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By Suzanne

David Boreanaz

Transcript of Interview with David Boreanaz of "Bones" on FOX 3/29/10

Final Transcript
FBC PUBLICITY: The Bones Conference with David Boreanaz
March 29, 2010/2:00 p.m. EDT

Kim Kurland
David Boreanaz

Moderator Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for standing by and welcome to The Bones Conference with David Boreanaz. At this time, all lines are in a listen-only mode. Later, we will conduct a question-and-answer session, with instructions being given at that time. As a reminder, todayís conference is being recorded. I would now like to turn the conference over to our host, Mr. David Boreanaz. Please go ahead.

Moderator Our first question comes from Fred Topel from Hollywood News. Please go ahead, sir.

F. Topel Hi, David. I get to be first. I just want to ask, what was it like to shoot that long-awaited and highly built-up and two kissing scenes in the hundredth episode?

D. Boreanaz I didnít necessarily look at it like a hundredth episode. I looked at it as an episode that I was really fortunate to, again, be able to direct like I did last year. To me itís just the work in taking care of that as best as I possibly could and as creatively as I could. The insight that I had going into it, knowing the storyline and knowing exactly how I wanted to do those two moments, I think that the audience is going to be really pleased. I certainly was for both those moments, and I think we see both those characters grow in a way from the past where they came from, some insight, and also in the future to see whatís going to happen with them next. It was entertaining and a lot of fun and I enjoyed the challenges.

Moderator Thank you. And now to the line of Lynn DeVries from

L. DeVries Hi, David. Thanks for talking to us today.

D. Boreanaz Thank you.

L. DeVries I wanted to ask a question for all the Bones trivia lovers out there. In one of the promotional video clips, you gave us a list of items that Booth carries in his pockets. I was wondering, could you please review the list and give us your explanation why each of those items is significant to Booth?

D. Boreanaz Sure. I think Iíll keep some as a mystery as well, since a lot of things have not been seen yet. I carry a gold Zippo lighter, which is reminiscent of his training days in the Army as a ranger; heís got a poker chip to remind him of his gambling issues that we never really tapped into with Booth; some dice in his pocket, in his right pocket, that he likes to fiddle around with if heís interrogating people, again a reference to his gambling days; a St. Christopher medal that he keeps on him, again, because heís a religious kind of a guy so he keeps St. Christopher to protect him. And letís see, what else do I have in my arsenal? I wear a Wittnauer watch on my left wrist. I canít tell you whatís inscribed because maybe that will come out in an episode one day. And, thatís pretty much it.
Moderator All right, thank you. And now to the line of Jim Halterman from

J. Halterman Hey David, thanks for your time and congratulations on 100 episodes.

D. Boreanaz Thanks. Amazing.

J. Halterman I wanted to know, do you think thereís another 100 episodes in the show and in you?

D. Boreanaz Wow, thatís an interesting question. I think that there are plenty more episodes. It doesnít matter if itís Ė I started this venture with the pilot and didnít even think about where it was going to go and just take it show-to-show, episode-to-episode. The futureís very bright for the show. I see it as a show thatís really found its legs and can really go to some really unique places. Weíre now actually shooting the season finale, so I take it episode-to-episode, show-to-show, and donít set myself up too much for discouragement if it were to end tomorrow.

J. Halterman Great. Thank you.

Moderator Thank you. Now to the line of Abbie Bernstein of If Magazine. Please go ahead.

A. Bernstein Thanks for doing the call. I would like to know how it came about that you are directing the 100th episode, which is the flashback. Which order did these things come in? Did you say, ďIíd like to direct the flashback,Ē and they decided, well letís move that to the 100th episode. Or did they have you directing the 100th episode, or did you say, ďIíd like to direct an episode,Ē and this is how it worked out in the rotation?

D. Boreanaz It pretty much worked out in rotation, and at the time, we didnít necessarily know if it was going to be a flashback. I wasnít privy to know what the episode was going to be about until about six episodes into the start of the season, so luck of the draw, just wanted to be pushed back as far as the episodes and rotations were concerned. I knew the 100th episode was coming up and I graciously talked to Hart about it and it just so happened to be this is the way it happened. I fell in a good spot.

Moderator Thank you. And now to the line of Laura Martin of Digital Spy. Please go ahead.

L. Martin Hi, thanks. Itís so great to speak to you.

D. Boreanaz Oh, Digital Spy, okay.

L. Martin Youíve directed a couple episodes of TV before, so I was wondering, how does the process change with practice? Does it get easier?

D. Boreanaz It doesnít really get any easier. I think itís always challenging to look at a script and make it your own while maintaining the sense of what the style of the show is. Itís a challenge whether depending upon the genre and what itís all about. Each has its challenges and what you bring to it is your touch and what you see as far as your vision is concerned. You do the homework and you prepare. I have a very clear vision as to what I want at the end of my prep, and then I throw it out and let the creative process take over.

Moderator All right, thank you. And now to the line of Marisa Roffman from Please go ahead.

M. Roffman Hi David, how are you doing today?

D. Boreanaz Iím good.

M. Roffman It was recently reported in a publication that you donít want Booth and Brennan together, and obviously that got the fans all riled up, and Hart tweeted out, donít worry, youíre just joking. So, would you like to clarify that? Do you think Booth and Brennan should be together eventually? Never? ASAP?

D. Boreanaz Right. I see the two characters and they really pretty much are together, and how you want to see them and how the fans want to see the two of them together, I have my views on it. I think that the two of them worked really great off of each other and Iím not saying that I didnít want to see them together. I just donít think Ė I think everybody wants to see them together in a different way, whether thatís as a couple, in a relationship. They work very well together and itís great to see them solve these crimes. Itís also great to see them get into their personal lives, but for right now, I think I still maintain that they should be partners and letís see what happens after this season, where they go, because itís a pretty good season ender.

Moderator Thank you. And now to the line of Alice Chapman Newgen from Times Courier. Please go ahead.

A. Newgen Hi David, thanks for taking the call.

D. Boreanaz Thanks.

A. Newgen Was there a particular scene in the 100th episode that you directed that came off better than you had anticipated, and if so, can you elaborate on that?

D. Boreanaz You know, I was excited for a lot of the scenes that I took on, as the 100th evolved and I was shooting it. We actually were supposed to shoot a few scenes outside of the location that we picked for one specific, a couple/few scenes, and we had to move inside because the weather was pretty bad. So we had to think on our toes where to put it, and we found a better place inside the location that we were using, which was an old theater building downtown that really was a beautiful place. It was a scene that we shot coming up the stairs. We bust this guy and she punches him, and it was a location that we got more valuable out of with the backdrop. That scene came out great, and also the end scene where I walk away from the rain, where the cab drives off, Iím there by myself, thereís a nice, real low angle wide shot I set up, which pleasingly surprised me and worked out to be one of my better shots.

Moderator Thank you. And now to the line of Curt Wagner of Show Patrol. Please go ahead.

C. Wagner Hi, David. Thanks for doing the call. I was wondering how it was having Eric back on for this episode and if there was any chance that heíd come back, maybe to help you guys solve something from jail?

D. Boreanaz Yes, he was great. He worked out really wonderful. It was great to have him back, and he had to be wearing that suit for quite some time, and took a couple blows with a baseball bat. He was a real trooper. I think his character is very valuable, was and has been since the beginning. As the story has evolved, unfortunately he went his own particular way, as far as what the writers wanted to do with him. But he was a great addition to have in the 100th, and going back and seeing his relationship, how that evolved with Hodgins was a lot of fun. I thought he did a great job and it was great to see him back in his scrubs.

Moderator And now to the line of Jenny Rarden of Please go ahead.

J. Rarden Hi. First of all, thank you for taking our calls.

D. Boreanaz Thank you.

J. Rarden Iím a huge fan of both you and the show. I spoke with you in another call a couple of years ago, but Iím just as excited now as I was then, if not more.

D. Boreanaz Great.

J. Rarden In fact, when I found out that I got to be on the call, I had a bit of a fan girlie moment, I must admit.

D. Boreanaz Ahh, sweet, thank you.

J. Rarden I know Ė and this is more of a ďyouĒ question than a show question Ė I know for a long time after Buffy and Angel ended, fans saw and heard about you, and their first thought was of the Angel character. It wasnít surprising, I guess, because the showís had such a cult following. In my opinion, Bones has slowly grown into that similar type of fan reaction, where theyíre quite vocal and rabid. After five seasons, do you get recognized, as you rightly should now, as Seeley Booth more than you do as Angel?

D. Boreanaz I think you get recognized as whatever you put out there. Itís funny, we were at an event Saturday and everybody was screaming Bones at me. Well, I donít play Bones, I play Booth so you know, you recognize what youíre doing and that show, Buffy was so long ago, as well as Angel so it was a great time on all those shows and I seem to be recognized for David as an actor, and they particularly say, yes, you do great work in Bones weíd loved you in Angel, or we loved you in Buffy. Itís a blessing to be a part of such great shows that theyíre so recognizable. Theyíre definitely historic. I love the following of the fans and theyíve supported me for a long time and I continue to, hopefully, give them back more of Bones and Iíve got a lot more up my sleeve, so I look forward to giving them even possibly maybe another show down the line, and more characters for them to love. I really appreciate their support.

Moderator Thank you. And now to the line of Sarah Curtis from Please go ahead.

S. Curtis Hi, David.

D. Boreanaz Hi.

S. Curtis I wanted to say, great job directing. I especially loved the shot when Booth hands Sweets the glass of water. That was really cool. It just turned out really cool.

D. Boreanaz Thank you.

S. Curtis My question for you is about the 99th episode and 100th episode and the future. Howís Booth going to react to the fact that both Sweets and Jared are going to get married before him, basically? Wonít that Ė isnít that kind of one of his life goals, and I think Ė what do you think?

D. Boreanaz I donít know. Booth is who he is, and I think after the 100th, weíll see that heís got to make some changes internally, which is fine for him. He doesnít see anything as a loss. Heís very optimistic, always has been. I donít think one of his main goals is to get married. I think Booth is a pretty simple, blue collar kind of a guy, and he loves the simple things in life. If he were to find somebody that is a fit for him and sheís also in the same boat, then heíll possibly entertain those thoughts, but you never know with his character. Heís got a lot of demons that weíve never really tapped into, and we look forward to diving into a little bit of his past for next season, as well as trying to figure out his past and how that works with Bones, weíll see what happens.

S. Curtis Thank you.

D. Boreanaz Youíre welcome.

Moderator Thank you. And now to the line of Fred Topel of Hollywood News. Please go ahead.

F. Topel Hi again. In the 99th episode, it was a really clever way of analyzing the structure of Bones via that interviewer who came in an analyzed her book. What do you think is the balance of whatís important between the case, as Bones would say, and the characters, as everyone else seems to say?

D. Boreanaz We thrive ourselves, really, on the relationship, having the two of them drive it, and the balance is very Ė as far as the stories are concerned, are you asking me? Or just balance of how the two of them could get intimate? What, exactly, are you asking?

F. Topel I guess Iím asking what you consider to be important, since that was a fun little Ö argument they had in that episode.

D. Boreanaz Oh, yes, we did have an argument. God, it was so long ago. The balance between the two of them personally?

F. Topel Whatís important Ė the case or the character?

D. Boreanaz Oh, I see what youíre saying. For the characters, theyíre there to solve the case, obviously, and itís very important, and itís also important for their characters to grow. For me, personally, Iím more into the relationship, making the show about the relationship about the two of them, thatís what intrigues me. But as far as the character is concerned, they want to solve the case. Does that help?

Moderator Yes, thank you. And now to the line of Ellen Gray of Philadelphia Daily News.

D. Boreanaz Ellen, how are you?

E. Gray Hi, Iím fine, thanks. This show has been one of those show building shows. It didnít start out as a major, major hit, and yet it somehow kept getting renewed and then it went to Thursday nights and people said, ďOh my God, look, itís beating things!Ē

D. Boreanaz Yes.

E. Gray What has patience meant to this show? Foxís patience, your patience, everybodyís patience in terms of building this.

D. Boreanaz Itís one of the biggest things you have to have, especially when you start a show off, is patience. And you have to pray and hope that the studio and the network have the same patience as you would. The development of the show has spanned from trying to make it procedural, which they wanted in the beginning, and Ö saying that we wanted it to be a relationship-driven show. I think in the long run, you can see that the relationship part of the show won out more over the procedural, dark procedural, that they had in mind. And that just developed. And that was the work that myself and Emily did to develop these characters and the hard work we do for each scene and for each moment and for each episode, that we donít take it for granted. Whether itís the first show, the 50th or the 100th, itís really about making the show better by making the relationship better, and then always going back to the relationship. Patience, very much so. We needed a lot of patience, and we need more patience to see this show grow.

Where itís at now, I think it is at a great place and can even get better and bigger. The characters have all developed and theyíre in a good place right now and itís going to be fun to shake a few things up at the end of this season. You can only hope that the characters grow, which I think that they will, and you have to have patience with that as well. We take it one step at a time. Weíre the little show that could, and the little show that has, and weíre very fortunate to have succeeded on Thursday nights. Itís a tough lineup. For me, I think one of the pleasing things about it is, weíre able to take out some of these comedies and look at Bones as almost a dramadie. It would be nice if the show was recognized a bit more in the categories of the Emmys or the Golden Globes or the Peopleís Choice, but again, I say that only for the hard work of the people in the crew that have worked so hard on this. We value ourselves as a strong relationship show that gets better and better, and you have to have a lot of patience with everything.

Moderator Thank you. And now to the line of Matt Mitovich from Sandcast. Please go ahead.

M. Mitovich Hi, David, thanks for your time today.

D. Boreanaz Thanks.

M. Mitovich At the end of 100, it seemed like Booth was just barely able to agree that theyíll be able to still work together. Do you think he might ever get to a point where he canít even just work alongside Bones anymore because his feelings are so strong?

D. Boreanaz No, I think he took a chance. Like you said, he was the gambler, he was the one who wanted to really go for it, and sheís not ready. I think maybe when she gets ready, he wonít be ready, who knows? You have to see how that develops. I think that he wonít have any problems working with her. When the moment is so heightened and the feelings are thrown out on the table like that, they become a little bit more blistering as far as the pain could be concerned. But Booth is a very strong character and heíll move on and continue to be professional and work with her, but at the same time heíll have fun poking at her and driving her a bit crazy over that maybe.

Moderator Thank you. And now to the line of Bill Harris from Sun Media. Please go ahead.

B. Harris Hey David, how are you?

D. Boreanaz Iím good, how are you doing?

B. Harris Not too bad. Without blowing smoke up your butt or being flippant about it in any way, you have had several shows here in a row that have had nice long runs, have been slow built but have all done very well. Youíve been on TV for a long time. Are you the type of guy who, as busy as you are, can take a step back and maybe say, ďMy God, look at what has happened to me here, and for quite a long time!Ē Do you ever have those Sally Field moments looking in the mirror saying, ďMy God, they like me, they really like me!Ē

D. Boreanaz I donít know, thatís pretty hard to do. I take the work for what it is, and always have. As a kid, my parents always installed that itís good that you have a job and youíre working, and God, Iím so fortunate. Hart always says, ďDavid, you really should just take a moment to be proud of what youíve accomplished and be proud of the show. Take five minutes.Ē And Iím always, like, ďYes, okay, Iíll take five minutes.Ē And then after 30 seconds, I think, ďHow can we make this show better? How can we make these characters better?Ē The bar usually is set pretty high for me in terms of some things. Iíll walk away from the show very happy, and Iíll set the bar for the next level pretty high.

I think itís pretty much just in my competitive nature to be like that and set the bar so high. Sure, there are some disappointments along the way, but I think through that, you become a stronger person in the long run in doing so. And in becoming a stronger person, you find your soul and that creative moment to pop in a way thatís going to. Yes, Iím proud of the work Iíve done. Iím proud that Iíve been able to be so successful in this arena. Iím glad that Iím able to entertain and be a part of people watching shows and enjoying the work. It just feels, to me, like Iím always striving to do more and get better. To be able to sit back and smell the roses, I can do that but itís difficult. Maybe someday Iíll be able to sit back and look back and say, ďWow, this is pretty amazing.Ē But for right now, I just keep going forward and keep pushing myself. I do enjoy it, but I tend not to listen to all the other stuff. I just do my work and see what happens.

Moderator All right, thank you. And now we go to the line of Abbie Bernstein from If Magazine. Please go ahead.

A. Bernstein I apologize that this isnít a Bones question, but today is the first anniversary of Andy Halletís death. I was wondering if you had any reminiscence of him.

D. Boreanaz Yes, Andy was Ė thanks for telling me that, I didnít know that Ė a great spirit, a great person who brought a great character to a Joss Whedon universe. When I found the news, I gave his parents a phone call and just wanted to pass on my condolences and recognize his talent as what he brought to the table for that show. Itís always a shame when a great spirit like that, a great talent, is taken from the world. Nobody wants to hear that news, and if youíre close enough to that person, it was obviously a big shock when it happened. God will rest his soul, and thatís really all I have to say about that.

K. Hynes Unfortunately we need to wrap now, operator.

Moderator Thank you. That does conclude our question and answer period. Would you like any final closing remarks?

D. Boreanaz Yes, I could take a few more questions. I could do another five minutes if people have been waiting. I donít know if thatís cool.

K. Hynes Oh great, sure.

Moderator Thank you. And our next question comes from Eric Ngwije from Daemons TV. Please go ahead.

E. Ngwije Hi, David, Iím glad that Iím able to sneak in there. Thank you for taking the time. You said that you didnít watch the first episode before directing the 100th episode. Would you suggest that fans donít watch the first episode before watching the 100th episode?

D. Boreanaz No, I wouldnít suggest that or say that they have to do anything. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. I didnít watch it because I didnít Ė you know, I shot it and I knew about it. I didnít want to really study anything that was already done by the director who did that, Greg Ö, who did a great job directing that. I just wanted to see the script for what it was and bring the characters to a place that my vision was with it. But for fans out there, you can either watch the pilot episode to get an idea or not, itís really up to them.

E. Ngwije Thank you very much, David.

D. Boreanaz Yes, no problem.

Moderator Thank you. And now to the line of Melissa Lowery of Please go ahead.

M. Lowery Hi, David, good to talk to you.

D. Boreanaz Thank you.

M. Lowery You were talking a little bit earlier about how important relationships are on the show, that it be more of a relationship-driven show than procedural. I wondered if you could talk to us a little bit about how bringing in the family members of the various characters has spoken to that desire of, apparently, both you and Emily wanting to do that, and what family members we might be seeing soon.

D. Boreanaz Weíll kind of tap into Boothís family members a little bit more, maybe, in the next season. We got a good insight and more into Bonesí family characters in the past three seasons. Itís nice that weíve been able to see Boothís grandfather. That would be great to tap into his world a little bit with maybe his mom, and his relationship that he had with his dad, even if his dadís around. Thatís stuff that weíre probably going to move into, but I think it adds. It definitely gives some nice flavor to the relationship and understanding the relationship, and then bringing those two closer together. I think thatís a great opportunity to see their family and their lives and how the two relate to each other.

Moderator Thank you. And now to the line of Lynn DeVries of Please go ahead.

L. DeVries Hi David. Iím back. I know that one of the great things about Bones is how, with each case, different guest stars get to come in, and youíve had a lot of really wonderful guest stars on the show over the season. If you had your choice, who would be your ideal guest star for the show that hasnít appeared yet, and why?

D. Boreanaz I always wanted James Garner. It was a nice correlation between what he could bring to the table, obviously, and how it could relate to Boothís character. It would be nice to have him onboard. Brian Dennehy would be a really great choice, too. It would be fun to see him make a mark in through Boothís family somehow. Also, Elaine Stritch, Broadway actress, she would be great. Iím open to anyone, pretty much. Stephen Fry, I loved having him. Letís see who else Iíd love to have on Ė I guess off the top of my head, thatís about it.

Moderator Thank you. And now to the line of Laura Martin from Digitalspy. Please go ahead.

L. Martin Hi. As weíre celebrating the 100th episode, I was wondering if you had a particular favorite episode or favorite moment from all the past seasons.

D. Boreanaz Iíve had that question a few times. Itís tough to say what exactly, what moment, that I really enjoyed. There are so many over the 100 episodes that I really enjoyed. We had fun doing the Halloween episode. That was great. I loved shooting the pilot because it was new and challenging and everybody was like, is this show going to go? I kind of love that fear aspect. Other than that, I loved shooting the 100th. I thought it was great. It was fun to go back in time. That was a lot of fun. There are so many moments, I donít even know how I can even remember most of them. Iíd have to really sit and focus on that one.

Moderator Thank you. And now to the line of Sarah Curtis of Please go ahead.

S. Curtis What more can you tell us about the high school reunion episode coming up?

D. Boreanaz Just that it was great to go back to her space and see the reunion and see how Booth reacted to some of these people that she was in high school with. It was great getting insight into her high school and her early years and how she developed as Bones. Other than that, it was a nice high school moment. Maybe thereís a nice dance between me and her that happens, but I donít want to spoil anything else.

S. Curtis Okay, thank you.

D. Boreanaz Youíre welcome. I have time for one more question.

Moderator All right. Our final question comes from Alice Chapman Newgen from the Times Courier. Please go ahead.

A. Newgen David, thank you for taking a few more moments. Is there a little tidbit of information that you can talk about in regards to one of the characters in an upcoming episode that the viewers can look forward to seeing?

D. Boreanaz Youíre reaching to see who gets married, arenít you?

A. Newgen Iím trying.

D. Boreanaz Obviously the disappointment from Sweets will be Ö in the 100th episode because all of his findings are going to be unrealistic. But in the season finale, thereíll be a big shift, change, not only for the two characters here, but with everybody. I think itís a really great season finale. We shot the last scene last week, at the end of the episode, and it was very moving. It was hard to get through, but I think that itís going to elevate these characters even more so for the next seasons to come.

Moderator Thank you. And that does conclude our question and answer segment. Would you like a final statement, sir?

D. Boreanaz I just really appreciate all the love and the support, especially from the fans that have tapped into Bones from the beginning. Itís hard to believe when you say youíve reached the 100th episode. Me, personally, Iíve taken it always one episode at a time, one scene at a time, and I just want to thank everybody for being a part of 100 episodes, and especially all the reporters and the media staff that have taken their time to spend either being on the set or coming to the upfronts or taking interviews and time in helping the show grow, whether they were episodes you loved or episodes that you didnít like. We look forward to entertaining the fans, first and foremost, with great shows and great episodes. We look forward to doing that for quite some time here, so enjoy the 100th episode and enjoy the many shows that come after that.

Moderator Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, that does conclude our conference for today.
That does conclude our conference for today. Thank you for your participation and for using AT&T Executive Teleconference Service. You may now disconnect.

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