asshole, so it works.

Mehcad Brooks: Thatís what I'm going for. I'm going for the (charasshole). I donít know how you blend those two words.

Suzanne Lanoue: Thatís all right.

I was wondering since you play a football player and you have a basketball background, but your father was a football player, do you think - what is it do you think that brings that background into your character in getting roles?

Mehcad Brooks: Brings the football background?

Suzanne Lanoue: Football and sports in general.

Mehcad Brooks: I'm sorry. So are you asking how it fits into my character or how it fits into my life period?

Suzanne Lanoue: Well both, yes.

Mehcad Brooks: Well it fits into the character pretty obviously in the fact that you know like you - you know, basketball and football both takes a lot of coordination and dedication and practice, and you know thatís - you know, you hate to lose, a competitive nature, you know striving to be better every day, but thatís what sports is you know about. At least you know at the non-professional level, a lot of these guys get to a certain level and they get comfortable you know when theyíre getting paid millions of dollars and they just donít want to get hurt.

But you know, when we start as kids we just want to get better, and better, and better, and that - I think TK has that aspect to him, and all the greats do. You look at someone like Kobe Bryant or you know like someone like Tom Brady or you know I think you know down the line Victor Cruz, or if you look at these guys and you know they have that sort of childlike aspect to them where they just want to be a better player than they were yesterday.

And as far as that applies to in my personal life and my professional life, me as a person itís the same thing. You know, itís that competitive nature and itís that refusal you know to accept you know, a loss over time. And that you know sort of applying that same dedication, that same you know structure of how to win to you know a career thatís you know very hard to obtain.

You know, thereís millions of people who want you know a few hundred roles, and like thatís difficult. And like you know so when you're coming - I'm from Central Texas and you know had no sort of background in the arts, and my family is you know all academia. And so itís like you know for me coming off the plane in í99 it was like, ďOkay. What do I do?Ē

And so the only thing I could do was apply what I had learned in sports and academia and sort of apply myself and be competitive and not - but mainly, compete against myself. Like compete against the actor I was yesterday. Compete against the person I was yesterday and try to be better than that.

Suzanne Lanoue: All right, thanks. Well, I'll let somebody else get a question and I'll get back in line.

Mehcad Brooks: No problem.

Suzanne Lanoue: Thank you.

Operator: And our next question comes from the line of Meredith Jacobs with Please proceed.

Meredith Jacobs: Hi. Thanks for being here.

Mehcad Brooks: Hi, Meredith. My pleasure.

Meredith Jacobs: Hi. How are you? How are you?

Mehcad Brooks: I'm good. I'm very well sans the cold.

Meredith Jacobs: So can you talk about whatís coming up for TK when he returns to the team and what it means for his struggles with sobriety?

Mehcad Brooks: No.

I'm just kidding.

TK coming back to the team is a little difficult at first, you know, because one, the most important thing I think that somebody whoís battling addiction is not - you know, it canít be their job. It has to be you know their happiness and their sobriety. And you know, I'm dealing with that in my family right now, so I know what thatís like firsthand. Like you know, itís tough.

And itís also kind of tough to get through to people like that, who are looking for excuses you know to sort of - you know, to relapse and looking for excuses you know to shift blame, and so on and so forth.

So itís tough - itís a tough road to travel for TK when he comes back into something thatís such a high competition level. Not to mention theyíve - the New York Hawks have hired a star wide receiver in his absence, you know, just in case TK you know canít pull the cart up the hill.

And this guyís great. You know, heís scoring touchdowns left and right, and TKís like kind of burning inside, you know, and wanting to get back to the field but heís lost a bit of his step. Heís been in rehab. Heís had you know some time off from the field. He really hasnít been training the way that these other guys have, so itís a very difficult transition to get back into it for him.

And - but you know, in Terrence King fashion, he does what he can and I want to say he prevails, but youíll have to wait and see.

Meredith Jacobs: All right, great. Thanks.

Mehcad Brooks: You're welcome.

Operator: And our next question comes from the line of Tina Charles with TV Goodness. Please proceed.

Tina Charles: Hey there.

Mehcad Brooks: Hi, Tina.

Tina Charles: Hey.

One of my favorite parts of Necessary Roughness is obviously the relationship between TK and Dr. Dani. Why do you think this is a relationship thatís so successful? And, what are we going to be seeing between those two characters over the next few episodes?

Mehcad Brooks: I think itís a - well first of all, thank you very much. I think itís a successful relationship because theyíre two fish out of water and they kind of come into each otherís lives when they both need each other.

You know, Dr. Daniís like a newly single parent and sheís kind of like getting back into the dating world, and sheís - you know, and sheís you know trying to figure out love for the second time in her life. And you know, sheís in this new you know high-powered sort of male-driven world of pro football and pro athletics.

And, TK is in some ways a very unlikely perfect liaison to all that. You know, just sort of you know catching her up on whatís going on in the world, you know outside of being a homemaker right. And so he sort of eases her transition into this - I think itís this sort of fish out of water context, and then she also does this for him. Like heís this guy who really needs some guidance in his life and you know hasnít been able to listen to anybody and hasnít had a positive female (unintelligible) life.

And so when he finally is confronted with one, you know, they bump heads and they make friendships, and they - you know, they have power struggles and so on and so forth. But I think heís probably - sheís probably the only person that TK actually loves and respects in a way where heíll listen to her.

So there is that relationship sort of like almost at the buddy cop relationship you know.

Tina Charles: Totally.

Mehcad Brooks: And even though itís really, really unlikely between the two of us you know physically, but it bodes the same. So I think itís a familiar relationship that people understand and they want to see because weíre so different but we get along.

Tina Charles: And so what are we going to see with them over the next few episodes?

Mehcad Brooks: You're going to see TK sort - you know, struggling with is sobriety, Dani helping him with that. Dani sort of you know figuring out her love life and figuring out her professional life, and TK making that more difficult, as he tends to do.

Tina Charles: Like only TK can do.

Mehcad Brooks: Like only (unintelligible) can do, you know. And you know, heís an acquired taste, but you know I - you know, Daniís thinking that heís right and she loves him, so it is what it is.

Tina Charles: Great. Thank you.

Mehcad Brooks: You're welcome.

Still there?

Woman: Operator, are you still on the line?

Mehcad Brooks: I'm sorry. Was my last response so awful that people went off?

Operator: It shut off again.

Hi. Sorry about that.

So our next question comes from the line of Renier Palland with Celebrity Laundry. Your line is live.

Renier Palland: Hi. Thank you for speaking to us today.

Mehcad Brooks: My pleasure.

Renier Palland: My question is what are the biggest life and career lessons you've learned on Necessary Roughness?

Mehcad Brooks: I'm so sorry. I'm having - I'm hearing like every other syllable.

Renier Palland: Sorry.

Mehcad Brooks: You there?

Renier Palland: What life and lessons you learned on the set of Necessary Roughness?

Mehcad Brooks: What are the lessons I've learned on the set?

Renier Palland: The - your life lessons.

Mehcad Brooks: Can anybody hear his full statement? Itís either my phone or his phone breaking up pretty bad.

Renier Palland: What are the biggest life and career lessons you learned? Did you hear that?

Mehcad Brooks: Oh, biggest life and career lessons I've learned on the set?

Renier Palland: Yes.

Mehcad Brooks: Is that correct?

Renier Palland: Yes.

Mehcad Brooks: Okay.

Hello? Is that correct?

Renier Palland: Yes.

Mehcad Brooks: I'm not really hearing anything. Sorry.

Renier Palland: Yes, thatís correct.

Mehcad Brooks: Okay, cool. All right, buddy. There you are.

The biggest life...

Renier Palland: Sorry.

Mehcad Brooks: No, itís okay. Itís technology once again.

The biggest life and career lessons I've learned on the set of Necessary Roughness. You know, the biggest life lesson I learned is probably also the biggest career lesson that I learned, and itís probably one in the same, is that no matter what it is and no matter what it is you're doing, and no matter how it is you may feel day-to-day, never take you know something that you love for granted.

And you know, I love this show and I love being on it. And you know - but when you're in the thick of things sometimes and you know 14-hour days and so on and so forth, you know you can start taking it for granted.

And then when we had this - we had a little - you know I donít know if you guys knew about it, but we had a little scare where you know we didnít know if the show was coming back or not, and that was really hard on me. That was really tough on me, and then I was sitting at home wishing for these 14-hour days and these - you know, and these situations that were less than you know glamorous and...

You know, so I think I just really learned you know, even this - you know, this far into my career, just donít take it for granted, you know, because it could be gone tomorrow.

Operator: And our next question comes from the line of Sammi Turano with TV Grapevine. Please proceed.

Sammi Turano: Hi. Good afternoon. Itís so good to speak with you again.

Mehcad Brooks: My pleasure. How you doing?

Sammi Turano: I'm good, thank you. And my question for you is what kind of research went into the whole addiction and rehab storyline with TK? Did you do any kind of special research for it?

Mehcad Brooks: Oh, my God. I did. I went on like a six month drug binge, and it was crazy.

No, I'm kidding obviously.

I - no, I have a couple family members, you know, who are battling with addiction, one I'm not very close to, the other one I'm actually very close to. And so you know like I said, I've seen it firsthand and itís very tough.

And you know, itís - you know, you donít have to do that much research when itís right there in your family to tell you the truth, and you know itís been a long road for my family in that regard. And, I just kind of knew how to portray it accurately and also how to respect you know what people were actually going through.

Sammi Turano: Well, thatís incredible. Well, thank you and I hope you feel better.

Mehcad Brooks: Thank you. Yes.

Operator: And our next question is a follow-up question from (Alessandra Bechetto) with Please proceed.

Alessandra Bechetto: Hi again.

Mehcad Brooks: Ciao. Ciao. Ciao.

Alessandra Bechetto: Itís me again. Ciao.

So I just wanted to see if you can give us a little pointer about whatís coming up in that I know that TK will never (unintelligible) in real life. But, I know that thereís a moment in upcoming episode when he thinks he can get straight and behave, and talks like someone right out of a (unintelligible) movie or something like that.

Is that going to work out for him or not? Does he obtain what heís looking for?

I didnít go into details, so itís just you know...

Mehcad Brooks: Wait. So - okay, so the question is is it going to work out that he starts trying to...

Alessandra Bechetto: He is - this attitude, he puts on a different - yes.

Mehcad Brooks: Right.

Alessandra Bechetto: That he puts on a different attitude and does it work or not?

Mehcad Brooks: You know, TK always tries to turn over a new leaf, and thatís the thing about him. Itís like you have to love the guy because heís always trying, right?

But at the same time, thereís a difference between trying and actually believing and doing. And I think he learns a lesson between you know, trying to do something and actually saying, ďYou know what? Here are my actual limitations. Here are my actual - you know, hereís the truth, hereís my reality, and this is what I have to deal with. And you know I'm going to do it. I'm going to do this.Ē

You know, basically the same way he made it to professional football. He didnít try. You know, he had to apply himself. He had to actually get there. You know, in the same way that all of you guys made it to this point in your careers where you're you know professional writers and journalists. You know, you guys didnít try, you did it.

So you know, we all understand the difference between trying and doing, and so far TKís been trying which is why he fails a lot. And so heís going to have to learn a harsh reality between the difference of trying and doing, so - very, very soon.

Alessandra Bechetto: Okay. But yes - but thatís what makes him charming though, right?

Mehcad Brooks: Right. Itís a - thereís a difference between being childlike and childish, and being childlike is not taking no for an answer and doing, and doing, and doing and getting better at what you do.

Alessandra Bechetto: Exactly.

Mehcad Brooks: Being childish is like, ďWell, I'm going to try,Ē you know. And sort of sugar coating that pill for yourself and lying to yourself and saying, ďWell, this is - you know, this is why this is not happening.Ē So, heís got a bit of both. Heís got to learn some lessons.

Alessandra Bechetto: Okay. Sounds good. Thank you.

Mehcad Brooks: But you know what? I can tell you this; he does have a very - to satisfy your question, he does have a very, very selfless moment coming up in the finale.

Alessandra Bechetto: Aw. Sounds great.

Mehcad Brooks: Yes. You have it good for our boy.

Alessandra Bechetto: Yes. Well, he deserves it. Heís been through thick and thin this season, seriously.

Mehcad Brooks: Yes. Yes, he has.

Alessandra Bechetto: So yes, good to know that. Thatís a great tease. Thank you.

Mehcad Brooks: Well, thank you.

Operator: And our next question is a follow-up question from Susan LeNew with TV MegaSite. Please proceed with your question.

Suzanne Lanoue: Hi again.

Mehcad Brooks: Hi.

Suzanne Lanoue: Thanks for being with us when you've been so sick. I know thatís awful.

Mehcad Brooks: Oh, no. No problem. No problem.

Suzanne Lanoue: Hope you get a lot better out there.

I was wondering, we have a new - or maybe not a new character this season, but somebody who gets more time and more focus, Marshall Pittmanís daughter. And I was wondering if you can tell us if TK has much of a relationship with her this season? If thereís a lot of interaction or anything?

Mehcad Brooks: Yes. They start to build a mutually (unintelligible) relationship. She - you know, she struggles with addiction as well, and like - so they kind of bond a little bit over that, but sheís not taking her recovery as seriously as TK is.

And you know, some things - they do start hanging out a little bit and you know - you know one thing leads to another and then thereís an opportunity, you know, for TK to cross the line - and I'm not going to say that he does, but you know itís definitely a good career move for him if he does.

But you know, we start to get a little insight into how much that heís changed based on this relationship.

Suzanne Lanoue: Oh, that sounds great. I look forward to that. Thank you very much.

Mehcad Brooks: Sure.

And Shannon - and Danielleís a fantastic actress and I had a great time working with her. Sheís fantastic.

Suzanne Lanoue: Okay. Yes. Sheís sounds great on the show - the episode that I saw she looked great.

Mehcad Brooks: Wonderful.

Suzanne Lanoue: Thank you.

Mehcad Brooks: My pleasure.

Woman: Operator, we have time for one more question.

Operator: Yes.

And the last question comes from the line - itís a follow-up question from Renier Palland with Celebrity Laundry. Please proceed.

Renier Palland: Hi Mehcad, I hope technology doesnít cut out again.

My question for you is what moment in your acting career stand out as the most memorable?

Mehcad Brooks: In the past couple of seasons what moment stands out as the most memorable?

Renier Palland: In your acting career.

Mehcad Brooks: Oh, in my acting career.


Renier Palland: Yes.

Mehcad Brooks: Man.

Oh, man. Thatís interesting. Thatís a good question. I've never been asked that question, but I'd have to say - I would have to say you know winning a SAG award - SAG Ensemble Award with Desperate Housewives. That was amazing. That was just the greatest feeling. And just to know that you're a part of something that - you know, that people appreciated that much and that your hard work, you know, didnít go unnoticed, which is great you know.

And then I'd have to say - God, thatís interesting.

You know what? I - to be completely honest, it would have to be when I found that we got the Season 3 pickup because you know at a certain point I had just kind of given up on it and said you know, ďHey. Had two great seasons and that - you know, it is what it is,Ē and like I hadnít really had a show work out past two seasons yet, and that was like a big wall for me.

So I was like - when I got that call, like I was jet lagged, getting tired because I'd been traveling around, but I was like - I didnít care where I was. I started screaming and like, ďYes! Thatís right.Ē So, that was a big moment too, you know.

And itís also nice to know that this far down the line - you know, I've been doing this you know professionally for ten years, that you can still have you know moments that are surprising and unexpected, and just completely full of satisfaction and elation. You know, just - itís great.

Woman: All right, great.

Well, we just want to just thank everyone again. We apologize for the glitch on the - with the phone system earlier. And of course, thank Mehcad for his time.

Mehcad Brooks: Which I'd like to say because of that, if you guys - I have time for two more questions if you guys want to, because I feel like I gypped you.

Woman: Sure.

Operator, do you want to open the floor back up for questioning? We can take two more.

Operator: Certainly.

And ladies and gentlemen if you'd like to register a question, please press the 1 followed by the 4.

Mehcad Brooks: Sorry. I didnít mean to cut you off like that. I just thought...

Woman: No. All good. Thatís great.

Operator: And we do have a follow-up question from (Alessandra Bechetto) with

Woman: Great. Wonderful.

Mehcad Brooks: Cool.

Alessandra Bechetto: Hello? Hello?

Mehcad Brooks: Hello?

Alessandra Bechetto: Well, I go again. Weíll have another go since we can ask you one more question.

Mehcad Brooks: (Unintelligible).

Alessandra Bechetto: My question is how do you think TKís relationship with the different members of the team should develop based on the changes he is going through?

What I mean here is that we are seeing in the return episode that he is finally being more open with Matt. Is that going to happen with Nico too? Is his relationship with the coach and with his teammates going to change too because of how he changes? And what kind of impact does it have on the team and on TK?

Mehcad Brooks: Well, TK is a bit of a closed book you know in many ways. But thereís a moment when one of his teammateís bravery - or sorry, or - I'm just - I'm on what do you call it - antibiotics, so my mindís not working as fast as it normally does.

Alessandra Bechetto: Thatís fine.

Mehcad Brooks: Like, he gets shown an example of bravery by one of his teammates who - you know, who actually comes out of the closet. And I wonít say who it is. And he basically opens up about who he is as well and the things that he has to work on, and things that he has to fight for in his life as well. And you know so he does open up. He does open up a little bit and (unintelligible) starts to become somewhat of a different person.

Alessandra Bechetto: Okay. So this is interesting.

Does he hit on the other guy while heís at it?

Mehcad Brooks: Say again?

Alessandra Bechetto: I said does he hit on the other guy while heís at it? Because you know TK will try anything.

Mehcad Brooks: Well once. (Unintelligible). So yes, they actually begin a sorted love affair that lasts until Season 5.

Alessandra Bechetto: Okay, thank you.

Mehcad Brooks: You're welcome.

Operator: And there are no questions at this time. I'll turn it back to you.

Woman: Okay, great. Well again, we just want to thank everyone, and then also of course thank Mehcad for his time today.  As a reminder, Necessary Roughness returns next Wednesday, January 23rd, 10:00, 9:00 Central, on USA Network. A transcript will be made available to you within 48 hours after this call.
Thank you again for participating. Thanks.

Mehcad Brooks: Thank you. Appreciate it, guys.

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