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By Suzanne

Chris Blue

Interview with Chris Blue of "The Voice" on NBC 5/24/17

Moderator: Kaitlin Blanco
May 24, 2017 1:00pm CT

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for standing by. Welcome to The Voice Winner Press and Media Call. During the presentation, all participants will be in a listen-only mode.

If you wish to ask a question, press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone. If at any time during the conference you need to speak to an Operator, press star 0.

As a reminder, this conference is being recorded Wednesday May 24, 2017.

I will now turn the conference over to Kaitlin Blanco with The Voice PR. Please go ahead.

Kaitlin Blanco: Hi everyone. Thanks for joining our call today. If you would like a transcript, you can email me at

Joining us today we have our season 12 winner from Team Alicia, Chris Blue. Out of respect for all journalists queuing up, please ask only one question at a time. You will have the opportunity to follow up.

I will now turn the call over to the question and answer portion. Go ahead.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen if you would like to register a question, press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone. You will hear a three-tone prompt to acknowledge your request. If a question has been answered and you would like to withdraw your registration, press the 1 followed by the 3. Once again for a question, itís 1-4.

Our first question comes from the line of Suzanne Lanoue with TV Mega Site. Please proceed.

Suzanne Lanoue: Good morning, Chris.

Chris Blue: Hey. Good morning. How are you?

Suzanne Lanoue: All right. Congratulations on your win.

Chris Blue: Thank you. Thank you so much.

Suzanne Lanoue: And congratulations on your engagement, too.

Chris Blue: Thank you.

Suzanne Lanoue: I read that Alicia Keys said that you had this uncanny ability that no matter how nervous or upset or whatever youíre feeling, that you just go and sing and you canít even tell and you just pour everything into your voice. How do you do that?

Chris Blue: I have to be honest with you -- thatís kind of a thing I just Iíve learned to just kind of pray about and just, you know, leave it in Godís hands because at the end of the day, all we can do is our best, you know? Some may like. Some may love. Some may neither. So just go out there and present the gift thatís been placed inside of you and leave the rest there.

And so, thatís all we just try to do.

Suzanne Lanoue: All right. Thanks.

Chris Blue: Youíre welcome.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Bobby Jones with The New Music Buzz. Please go ahead.

Bobby Jones: Hey, Chris. Congratulations.

Chris Blue: Hey. Thank you so much.

Bobby Jones: So, whatís next? I mean, I guess thatís whatís on peopleís minds (i.e.) hit the ground running and then where do you go from here?

Chris Blue: Absolutely. You know, I donít even know if we hit the ground running. I think we hit the ground jetting because, you know, weíre ready to get it. Being out here, indulging in this process has enabled me to embrace hard work. And so thatís kind of my world now.

And my mindset going in -- and I kind of got onto about this -- is you know, we won The Voice last night. And that was last night. And we enjoyed the moment. But todayís a new day and itís time to, you know, hit the ground going full speed. And so thatís whatís next for us. We want to go ahead and get music out, start working on music, and start making history. Onto the next goal.

Bobby Jones: Well congratulations again. Thank you.

Chris Blue: Thank you so much.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Jamie Steinberg with the Starry Constellation Magazine. Please go ahead with your question.

Jamie Steinberg: Hi, Chris. Congratulations.

Chris Blue: Thank you.

Jamie Steinberg: What was one or two pieces of advice maybe that Alicia gave you during the course of your time on the show that you took to heart and carried with you?

Chris Blue: Iíve kind of maybe used this a lot but itís one that just really sticks me. I can remember doing the live round. She pulled myself and my other two teammates aside, Stephanie and Vanessa, and she said to me - she said to us, rather, ďDonít forget who you are.Ē We said, ďWhat do you mean, coach?Ē ďYouíre a human being. So when you hit the stage tonight, donít try to do anything. Just be it because youíre a human being, not a human doing.Ē

And thatís something that I will always remember. And Iíll always keep with me. Be present. Be in the moment. Be a human being, not a human doing.

Jamie Steinberg: Thank you.

Chris Blue: Thank you.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of MJ Santilli with MJís Big Blog. Please proceed with your question.

MJ Santilli: Hi, Chris. Congratulations.

Chris Blue: Hello. Thank you so much.

MJ Santilli: I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about how you and Alicia chose the songs that you sang.

Chris Blue: It was very collaborative. You know, we would talk about it. She would have ideas. I would have ideas. And we would seriously come together and bring our ideas to the table and what we felt, you know, worked or would work we went with, you know. And sometimes, you know, we would go back and forth for a little and then one or the other would just kind of cave in and say okay, well I think youíre right. Or I think youíre right and weíll just kind of go with what we feel at the moment.

And I think that that was the most important part of our process in picking songs, was making sure that whatever song we chose was a song that we felt because if we donít feel it or if I donít feel it or if she doesnít feel it, no one else will. And so that ultimately kind of helped us decide our choices week by week.

MJ Santilli: Thank you.

Chris Blue: Youíre welcome. Thank you.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Beth Beacham with the Hollywood Junket. Please proceed with your question.

Beth Beacham: Hi, Chris. Congratulations.

Chris Blue: Hi. Thank you.

Beth Beacham: I canít get your song out of my head. I love it.

Chris Blue: Thank you. Wow. Bless you.

Beth Beacham: Seriously, Iíve been singing it all morning in my head. I canít get it out of my head.

Chris Blue: My God. Thatís so good, so beautiful. Thank you.

Beth Beacham: So speaking of original songs, in The Voice is it frustrating as an artist that you have to do so many covers and you donít get to show your original work until the end, until this week? And do you wish that there was more opportunity to show yourselves as artists by, you know, singing more original work?

Chris Blue: No, not really. I believe the beautiful thing about music is the interpretation of music. The beautiful thing about songwriting again is its interpretation. You and I are two completely different people. Therefore, a song may mean one thing to you versus myself it could mean something completely different.

So, although I may not, you know, be singing an original song, the song that Iím covering, my interpretation of that song now becomes tailor made to me because Iím now singing that song as opposed to the writer who wrote it or the singer who performed it. So, I think thatís the biggest thing -- making sure that Iím able to connect with whatever song Iím singing to make it an original song. Itís no longer a cover song when I sing it. It becomes an original song because itís my interpretation of the cover of that song.

Beth Beacham: Okay. Thank you. Best of luck.

Chris Blue: Thank you so much.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Suzanne Lanoue with The TV Mega Site. Please go ahead.

Suzanne Lanoue: Hi again.

Chris Blue: Hi.

Suzanne Lanoue: I have a friend on Facebook named Donna who wanted to know -- when you first tried out for The Voice, what song did you pick and why?

Chris Blue: Are we talking aboutÖ

Suzanne Lanoue: Very first.

Chris Blue: The very very first audition? Like the open call?

Suzanne Lanoue: Yes. Right.

Chris Blue: The open call song I chose to sing was Love and Happiness by Al Green.

Suzanne Lanoue: Good. That's wonderful.

Chris Blue: Yes, and we were fortunate enough to be able to sing it on the show, so that was pretty cool. I chose that song because, you know, several reasons. I felt like itís a song that I was comfortable with, you know. Itís a pretty nerve-wracking process and I wanted to make sure I sang a song that would kind of help me through that.

Also, I felt like it showcased, you know, vocal ability. At the same time, was able to present a different side of my artistry. It kind of opened the door to a more classic feel that maybe isnít as popular, so it would be something that would stand out.

But ultimately, itís a song that I just absolutely love and I wanted to make sure that no matter what, I went inside of that audition singing something I loved, something that brought joy to me, something that represents who I am and something that I could feel when I sing, which is love and happiness.

Thatís important because if I donít feel it, neither will you. So thatís why we went with that song.

Suzanne Lanoue: Great. And I love your Tracks of My Tears, too. Did you grow up with a lot of oldies?

Chris Blue: You know, the funny thing is I grew up in church. And so, anything outside of gospel music or church music rather was not really welcomed in my home. However, Al Green and Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye, they all kind of had a church sound or a similar sound or feel to their music. And so, I think some of those things were kind of looked over, if you will.

And I donít know. I just Iíve come to appreciate it and I feel like Iíve always been like an old soul in a young manís body, so Iíve always just been able to gravitate toward the classic sound and classic style of music.

Suzanne Lanoue: Thank you.

Chris Blue: Thank you.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen as a reminder to ask a question itís 1-4 on your telephone. Our next question comes from MJ Santilli with MJís Big Blog. Please go ahead.

MJ Santilli: Hi again.

Chris Blue: Hey.

MJ Santilli: Chris I was wondering if you were surprised to win and what was going through your mind as you were waiting for your name to be called.

Chris Blue: You know, I feel like any of the top four had a pretty high chance to win -- 25% chance for each person that was standing up there. And when it got down to it being 50-50 all I could think about was man, Lauren is killing it on iTunes and everybody loves her and sheís super nice and sheís super sweet and gosh, man I donít know, you know? I donít know if we did enough.

Then I began to think about all the hard work we put in and all the hard work, you know, my coach Alicia and I, you know, we put in each week. And Iím a firm believer that hard work pays off. And if youíre faithful over a few things, God will make you rule over many, so.

I just tried to keep my poise and when my name was called I was a bit surprised but all I could think about what the victory that my family received. I wanted the confetti to fall on them and I wanted my coach to experience that. And I really was more happy for them than myself.

MJ Santilli: Thank you.

Chris Blue: Youíre welcome.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Ed Boston with Ed Boston Podcast. Please proceed.

Ed Boston: Congratulations, Chris.

Chris Blue: Hey, thank you. Thank you so much.

Ed Boston: My question, I know that several of the contestants professed their faith in Christ. And talk about that atmosphere and what role that your faith played in your time on The Voice.

Chris Blue: You know, I think the atmosphere was really important for me because when youíre on that stage and you have, you know, all of the things that - all of the pressure that youíre under, you know, having to perform week in and week out in front of the world, you know, itís pretty hard. So, having the right atmosphere and the right space and the right energy around you is pretty important.

You ask me how important was my faith or is my faith throughout all of this. My faith wasnít important; my faith was essential. Without it, I guarantee you we would not be on this phone call right now because there were many nights I wanted to quit and I wanted to give up. I wanted to let go and I did not believe in myself. But I believed in the one who created me.

And I was also reminded by that through my fiancťe, through family, through friends and loved ones. And so, it was essential. It couldnít have happened without my faith in my lord and savior.

Ed Boston: Well, God bless you, Chris. Thank you.

Chris Blue: Thank you, sir. God bless you.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Bobby Jones with The New Music Buss. Please proceed with your question.

Bobby Jones: Hey, Chris. Can you take us to a look to the future and give us some idea on I know you have a strong gospel background? But give some idea of what the Chris Blue album is going to sound like.

Chris Blue: Absolutely. The Chris Blue album is going to sound like an album full of hope, you know? Iím all about dealing that first. I feel like itís something that the world needs. Needs hope. So, thatís what itís going to sound like. When people hear the music, that I want them to feel inspired. I want them to obtain hope again -- hope in their dreams, you know, hope in whatever it is that they desire, hope in, you know, their faith, or hope in their relationship, hope in their careers, hope in, you know, whatever it is that they lack it. I want them to receive that.

So, I want to make sure we present songs that inspire people. Again, because if I donít feel it, if Iím not inspired, I just believe no one else will be. And thatís pretty important.

Bobby Jones: Well, the message of hope comes in many different forms. Are we going to go to mission of hope via gospel? Via R&B? Via pop? Like whatís the direction?

Chris Blue: The directionís going to be wherever the lord leads at the time. You know, we may have a song on there that, you know, sounds like an R&B song. There may be a song on there that sounds pop. There may be a song on there that sounds gospel.

But the ultimate goal is to make sure every song has the foundation of hope in it. Iím not really pressed on the way it sounds as much as the way it feels, because thatís the most important thing to me.

Bobby Jones: Iím looking forward to it. Thank you.

Chris Blue: Bless you, man. Thank you.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen as a reminder to ask a question press 1-4 on your telephone. Our next question comes from the line of MJ Santilli with MJís Big Blog. Please proceed.

MJ Santilli: Hi again. Chris, could you talk about relationships with the other contestants and who you were closest to?

Chris Blue: Absolutely. Relationships with the other contestants, you know, pretty amazing. Pretty cool. I had a special relationship with each contestant. There were all like brothers and sisters to me. Still to this day, theyíre brothers and sisters. They will always be that, you know, no matter what.

I was pretty close with a lot of people. TSoul was probably one of the closest I would say. Between TSoul and Hunter and Mark, those guys I really drew close with and Johnny Hayes, like he was my roommate. I really love Johnny. Heís a really special guy as well. Lauren was and is still just I mean, gosh sheís jaw dropping. Sheís awesome and super sweet and gentle and kind. And Brennley, I just everyone. I can just continue to name names.

So, I donít know if Iíll answer your question that way, because you know, I have a special relationship with every contestant and I love each and every one of those guys like family. And they mean the world to me, so Iím really grateful to God that Iíve had the opportunity to get to know such talented and amazing people as well as artists.

MJ Santilli: And another question -- could you talk a little bit about a contemporary artist that you admire and would maybe like to pattern your career after?

Chris Blue: Well I think thereís one thing that I think most artists, if not all, have in common. And thatís to be great. So, I would definitely just want to, you know, be one of those and fall in the lanes of some of the greats. If you could take maybe Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Usher, and Bruno Mars and put them into one person, I would, you know, I would love to be that, embody that. And preferably, hopefully, maybe one day be considered one of the greats.

Because, you know, at the end of the day if you donít want to be excellent, if you donít want it to be excellent, then I donít know why you would do it. And thatís just me. Iím somewhat of a perfectionist and I just want to be excellent at all times in every way possible and on every level.

MJ Santilli: Thank you, Chris and good luck. Iíll be watchingÖ


Chris Blue: Thank you so much.

MJ Santilli: Öyour career.

Chris Blue: Thank you.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Beth Beacham with the Hollywood Junket. Please go ahead.

Beth Beacham: Hi again, Chris. What artist would you most like to do an original collaboration with and why?

Chris Blue: I would first start with my coach, Alicia Keys. I would want to collab with her because instantly I just see that I mean, we just connect. It feels like, you know, when we do something together, I donít know -- thereís something there. Iíd love to start there. And outside of her, itís be really cool to collaborate with Usher again. Heís an incredible human being. In the time that I was able to spend with him, I was really impressed and inspired by his character, so Iíd love to, you know, link up with him again. Heís phenomenal.

Outside of those guys, the list really does go on. I think - I donít know, man. Maybe - itís a tough one. Thereís so many, like I donít really know where to start. Bruno would be fun. A Carrie Underwood duo would be pretty cool. I think that would be kind of special. Maybe a Kelly Clarkson or Jennifer Hudson as well. That would be pretty fun. I donít think anyone would see that coming.

I donít know. The list goes on and on. It really does.

Beth Beacham: Okay. Sounds good. Thank you.

Chris Blue: Thank you.

Operator: There are no further questions at this time. Iíll now turn the call back to Kaitlin Blanco.

Kaitlin Blanco: All right then. That wraps up our call for today. Again, if you would like a transcript, you can email me at Thanks, everyone. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, that does conclude the conference call for today. We thank you for your participation and ask that you please disconnect your lines.


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